Germans Pretend To Hate Putin To Please US Warmongers, UK Also Pretends While Planning To Not Fight Or Boycott


Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 7.06.00 AMAmericans are being told that the Crimea crisis is terrible and huge and gigantic and we are leading the ‘free world’ in fighting Putin.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  After reading a number of papers from Europe, it is obvious that no one in the EU top nations wants to wrestle with Putin.  At all.  They are happy to say propaganda things to keep the US happy but actions?  Nein!  Nichts!  Nothing.  The Der Spiegel English Online magazine, for example, has tons of propaganda for US readers.  It features a fake story about how Germany must play a ‘central role’.  But then look at the GERMAN edition auf deutsch:

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 7.05.34 AM


Nothing!  HAHAHA.  End of the investigation of the love affair of Wulff, a political leader.  Tiger Mom tips on raising brats.  Google’s space plans for expanding the internet.  German labor news.  The European Central bank is now testing all the banks to see if they are solvent.  I notice that al Jazeera’s new American news is totally different from their International news.  So I read the US one only to see how delusional we are kept and then read the real news which is for the rest of the world.


Putin Can’t Stop – is the noxious Zionist, David Brooks who has bellowed for many, many illegal wars, invasive actions, bombings of people, attacks on tribes, stealing land, threatening nations that aren’t threatening us (Iran being one of these), bloviating about how Putin is ‘insane’ and the Russians are stupid to be ‘nationalists’.  All coming from a top Bilderberg member!  Who, along with an army of Bilderbergers, spent the last year screaming about how the US is ‘exceptional’ and therefore, has a unilateral right to attack anyone, any time.


The US also has encouraged unilateral seizures of land with Japan and Israel.  Israel, in response to public requests to cease building on the West Bank, increased it this year by 150%, for example, Netanyahu is here today telling Congress and the President they must back more land grabs and crush the Palestinians forever so Jews can steal even more stuff from them.


Germany, which runs a trade surplus with the US, is gingerly trying to placate insane, megalomaniacs here so she told Obama, SUPPOSEDLY (remember, Zionists are reporting this from some unnamed person who probably doesn’t exist!) that Putin is out of touch with reality.  No one is more in touch than Merkel and she knows that 40% of Germany’s energy mainly used to run industries, comes from Russia and can cease immediately causing Germany to collapse.


And this is what the rulers of the US want!  The Zionists hate Germany a lot so they find this easy to demand.  But Germany, I assure everyone, won’t boycott Russia.  Nor will other allies:  Files show Britain will NOT support military action against Russia | Mail Online: seems that while Cameron was yelling about punishing Russia, there was some paperwork on his desk that said England will not boycott Russia and above all, will not stop Russians from parking money in London!  HAHAHA.


I can read upside down and backwards and this skill has been useful in the past when talking with important people while reading stuff on their desks which they assume, I can’t read.


Hague and Cameron will also not send in any troops.  This didn’t stop them from ritualistically saying they will ‘get tough’.  This was misdirection to fool Americans. All of Europe is hoping the US would destroy our economy, bail out Ukraine ourselves and kill our citizens fighting a battle not one EU leader wants.  This, of course, will destroy our empire further since we are going bankrupt.  I believe at least half of Congress says we are going bankrupt and need austerity to save us from this fate, no?


Reading comments overseas of readers, we see immediately that no one wants sanctions nor war.  Here in the US, the majority don’t want this, either.  The slew of anti-Russia propaganda spewed out during the Olympics triggered Pavlovian drooling in the US but when the suggestion is made for us to fight another war, immediately cold feet happens.


President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy – The Washington Post: This is from the editorial board and Bezos, owner of  Bezos says he doesn’t want boots on the ground, merely a projection of US power somehow in very distant lands like Afghanistan where it has just recently suffered a resounding, total defeat.  Bezos also claims that Russia is playing with 19th century rules whatever that means.  I suppose it means normal diplomacy/war making which has been true since around 6,000 BC.


The US has spent all our capital playing imperial overlord.  Our tool?  Give rival nations including dangerous imperial rivals like England, Germany and Japan, trade deals which destroy our home industries and makes us all poorer.  We did this with modern, overt rivals such as China.  And we started our trade deficit game by allowing Israel to run trade deficits while getting money for this  as ‘aid’ too.  This wholesale looting of our sovereign wealth has made the US the world’s poorest nation.  That is, we have negative wealth, that is, debts owed to everyone especially over $2.5 trillion we owe to Russia and China and another trillion we owe Japan.


As Russia fires its first shots in Crimea as soldiers warn off Ukrainian troops advancing on occupied airfield to demand their jobs back, Bezos is using the WP to demand action:  Condemnation isn’t enough for Russian actions in Crimea – The Washington Post.  The Bilderberg gang is desperate to force Russia to obey the EU/US diktat of 1994 which was signed by a weak, drunk Yeltsin.  This is insane.  Any country forced to divest like that due to internal collapse does not have to obey foreign power demands made of a fatally weak leader!  History is crystal clear about this!  Screaming about how evil it is to dismember Ukraine is also insane since the US is a huge sponsor of dismembering nations.


People have disputed this with me, saying that it was GOOD that Yugoslavia was torn apart, note how happy everyone is (NOT!).  Actually, tensions in the shattered mini-nations is rising and fighting is rising and the fury of hate caused by tribalism is toxic but then, the US has dismembered Palestine which actually began with the UK handing the natives to the Zionists who then did their ethnic cleansing.


Obama and Cameron are venting their fury in the Olympic Tea cup.  That is, they are forbidding disabled athletes travel plans to Sochi.  I predicted that some part of the Olympics would be boycotted because the US and UK do this EVERY TIME.  Without fail.  If Russia is the host.  Some excuse would be pulled out the ass.  Since NATO attacks nation after nation all the time, if Russia boycotted Olympics in NATO nations, there would be no Russians at all, ever.  So using invasions as an excuse is silly.


The West hopes that Russia will accept being slapped around and won’t retaliate and will continue to sell gas, oil and do banking with the West.  But Russia just might decide to tighten the cork screws.  Already, Western stock markets are plunging and oil prices are climbing.  And this will make the depression worse and worse in Europe and the US public will be screaming soon, too, as prices at the pumps and heating homes shoot upwards.


This is because if prices in one part of the world rise, it rises everywhere so even if we are pumping our own oil, the oil and gas companies can raise prices to world levels with impunity and they do this gleefully.

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25 responses to “Germans Pretend To Hate Putin To Please US Warmongers, UK Also Pretends While Planning To Not Fight Or Boycott

  1. emsnews

    John Kerry arrives to show support for fledgling Ukraine government as Obama announces $1billion aid package
    U.S. Secretary of State arrives for five-hour show of support for Ukraine


    See? I said the US would pour money into that money pit mess! No money for Americans, plenty of money for rioters in distant lands.

  2. melponeme_k

    There is no way Europe will shake a finger at Russia while it is still winter.

    Par for the course with sending money to the corrupt in Ukraine. Obviously we need more illegal aliens from that country too.

  3. In case of a WW3, so do you think Europe would go neutral ? And wait all concurrent markets to go to dust ?

  4. Christian W

    Europe doesn’t have a simplistic view of Russia. Europe and Russia has a long history together. Germany especially have been careful to nurture it’s relationship with Russia. Schroeder the ex Chancellor of Germany is a specialist on Russia for example. I doubt Germany sees it in it’s interest to antagonize Russia. ,

    “Schroeder Accepts Russian Pipeline Job

    BERLIN, Dec. 9 — Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder landed a job Friday as board chairman for a Russian-German gas pipeline that he championed while in office, a post that deepens his already close relationship with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin.

    At a groundbreaking ceremony about 250 miles north of Moscow, Alexei Miller, the chief executive of Gazprom, the Russian energy giant that holds a majority stake in the pipeline partnership, said the Schroeder-led board would be involved in “reaching all strategic decisions on all areas of the company’s activity.”

    The EU nations twitch a little when the neocons jank their chains but there is no conviction in their movement.

    It is typical of the Bilderberger critters that they try to isolate Russia while maintaing their profit systems in the City

  5. tio

    It is very hard to take a neutral position when your country is little more than an ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’, and part time pet.

    It is increasingly difficult to not vomit when watching the m$m here in the UK. The US foreign policy has not only jumped the shark, but stopped half way over to hump it for good measure.

    Ukraine explained as a eurasian jigsaw piece; an attempt to destabilise Russia; a boot on the EU gas supply; a failed coup; or as resurrection of the cold war as new justification for the MIC .. hmm. Nope vlad the bad everytime. pffft.

    And yes we need mountains of rubles (&Yuan) to keep the monumental property ponzi going. New ruskie oligarch money flooding in to save old ruskie oligarch funny money!? wtf.

    4 minutes warning.

  6. Mr Bill


    Your post stated “Bezos also claims that Russia is playing with 19th century rules whatever that means.”

    Well, I think you and your readers need to hunker down to a period of poorly delivered MSM propaganda shows. I don’t think Bezos initiated the 19th century reference. Rather, like clockwork, John Kerry started the orchestrated Act 1 on Face the Nation. and virtually the identical phrasing was picked up and echoed all over the MSM.

    Kerry said ,
    “It’s an incredible act of aggression. It is really a stunning, willful choice by President Putin to invade another country,” Kerry said on “Face the Nation” Sunday, adding that Russia has violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and several of its obligations under international agreements. “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.”

    The full Kerry interview is at the link below.

    One of the most intriqueing things about the Ukrainian crisis is how transparent the script for the US / EU / MSM propaganda show seems. It almost seems that there is a script being laid out that underlines the MSM misinformation about events on the ground that we can read in advance.
    It appears that we can then read the script for the next act of the show before the actual next act starts. It seems so surreal to watch this propaganda show unfold in real time.

  7. JimmyJ

    Russia tests an ICBM, since it was scheduled by treaty protocols anyway.

    This is just the sort of provocation Neocon hardcores will use to simply coup the cautious factions in the US Administration and initiate military action against Russia.

    I’m beginning to think that despite his background in tradecraft Putin is too insular within his political class to realize how precarious the situation with Neocons actually is. He may simply be too rational and not fully grasp that Neocons are 100% zealots.

  8. Christian W

    John Kerry arrives to show support for fledgling Ukraine government as Obama announces $1billion aid package

    $5 billion for the coup. $1 billion as PR money to the people. I wonder if the Ukranians are impressed.

  9. emsnews

    Putin knows very well what is going on. Merkel denounced Obama’s staff today for lying about what she said to Obama. She then made a call to Putin.

    Look, she isn’t dumb. She knows the NSA was spying on her private calls in the past and knows all about her relationship with Putin which is quite close.

    Remember how angry she was about that spying? She is still angry.

  10. JT

    Sending troops to another country without insignia is a war crime.

    Putin and Lavrov now say they have no idea where the troops in Crimea are from.
    When asked about the equpment they said no idea where they got it from.

    The troops are from this unit.

    Russian intelligence is not what it used to be.

  11. JT

    That is why they made Janukovich sign the bogus request for help.

    Russians know.
    The question from a journalist at Putin’s press conference was legitimate.
    “Is Janukovich dead?”

    Politically and legally dead are pretty much the same thing in Russia.

  12. JT

    You guys believe the news from RT now?

    Here is how it works.

    In addition to the official propaganda, Russian media has been harnessed for over three months ago to create myths about Ukraine. This should have told what Russia is planning.
    Each Yanukovych transfer, as well as every Russian transmission of this crisis, could be predicted from the perspective of the kind of narrative Russian propaganda sought to create and what it fed the media of the West through agents and beneficial fools.
    The problem is the fact that the West clearly does not recognize Russian propaganda, but are led to believe that it is fair and “another perspective”, alongside more objective sources .
    A lie is never “second opinion”, but it’s just a lie. As Goebbels once taught and Ilya Ehrenburg learned, the thicker the lie, the more it is believed .

    Russia does not care if it is liked or not.
    In Russia they believe in force and compulsion.
    “Let them hate, as long as they fear” is the Russian way of thinking.
    In fact, Russia does not want to be liked, it wants to be something to be afraid of.
    Russia also wishes to display and use the power – and makes it clear that it does not intend to comply with any rules.

    Now Russian propaganda talks about attacks on ethnic Russians and orthodox churches in Ukraine.
    None of which is true, but it need not be true, since it is sufficient that a few western outlets report this so they can be linked to.
    Russia attacks first, and then adds fabricated material to youtube later.
    Showing how the “Ukrainian neo-Nazis” are defacing the Russian Orthodox Churches with swastikas.
    (which of course is not happening Ukraine at the moment)

    For Russia and its neighbors the most dangerous thing is the fact that, just as Americans truly believe in their own idealistic and naive democracy speading, Russians will eventually start to believe their own inward curled, paranoid-sounding disinformation campaign.
    When you lie long enough you yourself start believing your lie and will also start making solutions based on a lie.
    The self-deception begins to realize itself.
    It is ultimately fatal, and so the Russians have always been in the end.
    If not immediately then after a ten-year run.
    Invoice will always be payed the Russians and the neighboring peoples.

    As already 
Mrs. de Staël said 200 years ago, the Russians always exaggerate.
    “Big country and big dreams is an like invitation to large 
speeches and rushing and fussing, until finally it all goes wrong and the melancholic martyr complex overpowers the Russian mind and the guilt is then placed somewhere else.”

    Russians are chess champions and we western, blue-eyed, equitable fools do not often keep up with their quite maneric gambits.

  13. Petruchio

    Gerhard Schroeder. Isn’t he the guy who was kidnapped by the Baader-Meinhof gang? I wonder if there will be a resurgence in the tactic of kidnapping? I don’t mean the ‘extraordinary renditions’ the US does, but the expansion of this tactic by other groups. If it’s OK for the US to do it, why wouldn’t other groups consider this tactic? I know in France, unpopular mangers are held hostage by disgruntled workers.

  14. DeVaul

    “See? I said the US would pour money into that money pit mess! No money for Americans, plenty of money for rioters in distant lands.”

    I find this especially infuriating, since my 8 year old daughter needs braces to correct a major (not cosmetic) problem with her baby teeth all stuck in place, but the private medicaid company ignored my appeal and the dentist went ahead and billed me before I could even have a hearing on the matter. There is no real appeals process anymore, and the dentists will not be witnesses for the patient since they will get paid twice as much from me than from medicaid, so I’ve just given up.

    I read once that it costs a million dollars a day to keep one soldier on the ground in Afghanistan. How many children in Kentucky could receive badly needed dental and medical care for that much money?

    @Mr. Bill

    I saw that too. When Kerry said that, I just fell out of my bed. Our hypocrisy knows no bounds now and I wonder if it is understood that what they say is for domestic consumption only. Like Kunstler said: “Kerry is a hairpiece in search of a brain.”


    I know as a Finn you hate Russia and I understand fully given the history between your countries, but when you talk about “our western ways”, I wish I could forcibly import you into Kentucky and let you and your family live in the bottom 5 percentile for just one year so that you can go back and teach Finns “proper” western values.

  15. emsnews

    ALL media are biased! ALL media lies much of the time. The trick is to apply common sense and lots and lots and TONS of HISTORIC KNOWLEDGE.

    I read a lot of history books and choose to read books written by a wide range of people in time and place and culture. This gives one a 3D view of the world.

    In the Ukraine case, it is painfully obvious Russia wasn’t going to let hostile people take Crimea from them. No way in hell, makes zero strategic or national sense.

    This is self survival in a harsh world! Anyone who thinks Finland, for example, will exist for 5 minutes in WWIII is nuts. England, Finland and Japan will all vanish instantly.

    This is why fools leading countries that can be annihilated should be very, very careful. The last thing you guys want is a war with China and Russia versus the US throwing nuclear missiles.

    Even if ‘your side’ wins, the people in these places won’t enjoy the victory parade.

  16. DeVaul

    If RT is all propaganda, why does it start out with irrefutable facts and raise questions that are sane, coherent, and never seen in English newspapers?

    Putin is sane. He may be a dictator, but he is sane. He could have rolled right over all of Ukraine citing the same excuses we cited for invading other countries, but instead he limited his intervention to just Crimea. He is not a warmongering idiot.

    Read the questions the Russians are asking and then explain why our diplomats cannot answer them.

    There’s propaganda, there’s Pravda, and then there’s Fox News.

  17. emsnews

    Hell, there is the Washington Post and it seldom sees any reality at any time, ever!

  18. Christian W

    Putin has always been fighting a defensive battle. He has defended Russian interests against the Oligarchs and in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and now the Ukraine/Crimea. Overall Putin has been remarkably restrained and focused on keeping Russia intact and free from infiltration by traitors and sell outs. In other words he has been looking out for Russian interests.

    Now Putin is no saint, he is a murderer and dictator but for Russia there are worse alternatives and one such is to be taken over by the US/BIlderbergers. I strongly suspect that if Russia became more liberal and democratic the US would subvert the system in no time flat to install one of it’s oligarch puppets.

  19. JT


    Of course all media is biased.
    But you do forget one thing.
    In russia all media is controlled by the government (dissidents are shot, layed off or disappear).

    Russia is in economic trouble and the middle class rioted in Moscow too.
    The oldest trick in the book is to fabricate a war.

    Putin abandoned democratization years ago.
    This is the change you have not noticed.

    “If RT is all propaganda, why does it start out with irrefutable facts”

    because that is how it’s done.
    a good lie has an inkling of truth so they get you hooked.

    It is a Russia state owned channel for heavens sake.

    And to all of you who say, well US does the same thing.
    Yes it does.
    But you have free media and elections to control this to at least some degree.
    And the solution to US acting like an asshole is not that we should encourage everyone else to act like one too.

    Keep you head straight people.

    “family live in the bottom 5 percentile for just one year so that you can go back”

    And this is the fault of US politicians.
    Try voting for Bernie Sanders.
    Do you think that now that Putin and his Oligarghs have stolen all the money from Russia and intend to put the rest of it to military in order to preserve their own power the poor Russians are better off?

    Raise taxes and give the money to the poor.

    But do not be a useful fool and think that the former sovjet spin doctors in Moscow have a solution for your problems and have your best interests at heart.

    It is true that by accident the Sovjet Union was a great think for western workers.
    But was a disaster for all it’s own citizens.
    Just as Putin is now.
    History works in funny ways.

    And I love Russian people, they are wonderful.
    I however have no romantic dreams about the Sovjet propaganda machine.

  20. JT


    “for example, will exist for 5 minutes in WWIII is nuts”

    Yes and so what?
    Nobody is going to survive WWIII.
    And your solution is to encourage that everyone starts breaking all international rules?

    Maybe the solution is that everybody obeys by the rules.
    Which I admit the US started to break after the fall of Sovjet Union.

    It took 100 million lives to set up the UN.
    Why don’t you think that it would be a good idea for the US to start acting by the rules as well as Russia.

    Giving into bullies who want to oppress people is not however any kind of solution.

  21. JT


    What are your thoughs on Norht Korea?
    Just let them have a go at South Korea?

  22. JT

    Putin sent his motorcycle goons to Crimea.
    The solution to motorcycle gangs is to call of the police?
    That is the general consensus?

    Germany understands Russia.
    Russia wants respect.
    Putting in sanctions and canceling visas suits Putin just fine.
    People cannot go to the west and oligarghs have to come crawling back begging for mercy.

  23. emsnews

    So…who controls our media? AIPAC! And who controls our government?

    AIPAC. Who controls the propaganda here? AIPAC! At least Putin is a patriot. Our propaganda machine is working on behalf of foreigners. Who evidently hate us.

  24. DeVaul

    “But you have free media and elections to control this to at least some degree.”

    No, no, no, no. We go to RT to find out what is really happening and we don’t vote for criminal A or B. You really need to come sit in front of the TV here in Kentucky for a year to appreciate the madness of our propaganda system.

    Yes, RT is biased. I know that, but I can read between the lines, just like the Soviets used to do. That is no longer possible here at all, as all lines are total lies far removed from anything based on reality.

    “But do not be a useful fool and think that the former sovjet spin doctors in Moscow have a solution for your problems and have your best interests at heart.”

    I never said they did. I said they had their own interests at heart. Their example is a good one for us when the day comes that China or Russia or whoever starts to foment revolution and chaos in Mexico or Canada. The Ukraine is so far away from our world that it is inexplicable that we are involved, much more so that we started the whole damn thing.

    “Putin abandoned democratization years ago.”

    Yes, I noticed, and it seems to have worked well for Russia not to have an alcoholic running the country. Besides, who says Russia MUST be a democracy?

    Shouldn’t America become a democracy first before we start slinging that word around at other countries?

    JT. You and I are going to just have to agree to disagree on Russia’s foreign and domestic policies for the most part. Live and let live.

  25. emsnews

    Canada is always on the verge of disintegration. French versus English, west against the east. And natives, they too are dissenting unless they get money from someone.

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