Kerry Issues Ultimatum To Russia Before Any Negotiations: WWIII Is Possible

In classic form, Kerry Issues Ultimatum: Russia Has Until Monday to Abandon Crimea — News from either we will have a very stupid WWIII or the US will look stupid after giving up.  The morality of all this is obvious: the double standard under which the US operates has come full circle.  Our utterly illegal invasion of Iraq after forcing Saddam to disarm was never prosecuted.


Kissinger, Cheney and Bush Jr. were not hauled into the international war crimes court which tries only losers who are beaten up by NATO.  Now, the US wants to invoke laws that we don’t obey ourselves.  Worse, the US and EU just recognized a province of the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo.  While telling the people of Crimea, they don’t have the legal right to split with the coup government of Kiev.


The US is in convulsions right now due to wanting to control the planet, be #1 in everything while running out of money to do any of this.  So, wild spending on war games, supporting distant diplomacy via selling off US interests to foreign entities, subsidizing half of the planet via free trade deals that kill US jobs, etc., in our country that wants to dominate the world, we see continuing decline even as debates about how to teach our children rage onwards:  U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science : The Two-Way : NPR


The top overall scores came from Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Macao and Japan, followed by Lichtenstein, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Estonia.


The math scores of students in Shanghai showed that they are “the equivalent of over two years of formal schooling ahead of those observed in Massachusetts, itself a strong-performing U.S. state,” according to the study.


The U.S. was slotted between the Slovak Republic and Lithuania in the overall results, two spots behind Russia. But the PISA assessment notes that there are few statistical differences between the scores of the U.S. and those countries.


The excuse that tiny countries do better ignores the fact that China, overall, with a billion people, did much better than the US in these tests.  Right now there is a huge debate about ‘common core tests’ which would be considered silly in Asia where the children ace these tests.  The fact is, our leaders are insincere about fixing America’s problems.  They want world domination which is why they also allow gross violation of US borders that let in a flood of illegal aliens who make the school situation even worse.


The US moved NATO right into the lap of Russia in total violation of all sorts of earlier deals where the US promised to not do this:  USS Truxtun is currently engaged with Romania and Bulgaria in the Black Sea right next door to Crimea.  Since most NATO spending is by the US, this game has cost US taxpayers a fortune.


Ukraine: Kerry and Lavrov to meet in London for talks even as Kerry issues this ultimatum.  Ultimatums are ‘throwing down the gauntlet’ and the US and Israel use this against the tortured, abused Palestinians all the time.  Kiev’s protesters: Ukraine uprising was no neo-Nazi power-grab 


Tarasenko denied his organisation was antisemitic. “I met with the Israeli ambassador. We had absolutely normal relations. We want to trade with Israel,” he said. What would happen if Russia went to war with Ukraine, an increasingly likely prospect? “We’re ready to fight for our land,” he replied. Nearby, on the hotel’s fifth floor, a couple of recruits were waiting to join up at a “mobilisation” point.


This is a very poor understanding of fascism.  The writer, Harding, points out to one dead protestor in Kiev who was a violent insurrectionist, not a protestor, and claims that since the guy was Jewish and IDF, he can’t be a ‘fascist’.  Here is an interesting video:  I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress – YouTube while his Congressional AIPAC interrogators howl at him about how dare he separate Israel from its beast of burden, the US taxpayers.  Doesn’t he know that our #1 job is to protect and fund Israel’s aggressions?


This is what really irritates me a lot.  The presumption that fascism=anti-semitism is a tool used by Zionists to hide their true ideological leanings.  They invented fascism!  Israel is extremely fascist.  Fascism is all about ethnic cleansing, religious intolerance and violent seizure of other’s assets in the name of ‘the People’.  The right winger being interviewed claims he is fighting for ‘OUR land’ against fellow citizens who are Orthodox Russians.


All fascists are exclusionary.  The article above doesn’t mention how the coup working with a rump Parliament, immediately forbade the use of the Russian language in Eastern Ukraine and now has put off the air any Russian media.  Meanwhile, the Israel/Kiev coup connection grows clearer and clearer.  An alliance of the Catholics with the Jews isn’t impossible, it is typical.


Obama Orders More Humane Immigration Law Enforcement shows what  happens when citizens cease having any power in their own government.  The US has millions and millions of illegal aliens here and they should be all deported.  Now, we are supposed to not call them ‘illegal aliens’ as our rulers who imposed the destructive anti-citizen laws allowing dual citizenship now want to hand this over to people who came with no permission.


The liberal plan to flood the voting registers with mainly Catholic dual citizens will badly backfire because Catholics are, for the most part, led by very reactionary leaders who hate women’s rights.  So they are a natural ally, eventually, with the  Protestant born again Christians who also want women to have fewer rights.


The issue of ‘what is a country?’ is divided due to two polar opposites.  A ‘citizen’ in the liberal side is someone who is born in a country and who has no divided loyalties.  Something the US insisted on until AIPAC demanded the right to ‘dual citizenship’ which they won and now anyone can be anything here and this is causing a huge social internal collapse that is just beginning to be detected in the open.


The fascists believe in ethnic/religious identity.  If the Catholics attack the Orthodox or the Sunnis attack Shi’ites, this is fascism, not liberalism.  For the US or UK public to be told that a Jewish infiltration (of dual citizens, no less!) of the government put up in a coup is OK because Jews aren’t fascist even when operating openly in a military fashion with fascists…is pure propaganda.


Decline and fall of the Catholic Church: this site gives a lot of statistics of the collapse of the Catholic Church in Europe, despite the New Pope being Better than the Old Pope, the church is in collapse as are other religious institutions.  In Israel, most are agnostic with the Hassid radical religious fanatics making it look like Judaism isn’t dying.  But it is dying.  Muslims are less, not more, religious.  But this incites fanatics even more, not less.  And it this collapse has nothing to do with ethnic warfare, on the contrary, it makes it worse, not better.  Sort of like rabies, the dying animal runs around biting everyone.


Now off to the other coup the US engineered and supports with huge financial arrangements:  Egypt ex-PM: presidential poll will be fixed: he was the temporary puppet of the military regime in Egypt and has made a daring interview, telling the truth.  He told the public he supports Sisi’s seizure of power via a farce election but called this looming event ‘a farce’ now puts him in grave danger.  The US, of course, will look the other way when Sisi imprisons Shafik just like he keeps al Jazeera reporters in prison.


Another candidate, intimidated by Sisi’s strong arm antics, has also withdrawn.


And another rabid animal, the US elites who want to control us by ripping up the Constitution:  Edward Snowden is no hero: Bill Gates: the guy who secretly cooperated with the NSA to spy on all of us all the time, hates Snowden.  That is funny.  He thinks Snowden has compromised US spying by telling us how Gates is helping Uncle Sam to spy on us illegally.  Wow.  Further, this man who spied on all of us wants us to have a ‘general notion of a debate’ which he also claims, is ‘incoherent’ due to us being all emotional and misinformed.


So, we get better information for this looming ‘debate’ that hasn’t even begun yet, by having less information.  Keeping us in the dark means…we can’t debate this issue since he and his fellow Bilderberg gang members (yes, he belongs to this) can run wild and know everything while we are supposed to know nothing.  Then, they win the debate by announcing that we are wrong with the facts.


Only now, we have some of the details and are outraged.  But not Bill!  He wants this spying, it is useful to him. Microsoft helped the NSA bypass encryption, new Snowden leak reveals — RT USA which is, Russian TV.  HAHAHA.  Always, if you want to know what is really going on, one has to go to foreign media.  Just as Russians need to know means reading US and EU media.


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20 responses to “Kerry Issues Ultimatum To Russia Before Any Negotiations: WWIII Is Possible

  1. On Thursday March 13, 204, a see saw destruction of equity investments and credit investments got strongly underway, beginning the first investment storm of Kondratieff Winter, the final phase of the Business Cycle.

    The long running bull stock market turned to a bear stock market as Nation Investment, EFA, traded lower on fears of growing Russia and Europe conflict over Crimea, news that China will pilot five private banks, and that Italy’s UniCredit bank recorded a severe loss. The pivotal investment change is seen in the market vane, Call Write Bonds, CWB, trading lower parabolically lower in value from its market high.

    Liberalism’s twin spigots of investment liquidity, turned toxic. The Euro Yen Currency Carry Trade, EUR/JPY, traded lower, as the Euro, FXE, manifested bearish engulfing, and traded slightly lower, from its recent high of 137.40 while the Yen, FXY, traded strongly higher. And debt trades such as Junk Bonds, JNK, Leveraged Buyouts, PSP, and Real Estate Rental Investment Company, Blackstone, BX, traded lower.

    Nation Investment, EFA, traded 1.8%, lower. Small Cap Nation Investment, SCZ -1.5%, leading World Stocks, VT -1.4% lower, and Global Financials, IXG -1.2% lower, with Emerging Market Financials, EMFN -2.9%, Chinese Financials, CHIX, -2.3%, with China News Service reporting China To Pilot Five Private Banks, and European Financials, EUFN, -2,0%, with Bloomberg reporting Italy’s UniCredit Posts Record Loss, Plans 8,500 Job Cuts

    Nations trading lower included German Small Caps, GERJ, -4.6, Russia, RSX, -4.5, Russia Small Caps, ERUS -4.5%, Poland, EPOL, -3.3%, China, YAO -2.7%, India, INP -2.5%, Germany, EWG -2.8%, Eurozone, EZU -2.7%, with Daily Mail UK reporting Red Army Masses 80,000 Troops On Ukraine Border, with Zero Hedge reporting German Stocks Collapse To 3-Month Lows As Russia Nears Bear Market, and with Reuters reporting Merkel Warns Of Catastrophe.

    Sectors trading lower included Social Media, SOCL -3.6%, Solar Energy, TAN -3.4%, Biotechnology, IBB -2.6%, Nasdaq Internet, PNQI, -2.5, Internet Retail, FDN -2.1%, Resorts and Casinos, BJK -2.0%, Automobiles, CARZ, -2.0%.

    Utilities, XLU, traded higher, as the Interest Rate on the US Ten Year Note, ^TNX, traded lower to 2.65%, which took Aggregate Credit, AGG, higher, led so by the 30 Year US Government Bond, EDV, and the US Ten Year Note, TLT.

    Liberalism became the paradigm and age of investing through the intervention of the world central banks. Liberalism is defined as freedom from the state and commenced with John Calvin as Doug Phillips writes John Calvin (was) the man most responsible for our American system of liberty based on Republican principles of representative government.

    With the decisive turn lower in Nation Investment, EFA, World Stocks, VT, and Global Financials, IXG, the world has decisively pivoted from the paradigm and age of liberalism into that of authoritarianism.

  2. danL

    2030: California splits
    2031: Arizona joins Mexico
    2034: Texas remembers Alamo, this time in reverse
    2035: Florida opts out of impoverished USA, survives on fishing and as oligarch’s tax haven

  3. emsnews

    Germany is already being hammered hard by big trade partner, Russia, reacting in rage to betrayal by Merkel.

    She had to betray Russia due to Porsche and others demanding this. But Germany will pay a severe price for this stupid business.

  4. DeVaul

    Speaking of Bill Gates:

    We owe interest payments to Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google for helping to undermine our government. No wonder they hate Snowden.

  5. Petruchio

    One reason US elites want to focus everyone’s attention on foreign policy issues is so they don’t have to address that pesky issue of the domestic US economy. The elites have absolutely NO concern about improving the economy; they merely jigger the monthly jobs report to their tastes. The current ‘crisis’ is Ukraine. Maybe it will be Venezuela next week.
    ” U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science : The Two-Way : NPR” Ever since the Campus Protest Movement against the Viet Nam war, the elites determined that an educated, discerning Middle Class was the absolute WORST thing that could happen to the elites plans for world hegemony. The further decline in US student test scores is by design and is GOOD news to the elites.
    Billy Gates. Please not HIM again! The guy just oozes sleaze. If Gates is giving money to African nations/peoples, it is only because Gates deems Africa a future, dirt cheap labor market. Apparently Asia is too heavy in the “Sticky fingers” area. It’s all about profits with Billy Gates. Not a shred of honest charity in his bones. As to helping black women. I don’t know if true, but I wouldn’t put it past Gates to tie forced sterilization being contingent on his “charity” BTW: the US has a LONG history of forcing poor women to be sterilized. California had the most notorious program of that kind. The Nazi’s copied it, in fact.

  6. emsnews

    The US education system has been in deep trouble for generations now. Learning is looked down upon and discipline in schools has collapsed. So students are in contempt towards teachers.

    I remember when I went to school in Germany in the sixties, not in a US school in Germany but a real, honest to god German school.

    The teacher walks into the room, we all stood and greeted the teacher properly. Then we sat down only when given permission. I was so used to this, when I came to the US, the first day of classes when the first teacher walked into the room, I sprang from my chair and stood at attention and everyone was amused.

    Welllllll….the German way was the correct way. We see that clearer and clearer so we fix this by having the students show even less respect than ever before and now chaos has destroyed schools especially those servicing the poor.

  7. emsnews

    When I was younger, in orchestra (I was first chair, second violin and then first chair cello) when the conductor walked into the rehearsal hall, we, the first chairs, were to notice him and silence everyone immediately.

    I did this without thinking about it. Dead silence or else! One is kicked out of the room. We could goof around and joke and move about…until the conductor entered the room.

    Recently, I was working with a university orchestra and when the conductor entered the room to my horror, the students IGNORED him. They kept on chattering and goofing off, he got on the podium, the noise continued, he hemmed and hawed and tapped on the stand and only slowly did the uproar abate somewhat.

    I was stunned.

  8. e sutton

    As an elementary school teacher for ten years what I noticed was the attitude of the parents. Whenever little D’eleterius or J’ontisha got into trouble the parents wanted to know what you, the teacher, did to cause their little darlings to “act out”. The huge number of foreign speaking children and parents also makes teaching these groups very challenging. Usually the most success these students experienced was in math. English at home didn’t exist. Reading was looked down on as being “faggoty” . Most high school students aspire to be rap stars or professional basketball players. The administration is only focused on maintaining their jobs so we got little to no support from them. Another huge waste was the money pissed away each year on what we teachers used to call “flavor of the month” education programs. You would never know it by walking into a classroom today that once upon time students actually learned using chalkboards and notebooks.

  9. Luc

    EMS, the problem [in part] is immigrants. In NYC school is taught in 120 languages.
    Year 1500- 1970? school was taught in one language.

  10. Luc

    e sutton
    As an elementary school teacher for ten years what I noticed was the attitude of the parents. Whenever little D’eleterius or J’ontisha got into trouble the parents wanted to know …..
    Are you kidding? 70% of the ‘Quinteros and Travons’ are born to single mothers. Parents??????

  11. Luc

    Has the SAT been dumbed down again? EMS, what do you think?


    ELAINE: Not even slightly surprised.

  12. e sutton

    LOL! I knew as soon as I wrote that someone would catch it! But yes, very rarely I had parent-teacher conferences with BOTH parents (they often weren’t married to each other, however. On one occasion I had a GRAND PARENT sit in on a conference. More often than not it would be the grandparent (all of 40 years old, mind you) that was the SOLE “parent” for the student.

    I have one memory that still makes me laugh to this day: One student’s parent came to a conference and she appeared to be at least 70 yrs. old. I casually referred to her as ‘grandma, as in, “T’rashonya, what kind of books does grandma like to read to you at home?” To which the old lady sternly corrected me, “THAT’S ‘MOTHER’, not ‘GRANDMA!”

  13. emsnews

    I have been an ‘immersion language learner’ all my life. I took German lessons for two and a half years before going to Germany, came in #2 by a hare’s whisker in the National German Scholarship contest of 1968.

    When I went to Germany because of this, I was ‘stupid’ and nearly totally lost in school. I fixed this quickly by forbidding ANYONE talking to me in English at all.

    The other students kindly did this to the point, when I had to buy underwear, I accidentally used the male word for it rather than the female and the store clerks had a fun time laughing at me and my two classmates, both 17 year old females, let everyone in school know about it and it was a running joke for a while.

    But the main point is, ich lernte deutsch. I dreamed in German, I thought in German, it became quickly second nature to the point, when the Polizei were arresting me, I told them, ‘Ich bin amerikanerin.’ And they said, ‘Sprecht englisch.’

    And I talked with a heavy German accent! So they said I was lying. Finally, I found my passport and they handed me over to the US government.

  14. Seraphim

    You will not fail to remember that the Purim falls on 15-16 March this year. The preferred time to start wars.

  15. Luc

    Really, Sera?

  16. Seraphim

    Really, Luc!

  17. Seraphim

    Hey Luc,

    Check that:
    Piotr Bein’s blog = blog Piotra Beina
    Purim 2014: Putin this year’s Haman
    It is Purim season, 2014 and Putin is this year’s Haman. Israel and Netanyahu are in full court press to see Putin–who is standing in the way of the New World Order–destroyed, even if it means war with the United States.

  18. emsnews

    Netanyahu, our Real Ruler here in the US, is furious that the Syria coup failed and blames Putin for this and the failure of the Iran war our Ruler wants so badly.

    So yes, the US AIPAC/Bilderberg media is hard at work after meeting with Netanyahu last week in DC to overthrow Putin or at least destroy Russia’s economy.

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