Germany, Russia And China Forming A New Gigantic Economic Alliance In The East

Just as the EU is now being shoved into boycotting Russia which supplies over one third of the energy Europe needs to be an industrialized super power, Japan has been encouraged to start a tit for tat verbal spat over some  uninhabitable islands which Japan unilaterally claims with the US stupidly backing this up.  And so the consequences are increasingly clear and Europe better pay close attention: Japan’s economy is collapsing again!  And this is due 100% to the diplomacy being pursued by the ‘pivot on Asia’ scheme cooked up by the Pentagon, the Bilderberg gang and a bunch of children of Japanese war criminals wanting to win WWII retroactively.

And I predicted this!  Years ago.  It is very, very stupid.  True, the US and Japanese public can be whipped into a froth of rage so they ignore their rulers who are decimating them all, but this goes only so far.  Both Japan and the US elites are cutting social services and civil rights for the citizens and piling up loot in private accounts for themselves, getting richer and richer and raising taxes on the workers and poor.  Japan is raising the sales tax another 3% which is on top of previous taxes and this includes taxing the rent one pays, for example.


The US is trying to sneak tax hikes via ‘global warming’ onto all energy we use while providing zero help stopping CO2 which is the stupid excuse for this insane tax.  Now, time to look at some real statistics today showing clearly who is going up and who is going down the Imperial Road to Heaven or Hell.  A hint: China is, even with setbacks, going up. So is Germany, to a lesser degree and certainly Russia is upwards and the US, UK and Japan are sliding rapidly downwards with the UK the worst off and the US next worse and Japan is odd, in that it is literally dying rapidly, has decided to pollute a vast amount of land with nuclear radioactive materials and has a suicidal ruling class.


Let’s look at auto manufacturing and trade in general:  JETRO Survey: Analysis of Japan-China Trade in the first half of 2013 – 2013 – Press Release – JETRO: Bad news for the wannabe Hirohitos running the Banzai government there.  Thanks to really crappy diplomacy, trade with China fell by an astonishing 16.7% in just one year.  Since imports from China fell only 6.1%, Japan is running in the red with the Chinese.


No victories elsewhere for the remilitarized Japanese: trade with the world has fallen 12.6%.  This month, the Chinese are even angrier at the Japanese and have made it clear, after Abe and his gang openly discussed rescinding all WWII apologies, that the goal now for China is to rescind trade as much as possible in retaliation. Ditto with South Korea which is, if anything, even angrier than the Chinese about this.


2011 List of the largest trading partners of China – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

China trade stats from 2011

The EU is #1 in trade in general but this doesn’t translate into much political power globally due to the fact that this is a fractious, angry, partially bankrupt confederation that is on the verge of collapse and which is desperate to fix this via expanding further into countries on the verge of bankruptcy.  The idiocy of sucking in Ukraine right when it needs $34 billion just to not go bankrupt is going to kill the EU and Putin knows this.


He is pissed off that they are whining about what they bought thanks to backing the US coup in Kiev.  Now, the US is going to be asked to pay the $34 billion which will enrage American citizens who are told to go die in severe cold because our country is too poor to take care of citizens dying of global cooling.


Yes, we are cooling!  Brrr.  Anyways, the above stats show that Japan which used to be one of the top traders with China, by 2011 had fallen to the 5th highest and is much lower today.  Back in 2011, Japan had a trade surplus with China.  Today, it is a deficit, totally the opposite, by nearly the same amount.  And will never, ever be a surplus again.


Note, also, China runs a trade DEFICIT with South Korea.  Since the Japanese warlords have waved the US sword at both South Korea and China, both are now united in opposing this and so China will encourage South Korea to do more trade and South Korea will agree this is a great idea.


Japan runs a trade surplus with the US and has done this for generations with no punishment.  When the yen was weakened, this got worse.  And the US didn’t care since our elites gave  up long ago caring about destroying our sovereign wealth this way.


South Korea Balance of Trade | Actual Data | Forecasts | Calendar: the trade surplus with the world has declined but is still one billion in the green.  In contrast, Japan racks up record deficit; lowers growth estimate.  The cheap yen didn’t save Japan.  Internal growth was supposed to be nearly 2% and Abe crowed about ‘breaking the depression’ but it actually grew less than 1% and is dropping.


Are Japan’s efforts at internationalization succeeding or not?  this is an interesting read due to the utter insanity raging in the comments section with readers vying with each other to see who can be the most racist, sexist and disgusting in general.  The article mentions how Japanese don’t let foreigners into anything.


They hire foreign workers at the top of corporations and then fence them in and refuse to interact or follow instructions.  I pointed this out how Abe’s army refused, outright, to understand simple English in a pretend island invasion.  I recently went to a German website to watch an American scientist talk about solar activity and the climate.


The introduction was in  German and then the entire lecture and question section was in English.  NO translators.  In Japan, even with highly trained professors who definitely have considerable exposure to English in school over many years, still forces any one else to speak in short phrases and then wait for a lady to translate this and it is always a lady which makes it more ‘lower creature who has no status with us mighty males’.


Japanese is the main language of less than 300 million people.  English is the main language of many times that and is the international language of choice this era.  Eventually, that will be Chinese.  Right now, it is English.  If the Japanese want to be ‘internationalists’ then they have to stop this nonsense of refusing to interact with the rest of the world as equals.


Now, why China will be #1 over time:  List of countries by motor vehicle production – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 4.48.11 PM


China is by far and away, #1 in motor vehicle production.  It is more than 100% bigger than Japan.  It is nearly 100% bigger than the US.  The EU is near in size thanks mainly to Germany.  So let’s look at the other winners in today’s trade: Germany is tiny compared to the US and China.  But is looming larger and larger due to internationalism.



Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 4.49.12 PM


This is why Germany won’t do the Ukraine suicide game.  The Eurozone is having declining production and Germany shot upwards and now is worried about declining.  The key to growing greater lies in Asia especially China.  So what is happening?  VW Passes GM for Auto Sales in China.  Yes, the Germans are surging forwards there.


Toyota fends off GM and VW in global sales race – Jan. 23, 2014 but loses to both in China.  Since China is the world’s biggest future and even present auto market, this is highly significant.  The cars sold by Toyota in China are made in China so this doesn’t help the trade deficit with China anymore than GM selling is saving us from a huge trade deficit.


Why You Should Care About Volkswagen’s Sales in China: China is the first nation on earth to have 20 million vehicle sales this year.  Japan’s domestic market has been in decline for over a decade.  Few are expanding there, it is, like the entire nation, dying slowly.


30% of VW sales were in China.  Germany got $5 billion profits in China last year!  Germany expects business to rise 37% next year.  The US market grew by 7.4% and China’s by 17.6%.  Eventually, Germany will kiss off the US when our rulers demand Germany do some nasty diplomatic dirty work.


Like, oppress the Palestinians even more than they are being pushed around today.  In Asian news is the fact that all the Japanese car makers selling in China are below the top four with German corporations #1.  The German/China connection is very much like the Russia/German connection: it is crossing wires with US/Japan/UK plans of world domination.


This is a trident of raw political, economic and resource power.  The land mass in the Germany/Russia/China assemblage is gigantic, the population dwarfs the US/Japan/UK trident.  It doesn’t require a huge naval control of the oceans due to it being connected securely by land and airspace.


The US is stupid to think we can control the entire planet at will using our navy when we see this building up in Eurasia excluding us nearly totally.  Take it from me: push Germany too hard and it might just move eastwards, not westwards.

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14 responses to “Germany, Russia And China Forming A New Gigantic Economic Alliance In The East

  1. aashild

    Thank you Elaine for this great analysis. The 21th century will be an Eurasian one with China, Russia and Germany as the leading powers. The UK is disintegrating. Japan is dying out, and the US.. well.. My cousin believes that India will become the next great power, but i disagree. India is a population timebomb just waiting to explode, with rising inequality and staggering poverty. But what about France in all of this?

  2. Christian W

    It is not only the US/UK/Japan pushing. The latest coup in Ukraine has neocon fingerprints all over it, which means the weird alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia is hovering in the background. The City of London (dependent on Oil Oligarch money) and Wall Street are moved by those players. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia want to put the EU under their thumb so they can exploit political and financial advantages further.

    Sadly the neocons control NATO. The anti Putin propaganda here in Norway is ridiculous at this point.

    I agree it makes the most sense for Germany to work closely with Russia, but it’s not easy to maneouver politically when you have the US military boot on your neck.

  3. Craig

    That railroad linking Germany with China is awesome – it never really occured to me that such a link could exist – so when they announced it it made my jaw drop. I’m surprised there isn’t more news about it in the U.S. Is it a big deal in German news or China news?

  4. Vengeur

    Christian W: US military boot on Germany’s neck? That is a hoot. Unless germans are just weak, stupid morons who wouldn’t know any better. They are NOT . I don’t see massive protests in Germany to kick Uncle Sammy out. Sure they grumble and talk bad about him behind his back, but get rid of him? They will TOLERATE the American military as long as they believe it is in their interest to do so. Or more correctly, their leaders will tolerate it until it is no longer in their interest to do so. As is often mentioned HERE, Germany has a large trade SURPLUS with the US.

  5. emsnews

    Germany has a trade SURPLUS with the US. Any country with this will play the ‘pet the American pig’ game until things run in the red.

    Japan used to run in the green with Asian neighbors. No more! Thus, the snarling from Japan and the continuing slap downs by neighbors. Japan can’t afford to run US style deficits.

  6. Christian W

    Germany’s trade surplus is a trade off for being a US base in Europe. Back before the € the US used to bite back by devaluing the $ every time the US economy was slowing down, thus exporting depressions to their trade partners.

    Japan is also a US military base and is also running a trade surplus with the US.

    Times have changed now though. The Pentagon being the Pentagon I doubt they would see too kindly on Germany breaking ranks and joining up with Russia.

  7. Seraphim

    How America will jump to rescue EU from freezing when Putler will turn off the gas tap. Have a look:

    “Central European nations appeal to Congress for faster exports of US natural gas”
    Published March 08, 2014
    Facebook1775 Twitter430 Gplus12

    Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic sent a letter Friday to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. And a similar letter is expected to be sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada.
    Ambassadors from the four countries — known as the Visegrad Group — want Congress to support faster approval of natural gas exports, arguing the supply is essential to the region’s economic stability.
    “The presence of U.S. natural gas would be much welcome in Central and Eastern Europe,” they told Boehner. “And congressional action to expedite [liquefied natural gas] exports to America’s allies would come at a critically important time for the region.”
    So far, so good, but………………………………………………………………………….

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday that because Europe has had a relatively mild winter, gas supplies are at or above normal levels. He said even if the U.S. did approve more export licenses, it would take until the end of 2015 for gas to be delivered.
    “Proposals to try to respond to the situation in Ukraine that are related to our policy on exporting natural gas would not have an immediate effect,” Earnest said.
    His argument has been supported by industry experts who say only one U.S. company is even far enough along in development to begin thinking about exporting liquefied natural gas.

    I think I said it before, they don’t need to send gas, they emanate enough hot air with their threats of sanctions. Besides, the climate is warming, innit?

  8. Seraphim

    History shows that maritime empires never prevailed against continental ones. Because of geography. Soon we’ll travel on the BB high speed train*.

    *BB stands for Beijing-Berlin. The Germans started to build the Berlin Baghdad Railway before the WWI in order to undercut the maritime stranglehold of Britain.

  9. emsnews

    It works fine ONLY if the maritime empire is allied with ONE major eastern empire. For example, WWI and WWII: if Germany was allied with Russia, they would have won.

    But they didn’t and the grindstone ended up being Russia. The oddest historical event was how the Kaiser shipped this troublesome Russia radical back to mother Russia to cause trouble: Lenin.

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  11. Luc

    Winner of Billionaires Bridge Tournament Dead!!!!

    by jsnip4 / you tube

  12. paul

    Sorry, Russia and China will NEVER be super powers. Geopolitics alone account for this. Further both nations have way too many internal threats to pull this off currently and way to many external regional threats to allow this as well.

    The reason the US is the big dog is simply geography. I actually think Mexico could be a super power in the future *far away but possible*

  13. Dear Elaine:
    Great article indeed. This will happen. Even a great alternative media writer of world renown, Pepe Escobar, has written numerous stories that this Eurasian Landmass empire of Berlin-Moscow-Beijing will happen. The arguments raised here are great evidence of this future called the New Silk Road. The greatest reason of all for this new empire is left out though. That reason is American stupidity will drive the empire to form at America’s own peril. That’s right American arrogance, exceptionalism and continued hegemony will make it happen. Even India will join in – why, because of American arrogance and meddling. The only question is when? And the answer is when does Germany decide that Germany has had enough of American meddling. When Germany decides to kick America out for good, and get Europe to look east, is the day this empire rises. I predict that this will be between 2016 – 2020. Look up Pepe Escobar and Germany Russia China alliance for his articles on this. Thanks, Norbert.

  14. Twin Ruler

    America is a very anti-German country. I am not surprised this is happening!

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