Oligarchs Unite To Stop Putin: Obama Says Crimea Vote Worse Than US Invasion Of Iraq

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The Arab League slams Syrian regime ‘massacres’ but is perfectly OK with Saudi-funded wars of aggression, suppression of Shi’ites under Arab Sunni rule, gross violation of all women’s rights, outright slavery, and of course, funding al Qaeda so they can attack various countries including the US on 9/11.


The picture above of some of the most vicious, cruel OWNERS of huge tracts of land and population who are our ‘allies’ is disgusting.  These people are responsible for a lot of the ‘terror’ in our ‘War on Terror’ which seems to be the US conspiring with these creeps to terrorize the entire planet.


These fetid, evil men want to get rid of the Alawite government in Syria as does the Israelis.  They included a ritualistic ‘Palestinians need a country not ruled by Jews’ statement but then backed the coup in Egypt and backed the closing of the Gaza border.


Egypt Orders Mass Trials: Over 2,100 Face Death penalty:  Collectively, these men have not lifted a tiny jewel encrusted finger to save Palestine.  And they conspire behind their people’s backs with Netanyahu and the US neocons.  The volcano they sit upon is shaking violently and they imagine by suppressing their own people cruelly, they won’t rise up eventually.
Our elites are utterly delusional and this rubs off on their puppet:  Obama Paints Crimea Secession as Worse than Iraq War — News from Antiwar.com


“America sought to work within the international system. We did not claim or annex Iraq’s territory,” Obama insisted, going on to praise Iraq as a “fully sovereign state” that “could make decisions about its own future.”…

(meanwhile) the Maliki-appointed election commission resigned en masse yesterday rather than take part in April’s planned vote.


Sad.  So very sad.  The invasion was 100% illegal.  It was totally based on lies.  When the UN team said they found zero WMD, the US screamed this was a lie and invaded after learning that Saddam was disarmed.  They found nothing.  This made it a crime.  Nothing happened because the US is now ‘exceptional’ and we can disarm anyone we wish to invade like we did to Gaddafi, and nothing happens, NATO nations rubber stamp these invasions.


Speaking of  fake elections, Egypt’s Sisi to run for president, vows to tackle militancy and he is expected to easily win according to Reuters since anyone running against him will be executed.  This is Saudi democracy.


The UN does nothing.  Now, Putin wins the Crimea election choice and we are supposed to freak out because…no one is supposed to be stronger than the US.  We and only we are allowed to be strong!  Of course, the US is not strong.  We are deep in debt so of course,  Obama Wants More NATO Troops in Europe. 


The EU is richer than the US and in less debt and has a bigger population.  So why on earth are any US troops there at all???  This isn’t due to the US being stronger, we are weaker economically speaking as well as in other ways.  The EU has us do all the expensive stuff and the blood stuff so we get to pay for wars that have nothing to do with us and die for them, too.


US Presses EU Nations to Hike Military Spending to ‘Confront Russia’ except not one nation will do this.  Especially the former Warsaw states who want more US money which we are handing out like candy right now.  Detroit gets zero help while Kiev is flooded with money so they won’t go bankrupt.  We destroyed Detroit deliberately and now it is a dying ghost town thanks to free trade and anti-union politics.


Ukraine to Cut Gas Subsidy, Raising Prices 50 Percent as the IMF pain just begins to bite.  The bitter end for the Catholics there is, they will have all their neighbors hating them immensely while at the same time, the EU forces them into this economic death march.


Our President went to the Vatican to kiss the ring of the Pope after blasting Orthodox Christians in Ukraine:  Obama: Pope Francis “challenges us” on economic and social issues which is rich considering both men live in palaces.  Yes, the Pope moved into a smaller apartment but this is a temporary thing, the palace still stands, leering at everyone and will be reoccupied shortly.


The economic reality of this religious war is obvious:  Barack Obama: US and EU will coordinate deeper sanctions against Russia so that Orthodox Russians will be punished for not allowing a Catholic junta taking over Ukraine which is only half Catholic.  This is very much a religious war.  There are few Orthodox communities in the EU and lots of Catholic ones.


The wars that ripped apart Yugoslavia shows this rift between Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox to be huge, explosive and dangerous.  So of course, the EU will provoke it further.


IMF Prepares $18 Billion in Loans for Ukraine while Euro zone private sector loans contract further in Feb -ECB: the boycott of one of the world’s greatest energy suppliers to Europe will backlash Europe greatly and the rancid hope and change they all expect will be opposite of what they desire.  It will be the death of the European Union.


Which is a confederation, the weakest form of power structure one can devise.  All confederations collapse due to lack of central governing systems.  They are infernally weak.  The only glue holding the EU together is the Bilderberg gang who created this thing in the first place.  They alone are keeping this farce going despite the citizens of the victim nations getting quite restless.


English voters are demanding a vote, for example, to decide if they stay in the EU.  A vote the dissenters may win.

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14 responses to “Oligarchs Unite To Stop Putin: Obama Says Crimea Vote Worse Than US Invasion Of Iraq

  1. aashild


    Germany is against sanctions on Russia, but Merkel is under severe pressure from The US and her EU allies to go along with these stupid sanctions.

  2. Christian W

    I’m not sure it is Merkel’s EU ‘allies’ that are doing the most pressuring. It is more likely the unelected Bilderberger junta at the top that is doing the pressuring, probably with a bit of help from the UK and France who have less to lose from such sanctions and are more heavily involved in the ME and Africa and the IMF and the like.

    Hope Merkel can find a smart solution to this little dilemma. It would be disastrous if the US managed to split Europe away from Russia. The US corporations have very sinister plans for Europe. A US/EU corporate Bilderberger creation is the stuff of nightmares. Big Brother writ large.

  3. emsnews

    There is no smart solution. Germany has a big trade surplus with the US. She has to make our rulers happy.

  4. Christian W

    Next the US/EU will ‘agree’ on the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment partnership deal leaving the EUs jujgular open to disaster capitalism. Our overlords will be Wall Street, Zionists, Old European money, Gulf Monarchs and CEOs ie the powers behind the Bilderberger critters and corporations run amok. All ably supported by the NSA creating a super stasi state where the vast majority of the populace has the single function of economic serfdom.

    All this because the US and UK, the old declinging empires, can’t sort out their economies. Dragging Germany/the EU down will maybe feed them for a decade or so but after that Europe will have been sucked dry as well. Then they will have nowhere to go but against the BRICS, that’s when the shit will hit the fan for real.

  5. Being There

    Some great points, Elaine. Of everything I’ve read and thought on the subject, indeed the religion aspect is very interesting. I’ve been listening to Paul Craig Roberts and reading his posts in the last few weeks and I will post his best interview yet here.

    I noticed Carter on Morning Joe, saying well, Russia can keep Crimea and it’s Black Sea Port—Speaking of puppets. Zbig daddy was pulling those strings on his daughter’s show. Even Zbig had to walk this dog back a few paces.

    One more thing I find, both interesting and disturbing. Obama made a statement that Putin is but a regional power and not much of a challenge for us unipolar hegemon of the world, what he’s worried about is a bomb in NYC!!! I live in NYC what is he saying, exactly?

    Is this a canard to get him outta this Neocon mess? Or is it a false flagger?

  6. Petruchio

    “There is no smart solution. Germany has a big trade surplus with the US. She (Angela Merkel) has to make our rulers happy.” Elaine, as always, you are spot on. It appears Frau Merkel is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. She must keep her BMW/Porsche base happy and yet Germany , imho, really can’t afford to incur the wrath of Russia. It will be interesting to see what happens. Question: how much will it take for the masses in Germany to take to the streets in protest? If I remember my history correctly, the German ‘proles’ can be a formidable force to deal with if sufficiently angered.

  7. Christian W

    The old chancellor Helmut Schmidt says sanctions against Russia are “nonsense”.


    I’m not so sure Germany overall are so happy with the idea of sanctions, not even the industrial bosses.

    From last year:

    “In Russia we are in talks regarding future production capacity there,” Mr. Eichiner [BMW] said. “It makes sense from a strategic point of view.”


    The argument that the US is leaning hard on Germany due to the trade surplus makes more sense to me. But for Germany to chop off a significant part of their foreign trade with the resulting unemployment and expenses related to that on top of the loss of income makes no sense. Especially in the light that they would be doing so and supporting highly dodgy characters, even neo-nazis, just to spite Putin.

  8. Richard

    Here’s something really hilarious. Obama gives a speech at the Summit in the Hague, and at the end no one applauds him except one person. The world is catching on to what a lying phony this guy is.


  9. emsnews

    I saw that video. No one is impressed nor should they be impressed but Obama isn’t one of the elites, he is the doorman to the White House. To answer the phone and take messages.

    So..when he has to repeat his orders to the rest of us, there is NO CONVICTION. It shows in his body language and tone of voice. He is mouthing the right words and will get a financial reward a la Reagan who sold his speech ability to rich industrialists and Japan.

    It is sad watching Obama say goodbye to the speaker who introduced him. It was as if he were a young boy shaking hands with his teacher after not flubbing his speech terribly.

  10. DeVaul

    Yes, he is just a doormat waiting for his ocean front beach house and life of luxury after office. The scuff marks on his face don’t bother him at all.

    As for Merkel, it seems clear to me now that she is deeply afraid of ending up floating face down in a swimming pool.

    So much sudden exposure for political lackeys, and so few places to hide.

  11. Christian W

    Sweden has been full of Bilderberger critters ever since the murder of Olof Palme.

  12. larry, dfh

    Part of this, indeed quite a bit, might be to make fracking and the ancillary industries (pipelines, LNG terminals) more palatable to the US public. Our town of Newark, DE is fixed to be ruined by a 279 MW inefficient gas turbine generator, despite large public opposition. The gas folks have pulled out all the stops. And it will be the same on the int’l level. Fracking will soon be portrayed as patriotic, as will LNG terminals on, say, the Chesapeake. The big winners will be JP Morgan and ANGA. Remember, nat’l gas is a financialized commodity, there are probably more derivatives based on nat’l gas contracts than there is nat’l gas on the planet. And when all is said and done, we’ll be left with no palatable water and sky high energy costs.

  13. emsnews

    Quite right. Already the media owners are screaming at us to produce unnecessary fossil fuels for EUROPE while AT THE SAME TIME screaming that fossil fuels are evil incarnate and we are all going to die!

    This is effing insane. It gives me a headache. Can’t people see through this crap?

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