US Screams At Russia For Buzzing Our Fleet Parked In Russia’s Front Yard: Repeat Vietnam War Tactics

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Russian Fighter Plane Buzzed US Warship in Black Sea: we started the Vietnam war after parking our navy right in the face of Hanoi and then falsely claiming Hanoi attacked our misplaced fleet.  We do this all the time.  Right now, we are parking major parts of our fleet in the front yards of China and Russia irritating both while we scream about them daring to sail ships or fly planes nearby.  This tactic is classic and highly provoking and note the US diplomats and media claim Russia has no right to protect Russian-speaking Ukrainians but we have the right to militarily and with the CIA, meddle deep into Ukraine for our own ends.


US Navy Christens Huge $3 Billion Destroyer That Appears as a Fishing Boat on Enemy Radar which won’t fool the Chinese nor the Russians who have multiple ways of tracking our immense, hideously expensive navy.  Our nuclear armed submarines silently move about, menacing all humanity while the US howls about protections from ‘terrorists’.  While we arm al Qaeda yet again and have turned it into a huge monster operating openly in Syria and Iraq as well as a host of other places.


US overthrow of Libya after Gaddafi foolishly disarmed means more arms are flowing to al Qaeda from there meanwhile, the US coup in Egypt has revived al Qaeda there, too.


So now the CIA wants to join with open neo-nazis to take over a country on Russia’s front doorstep:  Ukraine Falters in Drive to Curb Unrest in East –


A deadline set by Ukraine’s acting president for the start of a “large-scale antiterrorist operation” in the east passed without any clear police or military intervention. Meanwhile, pro-Russian militants seized yet another government building in the Donetsk region, bringing to at least nine the number of eastern towns now swept up in an insurgency.


The propaganda is laid on thick in this NYT article.  When the fascists joined demonstrators in Kiev, they turned quite violent with the US yelling at Ukraine’s elected president, he should not use force to stop the demonstrators so he made a deal with NATO and then immediately, the CIA unleashed the nazis on him and he was chased violently out of the country and the rival political parties in Parliament were physically beaten up by rightists and then the rump Parliament voted to put in an IMF banker illegally and so we had our little coup.


Which the US media insists on calling ‘the government of Ukraine’.  And our diplomats, blood all over their hands, celebrate as ‘democracy’.


The confused and passive response underscored Kiev’s limited options in challenging pro-Russian militants and their backers in Moscow. Too assertive a response could cause heavy civilian casualties and play into Moscow’s narrative that Russians and Russian speakers in Ukraine are threatened and need protection.


Duh.  It doesn’t merely ‘play into the hands of Russians’ it confirms their charges that the US has undermined a democratically elected government and then turned around and butchered anyone protesting this which is exactly what happened in Egypt.  Meanwhile, Ihor Kolomoysky, an oligarch, bought the fuel and batteries so the military could attack civilians who are Christian Orthodox.  This is the opening shot of the illicit government using private funds to run a mercenary army.  The US did this to Egypt, the Egyptians don’t pay for their military, the US and Saudi Arabia pay for this and use this to suppress democracy.


Ukraine’s intelligence agency, the State Security Service, known as the SBU, is so riddled with Russian informers that when John O. Brennan, the C.I.A. director, visited Kiev over the weekend on a supposedly secret trip, Russian state news media swiftly revealed his visit and declared it evidence that Washington was calling the shots in Ukraine and pushing for a crackdown in the east.


HAHAHA.  How dare patriots reveal foreign secret agent conspiracies!  Imagine if China did this to us?  What the hell was Brennan doing secretly there?  Don’t the Ukrainians who are not Catholic have the right to know who is in their country plotting things???  Of course.  How dare the US do this.  Being unmasked, instead of shame, the US media claims ‘Russian agents’ revealed the truth.  With zero proof of this.


The knowledge that PATRIOTS did this to protect Ukraine from hostile foreign schemes is not to be allowed in public in the US.  We are to be fooled into thinking this is Russia being evil, not the US CIA being totally and typically evil.


The government’s failure to take back control of Slovyansk and other eastern towns has humiliated and infuriated Ukrainians who had hoped that the ouster of Mr. Yanukovych would allow their country to move out of Moscow’s shadow toward Europe….


Yeah, part of the country wants to be closer to Europe but half doesn’t! And this is resolved via elections, not riots and then foreign conspirators paying protestors to attack elected leaders and beat up the opposition.  It is happening today!  Ukraine presidential candidates attacked in Kiev — RT News.  Murder, mayhem, abuse of power: this is the Kiev coup.

Here is more propaganda via a refusal of the NYT to include vital information, namely that the right wing fascist party was given control of SBU and have driven out much of the SBU leadership which operated under the previous elected government:


The SBU, under new leadership since Ukraine’s February revolution, has repeatedly boasted of catching people suspected of being Russian operatives in the east, but it has not yet made public any solid evidence to support Kiev’s assertions that the mayhem in Donetsk and neighboring provinces has been orchestrated and financed by Moscow.


Russian PM says Ukraine on brink of civil war which is a correct assessment of what is going on.  The UN can’t send in troops mainly because this doesn’t require them, NATO dares not send in troops because this would start WWIII.  Why the US thinks we can dictate to Russia baffles me.  Putin isn’t a weak buffoon.  I knew something was up during the Olympics due to the hostile, insanely hostile coverage of that event after attempts at boycotting failed.


What was particularly odious was using gay rights as an excuse when gays still have very few civil rights here in the US!  And one entire major political party hates gays outright!  But the CIA and the globalists will use whatever tool they can pick up to destroy various nations that are in the way of world domination.


Speaking of odious, Congress deliberately tried to make Americans hate SS by changing the laws so children of former recipients whose parents are not dead, would have to pay back SS.  Due to outcries about this disgusting scheme, Social Security stops seizing old taxpayer debts and should return the money to the victims of this scam.  All of whom were children when the SS ‘mistakes’ were made!


And now on to democracy in India: As India votes, Muslims worry because the winner is a party that wants to eliminate the civil rights of the Muslims just like the Ukraine right wingers immediately voted to eliminate civil rights of Russian speaking Ukrainians.  India has had many blood baths in the recent past which the US public ignores due to our media touting India as some real democracy which will defy the Evil Chinese who…don’t have race/religion riots all the time sponsored by the government.


They do have terrorism and riots of course, just like the US or Russia or any country on earth.  And note the US wants these riots in China…but not India. Or the US.  And we are heading towards a doozy of race riots this summer if things continue to deteriorate in the US as House GOP Budget Plan Increases Military Spending And Cuts Social Services.  More IMF austerity/police state military for us!  Like the Ukraine.

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10 responses to “US Screams At Russia For Buzzing Our Fleet Parked In Russia’s Front Yard: Repeat Vietnam War Tactics

  1. melponeme_k

    I guess it is our soldiers turn to perish in a brutal Russian winter war. Two times before by the French and the Germans wasn’t enough of a deterrent…gotta go for the third!

  2. emsnews

    As i have said in the past, it baffled me why all elites suddenly say, ‘Hey, let’s invade Russia! It won’t take long and we will be home by Xmas!’

    I highly recommend watching the Russian version of War and Peace or any of their ‘Patriotic War’ movies. Russia is easy to invade and near fatal, suicide, to stay for more than a week.

  3. Christian W

    The shooting has started now. The US (Neocon maniacs) just kicked off the ethnic cleansing game in yet another nation.

  4. larry, dfh

    Brennan is a graduate of Fordham, a Jesuit-run college. Ray McGovwern, also a graduate, had a splendid takedown of Brennan and a criticism of Fordham a couple of years ago. Seems Ray doesn’t appreciate religiously sanctioned slaughter.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, the shooting begins but doesn’t end when the US wants it to end. Will the US public wake up from their present slumber?

    Nope. We are all going to roast to death once winter is over so we have to stop using oil and gas. Gads, we will indeed if WWIII happens.

  6. Jim R

    You make them look so damn cute in your drawings.

    Of course if it comes to a real shooting war, all that expensive floating stock will be joining the crinoids in a matter of days. Weapons have outrun armor, as they always do. And, yes, there was some kind of saying about a land war in Asia, what was it?

  7. Richard

    The Russians really do not want war as well as most of Europe. The Russians lost 8.7 million solders killed in WWII as well as millions more civilians. They know the unmitigated horror of war. However, Americans have never had their country invaded and destroyed. They still believe that the horrors of war are only borne by others, mostly brown, yellow and black people. The Neo-con scum that now control U.S. foreign policy are hell bent on a military confrontation. Their only real interest is in what benefits Israel. However, the Russians are not Iraqis or Afghan peasants. They have the means to teach Americans what the horrors of war are really all about. Let’s hope saner minds prevail!

  8. CK

    America invaded itself to murder an immense proportion of its own population for no good reason.
    There are no sane politicians.

  9. DeVaul

    Something tells me that the choas in the Ukraine is a form of revenge for Russia’s successful blocking of a full scale invasion of Syria and Iran. No European government was behind this idea (remember: F**k the EU).

    I’ll wager that the plans for this little tar baby were hatched in Tel Aviv. This is a true place within a larger place where reality is disregarded on a daily basis and old goat skins and “pure” blood ties are what determines reality.

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