Russia Selling Off Or Removing US Holdings And Bonds: US/EU Boycott Already Boomerang Bang-up Mess

Fed Custody Holdings Record Decline Fuels Russia Speculation:  Someone big has decided to tip the global money market scales in a big, big way.  I am betting both Russia and China are doing this.  The US has told both that Ukraine and Japan are allowed unilateral declarations of war and the US will back both so…the huge sovereign wealth nations are now going to punish the US and EU.  It is easy: hit either Russia or China in any way with boycotts and seizures of wealth and death and destruction will rain down upon the world’s top sovereign DEBT nations.  That is, the US and UK.  Far from being strong, both are ridiculously weak.  And the people will learn the hard way, hot talk from hot shot idiots leading both debt nations will be punished severely.


Fire-sale of US Treasuries is a warning of acute stress across the world – Telegraph Blogs

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


One investor told me that clients in Russia are literally loading up cars with computers, machinery, and anything that will fit, and rushing them out of the country for fear that assets will nationalised. Whatever happens, nobody will forget this in a hurry.
Yet the latest financial ructions go beyond Russia, they reek of stress in the international system. “Countries are intervening all over the place to defend their currencies, (which means they are tightening). Their central banks built up huge war chests of reserves for a rainy day, and now it is raining,” said David Bloom, currency chief at HSBC.


He also says that China and Russia (talk about one sided here!) are liquidating US bonds, etc. due to ‘demands for territory’. He stupidly claims that the wheels are falling off of China’s economy which will grow only 17% while making zero mention of Japan or the US or the UK for that matter all of which enjoy growth rates that are around what? One percent?


Japan has just destroyed on quarter of its personal landmass, much of which was fertile…and thus, rare…agricultural lands.  Ukraine’s has been wrecked by Chernobyl.  Russia is very definitely going to now shut down energy flow to Germany and thus kill the only vibrant export power in Europe which is keeping the euro afloat.


Russia Wields $160 Billion Stick in Crimea Sanctions Standoff – Bloomberg: this is just the oil and gas.  World prices will soar, of course. Prichart stupidly talks wildly about the US replacing this much cheaper, more accessible and steady flow of fossil fuels to Germany and the rest of Europe.  That is insane.  And after our very, very, VERY cold winter and with the strong possibility that we are in for a 50 year global cooling cycle, the US cannot ship out our fossil fuels without huge protests.  Also, far from wanting foreigners in Moscow, Putin Deports Executives for Speeding as Sanctions Loom.


Who has the most to lose here?


Many a delusional EU commentator mentions ‘corruption’ in Russia.  Well, hell’s bells, who is corrupt?  Why, the US and UK!  Our leaders are fakers who actually are foreign agents working for other nations that view the US and UK as milch kuhen to be harvested and then slaughtered.  Looting the treasury is de rigueur.  Naked collecting of bribes via fake speeches is a way of life.  Going to foreign countries (looking at you, Israel) to announce, ‘My (fill the blank of ancestors) was a secret Jew and I am like you!’  Kerry did this recently, so did Cameron just this week!


Newfound Jewish roots gave Kerry a ‘deep’ bond with Israel | The Times of Israel and today’s news from the UK, I back kosher animal killing, says David Cameron: PM says he will defend religious slaughter of animals in Britain during his trip to Israel | Mail Online where he says he is Jewish, too.  Literally.  And the comments in this article are very scathing by angry Brits who are going to probably vote UKIP in the future.


Russia parked a lot of money in the UK and US over the years.  Now, they will park it in China.  Shifting to China is no shock to me, they have been drawing closer and closer over the last ten years especially the last three years.  China is still pissed off about the huge US bank collapse and then the US allowing Japan to devalue the yen hugely while at the same time threatening China with sanctions (!!!) if they do the exact same thing.


Back in business: Miyagi oyster men are allowed to flood the market with radioactive dead sea creatures as Abe is demanding everyone stop getting Fukushima money and move back into radioactive homes again, the ‘crisis’ is over even as he also threatens to flood the Pacific with the radioactive water being held in tanks while the mess in the reactors continues unabated.  YIKES.  Fukushima nuclear plant workers rally against TEPCO claiming they are dying.


Here is China’s warning to the US:  China, US ‘should unleash’ potential of cooperation|Politics| Trade rose by 7.5% between China and the US and guess who is benefitting from this?  Answer is easy: the same as with Germany that runs a huge trade surplus with the US.  China warns of dangerous Russia sanctions ‘spiral’—strongly warn the US.


Fixing Ukraine’s Economy – is even more delusional than Prichard in the UK.  Ukraine’s economy will collapse once the Russians cut off all oil and gas and cut off Germany for reselling gas to Ukraine after Ukraine refuses to pay the $2 billion they owe Russia.  The NYT thinks that Ukraine will export more to the world when what they export is…Russian gas and oil!


And how to do this impossible thing?  Well, the NYT says the IMF and their puppet banker who now rules via coup, are to CUT FUEL SUBSIDIES TO THE POOR.  And workers.  And middle class in Ukraine.  Oh, how they will just love that…NOT.   Also, the NYT editorial demands the coup in Ukraine heavily devalue the currency there.  By the way, 90% of the comments to the NYT editorial penned by Mr. Bilderberg Gang, is NEGATIVE.  All point out the obvious lunacy of the editorial thinking that the Ukrainian voters will love the IMF/US austerity being offered by the bankers and the Bilderberg lunatics.


Russia is Ukraine’s biggest export partner.  This will, for the rump half ruled by the coup, be utterly eliminated.  Meanwhile, EU citizenship for sale to non-Europeans in Bulgaria for as little as £150000 so people from say, the Middle East or India or elsewhere can pretend to be Bulgarians and thus, penetrate the EU for economic domination reasons.  Imagine the market in Ukraine for this sort of thing!  Ukraine’s population is dropping, employment stinks, the young want to flee but can’t go to the EU for jobs and UK/French/German welfare benefits.


They want this badly.  Many, many in the UK oppose pulling closer to Ukraine for this very reason and it is the #1 reason UKIP is becoming very much more popular, fast.  The eurozone’s struggling economies are increasingly selling citizenship to raise much needed capital.  Namely, also Albania and Macedonia which was once part of Yugoslavia/Greece but of course, is a ‘country’ today like Kosovo and others that the US and EU allowed to fly apart with not a peep from NATO.  Spain and Italy plan to do this, too.  Portugal has moved already to make this more possible.


All of this is due to a simple fact:  World wealth report: Asia overtakes America in millionaire stakes and they are not talking about Japan, it is China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.  The sovereign wealth nations.  India, the ‘white hope’ of the EU and US is floundering.  With huge social problems looming in the near future and language/religious conflicts rising.  China has some of this, too, as well as Russia.  But both China and Russia have very healthy sovereign wealth accounts unlike the US which also has language/religion/race problems, too.  And is cutting spending in the US on citizens to the bone to pay for all these ridiculous foreign adventures our Real Rulers wish.

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9 responses to “Russia Selling Off Or Removing US Holdings And Bonds: US/EU Boycott Already Boomerang Bang-up Mess

  1. This is big. FDIC sues big banks for alleged Libor manipulation. Article over at

  2. Christian W

    Lavrov looked really pissed off and in fighting mode, Kerry looked like a naughty schoolboy next to him.

    This whole Ukraine CIA coup business is just a precursor, like Syria etc, to the big show, the attack on Iran.

  3. emsnews

    FDIC: toothless doggie. Virtually no bankers went to prison for collapsing the banking systems so far.

  4. Ed

    Zionist stage War End Game to Reset and shift the blame of economic malfeasance.

  5. e sutton

    I’ve read all sorts of conspiracy theories that include the U.S., Russia, and China are all in cahoots to bring in the New World Order “ONE GOVERNMENT”, one currency, one book of laws, etc. The theory is that the confrontation in Russia over Ukraine/Crimea is manufactured. I don’t buy it. I think the U.S., full of hubris, is poking at the Russian Bear and Israel, as usual, is pulling the strings. End game for Israel? Let me take a stab, and feel free to poke it full of holes!

    1) Israel sees the BRICS as a threat to their meal ticket (U.S.) and have instructed Obama/Kerry to poke the Big Bear.

    2) China, not wanting to appear TOO sympathetic to Russia, quietly refrains from voting on the U.S. initiative to not honor the vote in Crimea.

    3) Both China and Russia have been pretty translucent about wanting to get away from trading in the U.S. dollar. Now is their time to double down, take their financial lumps, and rebuild a world economy based on growth, not financial fraud and paper shuffling.

    4) The result of #3 is going to cause initial havoc in the U.S. stock market, to be followed a heady rebound as the hounds get ready for the hunt (WAR!)

    5) Obama will try to appear “Presidential” as the U.S. public collectively scratches their heads wondering what all this chaos means.

    6) Angela Merkel will eventually come to her senses as the German citizens seethe with rage as their Russian gas supplies are cut off.

    7) As a result of the U.S. releasing emergency petroleum supplies to fsck Russia, Putin (the only one in the group who actually wears pants and not a dress) will exert whatever force he has to bring down the American MIC slowly and mercilessly.

    8) Do to the currency devaluation, wild inflation will cause food, gas, and energy to SOAR in cost to U.S. citizens, causing localized rioting, looting, and murder to occur first in large cities and then spread out to smaller communities.

    9) Banks will issue a “Bank Holiday” in America, limiting withdrawals to a nominal amount.

    10) The rather large segment on the public dole will erupt into a violent rage, riots will break out over the slightest “disrespect” and community law enforcement agencies will be overwhelmed at the amount of calls they get.

    Anyhow, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. In short, it was VERY stupid for Obama and Kerry to start this insane business. We are in for a world of hurting. Perhaps Israel has another milk cow to rape, waiting in the wings?

  6. emsnews


  7. Luc

    Thanks Sutton…look into yr crystal ball and tell me what you see over the next 10 months!

  8. in response to 2.) Christian w. …..Obama loves iran and china while the wheels to the u.s military have come off as of the end of the petro dollar deal…….the play is for who becomes the new top dog, the u.s will be given to the islamics while simultaneously the communists will nuke the u.s coastal cities taking its population down to a third in mere hours. Obama is their guy on the inside, their plan is coming together, needed now is the satellite enhanced missile defense shield which also is the provider for protection against ground invasions, the red and blue force thermal imaging system to be compromised. Obama knows what will cause this discontinuance of this most prized invincibility defense system……in 2016 the magnetic north will reach Siberia, geophysisist scientists say that it scares them what might happen when the earth loses its magnetic hold to a fixed position….is the same as saying that these scientists are not allowed to give their take on the outcome of the magnetic north moving faster than it ever has done before. scientists always know the outcome of anything on this grand of a scale, it’s a gimme that they would be disallowed to tell of what would cause these power governments to stop living so fat off of all of their people to see people take up preparing for something as big as the world turning upside down! Obama knows exactly when the compromise of the defence system will happen = that will be when Obama has ww3 happen and an Islamic takeover of the u.s

  9. emsnews

    This ‘islamic take over’ of the US is probably the WEIRDEST thing right wingers imagine.

    I mean, seriously, that is deranged.

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