Jimmy Carter Talks About Civil Rights While US Media Giants Don’t Listen

AIPAC owns all Presidents except for Jimmy Carter

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  I was really happy when it was signed.  I immediately asked to the ACLU to help me sue my school system due to girls being forced to take home economics and forbidden to take shop and auto classes.  By the time the case was won, I was well out of high school but millions of girls got to take these classes.  Jimmy Carter is in the news for once because he gave the keynote speech at the ceremony celebrating the Civil Rights Act.  Normally, our media owners ignore him deliberately because he stood up for Palestinian civil rights, too.


“America as the No. 1 warmonger”: President Jimmy Carter talks to Salon about race, cable news, “slut-shaming” and more: Carter’s book tour on behalf of his latest book, “A Call to Action,”


Question:We also rarely acknowledge the loss and suffering that our policies have caused around the world. You’re specifically critical of our drone wars, and of the innocent people we’ve killed as almost collateral damage. You’ve traveled to so many countries through the Carter Center: At home, we talk of American exceptionalism, of this duty to bring our great democracy to the rest of the world. Do we see ourselves accurately and understand our own history? And how does that square with how the rest of the world perceives us?


Jimmy Carter:  (laughs) No. The rest of the world, almost unanimously, looks at America as the No. 1 warmonger. That we revert to armed conflict almost at the drop of a hat — and quite often it’s not only desired by the leaders of our country, but it’s also supported by the people of America. We’ve also reverted back to a terrible degree of punishment of our people rather than the reinstitution of them back into life. And this means that we have 7.5 times as many people now in prison as when I left the governor’s mansion. We’re the only country that has the death penalty in NATO; we’re the only country in this hemisphere that has the death penalty, and this is another blight on our country as far as unwarranted, unnecessary and counterproductive violence are concerned.


The warmongering to go into Syria failed mostly thanks to NATO allies in Europe being slapped down in their Parliaments over this.  In the US, public opinion was hard against a war because Congress just informed us we have no money.  And shouldn’t add more debt except when it comes to Israel which is one of the few entities to get spending increases.


Now, with Russia, the media is pushing hard again for war in the teeth of public indifference.  Again, the issue is simple money.  We don’t have any.  Our nation has run on red ink since Reagan except briefly when Clinton balanced the budget.  Cutting food stamps and military pensions while talking about the need to spend more money on bailing out Ukraine or doubling troops in Eastern Europe or again, wars with Muslims, isn’t popular.


Carter is virtually never in the news and when there are gatherings of previous Presidents, the AIPAC owned puppets all studiously ignore Carter and while Bush Jr. and Clinton pal it up, both pretend Carter doesn’t exist.  It is scary, watching how these pathetic warmongers carry the Zionist water constantly even in private affairs.  Full time puppetry would be wearisome, I would suggest.  But not for these guys.  Evidently, they cheerfully sell their souls for a shekel.


January 28th, on the back of the business pages the NYT had this article: Jimmy Carter Book on Women’s Rights Is Set for March Release … and this week ran this article:  Speaking at Rights Event, Carter Deplores Disparity – NYTimes.com


Mr. Carter, 89, who has embraced a multitude of causes, both domestically and overseas, since leaving the White House more than three decades ago, said that America was “still falling short” on race relations despite a half-century of civil rights advances.


Speaking on the opening day of a summit meeting on civil rights in Austin, Mr. Carter cited continuing disadvantages among blacks in education, the work force and other areas, pointing out that unemployment among young blacks can often range from 25 percent to 50 percent in parts of the country.


Of course, the greatest tragedy of Civil Rights is how the black population reacted.  That is, instead of working hard to improve, rage over centuries of obvious vicious abuse turned much of the black community against improving learning and working harder to self destruction and worship of the gangsta lifestyle.


The War on Drugs was the open door to making riches via criminal actions.  Selling drugs is very lucrative thanks to artificial shortages.  I have said all my life, if anyone wants to be an addict, the government should assist them in this.  Take away the profit motive, take away the counter culture glamor and make it boring, stupid, and useless.


Then people can choose whether they want to drug themselves silly or live productive lives.  Alas, the ‘productive lives’ part is what is missing here.  We sold our souls for cheap goods and free trade then destroyed our working class which turned to selling drugs as an alternative to having union jobs.


Jimmy Carter is right, blacks are being held in prisons in record numbers.  So are lower working class whites.  The one group that isn’t seeing prison is the rich whites who suffer from ‘affluenza’ and would get sick if sent to prison so they get to go free due to the US being an oligarchy, not a democracy.


And the rich own our Presidents, except for Carter.  When he published his seminal work about Palestine and apartheid, an army of rich Jews who were putting money into his charities fled. They thought that giving him money this way would buy his soul and it didn’t so they left.  Now we gets no money from them and is free to tell the truth about US ‘exceptionalism’ which is code for ‘Zionist tool to do as it pleases.’


From 2011: Class Action Suit Filed Against Jimmy Carter Book – NYTimes.com – NYTimes.com


David Schoen, a Montgomery, Ala., attorney who filed the suit, said by telephone that the book was falsely marketed as an accurate account of peace negotiations in the Middle East. “You cannot market it as the absolute truth on something when it’s not,” Mr. Schoen said, citing as examples criticisms of the account by the United States diplomat Dennis Ross and Kenneth W. Stein, a Carter adviser who resigned from the Carter Center after calling the book “replete with factual errors.” The book became a target of criticism from the moment it was published because of the use of the word “apartheid” in the title. Mr. Schoen said the pro-Israeli group Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America formally asked the publisher to make corrections, but was rebuffed.


Adam Rothberg, a spokesman for Simon & Schuster, issued a statement: “This lawsuit is frivolous, without merit, and is a transparent attempt by the plaintiffs, despite their contentions, to punish the author, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and world-renowned statesman, and his publisher, for writing and publishing a book with which the plaintiffs simply disagree. It is a chilling attack on free speech that we intend to defend vigorously.”


Nothing is funnier than a Zionist wailing about ‘facts’.  I love ‘facts’. The Zionists who control our State Department can easily put forth lots of ‘facts’ by releasing all the information they keep locked up secret.  When Mannings released a bunch of State Department documents, it showed clearly how the Zionists run the place and abuse this power on behalf of Israel.


Another person the Zionist media hates is coming back to the US:  Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras Returning to the US on Friday.  This is a ‘no news is no news’ item in our mainstream media.


Our media owners did paint the pig when the new Pope came to Italy.  But he has little power to control the Vatican as we see here:  Italy’s bishops pass Vatican-backed rule that child molestation does not have to be reported – Europe – World – The Independent


A UN report published in March blasted what it called the Vatican’s code of silence” around abusive priests.


UN children’s rights experts estimate “tens of thousands of children worldwide” have been sexually abused by predatory clerics as a result of moving, rather than reporting, paedophiles.


Speaking to Il Corriere della Sera, Pope Francis said at the time: “The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility.


“No-one else has done more. Yet the Church is the only one to have been attacked.”


No organization has been more secretive than the Vatican.  Far from being the only open society, it is more secretive than the NSA or North Korea and run just as cruelly over the centuries.  By far.


Back to the other violator of human rights, Israel:  Mideast Tensions Sideline Gazan Runner because no one is allowed to travel from Gaza to the West Bank and surprisingly, this appeared in the New York Times.  I was shocked, quite frankly.  But the Times did not include this news:  Israel Withholds Palestinian Tax Revenue, Freezes Accounts yet again.  Thieves never change their stripes.  Stealing from the poor is normal for Zionists.

Switzerland says Palestinians can join Geneva Conventions setting rules of war which has thoroughly enraged the Zionists who control America so I expect the US will try to break apart Switzerland, too.Russia Refuses To Extradite Ukraine’s ‘Legitimate President’ because the coup is totally illegal and there is go legitimate government in Kiev where the right wing fascists openly beat up opposing parties in the Parliament floor itself.


Israel argues the Geneva Conventions forbidding colonization of occupied land shouldn’t apply to the West Bank and Gaza because it is not universally accepted as a state in its own right.


Once upon a time, the finest minds in the Jewish community was all for civil rights and human rights.  Then they decided to go Zionist and since then, have still supported human and civil rights…except when they don’t want this for others then they support slavery, corruption, bribes, racism and ethnic cleansing!  This is destroying the Jewish community and their minds, driving them all mad.


Israel Jews use our Presidents to prevent the Palestinians from having a state.  Then turns around and claims they have no human rights due to Israel preventing them from having a state.  This is Nazi-type reasoning.  It isn’t reasoning at all, any more than Thomas Jefferson writing about the rights of man while refusing to free his slaves he held in bondage.  His insanity led to the collapse of the United States into a huge, violent war with each other.


The Republican Party supports racism as a good thing and the Democrats refuse to face black racism and how this is destroying blacks while GOP whites think that they can have ‘exceptional rights’ that are denied to others.  Our race relations are a mess and this is the fault of our double standard philosophy that gives rights as privileges to select people based on race, religion and sex.  That is, some people get rights but not others.


Russia: NATO Photos of Forces Near Ukraine Were Taken Last August — News from Antiwar.com: Yes, NATO is doing the propaganda thing again.  The US lied about Saddam and WMD and and Libya and accusations of Syria using sarin gas was all made up as were the snipers in Kiev.  The Western Leaders (aka, Israel’s work force) nakedly lie and our media which is owned by the same lie.  All aimed at getting the US citizens mad enough to spend another three trillion fighting Israel’s foes.


Moscow Is “Ready for Combat” Says NATO’s Secretary-General: the bellowing for war rises.  This is a religious war due to Russia being Orthodox and the coup in Kiev being Catholic.  Dragging in all of Europe and the US into this is as insane as all our other wars.  The US drone assassin program is under fire for being a violation of sovereignty and human rights, too.


Worse, it is useless.  All it does is fire up religious fundamentalists who believe that the US is the Great Satan.  By choosing this cowardly way of fighting, we lost the moral edge.  Now, drones are flying all over the US spying on Americans.  Spying on farmers,  spying on cities, spying on travelers, the police state grows greater while our security shrinks as we drive apart from each other.


Look at the top photo here!  All those American voters who tore into each other thinking they were voting for something were CHEATED.  Made fools.  Except for Carter, they are all BUDDIES.  Because their bosses are the same people and own all of them.  Lock, stock and barrel.

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7 responses to “Jimmy Carter Talks About Civil Rights While US Media Giants Don’t Listen

  1. melponeme_k

    Carter was in NYC about a week or so ago to promote his book at the 5th Ave Barnes and Noble. I was interested in getting his book and signature but the line to meet him was so long. It was out the door and around the block.

    So people still remember him. We just aren’t allowed to talk about him.

  2. Jim R

    Nice graphic, Elaine. And a heapin’ helpin’ of Truth. Carter was here at the LBJ Library. Now they’ll go back to never mentioning him.

    I also liked the one from a couple days ago with the Dark Lord of Scotland threatening to play bagpipes … I almost messed up my keyboard with spewed coffee over that one.

  3. DeVaul

    That — is a truly great and historic picture. All that is missing is Ronald standing with the line moneygrubbing CIA murderers and B actors that he unleashed on America after his “speech” in Japan.

    Historians, if there are any in the future, will refer back to this photo many times, as the foot-wide gap between Carter and the other group is just too great not to notice in a staged photo op in the Oval Office.

    For those who want some interesting facts about Social Security, go here:


    Notice how it fleeces the lower working class segment and lets the super rich and their caretakers skip out on supporting their fellow countrymen.

    It does not appear that the rich have overlooked any nook or cranny in our government for a way to pinch some more billions out of America.

  4. DeVaul

    The servants of the 1% are at it again:


    I knew this would happen. I was attacked by SS several times, but I fought back and won when the buearocrats feared exposure in the media. They no longer fear that now, and my mother has debts of which I know nothing.

    The amount of money spent collecting a few hundred dollars from innocent people dwarfs the amount mispaid by the government and cannot compare cost-wise to collecting money from rich tax dodgers and their accomplices, which could easily produce a ten or twenty fold profit for the government.

    The peasants will be squeezed like stones for blood while the rich let their servants run amok inside the government looking for loose pennies. We are a feudal society now in all but name only.

    No wonder Putin now openly mocks us. He mocks us because he can. We have no power and no authority left abroad, and he knows it.

  5. emsnews

    Fleece the poor and coddle the rich: hey, this is the Old World ‘nobility’ stuff!

    We came full circle, didn’t we?

  6. DM

    Well written. Another essay for the historical record.

  7. Mike

    I am a great fan of Jimmy Carter…he was at “ground zero” in trying to stop a fascist coup of the US…just my opinion;>)

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