Crimea Accused Of Unconstitutional Autonomy Vote—By Unconstitutional Coup In Kiev

The people of the autonomous region of Crimea have decided to have a vote about being ruled by a gang of upstarts who overthrew and elected President totally illegally.  So they want to probably sever themselves from the US/NATO regime.  This, in turn, is causing the European confederation to issue threats:  BBC News – Ukraine crisis: ‘Illegal’ Crimean referendum condemned

In press conferences after the talks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy both said the Crimean referendum was contrary to the Ukrainian constitution and therefore illegal.


Illegal???  HAHAHA.  The Constitution doesn’t exist anymore.  Nor is there one in Egypt.  The one in the US is treated like a piece of paper and is ignored when our rulers want to install unelected leaders in the White House.  We have no constitution.  It is dead and long gone.  Secret courts, secret prisons, kidnappings, assassinations, thefts are all allowed and we have no right to privacy at all at any time.


So we are yapping about constitutional laws in lawless Ukraine where mobs run riot?  How is that possible? Right now, Russian ships have scuttled a rusting anti-sub ship to block in the Ukraine navy.  The shock of the right wing mob voting first thing to outlaw the language of a third of the Ukraine’s population has pretty much set all of this in motion.  It wasn’t Putin.  It was Slavoda and other right wing parties.


Yulia Tymoshenko, put in prison due to corruption charges and now free to roam again, whines that she and her right wing buddies are ‘building a country’ which is a blatant lie. They are ethnic cleansing their ‘homelands’ which is the model for today due to the US supporting this in Palestine.  NO nation is being ‘built’ anymore, they are all, including our own, being rapidly deconstructed along ethnic/religious/historical enmity fissures and this includes Great Britain which is shrinking rapidly as well as the US where half of the country utterly hates the other half.


Article 73 of the Ukrainian constitution says the entire nation (sic) must be consulted over border issues and I presume, alliances.  But when mobs attacked the government illegally, it was exactly over this issue.  Half of Ukraine was fine with the Putin deal bailing out the government.  The Catholic half wanted the EU deal instead.


But rather than have their representatives vote on this, they rioted.  And so it ends: illegally imposing this alliance on half of the nation with zero consultation.  No votes, no referendum, nothing.  And the EU is perfectly happy with this, the US demands this knowing a vote might fail.  So it is a coup, not constitutional at all and so invoking this now is barbaric.


Egypt spreads blame for protest camp deaths: while blaming Morsi for ‘killing protestors’ the military wants the blame for doing this again, lying it on Morsi.  This is a coup, of course.  And the US is silent about this and is giving more money to the coup in Egypt.  In this coup, around a thousand people were slaughtered and the EU and US didn’t say a peep or lift a finger or heaven forbid, punish the Egyptian military.  Dead silence.


3 Gulf Countries Pull Ambassadors From Qatar Over Its Support of Islamists: that is, Saudi Arabia which is ruled by one of the most grasping, cruel, vicious regimes on earth, is mad at Qatar because it is imposing Sharia law there…which happens to be what Saudi Arabia claims they already have!  Qatar is angry with the Saudi royals for bankrolling the coup against Morsi.


Far from a united front, deep divisions inside the Sunni leaders is growing as the US and Israel go on the rampage.  Rampages reminds us of our disaster in Afghanistan:  US Drone Kills 5 Afghan Soldiers in Friendly Fire.  US Drone Strike Kills Four in Yemen which keeps them all stirred up.  Oh, killing rioters is evil!  Unless they are Muslims, then it is Holy War all the way with the Saudis leading the attacks…on Muslims.  And since the time is ripe, Israel Hits ‘Hezbollah-Affiliated Militants’ in Syria again because it is OK for Israel to cross borders to butcher people.


Hagel Vows More Military Aid for Baltics, Poland as our dying empire strives to control everything via guns.  And in Russia, nearly 70% approve of Putin’s activities this winter.  A concert in favour of Crimean people to take place in Moscow on March 7 because the Russian people can play the popularity game, too.


ITAR-TASS: World – Yatsenyuk: Ukraine not considering joining NATO which he had to say because saying the opposite makes it totally certain half of Ukraine will depart from being a ‘country’.  This statement is, of course, a total lie because the coup has invited NATO top officers to be ‘ambassadors’.


More breaking news:  ITAR-TASS: World – Yatsenyuk dismisses generals that opposed to Right Sector’s legal status—the new fake prime minister,  Yatsenyuk, has dismissed three top defense generals because they objected to the Right Sector paramilitary neo nazis being turned into ‘regular military status’ so they could terrorize eastern Ukraine with impunity. The leader of this gang, Dmytro Yarosh, is on an international most wanted list!

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10 responses to “Crimea Accused Of Unconstitutional Autonomy Vote—By Unconstitutional Coup In Kiev

  1. DeVaul

    Looks like Ukraine was the “Line in the Sand” for Russia. Good for them.

    I laughed at the idea of Europe imposing “crushing” sanctions on Russia that would “hammer” their economy. Instead, they plan to do what they do best: steal money and assets in European banks and confiscate Russian owned property. The Russians plan to do the same thing.

    I wonder, though, how close is the gas switch set to “off”…

    If Putin wanted to, he could create havoc in Europe — and Finnland.

  2. e sutton

    Putin could (and should) wreak some havoc in the U.S. by dumping Russia’s U.S. bonds on the market and forging ahead with China to trade in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Of course, the fear (for U.S. , if we had ANY sense at all) is the real threat of nuclear war. Because if Russia pulls the rug out from the U.S. economy, causing the vaunted stock market to plunge, the neo cons running this country will be fool hardy enough to launch some missles at Russia in retaliation. Right now the coolest head to prevail seems to be Putin’s. As usual, our wooden headed president remains as clueless as ever, not unlike a complacent dog seated upon Netanyahu’s lap.

  3. JT


    Yes the countries NOT in Nato should be blamed for this mess of course.
    Sweden, Finland and Switzerland?

    Just so you know this is what our foreign minister had to say about maidan today.
    (propably he will not be invited to the White house ever which is what happened to our last president who did not approve of US attacking Iraq and held a speech in the UN against it).

    Erkki Tuomioja, finnish foreign minister today
    “- You have to remember that also police died here. All have been victims of this and completely unnecessary.
    Agent provocateurs on both sides.
    Tuomioja said that the course of events is still unclear and requires investigation .
    – Those who are responsible for these assasinations, is waiting for further clarification.
    Yesterday there came up claims that the same snipers would have been aimed at the protesters and the police.
    – There must have been provocateurs on both sides , Tuomioja.
    – It is important that the whole truth be clarified in due course.
    The Minister said that one party that could do the investigation could be the European Research Council under the auspices of the Commission.”

    President Halonen at the UN in 2004
    After this she was a persona non grata at the white house.

    “Finland’s President Tarja Halonen says the war against Iraq was illegal. Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, President Halonen criticised the US-led coalition for resorting to force without a UN mandate.

    In her speech, President Halonen said that the international community failed to keep national interests in check in the run-up to the war in Iraq. As a result, she said, some nations failed to act within the boundaries of Security Council resolutions and resorted to force.

    Halonen stressed that the invasion of Iraq was not in accordance with international law.”

    You guys are excellent at weeding out the good and the bad aren’t you?

    Rooting for KGB propaganda, rooting for all world powers to have the right to do whatever they want?
    Rooting for Russia to do the same crimes as US does?

    And you think I should take advice on Russian geopolitics from you guys?

    We finns have been hoping nothing but the best for Russia and we have waited for 25 years for them to get their act together.
    Ever since Nokia still made rubber boots for the Sovjet Union market.

    Putin lived in Finland for years.
    A prosperous and open Russia is in our best interests.
    But it seems that they just cannot make anything good happen for themselves once again.
    Not that the EU or the US is helping in any way for a positive outcome.

    Pragmatism, respect and cool heads.
    That is how you handle politics with Russia.

    I wrote here on Elaine’s blog that why is everybody insulting the Russians for hosting such wonderful olympics.
    They are normal people just like anybody else, insulting and ridicule gets you nowhere.
    Good manners and sticking by contracts and rules does.

  4. emsnews

    And how has Russia violated any rules? THERE ARE NO RULES. The people who were shocked at the collapse of their elected government in Ukraine are now desperate to remove themselves from the clutches of some very violent people who are lusting for some good old ethnic/religious warfare.

    So, going to Russia for safety is sanity, not evil.

    Or do you suggest they let their hostile neighbors continue to eliminate their basic human rights?

    The international game being played is pure ‘might makes right’ politics. Period. The UN is useless and has been since…well, since its founding when it allowed Jews to kick the Palestinians out of their homes. It failed in Vietnam. It failed with Hungary. It failed due to the Security Council being all nuclear armed powers that did as they pleased, invaded whoever they wanted and oppressed whoever they chose.

    At no time did the UN bring security and peace, it simply kept the Great Powers in check only because the nuclear bombs really did this, not the UN. We know we will die in WWIII, you will die, civilization will collapse.

    And here are an army of global warmists screaming we are all going to roast to death even as we freeze to death, this is all insane.

    And what do you do in an insane world? Talk about rules when everyone is breaking the rules nonstop? NO nation breaks rules more often than the US.

  5. JT

    When all else fails tell as much truth as you can…
    Elaine, you reality should listen to YOUR president, not KGB and RT.

    As Russia spins a false narrative to justify its illegal actions in Ukraine, the world has not seen such startling Russian fiction since Dostoyevsky wrote, “The formula ‘two times two equals five’ is not without its attractions.”

    Below are 10 of President Vladimir Putin’s recent claims justifying Russian aggression in the Ukraine, followed by the facts that his assertions ignore or distort.

    1. Mr. Putin says: Russian forces in Crimea are only acting to protect Russian military assets. It is “citizens’ defense groups,” not Russian forces, who have seized infrastructure and military facilities in Crimea.

    The Facts: Strong evidence suggests that members of Russian security services are at the heart of the highly organized anti-Ukraine forces in Crimea. While these units wear uniforms without insignia, they drive vehicles with Russian military license plates and freely identify themselves as Russian security forces when asked by the international media and the Ukrainian military. Moreover, these individuals are armed with weapons not generally available to civilians.

    2. Mr. Putin says: Russia’s actions fall within the scope of the 1997 Friendship Treaty between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

    The Facts: The 1997 agreement requires Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, which have given them operational control of Crimea, are in clear violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

    3. Mr. Putin says: The opposition failed to implement the February 21 agreement with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

    The Facts: The February 21 agreement laid out a plan in which the Rada, or Parliament, would pass a bill to return Ukraine to its 2004 Constitution, thus returning the country to a constitutional system centered around its parliament. Under the terms of the agreement, Yanukovych was to sign the enacting legislation within 24 hours and bring the crisis to a peaceful conclusion. Yanukovych refused to keep his end of the bargain. Instead, he packed up his home and fled, leaving behind evidence of wide-scale corruption.

    4. Mr. Putin says: Ukraine’s government is illegitimate. Yanukovych is still the legitimate leader of Ukraine.

    The Facts: On March 4, President Putin himself acknowledged the reality that Yanukovych “has no political future.” After Yanukovych fled Ukraine, even his own Party of Regions turned against him, voting to confirm his withdrawal from office and to support the new government. Ukraine’s new government was approved by the democratically elected Ukrainian Parliament, with 371 votes – more than an 82% majority. The interim government of Ukraine is a government of the people, which will shepherd the country toward democratic elections on May 25th – elections that will allow all Ukrainians to have a voice in the future of their country.

    5. Mr. Putin says: There is a humanitarian crisis and hundreds of thousands are fleeing Ukraine to Russia and seeking asylum.

    The Facts: To date, there is absolutely no evidence of a humanitarian crisis. Nor is there evidence of a flood of asylum-seekers fleeing Ukraine for Russia. International organizations on the ground have investigated by talking with Ukrainian border guards, who also refuted these claims. Independent journalists observing the border have also reported no such flood of refugees.

    6. Mr. Putin says: Ethnic Russians are under threat.

    The Facts: Outside of Russian press and Russian state television, there are no credible reports of any ethnic Russians being under threat. The new Ukrainian government placed a priority on peace and reconciliation from the outset. President Oleksandr Turchynov refused to sign legislation limiting the use of the Russian language at regional level. Ethnic Russians and Russian speakers have filed petitions attesting that their communities have not experienced threats. Furthermore, since the new government was established, calm has returned to Kyiv. There has been no surge in crime, no looting, and no retribution against political opponents.

    7. Mr. Putin says: Russian bases are under threat.

    The Facts: Russian military facilities were and remain secure, and the new Ukrainian government has pledged to abide by all existing international agreements, including those covering Russian bases. It is Ukrainian bases in Crimea that are under threat from Russian military action.

    8. Mr. Putin says: There have been mass attacks on churches and synagogues in southern and eastern Ukraine.

    The Facts: Religious leaders in the country and international religious freedom advocates active in Ukraine have said there have been no incidents of attacks on churches. All of Ukraine’s church leaders, including representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, have expressed support for the new political leadership, calling for national unity and a period of healing. Jewish groups in southern and eastern Ukraine report that they have not seen an increase in anti-Semitic incidents.

    9. Mr. Putin says: Kyiv is trying to destabilize Crimea.

    The Facts: Ukraine’s interim government has acted with restraint and sought dialogue. Russian troops, on the other hand, have moved beyond their bases to seize political objectives and infrastructure in Crimea. The government in Kyiv immediately sent the former Chief of Defense to defuse the situation. Petro Poroshenko, the latest government emissary to pursue dialogue in Crimea, was prevented from entering the Crimean Rada.

    10. Mr. Putin says: The Rada is under the influence of extremists or terrorists.

    The Facts: The Rada is the most representative institution in Ukraine. Recent legislation has passed with large majorities, including from representatives of eastern Ukraine. Far-right wing ultranationalist groups, some of which were involved in open clashes with security forces during the EuroMaidan protests, are not represented in the Rada. There is no indication that the Ukrainian government would pursue discriminatory policies; on the contrary, they have publicly stated exactly the opposite.

  6. Jim R


    So, are you recommending that the USA start another war? What are you getting at here?

    I don’t think Elaine, or anyone who hangs around here, has that much affection for RT or Vlad.

    But at the end of the day, they are all just politicians, Barry and Vlad. I think quite a few folks are unhappy with the way the geopolitical chess game seems to be going — and Vlad seems to be winning just now. Barry was handed a half-finished game five years ago, with an already poor position. And the decision making process hasn’t improved all that much. (“it could have been worse” is probably the weakest campaign slogan in all of politics, though)

    It’s too bad they won’t just leave Ukraine alone to sort it out for itself…

  7. Christian W

    @ JT

    When Putin says that he is doing a “humanitarian intervention” he is JOKING. He is just rubbing in all the US “humanitarian interventions” over the years in their faces.

    Nobody sane listens to US politicians and diplomats.

    It’s ridiculous to try and paint Putin as the only bad guy here, what he is doing is perfectly natural and the way things have been done since time immemorial.

    If you want to change the way things are done by the “Strong” you create a liberal system based on international law equality and enforce it – however the fact is that the US destroyed this system so they could stomp around the globe and do just what they did in the Ukraine (and Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya) etc etc etc.

    Russia reacting to the US trying to flip a nation on it’s border and infringing on historical Russian interests on the Crimea is nothing less than what Putin has to do, unless he simply wants to wait until the US starts some crap on the Red Square.

    After Yeltsin took over the first thing he did was take the advice of western Chicago School advisers and sell off the largest Russian industries to investors for peanuts. Now these investors just happened to be Jews that quickly became the Oligarch mafia. Putin put a stop to that and he is utterly hated by the neocons for this.

  8. emsnews

    There is no room for delusional thinking, pretend morals or childish snits in Realpolitik.

    There is hard reality. Ukraine has decided to split in two. There is no going around this. Will it simply fold and die or will the natural dynamics of history cause half to return to Russia for protection?

    Obviously, harsh reality dictates the latter solution. END OF STORY.

    You might want to dash your head against the brick wall but that won’t bother the wall any.

    The US is grossly overextended. The EU is dying, it grows and dies at the same time which is why sucking in yet another failed divided state means the EU will destroy itself even quicker.

    This is why they are faking it, pretending to be upset about what is happening. I assure you, in the German media, there isn’t much sympathy for the fascist Kiev rioters.

  9. CK

    It would be in Germany’s interest to assist Russia and China in making the world a more profitable place.

  10. DeVaul


    Yes the countries NOT in Nato should be blamed for this mess of course.
    Sweden, Finland and Switzerland?”

    I never said that. You are just making up shit about me now. You remind me of the drunk German I met on a dark street one night in 1985 who wanted the US to smash through the Iron Curtain and show Russia who is the real boss in Europe. Me and Ashish (an Indian friend of mine) listened politely, accepted a drink from his bottle, and then moved on.

    I’m glad most Finns don’t think like you. They know a war with Russia would be a catastrophe for them.

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