Japan Imperialists Up The Ante, Attack China And Both Koreas While Visiting US

Japan korea and china meet in 2007 friendly terms

Here is a Washington Post editorial written by Ogata Sadako: The Japan-South Korea rivalry must end: it is behind a paywall but the essence is easy to summarize: this right wing lady thinks all the problems in Asia are caused by pesky neighbors bringing up WWII Japanese war crimes and it is ruining relations so they had better stop because they are stupid.

I read a lot of Japanese news every day.  It is crystal clear the media and its readers are extremely and even extraordinarily racist against China and Korea.  Filled with arrogance and contempt, the leaders of Japan whip up racist sentiment and use this to expand their imperial pretensions.  And it works.


Just the other day, the Japanese were enraged that this South Korean lady who wanted to guide Koreans on temple tours, left some stickers on telephone poles explaining the routes to these temples in Korean.  So right wing Japanese plastered anti-Korean messages on her stickers while the readers of the news in Japan all spat hate and fury that she dared to put up stickers in Korean letters.


The editorial which is about as horrifying as an Israeli government editorial justifying racism in the Middle East, was written by this woman: Sadako Ogata – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


(緒方貞子 Ogata Sadako?, born 16 September 1927), is a Japanese academic, diplomat, author, administrator and professor emeritus at Sophia University.[1] She served as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, as the Chairman of the UNICEFExecutive Board and as the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency


Sadako Nakamura married banker Shijiro Ogata who had a long career at the Bank of Japan.[3


It is astonishing how Jewish and Japanese ‘intellectuals’ will join all sorts of organizations such as refugee agencies run by the UN while they support ethnic cleansing and brutal colonial occupations.  Also, in light of the recent editorial placing all the blame for the deterioration of Japan’s position in Asia on the neighbors that Japan is abusing and has viciously abused in the past, having this crazy lady be the head of the Japan International Cooperation Agency is rather funny.


With this one sided, crude editorial in the Washington Post, she will now be a person non grata in any negotiations or diplomacy and believe me, both the Chinese and Korean embassies have read this editorial today.  From the Chinese news:  China, S Korea lash out at Japan foreign relations report


China and South Korea on Friday lashed out at a Japanese foreign relations report that stood firm on territorial claims which have put Tokyo on a collision course with its Asian neighbors.


An angry South Korea summoned Japan’s ambassador in response to the annual paper, while Beijing warned that Japan was “turning a blind eye to basic facts” and making “ungrounded accusations against China”…


“Peace and development is the trend of the times. What Japan has done is to make excuses to serve its diplomatic purposes of arms expansion and war preparation. This is a deliberate action to stir up tensions.”


South Korea summoned the Japanese ambassador Friday over what it saw as a fresh move by Japan to stake its claim and a plan to promote the stance in all elementary school textbooks.


“Our government expresses strong regret at Japan’s outrageous claim on our indigenous territory, Dokdo,” Seoul’s foreign ministry said.


This is 100% the fault of our inept and incredibly stupid State Department and the incompetent crew at the Pentagon.  They told Abe he could claim any territory he wanted and we would fight and die for it for him.  Also, the US has not punished Japan for the Yasukuni visits so Abe and his gang are upping the ante there, too:  Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine.  China protests Japanese minister’s visit to war shrine as will both Koreas by tomorrow.


The Japanese have been making crude demands that the US public not know about Japanese war crimes:  U.S. embroiled in Japan-Korea disputes over history with Abe leading the banzai charge.  Attempts at talking directly to Americans and lecture them about war crimes has backfired badly so the Japanese reverted to pressuring our weak diplomats instead.  Meanwhile, our ‘trade’ negotiations with Japan stagger along with the Japanese insisting on keeping their trade advantage with us as much as possible.


China patrols Diaoyu Islands and is preparing to face down Japan on this issue.  The US is grossly overextended and now that we have to double down in Europe because of the Russians not allowing us to expand NATO even further, we have to now confront China on behalf of Japan and like Russia, China is solvent.  Japan has huge government debts and the US has huge trade deficits plus huge government debts and it is hilarious watching two near bankruptcy nations confronting the top sovereign wealth nations on earth.


Donetsk Republic: Ukraine’s One-Building Autonomy: this is a Huffington Post ‘story’ which is actually propaganda which uses crude tactics:


  1.  Since Sunday, crowds of hundreds have been standing round the clock in and around barricades of tires, sandbags, bricks and razor wires lining the regional administration headquarters in nervous anticipation of a raid that never arrives. Masked young men carrying bats and truncheons stand guard over the area. Groups huddle around barrel-fires for warmth against an early spring spell of drizzle and cold.  On an improvised stage, orators deliver angry speeches, often to chants of “Referendum!” — demanding a vote for total autonomy that constitutes the only clear policy of the Donetsk Republic, whose leadership is a ragtag band of about dozen political unknowns.
  2. Much of the conversation on the square revolves around well-rehearsed grievances…
  3. “The first thing they did was to deprive us of the right to speak our language,” Ivanova said. “But this isn’t just the language we use to speak, we think in this language as well.”Language is something of an illusory fault line, since Russian — claimed as a native language by around one-third of the population — and Ukrainian are similar enough to be mutually understandable by almost all the population…
  4. While they struggle to articulate any specific distinguishing values, it is clear that they see an alien nation in western Ukraine…
  5. Anxieties over the loss of language and other rights for Russian speakers, expressed by the Donetsk Republic, are patently overstated
  6. Yatsenyuk’s decision to travel to Donetsk may go some way to mitigating another bone of contention in the east: that senior officials in the new administration have almost entirely failed to visit the region since the fall of Yanukovych.


These are merely six of the more obnoxious examples of a reporter piling a lot of propaganda into a wheel barrow and then dumping it all on the readers.  The aim is to make people feel contempt. My aim here is to make people feel contempt for our rulers because this is an editorial site that uses news to understand what is going on.


The reporter in the Huffington Post case is supposed to convey information.  Instead, it makes fun of demonstrators who are acting exactly like the NATO-financed demonstrators who overthrew the elected government.  And Yatsenyuk has zero ability to visit the eastern half of Ukraine because he is an illegal dictator, not a leader.  It is like inviting Hitler to visit Poland.


Objectively bad: Ezra Klein, Nate Silver, Jonathan Chait and return of the “view from nowhere”: Salon, a fascist ‘left’ wing paper is busy attacking Nate Silver again because he dared to publish something that irritated the fascist global warmist gang.  They claim at Salon that there should be NO journalism that is neutral or reports the simple facts!  Isn’t that a shock?


And this is where ‘liberals’ and I am quite a liberal, has ended up. In the toilet.  As creepy as right wingers who can’t tell the truth if it hit them in the face.  Both have morphed into this monster that is devouring itself while the divided public rushes about, from one ‘leader’ to the next hoping for ‘change’ and getting absolutely nothing good out of it, right or left.

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5 responses to “Japan Imperialists Up The Ante, Attack China And Both Koreas While Visiting US

  1. aashild


    A brave journalist confronts Hillary Clinton on US support for Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria, and the nasty hag just laughs and ignores him. Just like she laughed when she recieved the news of Gaddafi’s execution. This kind of behavior from top US diplomats makes it so easy for the rest of the world to resent and mock America.

    It is The US that is becoming increasingly isolated in the world, not Russia.

  2. Peter C.

    US will leave 850 MRAPS in Afghanistan.AT $500,000 each.
    Plus they are giving them away to to small town cop forces .
    Must have been a very profitable contract for the manufacturer.
    Probably still building them like all the tanks that are going into storage.

  3. JimmyJ

    Maybe it’s too early in the day, or I haven’t had enough coffee but that Isquith Salon article was virtually unintelligible to me. I guess that’s what passes for intellectual writing these days. The three authors’ articles that Isquith was critiquing are far more articulate by comparison. Isquith merely comes out as an entitled, conceited pedant.

    Thank goodness for Elaine, to read all the claptrap and make some rational summary of it all. I should have left it at that and saved myself the agony.

  4. Petruchio

    “And this is where ‘liberals’ and I am quite a liberal, has ended up. In the toilet. As creepy as right wingers who can’t tell the truth if it hit them in the face.” When I read stuff like this, I am remided of what Jesse Ventura said about Republicans and Democrats in the MN Legislature during his tenure as Governor. Ventura said that, away from the cameras, the supposed opposing Parties are quite good buddies. Makes one wonder if elections matter if both sides are playing charades. It just so happens that from time to time, I encounter a former–Republican–member of the MN Legislature. He served in the Legislature until about 2000. The local media always sought him out when he was a member of the State legislature for comment. As a Republican, you guessed it; always harping on Big Government. Get the government out of the way of the Private Sector, etc. So…. Waht is he doing now, where has he been employed for the past 12 years or so? Working for the County. This guy may hate Big Government, but he sure doesn’t mind collecting a paycheck off the taxpayers backs. What a fraud.

  5. emsnews

    Exactly! Anyone who doesn’t play this game is kicked out like Jimmy Carter. None of these ‘playas’ talk to him or even try to be civil. They act like spoiled brats which happens to be what they are in real life.

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