Elite Historians And Diplomats (sic) Are Desperate To Deny That The Crimea Confrontation Can Cause WWIII

Scene of bloodiest battle Western front WWI France

Siegfried Sassoon – Poem: ‘On passing the new Menin Gate’. – YouTube: The above picture is the point in France where the Allies stopped the German push to Paris in 1915.  This battle lasted for nearly half a year and killed a million soldiers.  It is a flat field they turned into the moon, cratering everything in sight.  The butchery of WWI was the end result of globalization and free trade (that is, one way free trade with the Europeans and Americans forcing open closed markets like China and Japan!) which mirrors today with one way free trade and globalization oppressing the workers severely while bankrupting empires that are so used to looting the world, they loot their home base which is insane and stupid but they can’t help themselves.  The US/Russia/China battle for dominance pits an increasingly bankrupt US against two of the greater sovereign wealth nations on earth.  We will lose this confrontation and go totally bankrupt.


In a few months it will be exactly 100 years since the ruinous, stupid, dangerous WWI began.  We are in nearly the exact same position today except a few switches.  Germany,which history says must move to the East to survive, is being shoved into another major war by ‘allies’ due to economic ties.  The US is playing the role of Austria, shoving Germany into confrontations with major empires.  Because the US is playing the role of Austria this time around, few historians can see the obvious.  Here is an example:  Parallels to 1914? What History Teaches Us About the Ukraine Crisis by Clark:


The spectre of that war is useful as a reminder of how terrible the costs can be when politics fails, conversation stops and compromise becomes impossible. But in fact the alignments implicated in the Ukrainian emergency bear little relation to the geopolitical constellations of 1914. At that time, two central powers faced a trio of world empires on Europe’s eastern and western peripheries. Today, a broad coalition of Western and Central European states is united in protesting Russia’s interventions in Ukraine. And the restless, ambitious German Kaiserreich of 1914 scarcely resembles the European Union, a multi-state peace framework that finds it difficult to project power or to formulate external policy.


The Crimean War of 1853-1856 might offer a better fit. Here, at least, we can speak of a coalition of “Western” states united in opposition to Russian imperial ventures. This war, which ultimately consumed well over half a million lives,


Mr. Clark is delusional.  The ‘united…countries’ behind the US push to isolate and decapitate Russia are not enthusiastic.  They are actually the opposite.  They are being relentlessly shoved into WWIII by the elites who take great care to not listen to anyone else.  The Bilderberg gang has this long range plan to control world energy resources that has relentlessly used NATO and in particular, the US public purse and people to attack one energy producer after another in order to raise the profit level of energy.


Examples are obvious!  The price of natural gas has fallen in the US recently so of course, shipping it overseas is top priority for this is profitable by both starving the US market and the cost of shipping makes it expensive for others.  But Russia’s energy sales are much cheaper to deliver so they have a greater profit with less effort so now the elites want Europe to buy US energy products which will beggar the European workers and middle classes.


Then there is the global warming scam: they depend on people being very scared, thus the hysterical language being used while millions and millions and many millions in the northern hemisphere freeze to death, to get us to tax energy products.  These taxes, in turn, will pay for our future energy wars as our elites strive to control all the CO2 producing energy systems.


Syria sells energy.  The other force at work here is Zionism which joins at the hip the banker/elite push to destroy any nation that is independent of them.  Syria’s ruler has slipped the noose thanks to Russia and now is regaining control of his ravaged country:  Syria claims to have captured rebel stronghold on Lebanese border.  The naked hatred of anyone who isn’t part of the Bilderberg gang cripples the attempts by these gangsters to control the world because they resort most of the time to naked force.


Russia and China are in full alert about this and both have had conversations in private about how to deal with the EU tagging along with the US while the elites attack everyone on their long, long list.  The US made a HUGE error in unleashing the Japanese right wing fascists too early.  By backing Japanese territorial seizures, this wrecked the US attempt at making all of Asia scared of China.  They are now scared or rather, extremely angry at Japan and the US!


All the stupid talk about crushing Russia economically is backfiring badly:  US stock markets tumble amid Ukraine uncertainty during week.  Our currency is in trouble, too.  So is our bond market as our future victims begin dumping US debt.  This is going to bite us in the ass, big time.  The days when the US could push Russia or China around have ended long ago. Both entities own us, not the reverse.  All we can do is go to war with them which, alas, our elites seem bent on doing.


Our allies in Europe have no real military anymore:  How Afghanistan Has Changed the Bundeswehr German Military – SPIEGEL ONLINE


The German military entered Afghanistan over a decade ago as a peacekeeping force tasked with aiding in the reconstruction and development of infrastructure and civil society. Today, it leaves the country as a combat force that engaged in deadly warfare…Yet the German public has become even more opposed to military engagement overseas than it was 10 years ago, calling into question what sort of role the Bundeswehr will play in supporting NATO and the United Nations in future international conflicts…


The Bundeswehr has now begun to slowly withdraw troops from the country ahead of a December 2014 deadline, officially handing over command of the Kunduz base, in northern Afghanistan, to Afghan security forces earlier this month. The remaining 900 German troops at Kunduz are expected to withdraw by the end of October, bringing the total number of German troops in the country to around 3,100.


Germany is running away from Afghanistan.  The war there is extremely unpopular at home as it is here, too.  There is zero support for a war anywhere in the US, UK or Germany if one consults anyone aside from the 15% of the elites and their minions who feed off of these wars.  The US public is so sick of these wars, they don’t even have any enthusiasm about killing more Afghanis via assassin drones.  A true low spot indeed.


Congress just tried cutting pensions and pay of our soldiers to pay for Israel’s armaments.  So, Congress restored all of this and drove us deeper into debt to pay for both again.  This can’t go on forever while running trade deficits.


No nation in Europe is ramping up military spending for various adventures far and wide even as the elites back US aggression:  Defence cuts mean Britain is no longer full military ally of America …British forces’ century of unbroken warfare set to end with the collapse in spending on the military… while France cannot afford military operation in Syria but France steps up military intervention into Central African Republic  only because it is very small.  And the French want Germany to pay for this!  So, Merkel: No EU money for French military action.  HAHAHA.


The French still have delusions about being a military power which is why they parade about, waving flags, with the US like here:   US, France end military drills in Persian Gulf.  This is because the US has to retreat and go confront Russia in the Black Sea area where we are sitting ducks.


Here is a BBC production about WWI:

Paris declares all public transport in the city will be free for three days to tackle smog problem.  The US news talks about China smog but not US or EU smog.  Both have smog.  The US smog is mainly in California which is the only global warming spot in the entire North American continent.  France is heavily taxing the rich to pay for its military adventures with the US and the elites there are pissed off because they see fellow elites in the US refusing to pay any taxes and putting all these military games on the I.O.U. ledger and then selling this to Russia and China.


Fighting WWIII while bankrupt is only possible if the US nukes everyone.  And the downside to this is, we will be nuked, too.  Which is why I am furious that the antiwar movement is dead, dead, dead due to Zionism, a belief that Democrats aren’t part of the Bilderberg/Skull & Bones/AIPAC troika and so dissent is muted and the fact that the left is totally decimated and tied in knots due to the global warming scam.  They truly believe the insane story that we are going to roast to death and the #1 issue is CO2 problems.


Not the theft of fossil fuels by the elites!!!  How insane.  How tragic.  How easily manipulated people are.  By the way, it is snowing here on my mountain again and going to zero…again!

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Gov’t draws up plans to overhaul arms export ban ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


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16 responses to “Elite Historians And Diplomats (sic) Are Desperate To Deny That The Crimea Confrontation Can Cause WWIII

  1. emsnews

    The US elites have totally controlled the mainstream media here just the same way. Anyone who goes against the propaganda is fired and then eliminated from the news such as a former President, Jimmy Carter.

    Note how he is NEVER mentioned, ever, except in attacks on him, and he isn’t allowed to speak directly to all the American people…EVER.

    I am censored, too. Once upon a time I was often in the mainstream media until Bush Sr and Jr took over and the Bilderberg gang hates my guts, naturally.

  2. Christian W

    The antiwar movement is dead because democracy is dead. The voice of the people is meaningless because it goes completely unheard. Thanks to the elites’ basically complete control of media the ‘left’ has been duped completely – they don’t even know what ‘left’ is anymore. The same thing naturally goes for the ‘right’. The US is living in la la land. The sane people have stepped out of the system, which is the way the elites want it.

  3. e sutton

    Yep, I just visited RT and there’s no news about any of this. The silence is deafening. The MSM is just a goofy display of the latest antics of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Finding any rational discussion about this is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    I know Elaine hates Paul Craig Roberts, but his website has consistently good reads about our war mongering elites. Greg Hunter’s site also has some good commentary. Most of his guests are gold bugs, however, and insist that our currency is going to be toilet paper soon. And it looks like they very well might be right.

  4. emsnews

    I was at the huge, huge anti-Iraq war demonstration in DC before the invasion.

    It didn’t make the news. The NYT even had the temerity to totally lie about it claiming ‘no one showed up!’

    And even bigger anti-Iraq war demonstration in Manhattan that marched past the NYT headquarters building didn’t make the news, either.

    Russia doesn’t have fair media. Neither does Japan. China. OR THE US.

    And this was true in 1967! We never had real news except briefly and chief was CNN, Ted Turner liked me! I could go on CNN any time I had real news!

    Then he sold it and the first thing they did was kick him out and ban me.

    The US has had little in the way of free press for much of our history as a nation.

  5. Elaine, i’ve entered a hilarious discussion with a guy who said that the dump of Russian bons won’t affect the dollar because there is nobody to absorv it. They think they want to profit from it and not just use it strategically. Of course the guy was mean with me when I said that. 🙂

  6. JimmyJ

    The most dangerous difference from 1914 is the broad based and dogmatic Dominionist movement who believe they can ‘help’ the Lord return were given access to the power of God through the use of nukes. To these folks it’s moral and ethical.

    If anyone is not convinced this is possible, then watch some of the Biblical prophecy tv shows or attend a few different protestant churches across US and Canada. I’ve observed a righteous exceptionalism combined with a (simplistic) political justification that cheerleads for the time when Russia and Islam combine against the Judeo-Christian West and Nuclear war is the expected result and will signal the return of the Lord. Since there are so many who believe this scenario, I suspect this is one of those times when we are very close to this unfolding. It’s not inevitable, but it’s damn close.

  7. emsnews

    Absolutely. The right wing Christians here are End of Times people. SO ARE GLOBAL WARMISTS. The Jews are doing the ‘Samson Option’ which is the same.

    There is a lot of fatalism running through society these days. The Age of Aquarius hasn’t quite begun and the Age of Pisces is lingering due to the stars of these Zodiac entities being wide apart unlike say, the more crowded ones.

    Actually, we are in the Pegasus Square right now.

    Pegasus is actually a lightning god creature. And flies just overhead between the two fish and the water jar.

    The fact is, for the last 15,000 years, humans that came into the beginning of the Interglacial floods were scared of many things especially the fact that the North Star shifts over time so they can’t find their way around the ever-changing landscape via that star which was a totally different star back then.

    We freak out today when the stars shift and this leads to Doomsday thinking which we can create in whole, Fenrir the Wolf is a nuclear bomb, after all, and a nuclear power plant.

    Both of which are supposedly saving us from…global warming!!! Yikes.

  8. e sutton

    I read the comments on many sites and it amazes me how the End of Times people are convinced that Jesus loves them and he will usher in a new era where the Chosen Believers will inherit the Earth. Apparently these people never saw any of the carnage that hit Japan after they got nuked. Did Jesus just not like Japanese people? Such absurd beliefs are more terrifying than they are stupid.

  9. JimmyJ

    I love your mythology references, Elaine.

    Nuclear war is a rare compromise solution that can bring together nihilist liberal technocrats who long for a cooler earth and nihilist conservative Christians who long for a firey death.

    By the way, if Putin doesn’t soon get his Moscow citizens practicing nuke drills in the Metro bunkers he’ll lose his popular support (as they get vaporized).

  10. emsnews

    The US runs on world fossil fuels. All the disruptions WE caused since 9/11 whereby we have been attacking one oil/gas nation after another has done one thing: drove the price sky high.

    This is killing the US domestic economy as consumers have less and less to spend on anything else. This was alleviated by free trade flooding the US with cheap consumer goods made mainly in Asia.

    But that is ending since Asia is spending more and more on high cost energy.

    Attacking Russia, one of the top producers, in any economic fashion will destroy Europe, Japan and the US economically due to higher and higher energy costs.

    China, on the other hand, doesn’t want to boycott Iran or Syria or anyone and certainly will befriend Russia. So they will in the long run, benefit from the US energy wars.

  11. emsnews

    The blockade of news in US media INCLUDING “LIBERAL” is nearly total, too. Only it isn’t being ordered by the government, it is ordered by our Real Rulers who happen to coincide with AIPAC or the Bilderberg gang and this includes fake liberal sites like ‘Huffington Post’ and ‘Raw Story’ and others.

  12. shawntoh

    Elaine, if you were working for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, what time is it now according to their famous clock?

    I may not be an Atomic Scientist, but if you ask me the time, I say it’s later than we think it is at this time–

  13. Elaine, I’ve looked for more references about Pegasus on the internet and found not much, also looked for Longma and found even fewer references. Where could I get very detailed histories about this guardian of the money ?

  14. emsnews

    EMS News: The Spiritual World Meets Harsh Reality | Culture of Life …
    My name is Elaine Meinel Supkis. … powers of creativity as expressed by the beliefs and ancient stories of this very old horse/god. pegasus-horsehead-orion-2 …
    Daily News – Culture of Life News – Typepad
    A Hedge Fund And The Queen Of England Attack Elaine Supkis · Queen_of_england_hates_elaine_meine Elaine Meinel Supkis ….. figured, the Graces needed artists on Mt. Olympus and since they all ride Pegasus, they mostly died young.
    Evolution News: Jesus and Pegasus and Evolution
    Aug 19, 2006 – Elaine Meinel Supkis Evolution is natural. It is Nature, Herself. Evolution is creation. Accidental, incidental and deliberate all at the same time.
    The Birth of Pegasus – Culture of Life Religious News – Blogger
    Aug 12, 2005 – Original art by Elaine Meinel Supkis By Elaine Meinel Supkis Tonight we will see the spectacular show, one of the oldest shows in the memory …
    Personal reminiscences of Tsien Hsue-shen by Elaine Meinel Supkis
    Nov 1, 2009 – http://elainemeinelsupkis.typepad.com/space_news/2007/01/ …. with Pegasus on his high mountain where his golden hooves stamp out clear

    My blogs have a lot about this topic. Go use Google and type in ‘Elaine Meinel Supkis Pegasus’ Then also go to the top of the page and click on ‘images’ and you get more.

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