Nate Silver Surrenders To Global Warmists And IPCC Report Is Pure Hysteria

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Another tempest in a teapot.  Nate Silver apologizes to critics on behalf of his science writer – the warmists went on the usual howling warpath and forced poor Nate to back track desperately.  Now he will host a ‘we are roasting to death unless you live in much of the North American continent’ global cooling denialist who will explain away one of the coldest winters in 100 years.  By mainly ignoring it.

Pielke called the claims “ridiculous,” but Silver responded with an apology on his behalf. “Roger is a freelance contributor and his private communications do not represent FiveThirtyEight,” he told HuffPost. “We had candid conversations with Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth. We made clear that Roger’s conversations with them did not reflect FiveThirtyEight’s editorial values.”


In a lengthy post to FiveThirtyEight’s website Friday morning, Silver also elaborated on his response to the criticism being leveled at the piece, acknowledging that some of the claims Pielke made in “offhand remarks” are subject to intense scientific debate. He clarified that Pielke will not only be writing about climate; nor will he be the only person on the site writing about climate change. The promised rebuttal, he added, is forthcoming.


The liberal community which has become utterly unhinged on the topic of ‘how hot is it really?’ will now persecute poor Nate Silver over every issue so he will never be able to crunch any numbers that tell liberals things they don’t want to know.  I am a liberal, myself, but also logical and realistic.  I resent liberals going off a cliff like this.  Unable to admit that they and the ICPP don’t understand the climate is a hard thing to admit.


They will be forced eventually, as it becomes more certain we are entering a cold cycle thanks mainly to the sun, to apologize for the global warming hysteria.  And this will destroy the credibility of the left just like the misguided bussing to integrate schools killed the Democrats for several generations.  Just when the Democrats were crawling out of that wreckage, the Trayvon silliness and the roasting to death while blizzards howl craziness reasserted the emotional collapse of liberalism in the nuclear age.


Here is a prime example.  The Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis is a nuclear bomb throwing warmongering ethnic cleansing entity.  It also embraces the global warming story!

Warmongers with nukes at Washington Post worry about extinctions due to being somewhat warmer

The WP is torn in two by the global warming gambit.  First, it gives an excuse to tax the poor which is good for these neocons.  Secondly, this protects their vacation properties all of which are in warm watery places.  But it also screws up the stealing of world fossil fuel resources.  Boo!  So we have this silly thing going on: all the global warming icons, pictures and stories feature both polar bears and the sun.  Yes, the sun.


While claiming the sun has little to do with global warming, all the iconic illustrations of us roasting to death features the sun.  The hysteria about floods and droughts are used, too.  And never is there any mention of cold.  Bitter as it got this winter, the cold barely was mentioned in any documents or articles pushing the global warming baby buggy off the political cliff.  Nuclear war threatens all humanity and it is very, very hot, as hot as the sun!  And the US is threatening Russia and plans to threaten China using nuclear bombs and if they don’t obey our rulers, these bombs will be dropped on this planet.


Along comes a totally deranged report:  IPCC report: climate change felt ‘on all continents and across the oceans’ | Environment |


“In recent decades, changes in climate have caused impacts on natural and human systems on all continents and across the oceans,” the final report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will say.


Some parts of the world could soon be at a tipping point. For others, that tipping point has already arrived. “Both warm water coral reef and Arctic ecosystems are already experiencing irreversible regime shifts,” the approved version of the report will say…But the report also acknowledges that a certain amount of warming is already locked in, and that in some instances there is no way to escape the effects of climate change.


Where is this ‘warm locked in’?  NO mention of cold weather gripping the same parts of the planet that had ice during the previous ice ages!  We still have snow covering the north and east faces of all the mountains here where I live and even after several days of warmer than freezing weather, I still have big piles of ice everywhere on the south faces of the mountain and April is right around the corner!  The fraud, calling all this ‘climate change’ is criminal.  An entire winter locking a huge part of the northern hemisphere (it is summer in the south hemisphere, of course) isn’t ‘weather’ it is definitely and defiantly ‘climate’.  The climate IS changing…getting colder.


Here is an example from the Guardian in England of honest citizens scared into slitting their own throats, note how they all think they should cease having children and huddle in cold, dark huts to save the planet:

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 8.22.10 AM

Will these poor saps attack the rich and stop them from causing more CO2?  The rich own the energy systems.  They own the transportation systems.  They eat energy like fiends. They haven’t lifted a finger to cut back, themselves.  They are psychopaths because the pay for and promote the global warming scam plus they tell the poor saps above, to eliminate themselves.  That’s right. Cease to exist, they are responsible for wrecking the Rich Paradise. This Garden of Eden will be a  happy place for them once they rid themselves of all these pesky northern European useful idiots.


Here is one of many ways the rulers of Japan are eliminating their excess population now that they don’t need them, having moved production overseas:  Gov’t team withholds high radiation data on three Fukushima sites – 毎日新聞


BBC News – Is Japan playing hunger games with climate change? which is all about when cherry blossoms happen. Japan, of course, is a small set of islands in the ocean which is different from continental temperatures.  During the Ice Ages, for example, there was little glaciation there.  Mainly in Hokkaido.  First glaciers in Japan recognized two years ago.  Glaciers Growing in Tibet:

A new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth, finds that inner Tibet Plateau glaciers have been gaining “remarkable” quantities of ice over the past decade.


According to the authors, Shuang Yi and Wenke Sun, the “remarkable positive signal (+30 Gt/yr)” … “is challenging to explain.” This growth “almost completely offsets loss of 35Gt/yr elsewhere in the region.”


The authors further reveal that a 5-year cycle found in other Asian high mountain glacier mass “can be explained by the influence of Arctic Oscillation and El Niño-Southern Oscillation.”


Time to move the polar bears to Tibet!

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15 responses to “Nate Silver Surrenders To Global Warmists And IPCC Report Is Pure Hysteria

  1. Part of mass hysteria is being in denial of the truth, like you write, “unable to admit that they and the ICPP don’t understand the climate.

    Here, along the north west Washington State coast its unseasonably cold and windy.

  2. The real problem with Pielke’s piece and indeed with most of the responses is that both he and his critics basically accept the IPCC climate model warming forecasts on which the whole now crumbling edifice of the CAGW scare relies.
    There has been no net warming for 16 years and the earth entered a cooling trend in about 2003 which will last for another 20 years and perhaps for hundreds of years beyond that.
    The current weather patterns in the UK and USA are typical of those developed by the more meridional path of the jet stream on a cooling earth. The Fagan book “The Little Ice Age ” is a useful guide from the past to the future. The frequency of these weather patterns, e.g. for the USA the PDO related drought in California and the Polar Vortex excursions to the South will increase as cooling continues
    The views of the establishment scientists in the USA and the UK Met office’s publicity in this matter reveals their continued refusal to recognize and admit the total failure of the climate models in the face of the empirical data of the last 15 years and the obvious inutility of modeling as a forecasting tool -see

    It is time for the climate community to move to another approach based on pattern recognition in the temperature and driver data and also on the recognition of the different frequencies of different regional weather patterns on a cooling ( more meridional jet stream ) and warming (more latitudinal jet stream ) world.
    For forecasts of the coming cooling based on the 60 year (PDO) and the 1000 year quasi-periodicities seen in the temperature data and the neutron count as a proxy for solar activity in general see several posts at
    For a review of a 3 year update of a 30 year forecast see
    For an estimate of future NH temperature trends see the latest post at

  3. Jim R

    Of course, your little chart, “Figure 4”, leaves off the modern era. The CO2 level might have been 280 PPM a hundred-fifty years ago, but that is no longer the case. It’s a matter of data cherry-picking by the denialists.

    You see, if you want to advance truth and science and stuff, you have to employ truth and science.

    And the effect on climate is only ONE of the consequences of the dramatic rise in CO2 levels. It is also disrupting the chemistry of the marine environment, and it will influence terrestrial ecosystems as well.

    Again, if the MOTU really cared, we could reduce carbon output quickly by stopping the destruction of rainforests and by taking a lot of agricultural land out of production. As it is, these changes will be accomplished by an economic and population collapse, similar to previous civilizations but on a larger scale. Four or five hundred years from now the planet will be ready for another civilized era…

  4. The purpose of Fig 4 was to illustrate the 1000 year periodicity. The CO2 data was just incidental.However if you believe that CO2 is the main driver you might want to wonder why Fig 4 shows thatfor thousands of years CO2 was rising while temperatures were falling. I deal with CO2 later in the link
    Here I say
    “The key factor in making CO2 emission control policy is the climate sensitivity to CO2 . By AR5 – WG1 the IPCC is saying: (Section

    “The assessed literature suggests that the range of climate sensitivities and transient responses covered by CMIP3/5 cannot be narrowed significantly by constraining the models with observations of the mean climate and variability, consistent with the difficulty of constraining the cloud feedbacks from observations ”

    In plain English this means that they have no idea what the climate sensitivity is and that therefore that the politicians have no empirical scientific basis for their economically destructive climate and energy policies.”

  5. Jim R

    Dr. Page,
    I can’t disagree that the politicians have no idea … and of course their solution is more misguided regulation. And free passes for the biggest polluters.

    However, if you were to present an honest linear chart of CO2 concentrations, that figure would look more like the familiar hockey stick. The right end of the graph would shoot up to 400 PPM, and all those little decadal and millenial bumps and wiggles would subside down into the noise.

    As for what the Sun will do in the next ten or twenty years, I don’t know that and neither do you.

    At no other time on the chart did the Earth have a whole planet full of monkeys digging up every bit of carbon they could find and burning it as fast as possible. And you’ll need a really big supply of Tums to deal with that acid ocean.

  6. emsnews

    Note how ANTI-HUMAN the global warmists are! Examples abound, of course, easy to find.

    For example, they love to harp that ‘only 2% of the planet was very cold this winter’ which is a total lie. You have to do LAND MASS data, not ‘all the ocean’ data which is different in so many ways.

    Minimizing the shocking cold, denying that temperatures no longer are going up, pretending the glaciers and ice cover is shrinking when it is growing increasingly, even in the Himalayan mountains which warmists harped on so much, lord, even the damn polar bears are increasing in numbers, most likely from eating global warmists going up to the North Pole to save them… 🙂

    Even the IPCC’s warnings about crop failures: this is what happens when GLOBAL COOLING starts which has begun. Up until last year, crops were doing fine.

    Thank you, Dr. Page, for the input. My father, a giant in astronomy and one of the world’s former experts on the sun as was my grandfather, warned me before he died that we were entering a cold cycle like the Little Ice Age.

    Due entirely to the sun which controls our climate and is the single greatest driver of the climate and even tiny changes in solar activity rebounds here on earth in huge ways such as the yo-yo effect of the Ice Age/Interglacial cycles.

  7. Vengeur

    This kind of exchange between believers and skeptics is great. Jim R reveals the startling contempt and disdain the warmists have for their fellow humans: “At no other time on the chart did the Earth have a whole planet FULL OF MONKEYS digging up every bit of carbon they could find and burning it as fast as possible. “

  8. Jim R

    Hey, I’m not the one publishing charts that ignore all human inputs. And those inputs are not insignificant.

    But like I said, it’s OK. In five or six hundred years, the worst of the nuclear sludge will have decayed away its ugliness, and if a remnant human population survives, it will be ready to roll on a new civilization.

    If not, I guess the raccoon family will have to supply the new citizens…

  9. emsnews

    Humans have changed many, many things. And when we go berserk which we do every 50 years, we create not only great destruction but change the climate (making it generally colder due to all the smoke and explosions, etc.)

  10. Luc

    Is soot destroying the Glaciers ?

  11. Jim R

    No Luc, it is not. Because the soot is quickly covered up by a new layer of snow, which is white. It’s Global Cooling, remember?

  12. emsnews

    What soot? I don’t see any major eruptions…YET.

    Of course, the eruptions that may happen will cool things down. Even more.

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