Several Western Ukraine Cities Declare Freedom From Kiev Coup Government

Ukraine continues to collapse.  The Russian Orthodox eastern half is now moving quickly to detach itself from the Western Catholic half that did the recent US/NATO coup.  Of course, the US will howl that this is verboten because only US-sponsored uprisings are allowed in the unilateral unique universe the US inhabits due to winning the Cold War.


Well, we actually didn’t win that.  We went bankrupt due to the Cold War and now it is a hot war since 9/11 and that is further bankrupting the US and the Ukraine government is definitely bankrupt.  The US and EU, both struggling with too much debt and low GDP growth, have promised many billions in loans to Ukraine which can’t pay back any of this.


Russia offered the previous elected government money and this provoked the uprising in the Western half.  Well, now the Western half has to live with their choice to turn down Putin’s offer of aid but can’t complain about counter coups, either.


Clashes erupt as Kharkov protesters declare independence and Donetsk activists proclaim region’s independence from Ukraine.  It is ending soon. The US cannot afford to invade Eastern Ukraine.  NATO can’t do this, either.  NATO did get away with bombing Yugoslavia and then Serbia but this was due to Yeltsin being a weak drunk.


Which Putin most certainly is neither.


Ukraine says it retakes building seized by protesters but a Ukraine officer has been shot dead by Russian soldier.  Also, the fascist coup supporters who worked hard to put in the new dictator who really works for the IMF to impose austerity, are rioting against him:  Ukraine nationalists attempt storm on Kiev Supreme Court.  Chaos in the Western half of Ukraine is growing ever since the right wing leader was killed by the illicit security muscle men protecting the new dictator.


Ukrainian Leaders Slam Russia for Attempt to ‘Tear Country Apart’ which is hilarious since they are the ones who rioted, attacked and then drove out the elected government and then spread total chaos.


So who will NATO send in?  How about these poor saps:  Underpaid & under fire: British frontline troops earn less than minimum wage.  But the UN is more worried that we will all roast to death if these cold waves stop hammering us!  So there is no time to send in troops since this involves burning lots and lots of CO2 plus burning cities and blowing up things and so forth.  Global warming thanks to NATO warmongering!


All the CO2 burned by Kerry with his fake, insincere ‘peace talks’ with the deranged Netanyahu and the angry Palestinians also caused a lot of warming only it has been very cold even in Jerusalem this winter, too.  Finally: Merkel is beating her head on the door wailing, ‘Why did I pretend we need to confront Russia over that crazy Ukraine mess???’  And she should then remember previous Bilderberg meetings where her co-conspirators plotted exactly this stupid business in the first place.

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5 responses to “Several Western Ukraine Cities Declare Freedom From Kiev Coup Government

  1. JimmyJ

    Russian Foreign Ministry via Voice of Russia is saying 150 ‘disguised’ para-military contractors from the Greystone (Academi/Blackwater) are arriving in the SE area.

    Ukraine is the new Iraq!

  2. Christian W

    Or Libya, or Egypt, or Syria, or Afghanistan…

  3. So, like how is it going to end up?

  4. emsnews

    Yugoslavia but with Russia controlling things, not NATO.

  5. DeVaul



    You mean your religious books don’t have an exact answer to your own question? Have you lost your faith in the connection between stocks and ancient religious writings?

    Wow. Welcome to the real world, yenguy. Maybe there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.


    ELAINE: 🙂

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