Egypt Junta Sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood To Death In Kangaroo Court Trials

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No headlines about Egypt in the Zionist NYT.  And no mention of the junta planning to execute most of the winners of the Egyptian election in the Washington Post, either!


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Oh, the Kony distraction is in the headlines!  Interesting.  At the Huffington Post, they did have the correct headlines for this breaking news:

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The trials were a total farce with the victims not allowed to present their case at all and with Morsi locked in a sound proof glass cage so he could hear nothing or say anything.  Egypt court sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death — RT News


 The Upper Egypt court has issued a death penalty to 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of murder and inciting violence. Only 153 of those sentenced are currently in custody, the rest were tried in absentia.


The sentence will have to be ratified by Egypt’s Grand Mufti before it can be carried out.


The Morsi supporters are charged with the murder of a deputy commander of the Matay district police station during the riots that followed the dispersal of the mass Rabaa sit-in last August. Other charges include violence, inciting murder, storming a police station, attacking persons and damaging public and private property. At least 632 people were killed during the dispersal, including eight police officers, according to government figures.



So, the junta murdered over 632 people and the blame for this violent attack on unarmed protestors is…kill the leaders of the political party that the students belonged to!  Incredible.  By these standards, all the leaders of the street demonstrations in Kiev should be executed.  Congressional GOP: Send Small Arms to Ukraine so they can do what our allies are doing to Syria, in Ukraine.  That is, attack the neighbors.


Obama: Russian Invasion of Ukraine ‘Possible’ as Mr. Peace Prize beats the war drums yet again.  NATO Commander: Russia a Threat to Moldova which is hilarious because the US has caused ethnic/religious warfare to surge in many countries this last decade!


This demonstration, when the police attacked the sit in, turned violent, of course, and ONE police officer was killed which is far fewer than the Kiev demonstrators who killed more than one.  The Kiev demonstrators were not protesting an illegal coup like the Egyptian ones, they were sore losers in the previous election demanding a coup like the ‘liberal’ demonstrators in Cairo were complaining about the votes of the majority of Egyptians.


Just five days ago, the junta was violent again as Two killed as Egypt police, students clash.  One of the murdered demonstrators was the 13 year old son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader.  A child!  Zero news in the US where shooting children is OK so long as they are despised by our political leaders who kill children left and right all over the planet mainly via assassin drones.


Stranded Gaza students demonstrate at crossing with Egypt this week as the junta closed the crossing due to a rising insurrection in Sinai.  The Israeli army attacked some Hamas supporters on the West Bank this week and killed them as well as killing a Jordanian judge and others at various crossings or in Jenin.  This brazen butchery is all supported actively by the US government which also supports the violent suppression of citizens of all the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia.


Libya’s political transition faces numerous challenges: UN envoy – Which is an understatement.  The place has been destroyed by NATO and the smoldering ruins, like Iraq, are now the home to tribal warfare and extreme violence.  NATO has a lot of cheek telling Russia, it represents democracy and good rule.  Quite the contrary.  NATO didn’t invade Egypt but I guess, would have if the voters there backed the Muslim Brotherhood.  Instead, the Egyptian military which is entirely funded by foreign oligarchs, did the dirty work for more goodies.


This is not democracy at all.  The demonstrations in Cairo leading to the coup were delusional voters showing ire about the winners.  It could easily be resolved in the next election.  Instead, they wanted a coup thinking this would fix what ailed them.  And NATO, the US, and all the evil dictatorships in oil pumping nations allied with NATO, chose a violent repression of the winners of a fair election!  Disgusting and no wonder the Russian speaking people in Ukraine want Russia to intervene to save them from the election losers there, who are inviting NATO into the country to suppress the winners.


Brits Rate Russia More Positively Than EU: Poll which is interesting because UKIP is surging there and the liberals and conservative oligarch parties are in hysteria about this possibility.  And one last thing: the junta in Egypt is threatening to sentence a number of journalists including al Jazeera reporters, to death, too.  This attack on journalists is OK with the warmongers who own the NYT and Washington Post.

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