US And EU Elites Offer $15 Billion To New Upstarts In Kiev While Punishing Everyone Else Who Needs Money At Home

After some secret arm twisting by the US and the rich elites who run our nation downhill, the EU has agreed to join the US in offering the coup in Ukraine the same money Putin offered Ukraine before being bit in the hand for this.  Both the EU and the US has told people at home, there is no money for citizens.  Suddenly, voila!  There it is, conjured out of thin air as ‘loans’ which the Ukraine rump semi-state has zero chance of repaying since it needs $35 billion just to stay afloat and pay back Russia.


Of course, Russia will kiss off the money lost if they get half of Ukraine in return.  The US refuses to tell captives here in the US who are being forced to bankroll all these international adventures that this is an identical situation as the Sunni/Shite internal wars or the Jew versus everyone else in the Holy Lands or the Catholic/British Protestant wars in Ireland or the many Muslim/Hindu battles that kill many millions in a bat of an eye.


UN Envoy Forced Out Of Crimea By Hostile Pro-Russian Crowd: a Dutch politician was sent to Crimea on the heels of the US/EU paying bribe money to the upstarts in Kiev, and surprise, was cornered and chased out again.  This is due to great anger after the deal was reached with the rioters in Kiev to ‘share power’ only to see it end violently.   NO power sharing, the deal made by the EU politicians and the UN was violated by the rioters most of whom are right wing Catholics who showed their true stripes right away by attacking Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine.


Canada announced (Canada is right wing, by the way, under Harper) that they are also sending hostile observers to Crimea while punishing Russia.  I expect them to have the same welcome.  And kicked out fast. Putin And Merkel Discuss Possible International Efforts and as I correctly predicted, are talking to each other I presume with secure communications systems that Israel and the US can’t listen in.


Kerry: I Don’t Believe Anyone Is Served By A Greater Confrontation as the US continues to back down.  Meanwhile, Obama knew CIA secretly monitored intelligence committee, senator claims which is HILARIOUS as all hell as the US apes the Soviet Union more and more.  Udall’s staff was investigating Gitmo.  Our darling secret prison complex used to torture people.  Exactly like the Soviet Union.


The woods in Ukraine are full of dangers.  An interesting side comment from  a reader of the NYT shows the religious war that will rage now in Ukraine:  U.S. and Russia Discuss Ukraine Crisis as Europe Offers Kiev $15 Billion – by Neil Moran from Toronto 11 minutes ago:


In communities on the prairies the various churches in the towns and villages would host annual chicken suppers however the Ukrainian Orthodox Christians would never attend the suppers hosted by the Ukrainian Catholics and vice versa. Ever since Poland gained controlled the area the Jesuits sought to convert all the Ukrainian churches to the Ukrainian Catholic rite with its pseudo-Orthodox liturgy and married priests.


The Jesuits managed to wipe out the Polish Orthodox Church and they wish to do the same in the Ukraine. Many Russian Orthodox hierarchs fear that the new Jesuit pope, Pope Francis I, will give the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church – the Uniates — a patriarch.


The American-born Jesuit Ukrainian Catholic mitered archimandrite Robert Taft, responded when asked about persuading the Orthodox to accept the patriarchate with the comment: No, and I don’t think we should even try.


To hell with Moscow (National Catholic Reporter, Feb. 5, 2004 On Feb. 13, Pope Francis confirmed the decisions of the synod of bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church regarding the creations of the Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Odesa-Krym.


The new Odesa exarchate will have its seat in Odesa, while the Krym exarchate – serving Crimea — will have its seat in Simferopol, the Holy See announced. Thank Putin for protecting the Eastern Orthodox from these invaders.


Add to this the angry Tartars who hate all the Christians and who are Muslims and you get Yugoslavia.  This week, the soccer organization that runs the Football World Cup allowed Kosovo which isn’t a ‘state’ to play as a ‘state’ but not Palestine, of course.  With US/EU approval.  And what is Crimea?  The same, of course.


David from Canada 1 hour ago


The E.U. offers billions to the opponents of Yanukovich. These same opponents are now the new prime suspects in the shooting of demonstrators. The following is a leaked call between Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton. They discuss that the snipers indiscriminately shot at both Yanukovich supporters, police and anti-Yanukovich supporters, which leads them to believe that the coalition may be in fact responsible for the shooting.


And click here to listen to the interesting conversation which is being kept out of most US news as all our major media has been ordered to support the neo-nazi take over of Kiev:  Breaking: Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the phone – YouTube.


Here is the leader of one of the leftist parties of Ukraine talking about things going on there and again, she is locked out of the US news system:  USA and EU Are Erecting a Nazi Regime on Ukrainian Territory «


Events in Ukraine are exciting the whole world. We need to understand the essence of what is happening. The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, as a party of the Left Opposition, which fought and is fighting against the course of the domestic and foreign policies pursued under the direction of the Orange destabilization and Yushchenko, and against the Alliance Party of Regions and the Communist Party led by Yanukovych, considers it necessary to give an assessment.


On February 22, militants and terrorists of the Euromaidan Parliament [i.e. the Kiev fascist mob] executed a neo-Nazi coup using armed force.


Violating all norms of the Constitution, international law, and trampling European values, Parliament exceeded its authority and committed criminal acts. Washington and Brussels — who told the world and all mankind that Euromaidan is a nonviolent action of the Ukrainian people, to make a European choice and protect democracy and European values — should now honestly admit that the Ukrainian people got nothing. They used a Nazi coup, carried out by the insurgents, terrorists and politicians of Euromaidan to serve the geopolitical interests of the West.


Indisputable evidence for that is:


1) The change of government happened in an unconstitutional way. This violated the European rule of law. In violation of the XIIIth section of the Constitution (which describes in detail the procedure for changing the Constitution), without the participation of the Constitutional Court, the state system of our country has been changed by the Supreme Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine;


2) Going beyond the powers of the Parliament of Ukraine, violating article 19 of the Constitution, Parliament appointed overseers over

the Ministry of the Interior ,
the Security Service of Ukraine, and
the Prosecutor General’s Office.


These supervisors are installed with the aim of exerting the political violence of Euromaidan over the constitutional institutions of the state to promote the interests of the West in an unconstitutional way;


3) Ukrainian President Yanukovych (whom our party has opposed as we have made clear for the last four years) was deprived of his constitutional powers in gross violation of the Constitution. The Constitution does not provide for a right of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine to deprive the president of power in the way this has just been done. The Constitution provides a detailed impeachment procedure which is specified in writing. But again, not guided by the rule of law, but rather by alleged revolutionary expediency, while flouting the European principle of the presumption of innocence, Yanukovych was removed from office and a new president was appointed in violation of the Constitution;


4) The Parliament, eager to defend the militants and terrorists of Euromaidan, pardoned and made heroes of all its members, beginning the process of giving them the presidency. This means that there will be no accountability for those who use armed force to kill civilians or innocent law enforcement officers, who seize and smash office buildings and warehouses with armed force, who carry out lynchings, or exercise blackmail and kidnapping. This creates a basis for the formation of a neo-Nazi repressive state machinery.


Washington and Brussels should hear our warnings. We hold them responsible for all they have done to transfer power to the political forces responsible for establishing this totalitarian Nazi regime in Ukraine, with the inevitable gross violation of the rights and freedoms of millions of our fellow citizens.


The U.S. and EU should know that this power grab by political parties and movements including neo-Nazi forces (such as “Svoboda – Freedom” and “Right Sector”) , announced the implementation of a national revolution under the slogans “Ukraine for Ukrainians,” ” Glory to the nation – death to enemies, ” ” Muscovite tools and Communists to the gallows ! ” and others.


Starting on February 22, this new government must assume all responsibility throughout Ukraine for the violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens.


Insurgents and terrorists continue to capture Euromaidan administrative buildings and local authorities in the South and East of Ukraine. Using terrorist methods, voters have been deprived of their rights and of the authority of their elected representatives in local councils. Civilians defending their choices have been mercilessly shot by gunmen armed with Kalashinkovs, rifles, and other combat weapons, as for example on February 22 in Lugansk.


Militants not endowed with any legitimate police authority have arrogated emergency police powers to themselves, using axes and sticks to block central thoroughfares, halting cars to carry out inspections and verification of documents of passengers, and arresting people. They have blocked the entrance to the airport and thus grossly violated the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which guarantees the inviolability of the person, freedom of movement, the presumption of innocence, and the right to security and life. All the people of Ukraine have been humiliated and denied their dignity and rights.


Already on February 23 representatives of the new government announced the formation of the Ukrainian nation: they proclaim that anyone who uses the Russian language will be subjected to deprivation of their native-born status of Ukrainian ethnicity and will be discriminated against in civil and political rights.


The new regime has already announced their intention to ban the broadcast channels of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, branding them as the TV channels of a hostile state . This is the way the new government defends the European values of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.


The regime is preparing lists of enemies who are subject to proscription. This mechanism will deprive of civil and political rights all those who do not share the neo-Nazi views of the new Ukrainian authorities.


Across the country, ghoulish lynchings continue. People are being beaten and stoned, while undesirable members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are subject to mass intimidation and local officials see their families and children targeted by death threats if they do not support the installation of this new political power. The new Ukrainian authorities are massively burning the offices of political parties they do not like, and have publicly announced the threat of criminal prosecution and prohibition of political parties and public organizations that do not share the ideology and goals of the new regime.


Euromaidan militants are seizing Orthodox shrines like the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, seeking to transfer them to dissenting churchmen like Filaret. The intention is to grab all the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate to conform them to the Vatican.


On behalf of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, we declare that we do not recognize the legitimacy of this coup, and do not recognize as legitimate the activities of the new Ukrainian authorities. We condemn the total violation of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine on national, ethnic and cultural, religious and political grounds.


We appeal to the European Parliament and the UN Security Council, calling for their immediate intervention into what is happening in Ukraine, to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, to prevent the unleashing by the new Ukrainian government of World War III on the Eurasian continent.


—Natalia Vitrenko
Chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party


The left in the US is full of people who are unable to understand basic liberal philosophy which is why they are so easily tricked into supporting fascist operations.  This is extremely annoying to me because I am a conservative liberal, that is, I pick and choose things based on my desire for justice, fairness, civil rights and worker’s rights.  Yikes.  So many ‘liberal’ publicans have fallen for the US media propaganda this time around!


And the IMF noose is about to go around the necks of the Ukraine people many of whom are already filtering into Europe flooding places like Poland which is transferring population to England and the UKIP party there wants to kick out all the Eastern Europeans and it is gaining ground rapidly.  And UKIP is fascist and this is why protectionism and fascism rises when economic systems squeeze workers at the bottom.

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23 responses to “US And EU Elites Offer $15 Billion To New Upstarts In Kiev While Punishing Everyone Else Who Needs Money At Home

  1. DeVaul

    Money for Ukraine, money for Bernanke, money for…

  2. Vengeur

    He gives a speech in Abu Dhabi for 250K! It just shows how SOLD OUT the American people really are , how quickly our “leaders” start raking in the loot as fast as they can after their “public service ” is concluded. In a foreign country! To paraphrase Stevie Wonder, Bernanke sez : I just called to say fuck you!””

  3. Being There

    There’s always money from the taxpayers to set up the syphon of wealth to privatized interests. And no, thanks to globalism, I don’t think those running this thing believe they live in a nation state.

    They’re globalists and their interests are in making money by lending money to faltering nations and then coming back for the public infrastructure. Note they started this with mergers and aquisitions of corporations and then turned it into globalism using countries instead.

    There will be no interest in the leadership of this country to serve the people who elect them. Our taxes are being used to fund adventurism in war and finance. The people get nothing.

  4. Christian W

    The people get austerity of course. Someone has to keep making the rich richer and the tab goes to the people of the world.

    It’s a good point about whole nations now being seen as simply corporations.

    We are all Palestinians now.



    And note how the elites are screaming about how nationalist Putin is, he doesn’t listen to the Bilderberger gang!

  5. O.T.
    story on Israel National news Mossad agents not getting visas to enter US
    Some of the poor Mossad spies are forced to enter Canada while their visas are being renewed or stopped.Of course Canada is open season for Mossad as one of their assassins was giving new ID to live in Canada. by Passport Canada.
    Thanks to our resident christian Zionist fanatic Harper.

  6. JT


    “shows the religious war that will rage now in Ukraine”

    There is no religious war in Ukraine, that is the story Russia wants you to believe.
    Christians in europe do not hate eachother.
    I bet Ukrainians are not that religious at all.

    Why do you go for that bullshit?

    Russians came to the conclusion that they lost to west due to lack of religion.
    This time they bring crosses everywhere.
    Not that Putin or his motorcycle friends are any more religious than before.

  7. JT


    “The people get austerity of course. Someone has to keep making the rich richer and the tab goes to the people of the world. ”

    And to solution to that is higher taxes for the rich, corporations and dividends. And going after the bankers + strickter rules.
    Many of which Obama has tried to implement.

    Set up Tobin’s tax, reel back free trade.
    Don’t let yourself be fooled that these things are somehow in connection with the poor Ukrainian people.

  8. JT


    Of course there were provocators on both sides in euromaidan.
    They should be investigated and tried.

    But that Natalia Vitrenko thing is pure 100% bs.
    Neo-nazis and churches…

    Neo-nazis and churches is the story based on which Russia wants to occupy half of Ukraine.

    Don’t be a useful fool.

  9. emsnews

    You are obviously scared.

    When people are scared, they cease thinking rationally. As the US encourages religious warfare across the planet (remember, we also want the Buddhists in Tibet to go to war against China!), as the elites snigger about religious strife because it makes nations fall apart and the tiny fractured mess is easily raped.

    Europe is being forged into this massive big thing with no borders so armies of foreigners can pour into nations and prevent unity within. While at the same time, the EU overlords encourage fracturing of nations along ethnic lines.

    It matters a lot, this religious news.

    Also, do you want Finland to invade the Ukraine to fight Putin? Good luck with that.

  10. JT

    euromaidan shooters should go to prison in any case.

    “revolution always eats it’s children.”
    isn’t that what they say?


    ELAINE: Not only are they not going to prison, they cannot be charged because the coup government ‘forgave’ them all. With no vote of rival parties many of which are now being outlawed.

  11. JT


    No I’m not scared.
    And of course US does the same.

    But you cannot fight the bankers in the US with Russian firepower.
    That is not in your best interest you see.
    You can fight them in occupy wall street.

    I can understand why Russia is in Crimea.
    But you fail to see that their doctrine is to take all europeans nations back.

    Russia wants war.

    “Will there be war in Ukraine? I am afraid so. After all, the extremists who seized power in Kiev want to see a bloodbath. Only fear for their own lives might stop them from inciting such a conflict. Russia is prepared to move its forces into southern and eastern Ukraine if repressive measures are used against the Russian-speaking population or if a military intervention occurs. Russia will not annex Crimea. It has enough territory already. At the same time, however, it will also not stand by passively while Russophobic and neo-Nazi gangs hold the people of Crimea, Kharkiv and Donetsk at their mercy.”

    Their propaganda machine is running in high gear.

    So the people who say, don’t fight, let’s talk are right.
    So support them and let Ukrainians decide.

    For me personally I would much rather be exploited by US than by Putin.
    Better propaganda through movies alone is far more entertaining than prison camps and thought police.
    And you can run revolutions through twitter nowdays.

    I of course hope you’d both stop.

    We have so few options as far as systems go.
    You should just face the fact that US is the lesser of 2 evils.

  12. emsnews

    You are lying.

    YOU want our elites to exploit US for YOUR benefit because you are scared of Russia.

    We have to pay the huge price in a bloated military, higher energy prices while our elites export energy. You don’t care if neo nazis take over governments because you imagine…good grief…that this won’t happen to you.

    It will.

    Of course, thanks to the US sucking down much of world trade and running huge deficits, you and other Europeans live the good life with lower taxes because all of you have disarmed for the most part and depend on us to protect you from each other at our expense.

    This is ridiculous and is bankrupting us.

  13. JT


    “Not only are they not going to prison, they cannot be charged because the coup government ‘forgave’ them all.”

    Prison is better than the Russian alternative.

  14. Jim R

    “Revolution always eats its children.” That sounds about right, I like that saying.

    In my opinion, it would be nice if centralized management everywhere became less-centralized. That is, EU and US and Rus out of Ukraine, and the same for every region. Let the region take care of its own.

    The centralizers are running out of steam, but the trend is still in the direction of centralization. Globallists want a one-world governemnt and they want to be the ones in charge of it. While this sort of plan always fails, it has a lot of momentum just now.

    And when it ends, it is usually in war and revolution and chaos, and the majority of revolutions do not result in happier times…

  15. Christian W

    That is why the US is clamping down the Intelligence Surveillance/CIA/Media disinformation/Police firing squad Matrix system on (eventually) EVERYONE.

    That is why the Elites are enforcing a doubt tier legal system, one law for them (anything goes) one law for the rest of us (beware the wrath of the lnquisition – go to jail for stealing a bottle of water).

    The Elites hate democracy with a passion. They ALLOW democracy, up to a point. Democracy in the US and the UK is devalued to the point it is dead, meaning that you have pre prepared choices the difference between whom is basically if you want the poison pill straight or with a sugar coating but at the end of the day the result is the same, the one decided upon by the Elites.

    The Western Elites are preparing a system where everyone are basically batteries serving their corporate and banking systems. Finland and other small nations have been spared the worst so far because they are so small and inconsequential but eventually after the monster has nowhere else to turn it will devour everything it can.

    The Elites will be the Farao class, untouchable and living gods, while the seething masses will have to serve their every whim far away from the Green Edens the Elites hide in while everybody else choke on fumes, poverty, radioactive poisons and ignorance.

    Atm the Elites use tribalism as a means to destroy liberalism and the value of equality. That is why they use Zionist neocons, Saudi Royals, Neo Nazis, Salafis etc to as battering rams to destroy international law and take over nations.


    Putin has been fighting a DEFENSIVE campaign ever since he took power. He rooted out the worst Oligarchs serving the Globalist Matrix, he was fooled by the neocons in Libya with the no fly zone which turned into NATO being AQ’s air force. In Chechnya he was fighting Al Qaeda, in Georgia and Ukraine western sponsored Oligarchs, in Syria Al Qaeda again, in Crimea he is preserving obvious Russian interests. This is not aggression this is protecting and preserving Russia from outside attack.

    The WWII and our forefathers’ fight is history. Finland NEEDS a healthy Russia to stay healthy itself. The US/Bilderbergers have morphed into a new wave of Nazism aiming for Global Hegemony Eternal. That is what Putin is defending Russia from. That is why Putin, a dictator, can have the moral high ground and look like a statesman despite his despotic rule.

    FInland NEEDS a healthy, independent Russia because without that Finland itself will soon lose it’s own independency. Sweden already is full of Bilderberger critters like Carl Bildt and CIA tools (see the Assange nonsense).

  16. emsnews

    We are feeding al Qaeda…AGAIN. And who was the target last time around?

    Russia! And the US hopes to incite Muslims in China and Russia…AGAIN.

    And again, this has immense blow back for us because they always, always attack here like the Boston bombers or the 9/11 Saudis.

    So all this crap is endangering us here at home. And then is used as an excuse to impose USSR/Nazi-style draconian laws and spying on people here, they already shredded our Constitutional right to privacy.

    Putin has done more to protect the average American citizen than our entire political ruling class who are right now screaming ‘Sieg Heil’ to Netanyahu in DC.

    With ZERO coverage from our media.

  17. Christian W

    Looks to me that the ‘Farao class’ is the rich elite in the West (the Bilderbergers (including some handpicked EU ‘officials’), CEOs, banking chiefs, Old Aristocracy/Old Money allied to the Saudi Gulf royals and the Zionists and other useful tools/billionaires. I’m sure they want to add Chinese and Russian Oligarchs to their ranks.

    These are the Globalists. The only borders they care about are the ones insulating them from the law and the masses below. That is why they are using tribalism to break countries into pieces. Tribalism is a kind of hierarchial thinking – we are better/above you/them and that is how the elites by default see themselves, as the ‘elites’ the chosen by God, the smartest survivors in the Darwinian world of survival of the fittest ie the top dogs, Alpha males, the Winners and so on ad nauseam.

    That is why it is ridiculous to think of what is happening in old nationalist terms. The threat isn’t from Russia or China, the threat is from ‘our’ own elites.

    The direct threat of terrorism is minimal. Very little happens that is not at least partly connected to the CIA (= Al Qaeda/SA) /FBI. Something huge will only happen once the Zionists etc are genuinely concerned people are beginning to slip the leash and need a new emotional shock to put them in place. Likely as a precursor for an attack on Iran and/or Russia.

    That is why the propaganda against Putin is so extreme now, they are programming people to accept what happens next. When the US invaded Iraq the vast majority of Americans accepted it without question thanks to the propaganda foundation laid over the years.

    If you watch Russia and Putin you see he is extremely careful not to provoke the lunatics in the West more than he has to. The same goes for the Chinese. Putin only lashes out when the neocons stamp on his toes.

    As an aside it is damn funny to see that the Russians don’t need Snowden, they already have most everything he had I’m sure and much more besides.

  18. DeVaul

    “Christians in europe do not hate eachother.”

    You are irrational now. I lived in West Germany for two years, so no one can pull the wool over my eyes on this one.

  19. Christian W

    In Iraq the Shia’s and Shiite’s were intermarried and living intermingled lives for generations. The normal people there couldn’t believe it when the Saudi/CIA sponsored nutcases began bombing Shiite mosques and provoking strife along the old tribal fault lines. And look at the mess there now.

  20. DeVaul

    I was pondering the “players” in this Ukrainian thing last night, and trying to find out what their motive could be in sponsoring such chaos. Of course, the main players were Ukrainian oligarchs, who were waiting in the wings to take power after the US razed the place, but what was the motive of all the US diplomats involved in creating the fake revolution? Some of their phone calls have been recorded and verified, not to mention the diplomatic visits that culminated in the offering of billions of dollars to a bankrupt country.

    Were US diplomats ordered to do all this? Do they believe in what they are doing? (Creating carnage, misery, chaos, and destroyed states). What is in it for them? Bribes? Raises? Secret lucrative jobs with the new regime? Do they fear for their lives if they say “no”? What about after they destroy another country? How safe will they be then?

    I cannot understand the motives of the middlemen in all this.

  21. emsnews

    When I went to school in Germany in 1968, I lived where the border of the 30 years war ended with half of Tübingen Protestant and the eastern half, Catholic.

    So…we had TWO SCHOOLS! The children didn’t intermingle. There was great hostility just under the surface.

    Farmers would happily recite to me various outrages done…in 1650! This included one farmer who explained how the farm linden trees were chopped up and used to make fires to burn heretics.

    People who are farmers have LONG memories.

  22. emsnews

    About the rich: a good book to read is Gone With The Wind.

    It is very racist but also truthful. Rhett Butler says to Scarlett, ‘Building a country makes a man rich but destroying it and then selling off the wreckage makes a man very rich.’

  23. Luc

    You might enjoy:

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