Bill Gates Wants To Create Blizzards To Save California From Being Hot

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I learn a lot from readers who post here and this is a story that didn’t make it to the East Coast.  The California plan to spray salt water CONTAMINATED BY FUKUSHIMA into the high stratosphere where it will create global cooling and may I add, fierce blizzards across the rest of the country that isn’t the West Coast.  Launching such a ship would be a declaration of war against the cold half of the nation and could lead to military confrontation, if nothing else, I would scuttle that myself.


California scientists are working with California and Oregon super rich men and women to do this to the rest of us:  Climate engineering ideas no longer considered pie in the sky –


Ships that spew salt into the air to block sunlight. Mirrored satellites designed to bounce solar rays back into space. Massive “reverse” power plants that would suck carbon from the atmosphere. These are among the ideas the National Academy of Sciences has charged a panel of some of the nation’s top climate thinkers to investigate. Several agencies requested the inquiry, including the CIA.


At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, scientists are modeling what such technologies might do to weather patterns. At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., a fund created by Microsoft founder Bill Gates — an enthusiast of research into climate engineering — helps bankroll another such effort.


Another reason to hate Bill Gates  not that the president of Apple is any saner.  Way back in the Stone Age, ABC TV asked me to talk about a paper I wrote called ‘Power FOR The People’ which was my scheme to put solar panels on all roofs of all Americans which would be funded by a sales tax on solar panels and this would then be the capital basis for lending money to homeowners to install panels at a cost no higher than the average energy bill back in 1997.


Well, suddenly, right before air time, ABC’s producer called me and told me, ‘No one is interested in your plan so we won’t bother to air it.’  Since no one else had this bright idea (WRONG) no one aired it!  Of course, I was not alone in figuring this out.  We were all censored.


Instead, the Bilderberg gang wants to control all solar power so they have these hideous, destructive, dangerous, anti-ecological schemes like planting dozens of these giants in the desert:  The solar power compromise: Sacrificing desert to save the Earth –


BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah solar power project will soon be a humming city with 24-hour lighting, a wastewater processing facility and a gas-fired power plant. To make room, BrightSource has mowed down a swath of desert plants, displaced dozens of animal species and relocated scores of imperiled desert tortoises, a move that some experts say could kill up to a third of them…
“I have spent my entire career thinking of myself as an advocate on behalf of public lands and acting for their protection,” said Johanna Wald, a veteran environmental attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. “I am now helping facilitate an activity on public lands that will have very significant environmental impacts. We are doing it because of the threat of climate change. It’s not an accommodation; it’s a change I had to make to respond to climate.”..


Industrial-scale solar development is well underway in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. The federal government has furnished more public property to this cause than it has for oil and gas exploration over the last decade — 21 million acres, more than the area of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties put together.


See how the stupid utterly fake ‘environmentalist’ has sold her silly soul to the Devil That Is Death (Skull and Bones chant at Yale every April 15th).  To save  us from phantom warming, she is playing into schemes to put giant mirror farms in the desert?  This will play havoc with the weather, just for starters.


I grew up in these deserts and watched storms form over the mountains or roll from the west.  This reminds me of various movies about Atlantis where, in one example, Atlantis energy comes from…huge mirrors that focus the sun on the thing that is to be heated up!  But it BACKFIRES and destroys the place.  Clearing my throat, ‘Oh my god.’


As I hoped, astronomers and geologists are freaking out over the many attacks on the history of the earth which they have figured out so painfully over many years.  The insult of destroying the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age has motivated these real scientists into doing lots of research.  NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Old Nile Records – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


The sun is what causes many of these ocean/land/atmosphere changes.  The sun and the planets have many cycles that run independently of each other and have various degrees of overlap so when several cycles coincide we have bigger effects that individually.  The Egyptians kept very good records of the Nile’s flows and this has been a great way to track rainfall in central equatorial Africa.


And it shows clearly that even with global warming trends it is colder now that many times in the past during this cycle.  One key argument about ‘warming’ is the incorrect and dishonest pretense that this last decade is the warmest, ever.  Not even close.  One of the cycles has to do with big planets:  The Cyclicity of Sunspots: is Jupiter influencing sun spot cycles?  It would not surprise me.  Even distant stars have a tidal effect on our star, too.


It seems that during the Jovian perihelion the sunspot number is always low. This means that if the sunspot cycle maximum coincides with Jupiter’s perihelion, the maximum is either delayed, making that cycle long, or it is very low, as in 1810’s. Actually, there is an average rise of 10 in the Wolf Number at exactly the perihelion and the lowest values prevail two years before the perihelion.



1.  Here is a classic story featuring ‘global warmists’ which stands reality on its head:  Despite Warming, Ground Refreezes at Alaska’s Shrinking Lakes – Yahoo News


Field work and modeling confirmed that the willow shrubs cooled the soil in summer, enough for the ground to freeze year-round. The plants also help keep the ground frozen by sucking up soil moisture that might have thawed the ice.


The findings also mean there’s another way permafrost could control lake levels. As new permafrost forms, the frozen ice may block groundwater drainage, slowing down the lake shrinkage, the researchers think.


HAHAHA, this is called ‘getting much colder’, no?  Blaming willow trees which prefer warmer weather and which grow faster when it is warmer, for freezing the permafrost is insane.  So, as the ground freezes more as it gets colder, this makes the lakes wetter!  Where global warming comes in baffles me.


The photograph with this story shows some widely spaced stunted willows less than six feet tall.  Not much ground cover, most of the ground is tall grass.


2. Yes, Putin ruling very cold Russia is terrorizing the planet but aside from him, we have severe cold ’caused by global warming’ that is even scarier than Putin running around Crimea which happens to be warm: More flacking the ‘we are roasting to death unless you live where everyone is freezing to death’ stories today:  Actually, You Can Link Specific Weather Events to Climate Change by Bill Moyers.  As per usual, he talks about the African places on the equator and not Minnesota.


3. Businesses Should Stand Up to Climate Change Deniers and supposedly punish or suppress anyone talking about global cooling.  Because it isn’t the ‘change’ part that is important, otherwise talking about how it is getting colder is totally appropriate if ‘change’ is the issue.  Ice Ages are very much a change from an Interglacial!  But the essence of this article is to demand we stop talking about cooling altogether.


4. Whitehouse plans climate change all-nighter Monday while the cold wind howls outside.  Monday will be slightly warmer than last week, thank heavens.  But Wednesday will see a return of Arctic cold yet again.  I hope the Democrats bring heavy blankets and some firewood to this all nighter.  I assume they will talk about Florida and California and wish they were there, not in the frigid parts of the nation.


5. Sheldon Whitehouse traveling to Iowa – to talk climate change | Blogs: what will she be saying?  Will she talk about roasting to death?  California?  The farmers worry about cold weather droughts not heat.  People forget that many droughts are due to severe cold, not warmth.  Indeed, normally warmer weather means more rain and if it goes below zero, there is less moisture in the atmosphere.  So it has been terribly cold and thus, drier than usual.


6. Climate change may mean more crime is the Boston Globe story.  Now the fact is, only WARMER weather causes this which is why Florida is such a nasty crime zone.  Severe cold cuts down on crime.  So using the words ‘climate change’ is thoroughly dishonest here.  It should say, ‘Possible global warming’.  Running away from the real name and hiding it like this is an act of desperation.  Draping it with the ‘change’ word covers all bases but debases the debate which is the plan, of course.


Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 7.18.58 AM


9. Unfrozen Caveman Pundit Debates Climate Change: recently in the news is the fact that people who died in the Alps during WWI are now exposed due to the glaciers melting.  Of course, the real news here is, the glaciers were less back in 1914.  And GREW.  Then, during the two warm decades recently, have melted to WWI levels.  Note that last month, Time magazine snarls at us calling us ‘strange’ for pointing out that we are all freezing to death, not roasting.  And CNN has this grinning female I bet who lives in LA, sneering what is there even a debate?


Of course, by using ‘climate change’ as a blanket, those of us who point out there IS a change…and it is getting colder…are treated with contempt.  Because the assumption behind the facade word change is that we are going to roast to death, not freeze but they are too dishonest to say that anymore in the teeth of bitter cold.


10. Climate change is redefining the Australia of ‘sunburnt country’ poem because…we are all going to roast to death…if you live in Australia and not Minnesota.  Shall Minnesota complain about poems about spring due to spring being frozen out this year?


11.  Cliffs Notes for Climate Change? Science Panels Create a Primer to argue with us ‘climate deniers’…

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 7.23.08 AM


12. So, those of us who are pointing out the obvious are ‘selfish’.  HAHAHA.  We are supposed to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of global warming…er, climate change so people on the equator can be happier.  And we, in the cold north, must pay much higher taxes for this privilege.  My electric bill last month was nearly $300 thanks to global warming not working as advertised.  And my trees give off oxygen for all the planet and I get no economic benefit for providing this service, just freezing cold day after day.


13. Environment commissioner Kate Auty quits, drops bucket complaining that she was ordered to use the more accurate term, ‘climate VARIABILITY’ and not the unscientific ‘climate change’ which is really code for ‘hotter’.  Heat on Abbott as US pushes G20 climate change action because the guy voted into office in Australia is  not pushing the ‘we are roasting to death’ wagon.  And the US liberals are angry about this.


14. European support for climate change action ‘not dented by financial crash’ | Environment | which the Guardian believes is due to being scared of roasting to death.  Instead, the questions were about moving away from importing oil and gas and replacing this with other energy systems which I also support and always have supported.  I would dearly love to have solar panels on my roof, for example, as do most Europeans and this has nothing to do with global warming and a lot to do with my high electrical bills.


Man, these warmists are busy little bees!  Buzzing all over the planet, stinging everyone.  General rule here: the colder it gets, the more they buzz.

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23 responses to “Bill Gates Wants To Create Blizzards To Save California From Being Hot

  1. e sutton

    ”More flacking the ‘we are roasting to death unless you live where everyone is freezing to death’ stories today: Actually, You Can Link Specific Weather Events to Climate Change by Bill Moyers. As per usual, he talks about the African places on the equator and not Minnesota.”

    Bill Moyers is a Bilderberger.

  2. Jim R

    If it works as well as DOS / Windows, ummm … nobody will be impressed.

    But seriously, that thing looks like a carbon-spewing monster. How much coal/oil/gas will they use to simply BUILD it?

  3. emsnews

    The propaganda is shrieking. In Raw Story a ‘liberal’ site, are three Global warming is going to roast us… and then up pops this one showing a huge thermometer at 120 degrees F.

    So, Europe is going to roast! What great news while we shiver with cold. Of course, no stories about how we are going to roast here in NE USA.

    Even NOAA has given up on that and has conceded we will have a cold spring.

  4. Luc

    Tim Cook [Apple CEO] is taking heat [yes, it is a pun] from shareholders over his nutball words and ways.

  5. Vengeur

    In regards to the Alpine glaciers revealing some of the dead lost there in WW1: there were couple of American airplanes that forced landed on a glacier in Greenland in WW2. When there were finally located a few years ago, they were under 270 feet of ice! They had to tunnel down and take it (the P-38) up in pieces.

  6. I typed in “global warming” images at and most of the pictures depicted a burning planet with flames shooting upwards? I have seen a slow evolution in the evocative images used by the “warmist’s” to make their point from polar bears to a burning earth. Pathetic!

  7. emsnews

    Yes, it is the burning earth icon. And today, I breezed through ‘liberal’ media and without exception, they all talk only about hot things, not a peep about cold.

    Climate change was introduced only due to knowing the heat has retreated. So they had to cover their bases. But the core belief is, heat only. Whoever has cold, is treated horribly.

    Read any comments at these horrible sites and the ‘liberals’ are downright cruel, nasty even when anyone states that they are freezing cold.

  8. Ziff house

    No growing glaciers around here, there are photos from 100yrs ago showing the advance of vegetation up the slopes and valleys.

  9. emsnews

    Well, it is going to be ZERO again on Thursday. There may be ‘warm’ in Europe but it is Ice Age conditions here which means global warming is LOCAL to Europe but not here, here it is ‘colder’.

  10. Being There

    Ahhh the unintended consequences of thinking you can control nature and destroy the earth in the process.

    Yup our brilliant leadership wants to have it’s cake and eat it too. Anything but to find other ways of doing things because they have to keep making money and not investing in the real economy.

    How many people are going to get cancer in Calif.?

  11. Luc

    ‘Whitehouse plans climate change all-nighter Monday while the cold wind howls outside.’…Wait, DC has been shut down, THIS MONTH, due to cold.
    Baltimore has had a record LOW freezing day. Or days. 2 of them.

    And yes, very hot weather is linked to crime in ‘bad neighborhoods’ especially. Remember the ‘race riots’ of the 60s – 70s? Usually [or always] in summer.

  12. CK

    Reduced crime rates are one of the benefits of colder weather. Fewer potential victims outside. Increased reproduction is another, it keeps you warm and is a friendly way to spend several otherwise cold hours.
    The most important thing about cold is that it forces people to plan, to think ahead, to postpone the immediate for the long term. Historically, those parts of the earth that were equatorial year long warm and comfortable never created any science or culture or civilization. Contrast as just one example the lack of civilization development in the amazon basin with the Incan civilization at the same equatorial level but at much colder heights. If a society or region has seasons, it will develop civilization; if it has either all snow or all warm it won’t.


    ELAINE: Egypt is warm and was very scientific and civilized, it practically invented civilization.

    But then it also had the clocklike Nile floods, which focused the mind greatly. The greatest ‘mental focus’ of them all was the Ice Ages. We were these little apes 3 million years ago with small brains. Each Ice Age was a whip that eliminated the weak and those who didn’t plan ahead and so our brains became ridiculously large.

  13. Jim R

    Elaine, if your electric rate-payers from back in the stone age of 1997 could just borrow a little money like the Wall Streeters do:
    feds gave out 16 5 trillion in zirp loans
    , then they could put solar panels on every roof in America. And it wouldn’t have to cost them a dime.

    I don’t suppose ABC News would air that story, either. But think of all the carbon dioxide it would save!

  14. emsnews

    Right, Jim. But I couldn’t propose that since Congress which we don’t own, would not pass it. But you are right. 😦

  15. Petruchio

    Don’t get me started on Billy Gates. He’s one of my favorite whipping boys. The guy just oozes sleaze; fits right in in Washington DC. Ever hear of The Gates Foundation? Well Billy Gates doesn’t have a shred of charity in his bones, so why the Foundation? It’s a tax dodge. The Gates Foundation, in order to keep its tax exempt status must contribute at least 5% to charitable giving. Guess how much the Gates Foundation gives to charity? If you guessed around 5.3% of their money, you would be correct. It’s a testament to how corrupt our tax system is when the wealthy One Percenters can ‘customize’ the tax code.

  16. Luc

    Petruchio…Gates gives much $ to african charities. And black students in USA.

  17. Luc

    ‘ We were these little apes 3 million years ago with small brains. Each Ice Age was a whip that eliminated the weak and those who didn’t plan ahead and so our brains became ridiculously large.’
    Highest IQs by state in USA, Minnesota [= Germans and Scandinavians].
    Lowest IQs = Aborigines.
    WSJ just had a ‘why are Finnish students so smart’?
    Duh…..they are White Nordics, that is why.
    The article is amusing in its ‘look everywhere except DNA [Race].

  18. emsnews

    And what did generations of Finns eat?

    Hint: in direct competition with the polar bears.

  19. Luc

    Fish makes people smarter?

  20. kenogami

    ” IQs by state in USA, Minnesota [= Germans and Scandinavians].
    Lowest IQs = Aborigines.
    WSJ just had a ‘why are Finnish students so smart’?
    Duh…..they are White Nordics, that is why.
    The article is amusing in its ‘look everywhere except DNA [Race].”

    In The International Mathematical Olympiad of 2013 and 2012, the white nordic Finns ranked 67 and 65, the Norwegians 71 and 79, the Swedes 60 and 71. The dumb aborigines of Mexico ranked 17 and 31, the even browner aborigines from Peru 26 and 16, and the brown Iranians 10 and 8.
    China was number 1, Korea rank 2.

  21. Carolab

    I live in Minnesota. Unbelievable cold this winter. Record-breaking cold and our houses have felt the impact (we have had thinks cracking apart due to frozen condensation, etc.). Spring still not here despite daylight savings time already kicked in. More snow and cold on its way tonight. Heaps of snow drifts still outside my house. This is not typical. We might have a cold St. Patrick’s day and I remember going out to party in my 20s in shirtsleeves. Conversely our summers are drier, yet more humid.

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