Oligarchs Run Most Governments Thanks To Free Trade And Low Taxes On Extreme Wealth

Super rich are pulling further ahead of even the majority of ‘one per centers’ | Mail Online

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Much of the world is ruled by the super rich.  Oligarchs have thrived greatly, since the fall of communism and the rise of free trade which erases borders and unleashed a tsunami of money printing by mostly the US.  Our own oligarchs have passed tax bills that remove nearly all obligations to pay for our government.  In turn, the very rich use this loot to either run for office or buy politicians to do their bidding.  In most cases, what they want is more money for themselves and less money for the rest of us while madly grinding away at the money making machine which is ‘debt’.  Our debt rises, their wealth increases.


The rich also spy on all of us across the planet: NSA performed warrantless searches.  Thanks to whistleblower, Snowden, the extent of their spying which is extremely expensive and is making them very much richer because they provide the tools to spy which cost many billions of tax dollars.  Which they turn into public debt due to refusing to pay taxes.

The very rich also control the Middle East.  Corrupt, evil ‘kings’ rule restive natives and then there is the rich Jews who have been stealing from the natives of Palestine for many years now at US taxpayer expense.  The fake peace talks which are actually surrender talks, have collapsed:  Kerry Cancels Israel Trip; Abbas Moves on UN Recognition —Abbas signs international conventions: Kerry mumbles, ‘We all have to be clear eyed about this process’.  The annexation of Crimea by Russia is giving the Palestinians hope that the US would be forced to recognize them as a country because the US has been bellowing about how it is evil to invade and hold countries while colonizing them and pushing the natives around.


Of course, since our government is owned by AIPAC and both political parties obey Netanyahu, our fake diplomats can’t see clearly how stupid they sound, mouthing off about world affairs and then doing the exact things they condemn, when it comes to Jews.  This rancid double standard makes the US look stupid.  Our media and politicians don’t mind looking stupid because stupid stuff is broadcast as smart here in the US since our media owners are nearly entirely Zionists.


Here is the Super Zionist Bilderberg Oligarch paper, the New York Times, talking about all this:  Palestinians Defy U.S. and Israel, Leaving Peace Talks in Peril –


American officials, while rattled, said the Palestinians appeared to be using leverage against Israel rather than trying to scuttle the negotiations. Mr. Abbas, they noted, did not move toward joining the International Criminal Court, a step Israel fears most because the Palestinians could use the court to contest Israel’s presence in the West Bank.
President Obama has given Mr. Kerry broad latitude to try to keep the process alive, even authorizing him to discuss the possible release of Jonathan J. Pollard, a former Navy intelligence officer serving a life sentence in the United States for espionage, whose release Israel has long sought. That would only be as part of a broader package of measures that American officials said would give the negotiations a genuine chance to succeed.


Such a move would antagonize the nation’s intelligence agencies, senior officials said, but might be worth the cost to keep the talks from collapsing. Mr. Pollard is eligible for parole in 2015, they noted, so his value as a bargaining chip is diminishing.


I bet the politicians will demand Pollard get parole and then let him leave the country and go to his true homeland, Israel.  Our government is rife with people at the very top who swear fealty to Israel and do so over their fealty to the US.  We saw this week how GOP ‘moderate’ candidates rush off to Las Vegas to swear fealty to Israel in return for bribes.  As the oligarchs tell us our spy agencies are protecting us and must be protected, they back the release of a foreign spy traitor who pretended to be an American, because they think this will fix ‘peace problems’ in Palestine!

Gitmo guard tower

McCain: Classified Senate Torture Report ‘Chilling’ Senate CIA Report Could Throw Gitmo Hearings Into Chaos as Congress deals with two monstrous issues: the foreign powers and oligarchs who own our spy system has been spying on Congress, too.  And we did outright, Saudi/North Korea style torture to Muslims after 9/11 and worse, this continues at Gitmo.  Guantánamo Bay files: Grim toll on mental health of prisoners …but our Military Recants Claim of Rampant Gitmo Guard PTSD.


Our guards are going insane.  The entire Gitmo set-up is insane.  The US whining about Russia taking Crimea is insane since we took Gitmo from Cuba under military attack!  And refuse to return it!  We even admit we don’t own Gitmo, we are ‘renting it’ against the will of the Cuban people.  This miserable outpost of our military empire is an embarrassment.  It should end.  Now.  The excuse we gave 100 years ago that we needed this place to hold coal for our ships was silly back in 1897 and insane today when we don’t have coal burning ships anymore.


Our other very unhelpful ally is Japan.  Like Israel, Japan refuses to sign international human rights conventions.  Under tremendous pressure, the Japanese government has finally become the 90th country to sign the Hague Convention but they left in a loophole ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


A group of left-behind parents organized a march in Washington, DC, on Monday to hand-deliver 28 applications for assistance reuniting with their children to the U.S. Department of State and to submit a petition for the return of abducted children to the Japanese embassy. The organization, Bring Abducted Children Home, says 400 U.S. children have been abducted to Japan since 1994, and no special provisions have been made on how to handle those cases now that Japan is a Hague signatory.


Many of the parents involved indicated that they didn’t think Japan would be of assistance, calling it a “black hole” of child custody and speculating that their cases would be passed to local family courts unfamiliar with the terms of the treaty and with a heavy bias towards Japanese parents, in particular mothers. There is no reciprocal custody agreement between the two countries.


Japan depends on the US for ‘protection’.  And has an immense trade surplus with the US.  And refuses to cooperate in child custody cases!  And won’t in the future, either.  The signing of the Hague conventions will be meaningless because the courts in Japan will simply ignore this.  And our own diplomats won’t represent Americans in disputes about this.



Police Fire Water Cannon in Turkish Capital at Election Protest as the masses riot.  Shooting rioters is OK in NATO countries or countries where the military is in the pay of the US and Saudi oligarchs.  Erdogan has been playing the NATO cat’s paw in Syria this month and is now a government on the verge of collapse.


The socialists in France are collapsing, too:  France’s government resigns en masse (but Francois Hollande’s clinging on) | Mail Online


France’s socialist prime minister resigned along with his entire government yesterday following a meltdown in local elections.


And last night socialist President Francois Hollande – whose rule has become synonymous with a 75 per cent top rate of income tax – admitted to mistakes and said his priority was now to cut taxes…
Mr Hollande replaced Mr Ayrault with Manuel Valls, the tough-talking interior minister – the French version of home secretary – who is fiercely anti-immigration.  The president said Mr Valls would lead a ‘combative government’.


Mr Valls, 51, who was born in Spain, caused outrage in his own party last year when he said Roma gypsies ‘did not want to integrate’ and should be deported.


Like the US, the infiltration of foreigners has been slowly destroying France as a cultural entity.  And people are angry about this.  There is great anger about the flood of Eastern Europeans who came to France for social services.  Suggesting the army of gypsy street criminals be deported isn’t controversial with French natives.  They want this to happen!


In economic bad times, people go for national socialism whereby the ‘citizens’ are defined as ethnic or religious groups and they get social services while everyone else is deported.  In the case of Zionist national socialists, invaders from outside the country are rewarded and protected while the natives are marginalized and destroyed.  And deported, of course.

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11 responses to “Oligarchs Run Most Governments Thanks To Free Trade And Low Taxes On Extreme Wealth

  1. R

    The Thai will never allow the Chinese to build that canal on their territory. Plus, a quick google search came up with this “Chinese companies deny participation in Thai canal project”


    Check your sources, Elaine.


    ELAINE; Thanks for the clarification.

  2. emsnews


    Hollande reshuffles government after disastrous election results
    Sacks PM Jean-Marc Ayrault; replaces him with right-winger Manuel Valls
    Ségolène Royal, Hollande’s ex-girlfriend and new minister, lost the 2007 presidential election to Nicolas Sarkozy
    Royal, 60, is the mother of the French president’s four children
    French unemployment more than 11 per cent and top rate of tax 75 per cent

  3. Luc

    ‘There is great anger about the flood of Eastern Europeans who came to France for social services.’ Africans and Turks?

  4. melponeme_k

    “Suggesting the army of gypsy street criminals be deported isn’t controversial with French natives. They want this to happen!”

    It isn’t controversial here in the US either. Only in the propaganda news is it made into a great weep fest. Most US Citizens would have no problem seeing South American, Asian and Eastern European Illegal Aliens be deported back to their countries of origin.

  5. e sutton

    They won’t allow us to say that, due to “political correctness”. And these self serving fascists have the nerve to tell us what we can and cannot say in an open forum. When will people rise up and conquer these awful people who have savagely turned our women into tarted up whores and sidelined almost every functioning male over the age of 50 into a state of permanent joblessness? What percentage of U.S. males today holds onto a job? What is it, 50 percent or something? I, for one, am very angry about being shut out of the job market. I’ve applied for jobs for MINIMUM WAGE. Nary a reply. And here I sit, idle, unable to contribute to society. And WHY??? Because a scheming NEW WORLD ORDER group has taken control over my country. And nobody or nothing will stand up against them. Hell, just look at what they did to those innocent kids at Occupy Wall Street. Just f’ing sickening. I couldn’t be more ashamed of my country if you paid me a salary of 60 grand. Just despicable!

  6. DeVaul

    I learned about Japanese child custody issues from my wife, who had some Japanese friends. There are none.

    In Japan, the father is “eliminated” from the child’s life upon divorce, and not allowed to even see the child ever again. Child welfare laws are non-existent. Another reason Japanese men spend so much time drinking after work and putting off marriage, which can easily turn into an emotional disaster if there is a divorce.

    This is the opposite of Thai culture, where most parents cooperate without any court involvement at all. At our wedding there, my wife’s sister’s ex-husband kneeled beside me to help guide me through the ceremony. They divorced because he discovered that he was gay, but he is allowed to see and do whatever he wants with his daughter whenever he can. The daughter can visit him and often the entire family (including his ex-wife) goes on vacations to his family’s home in the north during the hot summer.

    I asked my wife if there were people there like my ex-wife (who recently tried to get me to sign documents to allow my sons to leave the country for Italy, but I refused, so now she has stopped all visitation) in Thailand and what do people do about them? She said that there were some, but most people avoided or shunned them in order to protect themselves from bad karma or something. They were considered by all to be “bad people”.

    Of course, “bad karma” is extremely popular here in the US. It seems like most people just cannot get enough of it.

  7. DeVaul

    There is a report on RT that we spent 100 billion in the last year or so to improve our image there so that Karzai or whoever would let us stay. That amount of money would save Social Security or Medicare, or rebuild an entire city in the US, but we no longer exist in the minds of the super rich.

    It is interesting that communism and capitalism allowed them to rise so high at this point in human history. What will they do when the industrial age comes to an end? How will they convince people to elevate them to super human status without TV, radio, internet or any other mass communications system that rely on massive amounts of oil and coal to power them?

    I wish I could travel into the future to see what happens to them.

  8. John

    I feel very vindicated by this story, especially that graph at the top. I’ve been saying for many years, that the “top 0.01%,” NOT the top 1%, are the real enemies of humanity. “Top 1%” talk is an indicator of a Judas Goat, leading the public into the slaughterhouse run by the top 0.01%

  9. DeVaul


    You need to understand something about the top 1% John. They don’t work for the bottom 99% or care what happens to them. They serve the top .01% in all kinds of capacities, especially since the top .01% do not actually do any real work of any kind. The real work is done by those just beneath them, i.e. the top 1%.

    That is why the French revolutionaries put to death the servants of the aristocrats along with their masters. The lawyers, doctors, generals, CEO’s, politicians and so forth will share the same fate as their masters, since they did the work that bankrupted the 99% and let the top .01% claim their property and whatever money they managed to save up. Get it?

    They work for each other — not us.

  10. bilge

    some more info about them oligarchs


    #ukraine anyone?

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