Kerry Uses Fake Jewish Proclamation To Be Nasty Towards Russian Ukraine Citizens

pro-EU real Nazis in Kiev

Right on the heels of our top CIA goon, Brennan, secretly visiting Ukraine to conspire with real nazis, after the already well-known plotting by the right wing Zionist neocon, Kagan’s wife, Nutland, we have this news which was debunked in Israel but is spreading like wildfire in our Zionist media here in the US:  ‘Letter to Jews’, Kerry cited, appears to be fake


Following the four-side meeting on the Ukrainian crisis in Geneva on Wednesday, John Kerry lashed out at a letter that was allegedly sent to Jewish citizens in Ukraine’s eastern town of Donetsk, asking them to register and report all their property, or be stripped of citizenship and face expulsion.


“In year 2014, after all of the miles traveled in all the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it’s grotesque… beyond unacceptable,” he stated.


Images of the letter have been circulating online.


The letter was stamped and signed by Denis Pushilin, who was identified on it as the “People’s Governor.”


However, Pushilin denied he had anything to do with the letter, claiming it was a fake.


“There are similar letters not only addressed to Jews, but also to businessmen, foreign students, people of certain other occupations,” he told RT. “This is actually a fake, and not a good one. There’s a sign “People’s Governor”. First of all, no one calls me by that title, no one elected me. Secondly, the stamp is the former mayor’s. Everything’s photoshopped.”


Naturally, Kerry who discovered he was a Jew not Irish when it no longer mattered to hide this information anymore, since he isn’t representing Boston which is heavily Irish, fell for this scam line, hook and sinker.  Of course, he is party to this idiotic scam.  The US has been desperate to call the anti-coup people ‘Nazis’ and lo and behold, sort of like when Kerry told the Syrian government not to use gas weapons, there it is….’proof’.


How childish, this does remind me of Hitler using dummies to make excuses for invasions.  No shock to see the US aping Nazi tactics.  The top picture here is of some of the real, live Nazis wearing their regalia openly in Kiev when they stormed the government and made the coup.

And this is the news we don’t see in the US thanks to our Zionist media owners:  PressTV – Israel settlers provoked soldiers to shoot Muslim …Israel Police Disperse Riot at Jerusalem Holy Site – ABC News did carry the story!  The NYT and WP buried it in the back pages even though both entities have many reporters in Israel.


Note the Jews are doing this during Passover.  Passover celebrates the looting of Egypt (yes, it is in the Bible itself!) and the movement towards Palestine with plans to invade and annihilate the people who live there.

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10 responses to “Kerry Uses Fake Jewish Proclamation To Be Nasty Towards Russian Ukraine Citizens

  1. Petruchio

    About the Numbskull and Bonehead John Kerry: is he a dual US/Israeli citizen? Do the US elites have ANY capacity for self-evaluation? It doesnt appear so. Otherwise WHY keep making it obvious you are a warmonger/propagandist who serves at the beck and call of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin “Nuts and a Yahoo”? Before long, Kerry will be holding up pictures of bombs a la Nuts and a Yahoo during his press conferences. However, the ‘Foxoids’ are still jabbing their index fingers in the air shouting, “USA!,USA!, USA!!

  2. Christian W

    Any chance of Kerry appologizing? A fat one I guess.

  3. JimmyJ

    As ridiculous as it might seem to some of us, this just adds to the narrative that Putin = Hitler. Can’t vilify Russians by calling them ‘Commies’ anymore so they have to be painted with some kind of extremist paintbrush and who else is demonic enough to work as a modern proxy of evil than Hitler. Whether your Jewish or not, Hitler still reverberates in people’s minds. Calling him simply “Satan” would probably be over the top.

  4. Christian W

    Saddam was Hitler too I recall. There’s been loads of Hitlers since Hitler. As you say ‘Hitler’ is an easy projection.

  5. emsnews

    And the real Hitlers live in Tel Aviv and DC.

  6. Christian W

    That’s why they point their fingers everywhere else and yell “Hitler, Hitler!”

  7. emsnews

    Just in the news: Israel is no longer allowing any Muslim men under the age of 65 to go to the Temple on the Mount.

    Good lord.

  8. hans

    This week a young British Muslim boy died in Syria. The BBC and rest of the British MSM media tried to justify by getting the boy’s father to say “He wanted to fight the regime, because the regime used chemical weapons, are killing women and children” shows how low the BBC has reverted to!

  9. Mr Bill

    Here is a brief quote from Press TV (link below), an interesting opposing perspective from the Western media. At a minimum, this quote should neutralize the Western perspective. But, would anyone really suspect the ADL of doing such a dastardly deed? Naw, not them!

    “Anonymous Ukraine, the group that intercepted emails outlining false flag terror attack plans made by the US Embassy in Kiev in March, has done it again. Emails intercepted between Washington DC offices tied to the Anti-Defamation League sent to neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine were the sources of the outrageous materials.”

  10. emsnews

    I bet that is the true story. Seriously sad. Few organizations are more dishonest than the anti-defamation league whch is all about defaming people.

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