Ukraine Fascist Party ‘Right Sector’ Attacks Parliament

The IMF dictator of Ukraine hates Putin

The far right is fighting the IMF puppet dictator in Kiev as Ukraine falls apart.  No surprise here.  Putin’s Approval Rating Rises to 80% – Poll | Russia | RIA Novosti which also doesn’t surprise me.


Fears of neo-fascist uprising in Ukraine as far-right group storms Kiev parliament and ex-president calls for independence vote | Mail Online:


Hundreds of members of the ultra-nationalist Right Sector movement stormed the parliament (Rada) building in Kiev last night, smashing windows and breaking down doors.


The riot erupted just hours before Russia’s foreign ministry today warned that ethnic minorities in Ukraine are ‘living in fear’ of the expanding power of the far-right across the divided nation.


Right Sector activists are angry over the killing of their leader, Oleksandr Muzychko, better known as Sashko Bily, who died in a shoot-out with police in a cafe in Rivne, in western Ukraine, on Monday.


The deposed President, Yankuovych, has announced that all the regions of Ukraine should vote whether to stay or leave since the government no longer exists.


The coup put in Turchynov as ‘President’ and last night he was very angry that anyone dared dispute his ‘election’ via armed mobs and moments later, fascist armed mobs stormed the fake Parliament and began screaming about the death of their leader and demanding Turchynov surrender to them!


He, of course, will order them killed like their leader.  The US supports illegal coups all the time such as the violent coup in Egypt which has astonished anyone outside of Saudi Arabia, with its viciousness.  Obama, by the way, went kissy-kissy to the Saudi royals who are some of the nastiest, undemocratic autocrats on earth.


The US and EU plan to dump $20+ billion down the Ukraine rat hole to prop up the dictator, Turchynov.  Not one drachma of these loans will ever be paid back.  Already, the price of gas and oil is shooting up in Ukraine as Russia demands full payment instead of subsidizing this for consumers.


Biting the hand that feeds you is crazy but then, deep religious schisms is what is driving this mess off the cliff.  Obama and Putin talked for an hour and after a week of weak Obama propaganda about ‘democracy’ and ‘free choice’ and then screaming about how dare the people of Ukraine choose anything not picked by the Bilderberg gang and their IMF bank…well, I wish we could have heard this conversation!


The storming of Parliament is just the opening shot in the complete collapse of Ukraine.  And Russia has a right to intervene if racist fascist religious lunatics attack citizens there.  And we can’t stop Putin, either.  He has a fully functional nuclear arsenal and China on his side.


China denounces Abe for Russia-Crimea analogy: our fascist in Japan just stuck his nose into it.  He is claiming that China is claiming territory unilaterally when it is Japan that is doing this!  With US blessings.  This dispute can morph into the Russian business in shocking ways, namely, the destruction of the New World Order as the economic systems collapse and with Russia and China holding together, around $3.5 trillion in US debt and even more in FOREX accounts, the US is extremely exposed.


As well as overextended.  And if we think we can ship goods from Germany to replace goods from China and Japan (Japan won’t exist after the first 24 hours of WWIII) we are nuts.  Forget missing planes, we will have missing nations.  Including our own.

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7 responses to “Ukraine Fascist Party ‘Right Sector’ Attacks Parliament

  1. JimmyJ

    Well during that phone call either Putin told Obama he was going to back off troop buildup on the Ukraine border or he told Obama he wasn’t going to.

    If he backs off, then NATO will move troops up to the Ukraine. If he doesn’t then NATO will move troops up to the Ukraine. Either way this seems more and more like an old Bond movie. If only…

  2. JimmyJ

    Discovered the PR Blog English version of the Maidan in Ukraine. This particular post discusses Russian troop buildup and possible invasion tactics. Well it’s PR, but it’s local PR.

    “Russian “blitzkrieg” from North and East-North, U.S. intel on Ukraine is lagging behind” March 27/14, Euromaidan PR Blog.

  3. Duski

    When I realized that I trust more russian media than western one, I started thinking things are really weird. And it gets worse, probably.

  4. emsnews

    Despite all the propaganda that Putin is out of touch with reality, he isn’t. Obama and NATO leaders are all out of touch. This is why they are lying about international laws, morality and war.

    After NATO has illegally warmongered many nations, of course, they legalize this by saying ‘might is right’ and then yell that Russia can’t operate on the same code as they.

    This is CHILDISH. Stupid. Not smart. Of course, as bullies, our leaders can do this with impunity but it doesn’t make them good people, it highlights how evil they have become since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  5. Has anybody heard of the secret history of the how the Cold War ended with the Saudi’s help by flooding the global oil market causing the price to collapse in the mid-80’s? That coupled with the “arm’s race” help bankrupt the Soviet Union. Interestingly Obama is meeting the Saudi’s the same week that Baron’s cover story is how a $75 oil will crush Putin’s Russia!

  6. Seraphim

    Well, well, well. Not long ago I was saying somewhere that we would see the Night of Long Knives coming soon. Here we are.
    Next act: the “fascists” hijacked the Rrrevolution. The rrrevolutionaries (Jewish oligarchs, that’s it) would realize that the Svoboda, Right Sector are indeed fascists “antisemites”. The Svoboda would realize that in power are the same Zhid oligarchs against whom they started the rrrevo… Booom, booom, booom.
    Final act: The “Powers” would call on Russia to live up to its obligations and intervene to restore order.

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