CIA-Funded Right Wing Kiev Killers Attack Unarmed Citizens In Eastern Ukraine

For the last 5 years while the US is mired in this inflation-riddled depression with millions of Americans plunging into poverty and our debts mounting higher and higher and with a huge trade deficit that never ends, while our own government tells us there is no money for Americans while trying to legalize foreign invaders calling them ‘undocumented workers’, we are being roughly shoved into WWIII with Russia and China as the US sides with open fascists in Japan and Europe!  While pushing for coups and wars against Muslim citizens in the oil drenched parts of the world.


BREAKING NEWS:  U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says has just been announced!  This is insane.  Will lead to major war in the long run.


BREAKING NEWS:  Agence France-Presse: Rebels in Ukraine town call for Russian peacekeepers after gun battle while Ukraine Forces Accuse Russia Of Staging Shooting: ‘Cynical Provocation’…which is funny coming on the heels of the CIA-produced ‘Jews’ letter!  Ukraine peace deal hangs by a thread after gun battle because there will never be ‘peace’ there so long as empires are fighting each other.


This is OIL WARS being conducted under the cover of ‘global warming’ howls from our leading elites who have gigantic CO2 footprints and who run our banking system so badly, it has crashed and burned and now runs on a banking form of CO2: Quantative Easing.


They are pushing very hard to shove us deep into Russian territory in order to cut Russia’s profits from oil and gas.  For the crazy push to make energy more expensive has led to a rich Russia and would enrich Iran which Saudi Arabia and US oil giants do not want.  So many Americans, trained to hate Russia in the first place, will salivate with well-coordinated propaganda that is very one sided as today’s news shows quite clearly.


Ukraine crisis: Geneva deal hangs by a thread after deaths in Slavyansk | World news | there is very little investigation of official news even the Guardian is flat footed when it comes to news from the eastern half of Ukraine.  But here is some real news, direct from Ukraine’s Russian speaking people (the following is a translation by a Guardian reader):


 Carmen Catherina George
20 April 2014 11:03am

Some details. 4 SUVs, machine gun, pravij sector badge, aerial maps…
[div class=”excerpt”]Slavyansk Self Defense roadblock was attacked by people without insignia, who started to shoot from cars approaching roadblock.
They killed three unarmed self defense helpers, then self defense arrived, killed two of the attackers and captured the cars.
Right Sector insignia found inside of cars and lots of advanced weaponry, not army issued.
Found in their cars were advanced weaponry like plastic explosives, night vision goggles and other stuff.
[div class=”excerpt”]
In Slavyansk “Right sector” attacked a checkpoint and killed three people. At the time of the attack there were only 26 unarmed locals who were on duty at the checkpoint.
The gunmen pulled up in four SUVs, ran out of the car and opened fire on everyone who was at the checkpoint. As a result, three people died on the spot. Many fled into the woods to escape. The militia is combing the territory looking for the other attackers. The attackers knew there was no militia there and that the people at the checkpoints would be unarmed.
At the sound of shots, the Donetsk militia came and managed to repulse the attack. Two of the attackers were killed.
When they searched the dead radicals they found “right sector” certificates, Dmitri Yarosh business cards, sniper ammunition and a large arsenal of weapons.
News report video report at link showing what was captured. Video shows a dead Pravij Sector (Right Sector) body, his identification, aerial maps, US cash in $100 bills, a machine gun, machine gun clips, a rifle, rifle ammo, a large caliber ammo, Dmitri Yarosh’s business card on the Bandera neonazi black and red, a Pravij Sector uniform medaillon (#0020), a machete….


Carmen Catherina George

20 April 2014 11:16am
Video shows a dead Pravij Sector (Right Sector) body, his identification, aerial maps, US cash in $100 bills,…
I bet they’re getting a poor share of the famous 5 billion.  You forgot to mention his cowboy hat.


В Славянске “Правый сектор” атаковал блокпост: погибли трое жителей – Первый по срочным новостям — LIFE | NEWS

Dead Catholic Ukraine fascist fighters who attacked unarmed Orthodox


So here is the NYT which has no agents in Eastern Ukraine but reports faithfully whatever the fascists in Kiev put out:  In Echo of Cold War, Obama Strategy Writes Off Putin


President Obama is focused on isolating Russia by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside world, limiting its expansionist ambitions and effectively making it a pariah state.


And here is the Washington Post’s top story:  Ukraine’s military asks for help, and the people pitch in


With the treasury empty and the military short of weaponry and other supplies, citizens open their wallets to help.  1 killed in checkpoint shootout  NATO moves to ease worries


It was a lot more than ‘one killed’.  And no mention of who the original killers were and the likelihood they were in the pay of the CIA because the goofy ‘Jew’ leaflet and this armed attack by guys with lots of American dollars and weapons and a cowboy hat.  It is no coincidence that Brennan’s secret visit was all about arming the far right wing and giving them money to act.


All the US headlines today mention ‘revisionist power’ including the Washington Post which is the main CIA outlet for propaganda.  The new owner is an internationalist oligarch so of course, he approves of the headline about ‘people pitch in’ to fund the right wing coup military operating on behalf of the Catholic Kiev gang.


Screen shot 2014-04-20 at 7.38.48 AM

Talking with Poland’s foreign minister about the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s next moves – The Washington Post: the Catholic leader of Poland complains about Russia not ‘allowing democracy’ while he admits he supports the coup in Kiev and wanted it badly.

So the U.S. should move troops to Poland?


Yes. I have talked about it to [Secretary of State] John Kerry and the supreme allied commander of Europe [Gen. Philip Breedlove]. We believe that after 15 years of our membership in NATO, and in view of the events in the Ukraine, this region deserves a reassurance package.


So, the US is TOO POOR and TOO DEEP IN DEBT to give a dime to Americans in the form of social services, NASA is being cut back while Russia and China resume moving towards taking over outer space and vital services to protect us from the weather are being cut and the earthquake maps of the geological survey have been reduced by 50% because there is no money and sequestration is hurting research in many fields…and we are supposed to park an army in POLAND????


How insane is this!  Europe has as big a population as the US and is the world’s #1 economy, the US is not #1, Japan is abusing its relation with our military to take over disputed islands causing WWIII to rear up its ugly head even more…and we are funding ALL this garbage while being told there is no money for us at home.


No money to protect OUR borders from illegal aliens!  No money for security of the people here, just money for wild spying on everyone on the planet none of which protects our borders or our homes here in the US and then we get pushed into distant wars over insanely stupid things which is what Ukraine is to us: a black fiscal hole that will eat up our finances which are all debts which are sold to…RUSSIA AND CHINA!!!


Talk about utterly demented.  sunset borger


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14 responses to “CIA-Funded Right Wing Kiev Killers Attack Unarmed Citizens In Eastern Ukraine

  1. emsnews

    A Ukrainian rabbi whose congregation was the target of an anti-Semitic leaflet that drew global media interest and condemnation from the U.S. government believes it was a hoax and wants to put the matter to rest.

    But five days after the incident in the restive eastern city of Donetsk, Ukraine’s prime minister, anxious to maintain U.S. support against Russia, issued a statement accusing Moscow and told a U.S. TV channel he would find the “bastards” responsible.

    Following earlier Russian allegations of anti-Semitism aimed at the new Ukrainian leadership, the rabbi’s call for an end to the furore seems unlikely to prevent mutual accusations over minority rights continuing to inflame the conflict.

    On Monday evening, as Jews left a synagogue after a Passover service, masked men handed out fliers purported to be from pro-Russian separatists who seized the regional authority building in Donetsk and styled themselves as its government.

  2. e sutton

    “No money to protect OUR borders from illegal aliens! No money for security of the people here, just money for wild spying on everyone on the planet none of which protects our borders or our homes here in the US and then we get pushed into distant wars over insanely stupid things which is what Ukraine is to us: a black fiscal hole that will eat up our finances which are all debts which are sold to…RUSSIA AND CHINA!!! Talk about utterly demented.”

    It’s akin to handing a very sharp sword to someone who doesn’t really want to have to kill you, but is getting extremely tired of your fusking with them.

    I keep trying to figure out if there is some master NWO plan behind all of this gross insanity but I simply cannot get my mind wrapped around it. None of it makes any sense or has logic. Nor can I see how the U.S. will come out ahead in all this meddling. If Europe has ANY brains left at all, it will throw U.S. under the bus before it gets completely out of control. A VERY cold winter will be upon us in about 6 months. Not a good time for Europe to be tweaking Russia’s nose, even under the pretense of U.S. protection!

  3. What is totally demented is that Europe has depended on gas flowing from the Ukraine instead of developing a number of other places of origin.

    And it was demented that the Ukrainians were being compelled along a timeline and plan to join the EU.

  4. An interesting choice on gp machine gun MG42 Circa 1942-45


    ELAINE: Yes, by the way, I own two WWII guns which I use for shooting vermin here on my mountain. They still work just great! Just have to clean them on occasion or after shooting.

  5. emsnews

    The ‘alternate fuel’ the EU wanted is from Libya. But the NATO invasion there is a failure as the natives are not cooperating at all.

  6. Jim R

    My tax dollars at work. Disgusting.

    We just watched “Hyde Park on Hudson”, in our Netflix queue. It’s interesting to compare that time and the present. Back when FDR was gearing up for WWII, the US was a major oil exporter, now not so much. The US was a major industrial powerhouse.

    Now, having relocated our industrial base to China, we are going to start another war? Pu-leeze.

    The US was big, in WWII. And it ‘won’ the Cold War. But being big isn’t everything. A dead, beached whale is big.

  7. e sutton

    What we DO have in the U.S. is plenty of wealth. Only problem is, it’s FIAT wealth, which thanks to quantitative easing, is rapidly becoming even more devalued each day. China is hoarding gold, along with India. Hell, we don’t even have a disciplined populace here in the states. Mostly fat, cheese doodle snacking, short attention spanned sheep who recant, “USA, USA, USA” every time one of their civil liberties is yanked violently away from them. At least during WWII you had a populace that was hard-bitten by the Great Depression and had a fair degree of morality/decency. And weren’t afraid to introduce their foot to your ass if you stepped all over their rights (union struggles, wage fights). People who worked hard labor, if they were lucky enough to find jobs at all, worked in factories or farms. Very few “paper pushers” then, which contrasts to the “work” people do today. Shuffling papers.

    Yeah, let’s pick a fight with Russia and China, two of our biggest creditors. That’ll work! And let’s lead the fight with a pansy “yes” man, who takes orders from Israel, the modern Nazi Germany of our day. Compare the whiney little bitch that is Obama with the cool, detached, diplomatic demeanor of Putin, whose ice-cold stare should be enough to make any SANE leader shit his pants! Yeah, keep poking that big ol Russian bear in the eye, while giving the one fingered salute to China. Yeah, that’ll work!


    ELAINE: A small correction: we have lots of DEBT. Little ‘wealth’.

  8. Global Research News Team posts American Conquest by Subversion: Victoria Nuland’s Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion To Subvert Ukraine … … Diana Johnstone relates Victoria Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan, leader of the younger generation of “neo-cons”.

    After serving as Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson, she is now under secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia.” Hear Victoria Nuland’s very concise, almost victorious speech in Youtube December 13, 2013, US Ukraine Federation Video …

    And Prof Michel Chossudovsky asks Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretly Flown Out And Confiscated By The New York Federal Reserve? …

  9. Christian W

    @ theyenguy

    Russia has a northern pipeline to Europe that bypasses Ukraine. Likewise Iran has a pipeline to Turkey that could be used to get gas to Europe (Saudi Arabia’s worst nightmare – hence the war on Assad in Syria and attempts at creating a puppet regime there that would allow a Gulf pipe to Europe). Ukraine itself has no gas (unless you count fracking) and is itself dependent on Russia for gas and uranium for Ukraine’s nuclear plants.

  10. Jim R

    Ukraine does not want to be reminded about its nuclear plants.

    But at least the Russians went in to try to remediate that mess, if just a little. The Japanese are still trying to deny that they have made a mess.

  11. emsnews

    Yes, Fukushima and Chernobyl. So let’s make us some warmongering offshore Japan and inside Ukraine. Wow.

  12. Being There

    The economy is running brilliantly for those in the right place to glean the spoils of all our perverse adventures. That’s the economic model. We pay with all we’ve got while they turn themselves into neo-Royalty–all with inbreeding as well. Don’t forget the Bush family is related to King George III (ya know the one we fought a revolution against).

    They run the world and think they’re gods who discern who lives and who dies and the rest can work for a dollar a decade.

    Just codifying their god-given place. The world must be strip-mined. Yes we will return to the dark ages and they will say that they are there by god’s decree.

  13. tio

    This is all about ‘Europe’ or more accurately what eurasia represents. Imagine for a minute what if the U.S. didn’t exist, how would trade/security develop with the current crop of actors? This is why Ukraine must be neoconned, to render unto caesar a supplicant throat. PNAC or rather PNZC demands it.

    Anyway may I ask how is your hubbie, Chris? And will there ever be a ‘revenge of the savers’, as you once predicted? Plus some cowhand in the US tried to hack my email, how rude.

  14. emsnews

    Chris is no longer as bad off as last month but is under observation via a heart monitor implant. My fingers are crossed.

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