Ukraine Will Split In Two, Stalin Made Russians Part Of Ukraine To Keep Control, Now They Want Return To Home Status

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The West is all in a fizzy twitter due to armed Ukrainian Russian speaking males taking over the airports and Crimean cities.  Which is identical to right wing Ukrainian nationalists doing the same in Kiev and the Western parts of the country.  Only, this being done by Russian speaking citizens is an ‘invasion’ and ‘evil’ while the US conspiring with right wing violent coups is ‘good’ and ‘better for democracy’ and of course, the very first thing the rioters did when they took over was made Russian language illicit and thus, giving themselves permission to destroy any Russian signs or other expressions of the language.  This means the country must collapse due to oppression and the ‘minority’ isn’t small, it is significant in this case.


Not that the right wing nationalists who want to oppress Russians can do much of anything soon since the ‘Treasury empty’, Ukraine’s economy in free fall — RT Business:


Ukraine has a massive debt, both domestically and abroad. Propping up its overvalued currency with interventions has drained much of the country’s foreign exchange reserves, which are now close to $15 billion.


As a percentage of GDP, Ukraine’s public debt stands at 40.5 percent. In summer 2014, a debt payment of $60 billion, or about one third of the economy is due, according to Central Bank data.


As a country with deep financial problems, then-President Yanukovich tried to play Russia and the West against each other in order to get the best deal, but ended up losing support from both sides. The UK, US, and Europe have all promised aid to Ukraine, but no official offers have come forward.


Putin doesn’t much like Yanukovich, it appears.  But he actively despises the upstarts, too.  The IMF turned down previous loans to Ukraine which is why Putin stepped in and gave $3 billion with more promised.  Now, of course, the new government will not pay back this loan, but S&P and Moody’s has cut the ratings for Ukraine debt to junk status but fear not, Kerry Promises Ukraine $1 Billion Bailout (Detroit, Not So Much) | Zero Hedge which points out that bailing out major US cities gets a big yawn but bailing out a corrupt country is great for US power….not!


Evidently the people of Europe who have been put on austerity rations are going to be surprised to learn they are bailing out Ukraine at government tax expense.  I predict this will fly like a load of cement blocks.  Already, posters at various news sites in Europe are exploding in rage over this future bail out.  When Germany bailed out the Mediterranean countries, all they got for this was personal abuse.  I bet they are not too happy about future abuse from yet another Eastern European country.


Germany took a HUGE economic hit to reintegrate with East Germany and it still causes tension within the country with Eastern Germany demanding more subsidies.  And Ukraine isn’t alone with being split along language, religion and ethnic lines.  This is true across the planet as I shall show here today with just some examples that nearly  never appear in the news in the US where the public is kept in the dark about real news much of the time.


Ukrainian ex-leader vows fightback and this is inevitable since much of the eastern half of the country voted for his party: • View topic – Ukraine – two countries

Ukraine severely divided along party and language lines

Ukraine half Russia


Stalin moved Russia’s borders to enlarge Ukraine so they would have a vote in the UN.  Yes, this was done for cynical political pull at the UN after WWII!  Insane but true.  I remarked back in the 1960’s when I was in school in Germany that this was a huge political mistake in the long run and it was.  Now Putin has to use force to reclaim the Russian parts of Ukraine which has more historical proof it is Russian in history since the Czars fought the Ottoman Empire to gain control of this part of the Crimea and of course, infamously, Britain supported the Ottoman Empire and had the infamous charge of the Light Brigade there 150 years ago.

students demonstrating in Quebec Canada

Here is a nearby example on the border of my own state of New York: Quebec.  The Brits conquered the French half of Canada long, long ago.  Long, long ago, 250 years ago the British won the The Battle of Quebec 1759.  Ever since then the French speaking population has hated the English speaking part and is in continuous Kultur Kampf with them.  Back then, French, not English, was the language of diplomacy and everyone had to learn it to talk internationally.  After Napoleon, English began to predominate and after the US triumphed in WWI and WWII, it definitely was English.  The French are furious about this and it is why French people dislike learning or using English if at all possible.


The language wars, far from going away, are heating up in Canada:  Half Of Non-Francophones Consider Moving From Quebec and enraged English-rights activists protest new Quebec language law | Toronto Star


Language tensions bubbled to the surface during last summer’s provincial election campaign when the PQ vowed to toughen Quebec language laws.
The unrest reached a twisted climax in a shooting at the PQ election victory party in September that left one person dead. A man arrested at the scene declared that anglophones were waking up as he was led away.
The law that eventually got tabled is considerably milder than the ideas it campaigned on. It will be subject to a public consultation in March.


And this is coming to the US, too!  California school ban on U.S. flag on T-shirts heads to appeals – Washington Times


A Northern California school that banned a handful of students from wearing T-shirts that showcased the U.S. flag on the Hispanic-based holiday, Cinco de Mayo day, is headed to court Thursday, to defend their order that the now-graduated individuals go home and change.


Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 9.03.25 AM

The graph above shows the slight advantage in numbers the Hispanic students have over the rest and they are now forcing their own language and alliances on everyone which is why they can fly the Mexican flag but American citizens can’t fly the US flag.  This isn’t a small matter, it will expand greatly over time and many of the illegal alien children will fight for separation, not inclusion over time.  The US allowed immigrants into the country with the strict proviso they must learn English and be American citizens and foreswear previous alliances.  This was destroyed quite deliberately by Zionists who want no borders to movement between the US and the world so they can use this as a home base and who wanted to be dual citizens.


There were no ‘dual citizens’ until AIPAC got Congress to pass laws doing this monstrous thing.  It is now hot at work destroying our democracy and nation itself.  Now, armies of people want to be dual citizens!  This also leads to tax evasion and betrayals such as spying on our country on behalf of one’s ‘homeland’ elsewhere as the Zionists know perfectly well.

Mapping where English is not the language at home – The Washington Post

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 9.34.07 AM


A huge part of the nation now has people who are defiant about learning English as a first language.  The successful integration of many different people has been collapsing for quite a while and unfortunately, liberals are sowing the seeds of self destruction here.  When the US conquered Spanish imperial territory, it was mainly filled, like much of the continent, with native American tribes, not Spanish people.  Catholic priests made some penetration to the southern end of Arizona and parts of New Mexico and Texas as well as the southwestern edge of California.  A much bigger presence in Florida and the Rio Grande river valley while France held the Mississippi.


Imperial wars changed ownership.  Even today, there are debates within the native American community about language and due to casino profit money, they are expelling half Hispanic/Indian families and trying to limit the money to ‘echt’ Indian families which is racist, of course.  Money does this.  Note that the two biggest tribal areas, northern Arizona/New Mexico and Alaska and the tribal reservations in the upper midwest are not Spanish speaking but are tribal languages.


The US is easily ripped apart along many possible lines which is why support for this in other countries is dangerous.  Equally foolish is to demand countries stay together whenever it suits our leaders.  Then there is Israel, a recent, overt invasion where the natives aren’t even allowed to get a remnant of their homelands and on the other hand are not allowed to integrate with the European/American invaders!  Our entire philosophy about human rights, citizenship and liberalism has been burned to a cinder by Zionists in the Holy Lands.

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14 responses to “Ukraine Will Split In Two, Stalin Made Russians Part Of Ukraine To Keep Control, Now They Want Return To Home Status

  1. JT

    I’m not so sure Russia is interested in anything else ecxept Crimea.
    To make things even more complicated.

    “It’s often said that Premier Nikita Khrushchev gave Crimea as a “gift” to his adopted country. Khruschev’s relationship with Ukraine is a complex one: He was an ethnic Russian from a town that is now part of Russia, but he rose through the ranks of the Ukrainian communist party and led the region as head of the the party during the worst years of Stalin’s purges.

    The initial reasons for the transfer of Crimea may have had less to do with generosity than demographics. Before World War II, Crimea had been home to at least 300,000 Tatars. Because a number of members of the group collaborated with the occupying Nazis during the war, Stalin had the entire community deported in 1944.

    As William Taubman writes in his biography of Khrushchev, that same year, Khrushchev—who had always had an eye on expanding Ukrainian territory—began discussing a plan to replace the deported Tatars with peasants from devastated Ukraine. A decade later, after he had succeeded Stalin in Moscow, he was able to finally accomplish the goal.”

    Khrushchev just gave Crimea to Ukraine.
    Propably a little drunk while he did it too.

    Russia just said Crimea is off limits, that’s all.
    They should have elections in Ukraine now and decide for themselves.

  2. White’s living in California and the border states will either have to learn Spanish or get used to shoveling snow! Any White person who thinks they will not experience discrimination on the job and in general are just kidding themselves. Being a minority in your own country really sucks…just ask any Black person!

  3. melponeme_k

    The Alaskan tribes spoke Russian. Which was outlawed once Alaska became a territory than state of the USA.

    Even today you will find many Alaskan natives with Russian last names. There are also many with Scandinavian last names due to the influx of Scandinavian immigrants and fisherman.

    I doubt it would take much to reintegrate Alaska back to Russia. Not much at all.

  4. Christian W

    Bulgaria, and I bet Rumania, are run by the mafia ie the government IS the mafia. I bet the non-Russian Ukraine will be the same no matter who or what the people there vote for. It’s ridiculous to think the people there will be allowed real democracry anymore than the Egyptian people, or the Palestinians are allowed it. Romania and Bulgaria were allowed into the EU because NATO (read the Pentagon) wanted them there.

    It’s all part of the same movement to sow discord and have corrupt leaders easy to control in charge. The US will nibble away at Russia and China until the US is the sole hegemony remaining. But as Elaine points out there is a fly in the ointment to that plan. What you sow abroad comes home to roost (or something like that dreadful metaphors oh well). But I guess the elites don’t care, they will use the military to keep things under control if needed just as long as they stay on top anything goes.

  5. Petruchio

    “Ukraine has a massive debt, both domestically and abroad….” I think it is safe to say that Putin is fully aware of this fact. Maybe Putin is–once again (Syria)–outsmarting the western financial cartel. It seems that Putin is in effect saying to the banksters (and their Numbskull and Bonehead lackeys like
    John Kerry): “You want this headache called Ukraine, go for it”. Elaine mentioned that IMF-styled ‘austerity’ will go over like “flying cement blocks”. I imagine Putin is expecting and hoping that cement blocks WILL start flying once enough Ukrainians get a taste of the “Free Market” a la the West.

  6. JT


    Yes. Russia just wants Crimea.
    I’m not too sure they want anything else.
    45 billion per year.
    for let’s say 10 years?
    That’s a lot of dough to cough up.

    At least Russia gets paid for the gas they deliver to Ukraine with money from US, EU and IMF.

  7. JT

    Yes. Russian troops are openly moving in Crimea now.
    They just took it just in case the west will make another deal that does not last more than 24 hours as we did with Janukovich.

    They’ll take it and negotiate after that.
    Propably the parliament of Crimea will vote for Independence from Ukraine.

  8. emsnews

    Crimea is a semi-autonomous province so yes, they can legally resign and join Russia.

  9. El Kabong

    Revealed: The forgotten treaty which could drag the US and UK into WAR with Russia if Putin’s troops intervene in Ukraine –

    The agreement sees signatories promise to protect Ukraine’s borders
    Signed by Bill Clinton, John Major, Boris Yeltsin and Leonid Kuchma in 1994
    Ukrainian parliament has now reached out directly to all the countries who signed the treaty
    The US and Britain have both made ‘crisis calls’ to President Putin to warn him to respect territorial boundaries
    NATO also asked Russia not to take action that could escalate tension,
    However Moscow responded by telling the organization to ‘refrain’ from provocative statements on Ukraine and respect its ‘non-bloc’ status

  10. emsnews

    Whoppee. We get to repeat every mistake of WWI. And then WWII, also, since Japan wants us to invade China.

  11. JT

    Well that escalated quickly,

    Pls do not start WWIII by accident If you feel the need to bomb Crimea.
    The spring is early here and it would be so nice to live a few more years,

  12. JT

    @el kabong

    oh it’s that treaty where Ukraine gave away all their nuclear weapons.
    I think that is important.
    That should be honored by all sides.

  13. emsnews

    EXCEPT Ukraine’s coup people announced they are not allowing Russian language anymore in the Crimea.

    Which is an autonomous territory, this was a very illegal move and hostile and an open declaration of war on the citizens there. They have every right to ask for severance.

  14. Petruchio

    “There were no ‘dual citizens’ until AIPAC got Congress to pass laws doing this monstrous thing….” There should be more effort put in, imho, towards identifying these ‘dual’ citizens serving in our government. Hard for me to imagine a bigger conflict of interest than someone serving in government of the USA, but having Israeli (or Swiss like Michele Bachmann) citizenship. I also note in passing that Stanley Fischer has taken the #2 spot at the Federal Reserve. Oh, and did I mention that Fischer is an Israeli citizen AND a former head of the Bank of Israel? They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

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