Russia Hurt By Economic Warfare But US Is Being Utterly Destroyed By Our Trade Partner Allies

I am ceaselessly amazed at our media’s coverage of any news about or from Russia.  The Olympics was a Putin-bash for our media owners and the pro-Pussy Riot news was amazing considering that these women would be beaten to death or shot if they did here, what they do in Russia.  Naturally, the US media goes to Pussy Riot for economic information about Russia and loves to think that Russia is about to collapse.  Ukraine’s East Invasion Stalls, Troops Pull Back is a headline at but not in US media, of course.  Here is a typical example:  Russia Economy Worsens Even Before Sanctions Hit –


Consumer demand, which had been a primary driver of the Russian economy in recent years, stalled hard in 2013. Surveys by the Levada Center, Russia’s only independent polling institute, show that consumer sentiment has been on a slow, steady decline since 2010, while fears of inflation — especially rising prices for basic necessities, which have persisted since the 1990s — have grown along with new anxiety about a potential drop in wages or rising unemployment.

“If you want to open your eyes, you would admit that it is a slow, downward trend of social optimism and consumer optimism,” said Marina Krasilnikova, who leads income and consumer research for the Levada Center.


OK: we are mired in a global depression with dropping wages, the rich refusing to pay taxes, corruption via rich people buying politicians, warmongering and lots of government red ink…IN THE WEST!  The US being the bleeding heart at the core of the ongoing economic collapse, of course.  Here are the shocking statistics for Russia’s trade:

Russia always has trade surpluses


It is a continuous surplus!  The US, on the other hand, is total red ink:  Budget Sequestration Prevents US Free Trade Negotiations, All Of Which Are Total Failures Anyways | Culture of Life News

US trade deficit became very dangerous after free trade began

Money is flowing out of Russia.  But look at the US:

Balance of Investment Income classic hockey stick graph

Argh.  Looks like the really sick economic system is the US, not Russia. The only reason we still are alive is due to our trade partners accepting increasingly worthless US dollars and then parking this in their Sovereign Wealth FOREX holdings.  Trillions sit there alongside trillions of US government red ink spending debt which is sold to mainly foreign rivals and the Federal Reserve.

BLOG | Selling U.S. Out

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 9.23.38 AM


I have noted often the two red ink problems are mirror images of each other.  The US can’t tax its super rich because they park their wealth overseas.  Romney ran for President while doing this exact thing!  The US media loves, especially the rich Bilderberg owners of our media, to talk about how Russia’s oligarchs misbehave while misbehaving themselves in the exact same way.


The latest lie out of the West is that the EU, in total violation of contracts with Russia, are reversing the flow of gas so it goes illegally to Ukraine.  But as usual, the Russians can prove this isn’t happening:  ITAR-TASS: Economy – Gazprom may use its right to switch Ukraine over to prepayment for May deliveries of gas  MOSCOW, April 16. /ITAR-TASS/.


On Wednesday, Gazprom may avail itself of its right to switch the Naftogaz Ukraine over to prepayment for May deliveries of gas. This follows from the contract signed by Gazprom and Naftogaz on January 19, 2009.


On Tuesday, RWE and Nafrogaz Ukrainy announced a reverse supply of gas to Ukraine via Poland. Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s Permanent Representativeve at the European Union, when referring to a technological possibility of reverse supply, pointed out, “speaking in plain, not technological language, gas cannot be pumped in opposite directions via one and the same pipe”. “Therefore, an attempt at arranging a reverse supply, be it from Slovakia or from Hungary, to Ukraine, that would mean that the supply of gas from east to west (to the European Union) will diminish,” he said. Neither the RWE nor Naftogaz Ukrainy do not disclose a diagram for reverse supply of gas.


Even funnier is this news:  ITAR-TASS: Economy – Iran seeks to supply gas to Europe but won’t rival Russia — minister


“As of today, Iran has the biggest gas reserves in the world,” Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said in an interview with Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper on Monday.
“Now we’re working on a large-scale project to build a gas pipeline that will supply the ‘blue fuel’ to the Turkish border. Then we will be able to export gas to Western countries,” he said.
Iran has signed contracts with Swiss and Spanish companies, as well as with Royal Dutch Shell, but could not carry them out because of the international sanctions, Nematzadeh said.


Both Switzerland and Spain are in economic difficulties especially Spain.  They  need to do business with Iran.  One huge aspect to the ongoing global economic crisis is the fact that the US and Israel along with Saudi Arabia, have organized a boycott against Iran based on insane beliefs about WMD coming from two countries, the US and Israel, that have over a thousand nuclear bombs.


Then there is the one GOP Senator that is semi-sane:  Rand Paul’s surprising new enemies: Why GOP establishment wants him to get crushed – —John Feehery: Rand Paul wrong on NSA | TheHill


Paul is practicing the politics of paranoia, aimed directly at the American government. It’s a form of populist libertarianism that posits that the biggest threat to our liberty comes not from foreign powers but from our own government.


That kind of paranoia is not grounded in reality, but it unquestionably has a following in this country. Edward Snowden, for example, enjoyed a warm welcome at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, despite being the houseguest of Putin.


That Snowden could somehow continue to attract admirers despite his obvious betrayal of American national security says a lot about the deep vein of distrust that Paul is exploiting for his own political purposes.


But we live in an ever more dangerous world, and neither Paul’s paranoia nor Obama’s weakness is going to make America any safer.


Good lord.  HAHAHA.  The GOP’s corrupt AIPAC guys are insane.  So, the NSA spying on absolutely everyone is OK?  And is liberating?  Snowden is evil but then Russia is evil because they spy on everyone?  And what sort of ‘national security’ do we have if our government leaders constantly run everything in the red and refuse to pay taxes and accept dirty funds from rich oligarchs who demand these guys vote for things that make our trade and government deficits even worse?


What on earth is going on here?  Well, the ‘corrupt evil government’ happens to be our own!  Russia has problems but ours are much, much worse in the long run.  Much worse.

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11 responses to “Russia Hurt By Economic Warfare But US Is Being Utterly Destroyed By Our Trade Partner Allies

  1. Jim R

    In 1975 the USSR had Pravda and Izvestia and its own “Ministry of Truth”. When we read 1984, we could clearly see the propagation of outright lies, and that the USSR had implemented a real-life version of the tyranny described by Orwell.

    Now we have HuffPo, CNN, FOX, CNBC, the NyT, WaPo, etc. etc. etc., and as Conan O’Brien has ably demonstrated, they all get their material from the _same place_. And the resemblance to the Ministry of Truth, and to Pravda of the 1970s is downright creepy.

  2. Christian W

    You can add large parts of the EU media getting the same material from the same place. It’s ridiculous reading the same talking points in the US and in the EU more or less verbatim.

  3. emsnews

    It is sad!

    Whining about Russia or China’s economies while ours are collapsing is insanely stupid.

    Furthermore, the elites pushing the CO2 stuff want to cut down our economic forest totally and have us live in hovels while freezing to death.

    They are very malicious.

  4. Christian W

    What is scary is to see how cowed the Western leaders are. They are not even trying to make a stand, they are completely broken and pure mouthpieces at this point, unless they were believers to start with. It is as if they had been told that unless they do as they are told there will be no place for them on the Holy Arch (of prosperity and plenty) and they will be left with the teeming masses in destitution. Or worse.

  5. JimmyJ

    BBC reports that: “Mr Kerry said the extent of the crisis had been highlighted in recent days by the “grotesque” sending of notices to Jews in eastern Ukraine, demanding that they register themselves as Jewish.”

    The dogs broke the leash long ago but it only matters when the last house down the lane gets terrorized.


    ELAINE: Even the Jewish owned media says that is a fake story that came out of Israel.

  6. Christian W

    Blah give me a break. The US has this wee credibility problem with the neonazi government they created and to make that go away they create this little anonymous distraction that it’s the Eastern part of the Ukraine that are the real nazis… Yeah right.

  7. Christian W

    Zionist humor, spare me.

  8. JimmyJ

    I assumed it was a fake pamphlet distributed by the the neonazis to discredit the Russian Ukrainians, and local Jewish groups are calling it as such. They even show copies of it.

    “First reported Thursday by Israeli news organization Ynet and republished by USA Today, the flyers do exist, says Weiss. But they carry no authority, and were not sanctioned by the city’s temporary government. ”

    Can you provide confirmation the story itself is fake?

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  10. Luc

    Even the Jewish owned media says that is a fake story that came out of Israel…hahaha…from WHERE?

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