Fake Liberals And Double Standard Conservatives: No More Real Patriotism Exists, Just Lies



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I used to go to Raw Story for news but now I visit on occasion to see how fall down the site has fallen as it has turned more and more towards raw propaganda and insanity.  Here is a particularly odious and ugly example:  Edward Snowden’s disembodied head makes sweet love to dreamy heartthrob Vladimir Putin | The Raw Story by T Bogg:

 Unsurprisingly, Putin called ‘Bolshevik!’ on the notion that Sweet Mother Russia would indulge in such intrusiveness, particularly at a time when they have their hands full annexing the Ukraine and signing up the Jews for summer camp in the Catskills Urals.


Actually Putin didn’t mention the Ukraine and the Jews because that have been awkward, but he did compliment Snowden as a fellow former spy only interested in freedom, and said that the only people using technology are “criminals and terrorists [who] use technology for their criminal acts” by which he means either the U.S. government or people who Instagram their breakfast tacos. Probably both.


Firedoglake is a supposedly ‘liberal’ blog but like so many liberal sites, has slowly slid into fascism due to a shaky understanding of history and civilization.  Note how T. Bogg falls for the ridiculous story about Jews in Ukraine being persecuted by the Eastern Orthodox Russian protestors who are supposedly forcing them to ‘register’.


Classic black ops activity of the CIA and Mossad.  Loud denials with proof doesn’t stop the story from circulating.  Attacking Snowden for being stuck in Russia after the US used military terror to force down the plane of a South American President hoping to capture Snowden is fascist.  T. Boggs won’t mention these details because the supremely fake liberal, Obama, ordered these outrages just like he is working with Israel to oppress Muslims.


Yes, he began his Presidency being nice to Muslims who were quite pleased with this sudden change in US policy but it lasted all of one month.  Then, frantic calls to stop this from DNC bribe collectors changed Obama’s course and he has been full-bore Zionist puppet since then.


There has been this constant problem inside the ‘liberal’ community which is simple to see: Jews who are ‘liberal’ are this way on their own behalf.  They want no religious discrimination here in the US…but severe discrimination in Israel.  They want open borders here in the US…and totally closed in Israel.


They want civil rights here and none in Israel, just privileges for Jews and nothing for everyone else who lives there.  Not even simple citizenship is allowed if one is the wrong religious/tribal group.  This double standard, a liberal US and a Nazi Israel, is why liberal Jews  here are so schizophrenic.


Now, it is disintegrating the entire concept of ‘liberalism’ and I notice many liberal websites are going insane lately.  They want high taxes on energy used by workers so the planet will be colder right when we are freezing our asses off here, they want draconian laws prying into private lives and rampant spying by Obama and his Zionist handlers so we will be protected from furious Muslims who are angry about Israel.


This lunacy is driving the liberal community into fascism and they don’t recognize the symptoms just like they couldn’t see that Trayvon was a thug itching to get into more fights and his killer was the result of open borders for many years and not ‘white Americans being mean’.  And then we have the crazy right wing which wants armed insurrection….for whites only.  While demanding the incarceration of most blacks who use their guns, too.


So white males can wave guns in the face of Federal agents and blacks are supposed to be shot dead on sight by armed cops!  And Occupy Wall Street where no one waved even one gun, is to be viciously suppressed by armed thugs with the right wing clapping along.  While Wall Street strips them of all their wealth and drives white middle class workers into poverty via free trade and annihilating unions.


Once upon a time, white workers waved guns at government agents while fighting for union rights like in coal mining territory or factories being held by strikers.  And they were gunned down by the army for this.  Now we have rich ranchers and religious fanatics doing this with the right wing applauding ‘resistance’ when it is all about destroying our civilization, not fighting for worker’s rights of fair pay and protection from exploitation.


NO ONE today supports worker’s rights with the workers fuming about welfare and liberals fuming about silly things like too much CO2 might warm up things a tad.  Oh my, we are all so doomed!  Meanwhile, our biggest cities have turned into hell holes of chaos and deterioration with only the banking cities thriving or cities that do internet/tech stuff like NYC or San Francisco.


The recent armed stand off with the Federal Government in Nevada mirrors the armed resistance in Ukraine except for one gigantic detail: one uprising is against an elected government (crappy as it is) and the Ukraine one is against an armed coup sponsored by the US and NATO countries that want to surround Russia with nuclear missiles.


The US is demanding the demonstrators disarm which is crazy, if they disarm they will be eliminated and the coup will rule the roost so being smarter than Gaddafi and Saddam both of whom disarmed and then were crushed, they know, as does Putin, that holding on is the only road they can safely take.


Obama continues to warmonger:  PressTV – Obama: US military ‘significantly superior’ to Russia’s


The Russians are “not interested in any kind of military confrontation with us, understanding that our conventional forces are significantly superior to the Russians,” Obama said during an interview with CBS News on Wednesday.


He was responding to a question about a Russian fighter jet buzzing a US Navy ship in the Black Sea on Saturday.


“We don’t need a war,” Obama said. “What we do need is a recognition that countries like Ukraine can have relationships with a whole range of their neighbors and it is not up to anybody, whether it is Russia or the United States or anybody else, to make decisions for them.”


Elsewhere in his remarks, the US leader accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being behind the unrest in Ukraine.


The coup in Kiev promises Russian language status choice as military op enters ‘inactive phase’ and this is only due to resistance in the rest of the collapsing country which is now torn in two.  The military refuses to fight for the right wing coup.  So they retreat for now.  Brennan was there the other day to secretly plot a way of crushing the demonstrators.


The US right wing should applaud the pro-Putin demonstrators who are doing exactly what the rancher in Nevada was doing.  But the right wing has to hate Russia in general even though Putin is a nationalist, not a communist.  Mindless hates are hard to drop.  Just like the right is stuck on hating gays and women in general except for women like Palin who pet their peeves.



The joint Geneva statement on Ukraine on Thursday called for “immediate implementation of de-escalation measures,” including the disarmament of all illegal armed groups, vacation of illegally seized buildings, occupied streets, squares and other places in all Ukrainian cities and towns.


The statement stressed that “all sides must refrain from any violence, intimidation or provocative actions.”


On the ground in the volatile eastern Ukrainian Donetsk region, the agreement was largely welcomed. However, the local protesters doubted that the Kiev coup-imposed authorities will be keen to follow its calls.


Trust no one especially an American President and his army of neocon Zionist handlers.  The difference between Bush and Obama has become vanishingly small. Obama, at least, shows no lust to warmonger, he simply reads what it handed to him with zero enthusiasm.


But he is a front just like Bush Jr.  had to pretend to be a cowboy, the minute he left office, he sold his fake ranch and ran off to paint pictures of dogs and other objects and generally act like a suburban housewife.  I said years ago, he was scared of horses and cows!  No one listened to me, of course.


The facade of tough rancher is hilarious.  Look at the ‘ranchers’ in the Nevada story. The guy at the center of the fight is as fit as a blowhard toad in a puddle.  He is way too fat for a horse to carry, it would have a spavined spine in no time.  He spends his days sitting on his ass while his cows wander around herded most likely by Mexicans.  As it was in the Old West, cowboys were generally Mexicans back then, too.


Now the Zionists are rampaging as we see in Israeli news:  Limits to Muslims on Temple Mount – Defense/Security – News – Israel National News


The decision to only allow Muslim men over the age of 50, and women of any age, to pray at the site was made by Jerusalem police commander Nitzav Yossi Pariente.


Further, only Muslim visitors with blue teudot zehut (identification cards), held by Israeli citizens and residents, are to be allowed in.


Police are deployed around the Temple Mount and in alleys and entrances around the Old City against expected attempts to disrupt the public order.


While we have a crazy police state with rampant spying, with fake liberals attacking Snowden for exposing this dirty business, we have fake liberals praising border hoppers who come here illegally!  Hillary Praises ‘Incredibly Brave’ Woman Admitting Undocumented Status | New York Observer


Hillary Clinton today praised a 19-year-old woman who broke down crying at an event as she revealed that she is an undocumented immigrant.


The former first lady, secretary of state and potential 2016 presidential candidate encountered the passionate young woman while taking questions at a “Girls: A No Ceilings Conversation” event at the Lower East Side Girl’s Club in Manhattan.


“I have a very different glass ceiling than some of the girls are exhibiting here. For the first time publicly I want to say that I’m an undocumented immigrant,” said the woman, named Nova, who quickly began to tear up after receiving some applause. “I want to say that it’s been extremely difficult for me to empower myself in America because I came here illegally when I was five. And I came from Split, Croatia, where I was born.”


So, this particular criminal comes from Croatia?  Yugoslavia is the hotbed for all sorts of crazy radicals who itch to start more wars like WWI.  This is where that war began with an assassination!  So, Hillary thinks it is ‘brave’ to sneak into the US????


Insane!  How would she react, she and her daughter who married a Jewish banker, if a Croat Christian snuck into Israel and then proudly boasted about this and then demanded the Jews share their huge social service support for themselves, with her?


They would arrest her on the spot!  With Hillary snarling that this is evil.  And this is why ‘liberals’ have vanished in the US. They are really fascists when in Israel and anti-patriot in the US.  They want us to be overrun by aliens who come in with no permission while these fake liberals spy on everyone while screaming we are consuming too many hamburgers and burning stuff to stay warm is heating up California so we have to pay high taxes to save us from phantom heat waves.  All, while letting in millions and millions of illegal aliens who are no longer called that but various euphemisms to hide this fact are used by fake liberals to fool us.

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18 responses to “Fake Liberals And Double Standard Conservatives: No More Real Patriotism Exists, Just Lies

  1. Being There

    I have been truly shocked by liberal MSM about the Ukraine and Putin. It seems that we were beating the drums against Putin before the Olympics and the the coup in the Ukraine (you know the one that has Victoria Nuland and the ngo’s Video and voice prints all over this—all with the Chevron logo behind her?
    Morning Joe (Mika’s daddy’s voice in the matter) had 2 shows I found interesting. One was Carter saying that Putin can have Crimea, but not the eastern part of the Ukraine. The other was on Thurs Morning. It was the Osama treatment I mentioned already.
    Here’s the link:

  2. Luc

    Strange how Jews advocate the necessity that all White countries become multicultural and take in untold millions of African, Middle Eastern and Asian immigrants – to the point where whites will become minorities in their own countries before the end of this century…

    Yet in Israel, they demand that the Jewish nation remain for Jews only. Israel has a $124 million initiative to get rid of immigrants – offering as much as $3500 to each refugee in exchange for them leaving the country. Other refugees are detained indefinitely, while they all face persecution from the government and members of society.

    Strange also, how in Israel it is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew (DNA proof and birth certificates must be provided in some cases)… yet in white countries they promote racemixing and multiculturalism…

  3. Jim R

    I seem to recall a story a while back about a ‘lost tribe’ of Jews in Africa.

    These African blacks (any group of people quickly develops black skin when living in the tropics, due to the sun, you know) have some sort of DNA evidence that actually links them to Israel thousands of years ago.

    I wonder how well accepted these Jews are in Israel?

  4. Christian W

    I have been truly shocked by liberal MSM about the Ukraine and Putin. It seems that we were beating the drums against Putin before the Olympics and the the coup in the Ukraine (you know the one that has Victoria Nuland and the ngo’s Video and voice prints all over this—all with the Chevron logo behind her?

    The attack on Russia is very much a Zionist operation. They have been attacking Putin for a long time (Georgia was a Zionist operation too). They know Russia is a strong leg for the opposition to Israel’s expansion and plans to attack Lebanon and Iran and Syria. Ever since Putin and Lavrov destroyed the West over Syria in the eyes of the sane part of the public they have hated Putin with intense fervor.

    Also of course there is the economic windfall if they can flip Russia back into the hands of oligarchs who loot for the West as much as themselves.

    And the pipeline and gas deals (none for Russia, all for Western/Saudi/Gulf Big Oil). And protection of the petrodollar that is Israel’s lifeblood.

    There is no ‘liberal MSM’ simply.

  5. melponeme_k


    They aren’t accepted. I remember reading a story or two about the vicious racism they experienced in Israel. Then the stories disappeared. Just like the odious stories about potential Israeli citizens having to trace their matrilineal lines to prove they were pure Jewish for so many generations.

  6. Christian W

    How can there be a ‘free press’ when the news agencies like Reuters and AP have Zionist ‘clearinghouses’? I see the same talking points in Norwegian media (tv, tabloids and supposed quality broad sheets), Swedish media, Finnish media, the UK media, never mind the US MSM.

    The Scandinavian media have some obvious moles, like the UK media does, but a lot of the articles in the press are simply regurgitating Reuters and AP crap.

  7. Christian W

    Note the similarites between the planted “All Jews have to register” story in the Ukraine (very typical trick) and the reality in Israel where Muslims have to be documented and are pushed into ghettos/bantustans, Jews have to be scrutinized for pure blood lines, Muslims are second rate citizens with restrictions where they can move etc etc etc.

  8. Petruchio

    Elaine: first of all thank you for not publishing a picture of Hillary Clinton. She makes my skin crawl. Maybe only a picture of Ronald Reagan makes me wretch worse. If Hillary is the Dem candidate for President in 2016, only radical reform of our electoral system wil help rid the current mode of its corruption. Maybe it”s too late already. Anyhow, the elites promotion of unlimited immigration was of course done on purpose. The goal was/is to destroy income levels for everyone but the elites. It doesn’t take a genius in economics to know if you MASSIVELY increase the labor pool you will drive down wages. That has been the objective all along. Of course, when it comes to the elites, competition is a bad thing. It’s healthy for everyone and everything else. I can remember way back around 2000–maybe a year or two before, the convenience stores were paying $10.00/hr. And some of them were offering tuition asisstance and even health benefits. They don’t pay that now,14 years later! The elites knew these wage increases had to stop and they did. Keep the peasants poor and hungry and they won’t have time to complain or do anything about it.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, the Mirror at work. Everything is widdershins.

  10. Vengeur

    Everything Elaine says about phony left is also true about their mirror image, the phony right wing. They serve the same masters. To call either liberal or conservative is an insult to true liberalism or true conservatism. As we notice lately, the phony left and the phony right gladly do a tag-team when ANYBODY speaks a smidgen of common sense regarding the endless war downward spiral of Zionist dominated U.S. foreign and domestic policy.

  11. kenogami

    “I seem to recall a story a while back about a ‘lost tribe’ of Jews in Africa.

    I wonder how well accepted these Jews are in Israel?”

    They are called Falashas; and come from Ethiopia. They are treated as badly as the other black Africans in Israel. Their birth rates has fallen drastically since they came to Israel because the women are forcibly injected contraceptives.

    There was a scandal several years ago when they freely donated blood for the analog of the Red Cross; as soon as they were gone, the blood was thrown in the gutter because it was “inferior blood” and the autorities did not want to use such blood for transfusion
    into white Jews.

  12. I am no liberal but here are several liberal websites
    Mark Thoma

    World Socialists

  13. emsnews

    There is still an honest left and honest right. But they are attacked constantly by the Big Shots. Our media hates BOTH with a passion. Candidates mouth the words of the real left and real right but it is a disguise. Then, when winning an election, they throw away what they said and they go full Bilderberg/elites.

  14. Christian W

    The honest left and the honest right are people who understand principles like limits, balance, democracy, equality, the law, science and so on. They are anathema to the Zionists and the deluded elites who just want to loot everything they can and have absolute power.

  15. larry, dfh

    You’re thinking about the Lemba people of southern Africa. They are genetically as much or even more Jewish than the swine in Israel.

  16. John

    There is so much unvarnished truth in this article and discussion thread.

  17. USA Today had a front page story about the fake “Ukraine Jews to Register” story on Friday. I am sure they will devote a front page story Monday to recant their disinformation?

  18. emsnews

    Nope, they won’t.

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