Rand Paul Tells Truth About 9/11, Cheney Lies And Iraq So GOP And Media Hates Him


The Huffington Post is all over the map when it comes to the news.  Mainly, it resorts to flawed headlines and often pointless stories like this one which has both:  Rand Paul Won’t Publicly Say Why He Supports Mitch McConnell

Paul has avoided giving a detailed explanation for his endorsement of McConnell in the past as well. In February, when talk show host Glenn Beck asked him the same question, Paul said simply, “Because he asked me. He asked me when there was nobody else in the race, and I said yes.”…


Following the interview with Beck, Paul explained his support for McConnell in a statement to TPM. “Mitch McConnell is an important ally and a conservative voice in Washington for the people of Kentucky,” Paul said. “The commonwealth is stronger because of his service and I look forward to continuing to work with him.”


Both sound like normal answers to me.  So why the headline?  I notice wholesale demonization of Rand Paul in all the mainstream media this month.  Someone has given marching orders about this. One article in the Washington Post argued that he was stupid when Rand Paul said: GOP Should Reject Cheney for Defending “Torture”.

The New York Times attacked him over this suggestion: Is Rand Paul right that Cheney invaded Iraq for Halliburton Profits?   The above video is a trio of snarky young politicos who haven’t been totally ravaged and turned cynical by the Democrats…yet.


They make fun of Paul while at the same time snarking that ‘sometimes he is right’ but then, what about all the zillions of times ‘liberals’ are dead wrong?  Both the right and the left are secure in thinking their way is the best of all ways and can’t think that maybe being ideologically pure is a bad idea.


This is why we have no working alliances between the left and the right which means the influence peddlers bribing our politicians have a clear field to operate.  This also means when an ideology goes off the cliff, it is easier to avoid following them off the cliff.


For liberals, there are several cliffs.  One is the problem of black youth wanting to be gangsters.  This is an immense problem and can’t be solved by not having laws or security at home.  Letting them run wild is a disaster.  Yet, the solution the liberals have is…nothing.


Ditto with global warming: it is not warm, it is very cold.  For quite a while, in fact.  Except in California and Florida.  This is a huge problem, demanding higher taxes, fewer power plants and CO2 reduction while we freeze and our electric bills shoot upwards 300% in the last two years is a no-win situation.


The GOP mainstream keeps the DNC alive by supporting no civil rights for blacks, gays and women.  This pretty much isolates the party.  Meanwhile, real problems are buried by both parties such as this story illustrates:  9/11 families claim FBI spying on Guantánamo legal team ‘sabotage’ | World news | theguardian.com


Eight relatives of the victims of the September 11 attacks expressed frustration with this week’s unexpected derailment of the 9/11 military tribunal on Wednesday, saying they suspected that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s surreptitious inquiry into the defense teams amounted to sabotage…McGinly and the other family members watched the commissions learn that the FBI secretly approached a classification specialist advising bin al-Shibh’s lawyers to get him to become an informant, apparently because of an investigation into the media leak of an unclassified manifesto by accused 9/11 architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.


The defense teams argue that a government investigation into their own conduct creates a potential conflict of interest…


Note that news about this goofy trial is from England.  We learned about the gross spying on the lawyers of the people held and tortured at Gitmo last year.  It seems that the government, under Obama, continues to do strange, unconstitutional things to these tormented captives.  The trials, at this point in time, are utterly unconstitutional.  The delay in having hearings is criminal, it is over a decade and for no reason.


One of the readers of the Guardian has this tidbit:


CharlesSedley CharlesSedley

Test of HR 428

H. RES. 428

Urging the president to release information regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States.


December 2, 2013

Mr. JONES (for himself and Mr. LYNCH) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Select Committee on Intelligence (Permanent Select)


Urging the president to release information regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States.

Whereas President George W. Bush classified 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001;

Whereas the contents of the redacted pages are necessary for a full public understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001, attacks upon the United States;

Whereas the Executive Branch’s decision to maintain the classified status of these pages prevents the people of the United States from having access to information about the involvement of certain foreign governments in the terrorist attacks of September 2001; and

Whereas the people of the United States and the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks deserve full and public disclosure of the results of the Joint Inquiry: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives that–

(1) the President should declassify the 28-page section of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001; and

(2) the families of the victims and the people of the United States deserve answers about the events and circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001, attacks upon the United States.


And…Congress, thanks to being owned by AIPAC and the Saudi royals, won’t pass this bill.  Two Congressmen claim secret report on 9/11 pins the blame on Saudi Arabia after they got a glimpse of it.


NOW…my father did CIA stuff in Saudi Arabia many years ago and my family knew the royals who sent their younger males to visit us here in the US.  Bush Sr. was head of the CIA when my dad was in Saudi Arabia and both knew the royals, the Bush clan is hip deep in Saudi connections and there are pictures of Bush Jr. kissing the King of SA, even!


Of course, 9/11 was a Saudi adventure!  And had a lot of complicit stuff due to the CIA and the FBI deliberately looking the other way while the hijackers trained deep inside the US in Florida.  Mad Cow Morning News did a lot of research about this training which was located where more CIA agents are retired, where the Bush clan have a private island, Jupiter Island, and the state was run by a Bush son.


“Spooks, Saudis, Raytheon… and Venice”

Since most of the hijackers used Florida as their home base while they were in this country, and since 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, a big part of the story of the terrorist conspiracy that attacked America is, perforce, a story about “Saudis in Florida.”

And the company’s name that kept coming up again and again in connection with stories of Saudis in Florida is that of major U.S. defense contractor Raytheon.

As recently as July, for example, Raytheon and the U.S. Air Force tested a new air to air missile at the Venice Airport, designed to help create a ground-based air defense system for Homeland Defense, as well as at Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, Florida.

We had already heard a curious story about Raytheon and Tyndall AFB, after a former resident of the Florida Panhandle alerted us to a curious visit that took place there in April of 1999, when Raytheon sponsored a delegation of seven Saudi defense officials, led by Saudi Prince Turki bin Bandar, to Tyndall AFB.

“The Prince told me they were at Tyndall to get a helicopter repaired that President Roosevelt had given his father, who had been the Saudi king during World War II,” stated hotel proprietor Peggy Wood.

“When the delegation first arrived, they asked to speak to whoever was in charge, and they wouldn’t believe me when I told them that I was,” Wood recalls. “‘Women don’t run businesses,’ they told me.”

A Saudi delegation led by a Saudi Prince had indeed spent several weeks at Tyndall AFB, we confirmed with the owner of the Driftwood Inn in nearby Mexico Beach, where they stayed. And one of the members of the delegation staying at her beachside inn, Peggy Wood told us, was a Major Mohammed Al-Ghamdi.

Shortly after the 9/11 attack a man with that same name was taken into custody in Miami by the FBI.

The Al-Ghamdi’s of Saudi Arabia

Is the Mohammed al-Ghamdi suspected of taking part in the 9/11 plot the same man who visited Tyndall AFB with Saudi Royalty Turki bin Bandar?

“Good luck finding out,” said one local source. “They don’t want facts like the Saudi-Al-Qaeda connection made known, or that companies like Raytheon have been playing both sides of the fence.”

“I took a friend of mine from Finland over to Tyndall AFB one time,” the source continued. “We both flew the F15 simulator. How many Saudi’s do you reckon got flying time on that simulator over the years? Anyone who is a guest at Tyndall even foreigners can go in and fly the jet simulator’s. Our national security has been a joke for the last few years.”

The “Al-Ghamdi” name is prominent in the terrorist conspiracy. Three of the 19 hijackers were named Al-Ghamdi. Moreover two of those three Al-Ghamdi’s listed the Pensacola Naval Air Station, known as the “Cradle of U.S. Navy Aviation,” as their home address on their driver’s licenses, reported NEWSWEEK

In a never-retracted story last Sept 15, 2001, which nonetheless died an immediate death, NEWSWEEK reported, “The three foreign nationals training in Pensacola appear to be Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmad Alnami, who were among the four men who allegedly commandeered United Airlines Flight 93. That flight crashed into rural Pennsylvania. The third man who may have trained in Pensacola, Ahmed Alghamdi, allegedly helped highjack United Airlines.”


Hopsicker who is the investigator of this affair would love to be vindicated.  Our media, instead of demanding information, has been utterly complicit in this cover up and of course, the Bilderberg gang supports the Saudi royals and love 9/11 and are ecstatically happy that the US public was spooked into overspending by trillions on fruitless wars like the one Rand Paul is talking about.


Which is why the GOP leaders hate him and our media owners blacken his name.

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12 responses to “Rand Paul Tells Truth About 9/11, Cheney Lies And Iraq So GOP And Media Hates Him

  1. Interesting case, The unfortunate fact is that, these things will never go mainstream.

  2. The following documentary is also great on this topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XRMrMdn0NQ

  3. Jim R

    And yet, there is practically a festival every year to celebrate the tragedy.

    We need a BP oil spill festival and Japan needs a Fukushima festival as well..

  4. Being There

    Ron Paul during the last campaign said on Morning Joe that the privatized war contractors should pay taxes and have regulations since they take tax-payer money—-much to my shock that he said that!
    Nobody argued the point with him, but I noticed he wasn’t being covered by the media as much after that.

    You’re not allowed to tell the little people how their tax money is being used and screwed they are. So as much as I dislike Libertarians, I give them some credit, for speaking to the the insane corruption of our leadership.

    The graft must go on……

  5. emsnews

    The media loves to talk about him…trash talk. They do this to everyone who isn’t hewing the Bilderberg lines. Deviate from their beliefs and you suddenly vanish like I did ( I USED TO BE IN THE NEWS!) and they will, as in my case, even erase news about me, for example, in the past.

    This way, they play dumb. Since Paul won an election and is in the Senate, they have to trash him since they can’t disappear him.

    They DID disappear Jimmy Carter, a former President who they absolutely hate.

  6. larry, dfh

    Paul is about the only repub. who has a chance against Clinton, thus the effort to knock him out early.

  7. JimmyJ

    Robert Parry, in “The Dangerous Neocon-R2P Alliance” from ConsortiumNews, describes the unholy marriage of neocons and “responsibility to protect” (R2P) liberals that determines current US foreign policy. The MSM is R2P and promotes this common agenda.

    “Obama’s role in his administration’s foreign policy fiascos has mostly been to be caught off guard by mischief that his independent-minded underlings have stirred up. Then, once a crisis is touched off – and the propaganda machinery starts churning out hyperbolic alarms – Obama joins in the rhetorical exaggerations before he tries, quietly, to work out some compromise.

    In other words, rather than driving the agenda, Obama goes with the neocon-R2P flow before searching for a last-second off-ramp to avert catastrophe. That creates what looks like a disorganized foreign policy consisting of much tough talk but little actual hard power. The cumulative effect has been to make Obama appear weak and indecisive.”
    “Yet, even if the Ukrainian crisis is gradually walked back from the edge, I’m told that lasting damage has been done to the working relationship that had developed, behind the scenes, between Obama and Putin, collaboration that helped avert a U.S. war on Syria and hammered out a compromise to constrain Iran’s nuclear program.”


    I agree with this assessment. One look at Obama’s face in that war cabinet photo taken during the Bin Laden assassination showed him to be merely along for the ride.


  8. Petruchio

    “I notice wholesale demonization of Rand Paul in all the mainstream media this month….” This is a typical tactic of the propagandist: ignore it as much as possible, but if you MUST cover the likes of an enemy of the elites like Ron and Rand Paul, pick and choose your coverage for maximum negative spin. Take former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards as another example. Edwards is COMPLETELY nuked politically for fathering a child with his girlfriend–while still married to someone else. was COMPLETELY nuked because he fathered a child with his girlfriend. Seriously?? I am not defending infidelity by any means, but if Edwards is to be completely ruined politically by fathering a child out of wedlock, how do you justify NOTHING happening to Dick Cheney? Is it OK to be a former CEO of Halliburton and then , when you are Vice President, direct BILLIONS of dollars to your former employer? That’s OK?? Besides, if you were to collect all of the people who were born from sexual affairs by members of Congress–you could fill a fairly large ballroom with Members’ bastard kids.

  9. emsnews

    Of course, ALL scandals are picky choosy.

    Look, Mrs. Bush Jr KILLED HER EX BOYFRIEND!!!!

    How’s that????

    Hatfield uncovered that story. She ran into him in a deserted intersection with her damn CAR. Killed him. It was then covered up. To this day, virtually no one, since Hatfield was forced to commit suicide, knows this fact outside of me and a few others.

    Think! SHE KILLED HIM. Outright!

  10. Petruchio

    Yes, I heard about the “Ex-boyfriend murdered” story. A homicidal wife was likely seen as a plus in the Bush clan. But remember: it was Bush Sr. who DELIBERATELY bombed Iraqi electrical and water purification plants, causing the deaths of as many as 500,000 Iraqi children. I recall Madeline Albright’s answer to the question of “Is it wrong to bomb Iraqi water and electrical plants, killing 500,00 children?” Albright’s answer? “Well, it IS too bad that things like the deaths of 500,000 children happen, but it’s merely collateral damage.” Collateral damage. That was the term Albright used. Shocking. I think if some-or all-of these warmongers received a death sentence for their war crimes, that might be an attitude adjustment for them.

  11. Petruchio

    Notice how Hillary is being coy about running for President in 2016–for now? She nade the mistake of committing too early the last time she ran against Obama for the Dem. nomination. Hillary won’t make that mistake twice. I would, however, like to see the numbers for her as of now non existent Presidential campaign. As an aside, speaking of she-male war criminal politicians, I noticed that Condi Rice gave a speech in my home area–for $250,000. I’m sure her words of wisdom are precious. What is it about many women in the ruling elites, btw? Hillary, Condi Rice, Victoria Nuland to name three. Do they need to act more ruthlessly than most men just to prove they are “one of the boys”? I would say yes.

  12. emsnews

    Women are every bit as vicious as men because we are the same animal. Cultural limitations prevent women from directly killing as often as men but it is easy to kill if one wishes.

    In general, males kept females unarmed for obvious reasons (you don’t want your female you sleep with to kill you, after all!).

    Raising children means not being a murderous nut case ditto with males. Men who kill babies don’t have too many offspring to carry on the genes, after all.

    So moderating the desire to be a mass murderer is also in our genes.

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