Putin Takes Crimea And US Has No Moral Right To Stop Him

As the US illegally invades,  bombs or sends terrorists into countries all over the planet, as the US threatens war on behalf of Japan or various former Soviet States or ethnic groups in former Yugoslavia and of course, enables, funds and assists Jewish land thefts and war moves…is outraged that Russia moved fast to protect Russian nationals from a far right wing ethnic takeover in Kiev.  The US forces all allies to support US boycotts of innocent Cuba or Iran which has never invaded anyone in the last few hundred years while at the same time protects Israel when they bomb anyone they wish including US navy ships that have no weapons.  And the US supports violent coups in Egypt and Libya and also demands China chop itself  up, too.  While at the same time telling Palestinians they have no right to their homes because Jews want these, too, so tough luck.


US concedes Russia has control of Crimea and seeks to contain Putin because there is no legal or moral basis for the US to complain about Russia.  We have invaded many countries in order to kill, oppress, abuse and like with Fallujah, use depleted uranium nuclear missiles on civilian populations who rose up against our invasion!  Suddenly we are supposed to weep for people killed during riots except when the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated recently in Egypt, it was OK to gun them down!  This see-saw view of the world which is typical bully viewing, is simple. ‘When I do it, it is good, when you do it, it is bad.’


The right wingers who took over with no democratic or legal process are doubling down: Ukraine Turns to Its Oligarchs for Political Help ruling East Ukraine according to the news.  Great.  Oligarchs are often brutal rapacious thieves.  And certainly in the Ukraine this is true.  It is true in the US and in Russia and in China and Japan and on and on.  The Ukraine nationalists want to have draconian rule of the Russian natives.  To be as mean as possible except the Russian nationals can be twice as mean and we know how this ends!


In Yugoslavia, the US grandly carved up the nation by backing various select violent reactionary groups.  None Serbian, of course.  So Russia backed the Serbs there.  And here is the present result now that the US is going bankrupt and can’t bankroll corrupt tiny principalities we created out of the dissolution of the Soviet mega-state:  Hard-line Serb wins race for Kosovo town – 毎日新聞


NATO peacekeepers and EU police heightened security measures during Sunday’s vote, the fourth such ballot in as many months. Previous attempts failed because of violence and intimidation.


During the initial poll on Nov. 3, a group of masked men smashed polling stations and destroyed voting material. The attack was blamed on Serb extremists wanting to disrupt the vote because they fear it endorsed Kosovo’s 2008 secession from Serbia. That voted was annulled but the winner of the Dec. 1 subsequent poll then forced a new vote after he refused to swear allegiance to Kosovo’s predominantly ethnic-Albanian institutions.


In China, violence is rising as populations decide they want to break up, too:  Kunming knife attack: Muslim separatists blamed for ‘Chinese 9/11’.  Muslim separatists are good in China, evil in Saudi Arabia, good in Libya, evil in Israel.  Good in Iran, evil in Iraq.  On and on, the see saw goes up and down.  This childish view of the world is laughable and useless for deciding what is the best path for America. Which is, of course, not to try to rule the entire planet via bribes and violent military eruptions mainly aimed at civilians.


Encouraged by the US which wants to humiliate and destroy China, Japan has reverted to pre-WWII belligerence so now S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review  and so passions are running higher and hither so now Anti-Japan rally in Seoul in front of the Japanese embassy has enraged Abe and his gang.  Comments in Japanese newspapers show that the average Japanese has a lot of arrogance and contempt towards both China and Korea and they mock both for being mad about Japanese war crimes because…it is OK to commit war crimes but only if one is Japanese.


It gets worse:  Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days while claiming it is OK to worship war criminals at the main shrine in Japan.  And last, there is Israel.  Here is a goofy NYT editorial (never are any anti-Zionists allowed to reply!) Why Israel No Longer Trusts Europe – NYTimes.com


The idea of a German politician speaking before the Israeli Parliament is newsworthy enough. But it was what he said that caused an uproar: Mr. Schulz quoted a young Palestinian he met in the West Bank, who had asked him: “How can it be that an Israeli is allowed to use 70 liters of water a day but a Palestinian only 17?”


Though Mr. Schulz didn’t elaborate, his implication was clear: Israel is purposely depriving Palestinians of their basic needs. But if his comments drew immediate condemnation in the Israeli press, they attracted little attention in Europe, perhaps because he was simply expressing what has come to be conventional wisdom there: Israel, many Europeans believe, is capable of almost anything in its treatment of Palestinians.


This toad then goes on the whine about how mean Europe is to land hungry Jews who abuse Palestinians.  At no point in this ridiculous editorial does he address the issue of giving almost all the water to illegal settlers while starving the natives of water.   Here is the truth:  Israeli settlers use six times more water than Palestinians — new report


Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History – Norman G. Finkelstein – Google Books

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 8.29.30 PM


So, the Germans had the correct information and were right to tell the Jews to stop doing this.  It is totally illegal, illicit and a war crime what they are doing and thanks to the US see saw moral relativity machine, it is OK to do this if one is a Jew but not if one is a Serb, for example.  McCain and the GOP as well as Obama and AIPAC want war with Russia and all Serbs.  Horrifyingly, one of the issues for war is ‘Putin is mean to gays’ which is hideous since the US government of pretty much hideous to gays and many of our favorite allies including right wing Jews hate gays and abuse them especially Saudi Arabia.  Which is never criticized even though women have near zero civil rights, too!


The moral see saw swings wildly up and down relentlessly.

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12 responses to “Putin Takes Crimea And US Has No Moral Right To Stop Him

  1. Seraphim

    The EUropean dream of the Ukies oligarchs:

    “If I were a Rothschild” (http://youtu.be/rUJcoWT_phQ)

  2. Jim R

    Of course, the US ran out of moral rights when Bush invaded Iraq.

    … or perhaps when the Pilgrims double crossed Squanto.

  3. JT

    Elaine seems to have lost all faith in democracy and human rights.
    And all our other western ways.

    Elaine, I would strongly suggest you visit Croatia or Slovenia for example.

    Nobody, absolutely nobody is missing Yugoslavia or Sovjet Union over there.
    And feel free to make comparisons on corruption in former east bloc EU-states vs Belarus and Ukraine which still are pro-russia.

    Elaine you really should restore some faith in our western ways and not buy into all FSB propaganda you happen to read.

    Smart Russians want democracy and justice too.
    Putin just beats them all up and puts them to jail.
    And closes all newspapers that are critical of him.
    There is nothing great about that. Nothing.

    Russian influence is dimishing because only rapicious oligarghs and despots can be bribed to support them.
    It is as simple as that.

  4. DM

    OH god, another redneck Croatian. Hey, Crimea *is* Russia.

    So what’s this “we” stuff (our western ways) ?

  5. emsnews

    Notice how JT claims it is GOOD for a country to split apart along ethnic/religious lines and praises this…and then attacks me for suggesting that Russia has a right to do this to Ukraine!


    Big time. See how blind people can be? If I am stupid for suggesting Russia can do this, JT is dumb for suggesting it is good, too, no? Logic is important here.

    People are emotional. They can’t think straight or have any ideological basis in life because we react to propaganda all the time. So our emotions inflame our minds and we become robots, victims of outside pressures designed to turn us into mindless fools.

    Sad, isn’t it? I lose readers this way who are angry when I point out obvious conflicts of ideology.

  6. CK

    The more small independent countries that exist, the easier it is for a few large countries to manipulate them. Freedom for Scotland, Catalonia, Walloonia, etc.

  7. Charlotte mom

    You are 100percent right!!
    I love how the us is willing to die on the hill defending this 24 hour Ukraine regime composed of a coupe group of nogoodniks…just incredible!!!
    Media in overdrive selling this notion

  8. larry, dfh

    Will you be visiting Libya anytime soon, my friend JT? Or Egypt? What about Europe: Silvio Berluscone, or Nicholas Sarkosy, nice corrupt and arrogant leaders. Or jolly old corrupt England, where average Londoners aren’t even allowed in the exclusive neighborhoods of Boris Johnson’s friends. And where the rot in the court system is so thoroughly entrenched that the police can pretty much kill at will. In the US we have Michael Bloomberg, who began as mayor of NYC worth $4B, and left being worth $28B. Or GE, which ran a broadcasting network to gin up business for their defense contracts. Or the Fed, which rapes the population fro the betterment of Goldman Sachs. Or the entire US DOJ which exists solely to enable financial pirates to exploit the entire world. Or the US DOD which is the goon-squad for said operations. And where is the $2.3T missing from the DOD? How about our wonderful freedom of the press, where all the broadcast networks read from the exact same
    and where any deviation from the script is mocked in the most vicious manner. Look no further than Julian Assange, to see how the legal systems of three western countries: Sweden, the UK and the US are shown to be nothing but the enforcers for empire.
    Yes, I can appreciate that Finland, the most educated country in the world, may feel that smarts and sisu kept the brutish Russians out, but maybe the Russians weren’t all that interested in the first place. And maybe they moved so quickly in the Crimea because they knew that the westerners were nothing more than lying rotten thieves and murderers, as they’ve proved themselves to be over and over in history, and it would be better to pre-empt them before they had a chance at their imminent deception.

  9. James W

    JT, go stay in Portugal, Greece or Spain and get paid as a native (i.e. get a salary minus 60% on what you used to get 3 years ago), if you can find a job at all. Try to sustain your family with food prices going up due to price manipulation by both JP Morgan and DB, the oil and gas prices going up and down, and living inside the expensive Eurozone, where corrupt politicians literary steal your money more and more, day by day, by voting the craziest tax laws in the history of Mankind. Survive for a year maybe and then you can preach about the “Western Ways” and the “Western Way of Life”. Do you want to know a secret? All this is over; it is done for; kaput; finished; dead. What you perceive as a “Western Way of Life” is just a phantom, a temporary situation based on the piracy act of stealing money from the general population of Europe (and now the US) and giving it to the Too Big to Live undead banks and the ultra-rich, while creating a fake reality by using the Media to fool the fools into believing the Matrix is real. That there is a thing called a “financial system”.

    The former Liberal, Free Market, way of life you are referring to doesn’t exist anymore for more than 85% of the population in the Western countries. Their economies, societies, commerce, arts, property, science, spirituality, livelihood and common sense are being destroyed by a virtual financial machine that devours all value, all production, all institutions, all spirituality and all life out of this planet. And the people who worship and serve this machine haven’t got a clue how much reality has changed around them. They keep buying staff with their credit cards, until one day a Ukraine, a Syria and an Egypt will happen, next to their home. Then, let us see how much they can charge their credit card to get food and security.

    Oh yeah! And stop watching those crazy, paranoid Fox shows that teach you every non-banker is the enemy! It is bad for your judgment.

  10. JT

    @james w @elaine

    Yes I know that Crimea is russia.
    But it doesn’t end there.
    Russia wants to restore all it’s former Sovjet era influence.

    Or do you think that Ukrainians should’ve waited for Oligarghs to get second thoughts?

    Ukrainians protested against corruption and oligarghs, remember.
    They saw EU as a way to get more democracy and less corruption.

    Which I pointed out has done exactly that for it’s former sovjet bloc members

    I can understand why Russia took Crimea and intervened just fine.

    But western economic problems have to be solved here in the west.

    Russia wants to restore it borders and Sovjet era influence.
    The problem is that nobody wants that.

    Elaine you should read this.

    He is the main ideologue behind Putin.

    Of course as a child of cold war you think that Sovjet era was somehow “normal” for europe.
    It was not, it was a sad era of repression.

    Keep your head straight people.

  11. DeVaul

    Well, JT, if what you say is true, and it may be, then Russia is just following the blueprint drawn up by the neocon authors of the American Century — you know, “our western ways”.

    It is clear that you hated the Soviet Union, but it blinds you to current events.

  12. emsnews

    Dear gods, every generation needs to learn the same stupid lesson: Russia is dangerous to either invade or annoy too much.

    Everyone sees easy victory. And then the years grind on and it gets real nasty.

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