US Military Attacks Ship In Libya While US Diplomats Demand Russia Not Involve In Other Countries

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Bloomberg is Jewish.  As is much of his staff.  Note the above globe  has the majority of arrows pointing at Palestine!  The sidebar ‘discussion’ mentions how the US is trying to run the entire planet even though Bloomberg himself is a Bilderberg which has decided unilaterally that these particular elites would hold secret meetings where they would discuss how to rule the entire planet.  Eh?  The ideology being imposed on the planet by these people is, ‘Exploit everyone for our own greedy purposes, to hell with morality or fairness!’


The EU is ‘divided’ (Merkel is hysterically trying to minimize things as much as humanly possible) about what sanctions to impose on the Russian people for daring to defy NATO and US Bilderberg elites:  EU Airs Differences Over Russia Sanctions After Crimea’s Vote – Businessweek


Leaving out businesspeople such as Alexey Miller, chief executive officer of Russian natural-gas export monopoly OAO Gazprom, would be a political calculation that reflects the EU’s need for Russian energy.


Germany, which relies on Russia for 35 percent of its gas and oil imports, wants the EU to send a message that is “clearly understood in Russia but on the other hand keeps the possibilities open” for a negotiated settlement, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.


Here is an insane ‘expert’ trying to explain geopolitical facts but has absolutely no idea what is going on or more likely, is lying totally due to supporting the elites in the West who have wrecked the US as a nation by driving us deep into debt:  Story: Power Delusions: U.S., Russia Face Off Over Ukraine by Romesh Ratnesar:


Before the crisis erupted, the U.S. was attempting to negotiate a deal with Iran over its nuclear program, restart the Middle East peace process, conduct an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, contain the bloodbath in Syria, and defuse tensions between China and Japan.


Good grief!  The US was violently threatening Iran after cutting off Iran from world trade and trying desperately to bankrupt Iran with the goal of utter annihilation of Shi’ite power there.  The ‘restart the peace process’ in Israel was a total fake with the US siding 100% with Israel’s territorial demands while browbeating the Palestinians to also surrender to be totally dismembered like Iran.


The bloodbath in Syria was funded by and encouraged by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia and opposed by Russia and China. Not the reverse.  The US even tried to badger the UN into giving it permission to bomb Syria and Israel did bomb Syria illegally.


As for Japan and China: the US egged Abe on by giving him promises we will die in a war with China over possession of a string of uninhabited islands and our rulers gave Japan permission to poison the entire Pacific Ocean, too.


Obama to Meet With Palestinian Leader: to twist his arm.  If the Crimea is such a terrible crisis, why is Obama meeting with Abbas?  Obviously, nothing is being done to stop Israel from screwing up any negotiations by making illegal territorial moves!  While the US whines about Russia protecting the Crimea, Kerry and the other Skull & Bones rats say not a peep about Israel’s land thefts.


Syria Rebels Offer Golan to Israel for Military Aid: and you can bet that NATO, Obama and Netanyahu will think this is a very, very good idea!  Why shouldn’t a bunch of armed rebels like the ones in Kiev, hand over part of Syria to aggressors?


Three Years After Gadhafi, Libya Imploding Into Chaos: and the destruction of that country continues after the illegal bombing by NATO.  US continues to do military actions there: News: Navy SEALS board, take control of rogue Libya tanker.  Imagine Russia doing this!

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8 responses to “US Military Attacks Ship In Libya While US Diplomats Demand Russia Not Involve In Other Countries

  1. aashild

    Some Western media outlets have simply turned into propaganda tools for their Bilderberg-masters. They have absolutely no objectivity, and they sometimes even propagate outright lies as the ‘truth’. It is sickening.

    Thank God we have blogs like this one, and other alternative media that can objectively inform us on what is going on in the world.

  2. El Kabong

    You are missing all the fun and games in China in recent months, the wheels have come off the various bubbles and debt default is being made public.

  3. El Kabong

    Seems appropriate in the context of government actions and global warming.

  4. emsnews

    China can afford messes. The US is pure red ink and can’t.

  5. JimmyJ

    Canada slaps sanctions on Russia over Crimea, ensures insignificant town called Ottawa is now ‘strategically’ important.

    I say good for them. I live downwind of several large hydro power developments so I’ll have some consolation when I get some UV scorching going on..

  6. JimmyJ

    Professor declares climate deniers may be criminally negligent.

    “We have good reason to consider the funding of climate denial to be criminally and morally negligent. The charge of criminal and moral negligence ought to extend to all activities of the climate deniers who receive funding as part of a sustained campaign to undermine the public’s understanding of scientific consensus.”

  7. DM

    Professor declares climate deniers may be criminally negligent.

    How about a class action against whatever University conferred a degree on this moron.

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