Earth Was 8F Higher In Previous Interglacial Cycles, Greenland, Antarctica Nearly Ice Free

Julie Brigham-Grette presents Lake El’ gygytgyn Research – YouTube

marine core data shows earth getting colder and colder

Elgygytgyn Lake is in Siberia near the Arctic Ocean and Alaska.  It is an impact crater that has never frozen during Ice Ages because the Ice Age glacier cover is VERY uneven just as super cold wave vortex events are very uneven though these follow a rigid, set pattern covering the same areas with glaciers every Ice Age.  We see clearly from the above charts showing pollen levels that not only are the Ice Age/Interglaical events more violently opposite of each other, that this has been a gradual cooling off process with the highs getting slightly lower each cycle but the lows getting much, much colder each cycle.


We can see in the second graph how this looks an awful lot like a heart monitor printout.  My husband’s heart is still being monitored with a new device that has been surgically buried in his chest.  The tick-tick-tick of each interglacial high is disturbing since the cold cycles are very long and persistent with the interglacials a desperate, brief pulse.


The research data shows that Western Antarctica nearly always has NO glaciers at all during all the previous Interglacials and the Arctic had no ice, too.  Greenland’s glaciers were greatly reduced to less than half of today’s glaciation.  Until the most recent three Interglacials, that is, now, even during the ‘up’ pulses in temperature, are too low to melt any ice in Antarctica and only a tenth of the glaciers in Greenland.


All global warming hysteria is based on a brief, small rise in global temperatures during this very brief (geologically speaking) cycle.  The information from this Siberian lake was revealed just two years ago and is nearly totally ignored by the fake climatologists who want only data that shows the feeble warming to be terrifying.


Now on to the many, many CO2 carbon trade scams:  Matthew Ames, conman who used James Middleton to promote bogus scheme, jailed | Mail Online


  1. Matthew Ames, 38, cheated investors out of a total of £1.6million
  2. He promised backers quick returns if they gave cash for ethical schemes
  3. Instead he used the money to fund life of luxury, including Lamborghini and flying all over the planet
  4. Used string of celebrities to front fraudulent companies at events
  5. Forestry for Life as represented by James Middleton (the ‘princess’ married to the throne heir) at 2010 trade fair
  6. He was on work experience and had no other connection to the company
  7. Some lost their entire life savings and pensions in the scam


I would suggest ALL these ‘save the forests/plant trees/collect derivative contract profits’ deals are a con game.  I said this from day one.  No one gives me any money because my forest is eating CO2 in a huge way.  Instead, they plant tiny saplings which nearly always die, and claim immense fortunes.  Not satisfied with that, they are also attracting con men who pretend to plant trees.


Note how this con man close to the British Royals who are basically con men and women in the first place, used them to flack his silly business.  Note also how this con man used the money raised to save us from global warming (a joke in itself) used this instead to consume CO2 like crazy with mansions, fast cars and jet setting.  Hint to all fake Greens: They ALL do this!  The people pretending we are going to roast to death are all, uniformly, jetting around the planet, driving fast cars and sailing huge yachts, palaces, etc.


It is winter again here on my mountain and much of the northern half of the North American continent.  Ice Age conditions continue.  Not only here but other parts of the northern hemisphere is having blizzards and extreme cold such as this:  Heavy snow, strong winds hit northern Japan ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Parts of northern Japan are experiencing are rare heavy snowfall and strong winds for mid-March.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that Friday—which was Spring Equinox Day—saw record snowfall of 115 centimeters for March in Nemuro, Hokkaido, with more snow forecast for Saturday, TBS reported.


I notice again that the global warmists are joining with the ‘let’s go to war with all oil pumping nations we don’t control’ neo con freak out against Russia to demand Europe build even more nuclear power plants:  3 Years after #Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Bags Used to Store Contaminated Soil Were Meant to Last 3 Years | EXSKF


TV Asahi apparently reported in the morning news on March 11, 2014 that these black plastic bags were made to last 3 years, and the manufacturer told Asahi that they were not meant to hold radioactive materials…


I said that years ago during the beginning of the cleanup that putting it in plastic bags is insane, the radioactive materials would degrade the plastic very quickly.  Most of the bags are now disintegrating and much of this is piled near homes, schools and other places where the refugees were moved.


This ‘clean up’ is every bit as fake as the CO2 tree planting to save the earth is a fraud.

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22 responses to “Earth Was 8F Higher In Previous Interglacial Cycles, Greenland, Antarctica Nearly Ice Free

  1. Actually, what happened was that the auroral caused by Proto Saturnian-Flares caused mainly by bashing with the actual Sun plasma sphere blocked these sun light in a for of ring leaving a donut of Ice periodically, there is a lot o evidence of this as you can see that both Antarctica and the North pole were free of Ice until the Young Dryas where the sun have captured all of our previous solar system. Crazy ? Yes agree. Welcome to an Electric Universe.

  2. Not crazy..only thing that explains our “creation myths” about Mars ,Venus ,Saturn and Jupiter of course in close proximity to earth.Plus the squatting man pics all over the planet.
    Dwurdu Cardona books The God Star and others make for fascinating reading.
    Saturn was the first sun,until our Saturn/Earth system encountered our present solar system.
    I bet Elaine is shaking her head right now reading this but the Saturn hypothesis explains a lot.

  3. El Kabong

    Don’t forget this

    How the Isthmus of Panama Put Ice in the Arctic ->

  4. emsnews

    Doesn’t explain how Antarctica had a lot less ice not all that long ago.

    Peter, the creation myths have nothing to do with reality but are human attempts at understanding the ‘wandering stars’ and the strange reason why the moon has odd size problems.

    And why the sun goes south so frequently every year.

  5. Jim R

    Peter C, about those “squatting man” pics … they were creation stories:

    Elaine, I’m a bit surprised to see you showcasing the work of a ‘warmist’, as you call them. Of course one difference between the current interglacial and previous ones is that (as far as we know) the previous eras did not feature a bunch of monkeys digging up every bit of fossil carbon and burning it as quickly as they could. Whatever else the climate *would* have done, it will do it now with a bit more carbon for the next 2 or 3 millenia.

    As for the financial fraud, and the calls to arms, they are doing exactly the opposite of reducing carbon output. War is by far the single most carbon-polluting (and now radioisotope-polluting) activity ever. Of course, the real reason to invade all those oil-rich regions is to GET MORE OIL TO BURN, how could anyone think otherwise?

  6. ziff

    watched the vid. , most interesting ,but note, at the end, the comment about the veggies moving north , no ‘deniers’ in that room

  7. emsnews

    Jim, you are right. My father said, after Nature and Science magazines refused to publish his paper, ‘The Sun Is A Variable Star’, the only thing saving us from the ice age that is right around the corner, not far off in the future, will be CO2 global warming.

    I am not denying warming, I WANT WARMING. See? Otherwise, we are seriously doomed.

  8. Thanks Peter, I think Elaine should read Anthony Peratt Papers where he proved the plasmas discharges into our planet along with the massive real data. And yes Elaine the Sun is a variable star but not our original sun, and not very benign to life. And Antartica had less ice due to the Proto-Saturnian Plasmasphere that was far closer to Earth and this way had it’s light reflected inside it reaching every point on earth. If you read extensively you will agree with us this is ultra technical stuff and the tip of the actual science. We are living a new dark ages in Physics.

  9. emsnews

    You make no sense at all, Matt. And do you think the star that we see so bright during the day isn’t the sun? Do you think there was another ‘sun’????

    That is insane.

  10. Luc

    CO2 global warming…can you tell us more?

  11. Luc

    Will warming bring drought?
    ‘I am not denying warming, I WANT WARMING.’….If you lived in Florida would you want warming?

    Much of African desert was once verdant.

  12. I know it’s insane. I took 7 years to get the details and REAL science, it’s the electromagnetism that rules the universe, not Gravity. The actual model has a lot of flaws and that’s why I only tell this to smart people. There is a good book you should read and after o read it you can tell me. It’s called the Electric Sky from Phd. Donald Scott. This Is also supported by IEEE (eletrical engineering guys) and the well know Plasma Physicist Anthony Peratt here is the paper: . For example, look at the tilts in the planets. How it is possible to have planets with 23 on degree if we were supposed to be on and aggregation disc. All should have been at 0 degrees. You could say all of them were hit by a meteor, so how could Venus go to the opposite side ? Also Gravity cannot even keep 2 bodies together: All answers are in electricity. There is also our modern day galileo called professor Halton Harp that PROVED that the red shift cannot be used as a measure of distance and so disproving the flawed big bang theory. Just go deep inside this subject. It’s mind blowing stuff. And Pure science.


    ELAINE: Yeah, right, gravity doesn’t matter…HAHAHA. And all the planets most certainly are not tilted the same way the earth is. Venus is sideways. Just for example

  13. Jim R

    Some would argue that warming has already brought us drought. In the Southwest starting a few years ago, and now in California. On the other hand, the Southwest has had decades-long drought in the recent historical past, not in prior eons but in the last few centuries. And as Elaine loves to point out, the signature of that drought is a patch of COOL water in the Pacific, part of the chaotic ENSO cycle. Proving a connection with Global Warming for that is tricky business.

    So there is that.

    As for Florida and the tropics, the actual climate science says that they do not get much hotter. The place where CO2 will contribute a lot of heat (several degrees anyway) is on mountain tops and at the poles. And melting ice will probably raise sea level, although it’s hard to say how much at this point.

    We could see a lot of ice melt on Greenland and raise sea level quite a lot. Or if it’s just floating ice that melts, sea level stays the same — because floating ice was already in the ocean system anyway.

  14. emsnews

    I live on a mountain and it isn’t getting warmer at all.

  15. Jim R

    Well, as you know, there are other factors … 😉

    Really, your sky temperature is probably a little higher — if you were to point an infrared spectrograph at the sky, you could detect the CO2. OTOH, in the tropics the sky is full of water vapor — humidity. Enough to swamp out the signal from CO2 and make it hard to find.

    But I still love your little cartoons. You need to draw more of them.

  16. Elaine, when another cassandra comes to you , you don’t recognize it. I am telling the truth and what is up to be another revolution in science. I have pointed out technical papers you should read, before teasing me like that. Gravity matter, but it is not on any kind of Bosons. It’s just a common electrical dipole. And this model has tons of EVIDENCE, both geologically, historically, electrically. So be humble and watch this video about comets and if you say, you are fucking crazy Matt. Ok. I’ll stop telling you about this. But indeed, you will die believing in a lie.

  17. emsnews

    I haven’t lost my brains yet.

  18. DeVaul


    What if all that melting ice is simply deposited in the form of snowfall on North America, Europe, and Argentina in the future glaciation period?

    I would suggest that moving ice from one location to another on earth does not raise sea levels everywhere. Some continents will sink under the weight of a mile of new ice, while other landmasses will rise up out of the ocean due to less weight pushing them down — which I believe is what happened in the past.

  19. Luc

    Jim, ‘Some would argue that warming has already brought us drought.’
    Some hot places are deserts, others not. How does warming only cause drying?

  20. emsnews

    All I know for certain is that warming does NOT cause super cold weather anywhere. Period. And the ‘climate change’ guys never, ever talk about blizzards nor freezing for many, many months as well as way below normal temperatures for half of the planet.

  21. Jim R

    Now, now, Elaine, it isn’t “super cold” up there. A mountain is normally colder than the lowlands because it has less air to blanket it, and it is closer to space. But your temperature is still somewhere close to 273 degrees K. “Super cold” makes it sound like the air is condensing into a liquid.

    And, the 400 PPM of CO2 in the sky is bound to have an infrared signature. That much has been known for 150 or 200 years now.

    DeVaul, we learned from the video at the top that Greenland has been ice-free in past interglacials. That means maybe a hundred feet higher sea level. It would be entirely doable in this century. Also, during past glaciation episodes the sea has been a hundred feet or more lower. We know that from underwater cave formations that could only have formed when air filled the caves and dripstone could form. Caves now submerged under permanent water.

    One persistent fact is that the climate has been anything but constant.

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