King Abdullah Keeps Four Princesses Imprisoned 13 Years Because They Were Too ‘Free’

A huge propaganda point in the US media is, Saudi Arabia is our friend and ally.  Certainly, the Saudi royals are conspiring with Netanyahu.  The other day, King Abdullah declared the Muslim Brotherhood, which won a fair election in Egypt before being overthrown, are now a ‘terrorist organization’ which pleases Israel no end.  But in Europe, they do get news about the royals and it is pretty nasty.  I keep saying, Saudi Arabia is barely different than North Korea including the royal males acting up and doing horrible things to people just for the fun of it or out of rage.


Prisoners at the palace: Saudi princesses plead for help as they claim they are being held by the king against their will | Mail Online

  • Princesses plead for help from captivity at royal compound in Jeddah
  • Their mother has written to UN human rights agency to intervene
  • Sahar, 42, and Jawaher, 38, claim they can only go out to shop for food
  • Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s worst countries for women’s rights
  • One princess got a job at a bank and was punished for this

In emails and phonecalls to a Sunday newspaper, Sahar and Jawaher claimed that their sisters Hala, 39, and Maha, 41, are also being held, incommunicado, in separate villas in the Jeddah compound.

Their mother Alanoud Alfayez, who is divorced from Saudi King Abdullah, has reportedly written to the UN’s human rights agency to intervene on their behalf.


Women have zero civil rights in Saudi Arabia.  Africans are used as virtual or even actual slaves.  The codes stating that slavery is ‘illegal’ are not enforced, workers from other Asian countries discover they are enslaved when they come over to be ‘servants’.  The death toll of foreign workers who do the majority of the real lifting there, is horrific in all the Gulf kingdoms.


Saudi Arabia recently invaded one of the neighboring principalities due to the people there trying to overthrow the rulers.  The US applauded this invasion just like our rulers applauded the overthrow of the elected governments of Egypt and Ukraine.  Double standards abound.  The two princesses in this story aren’t the only ones being held as prisoners, by the way.  There are prisoners held this way all over Saudi Arabia as well as in other monarchy ruled kingdoms.


From 2010: Gay Saudi prince who killed manservant to serve jail term at home – Telegraph


  • Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Bin Nasir, a grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah II, was jailed in 2010 for killing Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz at their five-star hotel suite in London.
  • He was convicted at the Old Bailey, after the court heard he had subjected his aide to a “sadistic” campaign of violence and sexual abuse, which culminated in the “brutal” assault.
  • Under the prisoner transfer agreement, which came into operation in August, five Britons currently languishing in Saudi prisons can ask to serve the remainder of their sentences in the UK.
  • The Ministry of Justice said it did not comment on individual prison transfer cases.


And he will not be punished in Saudi Arabia because he killed a ‘slave’.  Justice, even for princes | Ali al-Ahmed | Comment is free |


The convicted prince is a “Royal Highness” prince – one of the few hundred males eligible by birth to ascend to the Saudi throne. There are two classes of Saudi princes. Male descendents of King Abdulaziz, the founder of Saudi Arabia, are given the title of “Royal Highness”, while other princely males have to make do with a mere “Your Highness”. It is worth noting that these titles are an anathema to Islam’s egalitarian tradition and, in fact, have no foundation in Arab history. They were imported to Saudi Arabia from the United Kingdom in the 1940s.


Bandar was one of thousands of black Saudis who are modern-day slaves of the ruling family, serving them in any capacity, including sexually. The culture of slavery pervades the country and while slavery was officially banned in 1964, it continued in practice, especially inside the walls of thousands of princely palaces.


In 2003, Fahd bin Nayef bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a second cousin of the convicted prince, murdered a teenage Saudi boy, Monther al-Qadi, by shooting him with his personal machine gun in broad daylight in the streets of Riyadh. After a few crafty manoeuvres by Prince Salman, governor of Riyadh, the case ended in a dramatic fashion in May 2004. Minutes before the prince was to be executed, Monther’s father pardoned the killer.


Saudi Arabian asylum princess ‘feared flogging and stoning’ was granted asylum five years ago because she had a baby with a British man after fleeing from her elderly husband chosen by her father.  My mother was in Saudi Arabia back in the late1977 when Misha’al bint Fahd al Saud had her head chopped off for trying to marry a commoner without permission.  My mother was so horrified and outraged by this, she stormed out of the country and said she would never go back.


Unlike Hillary Clinton, a woman who pretends to be a liberal and outraged by loss of civil rights for women!  There was this young woman in Morocco who knew people like Clinton socially and who ran in the highest circles of power before her father got in trouble, trying to do a coup.  She was thrown in prison for many years for being the child of a coup general.  She finally managed to escape and wrote a book.


I actually read the entire book, Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail the terrible story of the daughter of General Oufkir, From Palace to Prison | People | BBC World Service:


General Mohammed Oufkir, was a powerful minister who led King Hassan II’s security services. He was married with six children, one of which was a beautiful little girl called Malika, who became the playmate of the King’s half sister, Lalla Mina. At the age of five it was decided that Malika be removed from her parents and effectively adopted by the King.


She lived in the palace, surrounded by the King’s concubines and had little contact with her real family. She recalls:


‘The only contact I had with my family was in the palace. A few times my mother was invited to parties and my father when he came to work with the King. For me it was terrible, because I looked at them like my parents, but I couldn’t go and have contact with them, because living in the palace means that first you have to renounce your identity. You can have no past and no future.’


Despite her lavish surroundings, Malika felt trapped and at the age of 16 she asked to be returned home. For the next three years she lived the high life, she became a party girl, socialising with celebrities and driving fast sports cars. But then life changed forever.

Malika’s father had spent his professional life protecting the King, but in 1972 his motives changed. He began to plan a coup and during a return flight from Paris he attempted to assassinate the King. His shot failed and General Oufkir was executed, with the press claiming that he had committed suicide. As a result of his treachery, Oufkir’s family, including Malika, were taken to the fortress of Bir-Jdid.


Malika was to spend the next 15 years of her life incarcerated in the desolate prison; existing at the whim of the guards and surviving on vermin infested soup.


She asked the US to protect her and it refused, France finally did but after only several years of the family begging.  She is quite bitter about Hillary hanging up the phone on her.  She thought, when she wrote her book, Hollywood would be banging on the door but note how that didn’t happen.  The Israelis love despotic rulers of Islam and work hand in glove with them all.  Note how the ruler of Jordan is not examined by our media or movies that are negative about him never appear.


The Saudi royals used to be ‘bad guys’ in movies all the time…until they made secret deals with Israel.  Now, they have vanished as tyrants and evil doers.


England still has royals and they get to live fantastical lives.  William and Kate go on romantic Maldives holiday and leave baby George with grandma Carole    Sarcastic article about this latest vacation:  Exhausted & overworked, Prince William & Kate flew to Maldives for a nice vacay

In January, William “enrolled” (except not really) into a “bespoke” program on agriculture at Cambridge University. He’s not really enrolled – there are no grades, we have no idea if he’s making all of his classes, and it’s basically like he’s just auditing some courses for fun, in between vacations. The bespoke program was supposed to last ten weeks. The ten weeks are not up yet, but William was just desperate for another vacation (he only had a mini-break to Spain with his ex-girlfriend last month!), so he and Kate have flown to the Maldives for a week.


This latest vacation was kept secret by the Queen but the Maldives Island government happily announced it to the general public, alerting the British press which has definitely fallen out of love with Diana’s spawn.  Just the other day, Prince Charles and his male spawn paraded about Saudi Arabia, waving flags and dressing up like Lawrence of Arabia.  Kissed the cheeks of the despots there who waved swords and so forth.  Not a peep from the royals about changing how the Saudis abuse women.


In the US, the many vacations bother the rightwingers here and it bothers me for other reasons:  Ukraine doesn’t keep Obama from Florida vacation.  But Who vacationed more, Bush or Obama?  Hint:  it was Bush, by far, three times as many vacations.  Back during the Bush era, I explained that the ruling royalty of America doesn’t even bother with ruling much, their factotums do the heavy lifting for them.


Since many of the factotums happen to be either dual citizens or international conspirators, we get our government run into the ground and deep in debt while we go on various fatal adventures on behalf of distant rulers.  And this stinks and this is also how the Roman Empire died.sunset borger

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  1. Jim R

    Just listening to this 45 minute chat with Pepe Escobar. Not entirely on-topic but covers the stupidity of the Euro elites and others …

  2. Pepe Escobar is one of my favorite writers,i always search out his articles.

  3. DM

    And this stinks and this is also how the Roman Empire died.

    After the American Empire dies, life for Americans will improve.


    ELAINE:Even a slight perusal of history shows that people at the heart of any dead empire do very, very poorly afterwards.

  4. CK

    The best picture of 2014 was produced by among others a Mossad spy Arnon Milchan
    Another coup for the hostile intellectual minority.

  5. emsnews

    And what did he seek?

    Nuclear secrets, of course. By the way, the pretense that Hollywood isn’t run by Zionists is harder and harder to cover up but they do work hard at this. By not publishing any news, plus distractions…helps.

    Look! We are roasting to death! Run for your lives! Yes, that works like a charm until this year.

  6. Luc

    what do you make of this?

    Report: Obama Spent $770 Million in Taxpayer Funds to Rebuild and Renovate Mosques Overseas

    By Top Right News on March 10, 2014 in Economy, Faith, Obama, Politics

  7. emsnews

    Peanuts compared to the billions spend on making Zionists happy, of course.

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