Spain Colder Than London

spain colder than london



When the Medieval Warm Cycle ended, literature was full of complaints about storms, unusual weather, high seas slamming into the continental edges and other hazards.  Big storms are a feature of global cooling once this sets in as it seems to be this time around.  Global warmists want to make all big storms the fault of CO2 and not changes in the sun.


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A big storm just passed over France and Spain and will hit Italy later today:  Snowfall warning for Spain


A total of 24 provinces will be under hazard warning (yellow) or significant risk (orange) this Saturday from wind, snow and coastal phenomena, according to the Meteorological Agency (AEMET).


Also, Granada and Caceres remain under yellow hazard warning for snow.


UK weather set to be warmer than Spain’s because a feature of global cooling is how it is, like warming, rather spotty in nature.  The overall appearance of the weather on our planet depends immensely on solar output.


We are at a strange solar maximum that is odd, to put it mildly: — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

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Ultraviolet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


UV light is found in sunlightIt can cause chemical reactions, and causes many substances to glow or fluoresce. A large fraction of UV, including all that reaches the surface of the Earth, is classified as non-ionizing radiation.


The higher energies of the ultraviolet spectrum from wavelengths about 120 nm to 10 nm (‘extreme’ ultraviolet) are ionizing, but, due to this effect, these wavelengths are absorbed by nitrogen and even more strongly by dioxygen, and thus have an extremely short path length through air.[1] However, the entire spectrum of ultraviolet radiation has some of the biological features of ionizing radiation: It does far more damage to many molecules in biological systems than is accounted for by simple heating effects (an example is sunburn).


These properties derive from the ultraviolet photon‘s power to alter chemical bonds in molecules, even without having enough energy to ionize atoms.


This is why we need an ozone layer, it keeps out the harmful sun’s ultraviolet light!  Ultraviolet light is used commercially to kill germs because it kills organisms in general.  Vain men and women who want to look ‘cool’ expose themselves to deadly levels of ultraviolet light for skin tans.


No one is going to get tan lying in the sun this winter in the northern regions as the winter rages onwards:  Blizzard Reserves Full Fury for Canadian Meteorologists During Live Report


The storm slammed the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, bringing winds equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane, waves that exceeded 45 feet in height, and close to two feet of wind-blasted snow.


The storm was so strong that reporters for The Weather Network, the Canadian equivalent to The Weather Channel, had trouble battling the elements during their live shots. In this video, Weather Network meteorologists Chris Scott and Mark Robinson were wiped out of camera-range at about the one minute mark during a report from Grand Etang, Nova Scotia.


Ban Ki-moon to experience impact of climate change in Greenland which is, by the way, freezing cold this spring, and when he Asked about “climate change,” Inuit child replies, “I’m freezing” which is honest as well as amusing.  Then the global warmist who is the head of the UN tried to flee this freezing cold only this amusing thing happened:  The calm before the storm – panoramic photo – Channel 4 News:


Snowbound in north eastern Greenland. A snowstorm meant we had to forsake our chopper at a remote heliport, the ever dependable Dash 7 plane got us back to civilisation further south instead.


EXACTLY like the Ship of Fools that went to Antarctica to demonstrate how the ice is melting (hint: the ship is still stuck in the ice there!  Maybe forever!) this Helicopter of Fools went to Greenland to show us how warm it is and nearly got stuck in a blizzard but was rescued and WENT SOUTH.  HAHAHA.

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5 responses to “Spain Colder Than London

  1. Luc

    People are SOOOO indoctrinated. The [dread] UN is a political org.
    How can anyone who thinks expect it to be unbiased and pro science?

    In the coming days the UN Top official, Ban Ki-moon will experience for himself the effects of global warming on the Greenland ice.

    “Ban Ki-moon wishes to see some of the places on earth, where climate change has had the most influence. I hope and I believe that our visit can contribute to raise global awareness,”

    [Maybe he should plant a few trees while he is there, so Greenland can be green as it warms.]

  2. e sutton

    I remember you back in the day when Myrtle May used to log into Kunstler. Do you remember her? An old lady more than 80 years old. Your handle wasn’t “Luc” back then. It was something different. You are Asian, no? Not that it matters. Just sayin’.

  3. Peter C.

    Not sure what it’s going to take for people to realize they have been had.
    Now that the warmists call it climate change as opposed to global warming,they can blame any weather /disaster on our “carbon footprint”.
    Next stop for Ki-moon is an Alaskan village that was relocated to a barrier island the natives NEVER stayed at 365 days a year,.Barrier islands made good summer hunting camps but you would never want to set up permanently there cuz the islands are sand piles that move in relation to the river mouth.
    Makes great photo ops though!

  4. El Kabong


    Akademik Shokalskiy made it back from Antartica before the warmists did.

  5. Escrevi esse artigo para pessoas como você, que acham
    que é possível ganhar dinheiro dessa forma.

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