Riots Break Out All Over The Earth Due To High-Energy Cost Depression Grips Lower Classes

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Test question: Is the above picture showing riots in Ukraine to overthrow the elected President there?  Answer: Nope.  It is Spain.  Spanish riot police arrest 12 in clashes with anti-austerity protesters | World news | theguardian.comMarch for Dignity: Spain has ‘had enough’, say 2.5 million protesters.  The government there is imposing IMF rules on the population and is very unpopular and the people there will be militarily suppressed with the EU and US cheering this.


As the European nations undergoing severe reduction in jobs and social service erupt in rage, the EU has plenty of money to give to the new unelected ruler of Ukraine, but bailing out elected governments in the EU is only undertaken if the people are punished for previous election choices.  Due to feeling rather suicidal, the EU Puts Brakes on Russia Natural Gas Pipelines – according to the which approves of this.


Poll: 69 percent see Russia as threat to US | TheHill exactly like before the insane, stupid invasion of Iraq.  A ton of propaganda goes a long, long ways and the US public never figures out how we are driven into wars that are totally destructive this way.  Led by the nose, people don’t understand why it is OK to have uprisings in Syria and Ukraine but NOT in the ones in Spain, Greece or say, France and even the English one that flared up two years ago and threatens to flare up again as the economic guillotine falls on everyone’s necks.


Japan ready to roll out more stimulus to cushion sales tax hike because the tax hikes are very retro.  They hit the poor the hardest.  Sales taxes hammer the lower classes into the ground.  Already, over a third of the workforce is part time due to reduction of jobs. Abe promised higher wages with the ‘inflation’ the Bank of Japan is causing via money printing.  But instead, wages continue to fall and jobs continue to be eliminated.


Here is another country that has an Ukraine-type uprising:  Photo Gallery: Erdogan Losing His Grip – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International

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The US wants to keep him or if getting rid of him, replace him with an oligarch or banker.


Venezuela News, Protests and Riots Update: Two More Dead As Congresswoman Appeals to US Officials and OAS for Help: see?  Venezuela is ripe for the picking!  The Congresswoman wants foreign invaders to come in and replace the government.  The US will happily do this except this means Crimea had a perfect right to beg Russia to save them!  This is a delicate operation because the US has a double standard that is quite dear.


Machado, the lady asking for foreign powers to have a coup, has been denounced as a traitor and is being kicked out of the Parliament in Venezuela.


Jerusalem holy site visit sparks riots – far right wing fascists in Israel have marched into Muslim mosques to demand the right to be everywhere all the time.  Obviously, no Muslims are allowed to do this to Jewish houses of worship.


Last is this story:  Global riot epidemic due to demise of cheap fossil fuels.  The liberal fix for this is to…TAX FOSSIL FUELS!  Yes, running concurrent with the global warming terror is the fix which is to price energy from fossil fuels so high, the poor and lower classes can’t afford it anymore.  Thinking that they will then put solar panels on the roof and ride bikes while the rich and middle class tool around in fast or huge vehicles, flying in jets to go on vacation, and live in huge palatial houses, this is insane.


We will have a very hot ‘globe’ as several billion people riot.

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5 responses to “Riots Break Out All Over The Earth Due To High-Energy Cost Depression Grips Lower Classes

  1. Luc

    I thought most EU riots are muslims and immigrants, yes? The riots happen all too often.

  2. Jim R

    A very big difference between WWII and now is that sixty years ago, the USA was a petroleum exporter. A REAL petroleum exporter, as in, we produced enough for ourselves and sold the excess everywhere else.

    Now we import more than half of the petroleum we use here. There is empty talk of exports, but it is just that. The USA is a net importer — some petroleum is re-exported as gasoline, but it isn’t from an excess of primary native production. The high-cost production techniques now in use have not and will not release a new torrent of oil.

    So now who has the remaining reserves? … I leave it as an exercise for the student …

    As for the ‘austerity measures’, I would think the oligarchs should have an honest conversation about the reasons for fuel to be more expensive. But, no, they want to maintain the illusion of being in control. Blowback’s gonna be a bitch.

  3. Luc: No France maybe, but even there it is not exclusively a muslim thing. It is also alienation, lack of hope etc etc

    It is a very dangerous thing to leave people with no hope. Then they have nothing to lose.

    Jim: As I understand it the USA likes to have a monopoly on the refining of oil products. The old imperial thing you can have the raw product but not the means to process it.

  4. emsnews

    And what is the left (and I am liberal!) peddling right now????

    We are DOOMED to drown like rats! So let’s tax energy really high and that will be fixed by freezing everyone in the north! Wonderful.

    Seriously, I am utterly alienated by leftist websites today because they yap and yap about how we are going to all die if we don’t destroy civilization. And worse, talk about real dangers such as Fukushima, has been shelved by many leftist sites due to the fix for global warming is more nuclear power plants.

    The doom and despair on the left is frightful. No hope at all and virtually no talk about jobs and debt.

  5. Luc

    And worse, talk about real dangers such as Fukushima, has been shelved by many leftist sites due to the fix for global warming is more nuclear power plants.
    Japan is building 11? new coal plants, yet some climate conference is scheduled there!
    I see more and more online ‘news’ about WE ARE DOOMED IF WE DONT PAY CARBON TAXES.

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