Yellen, No Surprise, Will Keep ZIRP Banking Going Despite Obvious Huge Inflation Surges

Federal Reserve cornucopia

A photo I took in DC showing the cornucopia of the Federal Reserve

Our elites have done various things over the years that created the present economic mess.  They did all these things in order to make themselves richer and more powerful but this process has destroyed the US economic base and many of our manufacturing cities lie in smoldering ruins today thanks to stupid policies.  It all began with the Vietnam War and politicians hiding the real cost of that war via printing money.  To do this, Nixon and Burns cut the gold standard.  To fix the following hyperinflation, free trade was instituted whereby the US now imports more and more manufactured goods, this in turn, killed our cities and laid waste to the working class that once manufactured goods.


This same vast, high school educated population is now useless eaters to the ruling elites who have also killed inflation by the simple tactic of not defending our borders and letting in many millions of illegal aliens who worked for less pay.  Now we live in a hyperinflation world thanks to the Federal Reserve cutting food and fuel from inflation statistics and this is why we have rampant unemployment of American citizens but not illegal aliens:  Yellen Says Job Weakness Forestalls Raising Rates –


In one of her first major public speeches since assuming the top job at the Fed in February, Ms. Yellen said that while “the recovery has come a long way” — citing a rebounding housing sector and a resurgent auto industry as examples — a robust and healthy job market still appeared to be “more than two years away.”…


Ms. Yellen also said that the risk of inflation rising above the Fed’s 2 percent target remained less of a threat than the danger posed by too little inflation. She emphasized that even as the headline unemployment rate, now at 6.7 percent, has been falling, other measures of the job market’s health — like the number of people forced to take part-time positions because they can’t find full-time work, the still-sizable ranks of the long-term unemployed and the proportion of the population that has dropped out of the work force entirely — all point to weakness…


Optimism about the economy’s prospects has increased in recent weeks, with some experts arguing that the end of an unusually cold and icy winter will encourage more retail activity, hiring and construction in the months ahead, after a weak patch at the end of 2013 and the very beginning of 2014. Ms. Yellen said she and fellow Fed policy makers shared that basic outlook and “generally believe that a significant part of the recent softness was weather-related.”


So, while half the government howls about how we will roast to death and this is dangerous, the Federal Reserve admits it is very cold and this was a bad thing!  Dishonesty about climate statistics runs alongside blatant lies about our money system.  That is, the Fed and the DC government both pretend there is no inflation when inflation rages in the real world just like blizzards  hammered most of the country most of the winter.


Basically, everything our elites have done has made unemployment worse. Because they love ZIRP banking which means they get cost free capital, that is, they pay savers NOTHING, they are most anxious to keep this going because it is making them obscenely richer.  So, they claim there is no inflation and they piously state they are ZIRPing savers to save workers which is totally false, of course.


Producer Price Index: Final Demand less Foods And Energy

US inflation minus food and fuel


Just in the last ten years of ‘deflation’ food and energy prices soared over 10%. Even looking at the finished consumer goods we see rampant inflation ever since the gold standard was dropped:  Producer Price Index: Finished Consumer Foods – FRED – St. Louis Fed

food inflation shoots upwards steadily since decoupled from gold standard

Far from slowing down the last 15 years, it has actually begun to do the fearful hockey stick rise unlike world temperatures.  Since ZIRP has been around in the last 8 years, it has grown very bad indeed.  Anyone shopping for food or filling the gas tank sees huge inflation at work.  Cheap credit also caused housing to shoot upwards, too.


Because home owners could use this inflationary value on the home to get cheap loans, people were quite happy with fake inflation ratings.  But the sickness of statistical cheating which created these unrealistic cheap loans led to the housing bubble which wrecked the entire banking system which is alive only due to the Federal Reserve buying up fake cheap loans and holding these out of the markets to prop up the ZIRP system which is fake.


Producer Price Index: Fuels & Related Products & Power – FRED – St. Louis Fed

energy inflation shoots up after gold standard dropped


Every time fuel prices plunge briefly, the Fed claims there is no inflation and we need ZIRP, but we see clearly here that these sudden collapses in price come only after very sudden rises caused by US wars and boycotts of many energy export powers.  The overall trend is rapidly upwards since, again, the gold standard was ended.


I knew Yellen would keep the ZIRP system going so our government could continue to run all things in the red, that is, our trade deficit and government spending deficit.  She is a Zionist and doesn’t care if the US is turned into an empty carcass and cast aside.  The US banking system under the control of dual citizens of the UK and Israel has been a complete disaster for both countries which are mired in red ink of every sort and both of which are used as banking centers backed by outrageously expensive military machines which run on red ink and which are manned by the populations enslaved by this system.


So we die for oil wars while our rulers scream at us to stop using oil and coal because it might go above freezing in winter occasionally.  And we are to save money while getting zero interest for putting this in the bank while the bankers collect multi million dollar bonuses for doing ‘deals’.  This will end badly.  Especially if it gets much colder.

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7 responses to “Yellen, No Surprise, Will Keep ZIRP Banking Going Despite Obvious Huge Inflation Surges

  1. Luc

    Krugman also wrote that ‘TARP should have been much more’? Or was it ‘quantitative easing’ should have been much more? He gets $ from the NY Times?

  2. tio

    I found this:
    FDR’s Hayseed Coalition: Roots Of Modern Money Printing
    “The Thomas Amendment was a nascent version of today’s delusion that economic setbacks, shortfalls, and disappointments are caused by too little money. The true cause, both in the early 1930s and today, was actually an excess of debt. This explanation is never appealing to politicians because there is no real cure for the liquidation of excess debt, except the passage of time and the forfeiture of the ill-gotten gains from the financial bubbles preceding it.”

    When will the ‘markets’ call time on this foolishness or are they just the latest conspirators to be revealed in this matrix of deceit. Co-ordinated global financial repression? How long before a bric cracks, and what are the odds that they will favour the precious? Bug has a date with windshield then sayonara zetsubou sensei. This will end badly, but when?

    I hear the train a comin’

    p.s. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too 🙂


    ELAINE: I have been yelling this from day one! BUBBLES are caused by easy lending and this always causes a capital collapse which leads to a depression. More lending doesn’t fix anything if it is given to zombie banks and the super rich.

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  4. Petruchio

    ” Yellen Says Job Weakness Forestalls Raising Rates –” The People running the Fed know FULL WELL that QE/TARP has had, will have, no effect on improving unemployment. That is EXACTLY why they link QE and raising interest rates to jobs! It is obvious the Fed intends to keep QE going on to infinity-or at least until the Crash. This is when I predict the ‘bail-ins’ will start. The Feds lackeys in govt will likely announce a bank holiday, probably late on a Friday evening and…Presto! For every $100 you had in your checking account is now worth $48. The only thing that may not be yet decided is the false flag event the banking cartel will use to explain it all.
    Just wondering: is Janet Yellen a dual US/Israeli citizen?

  5. DeVaul

    Several months ago, my bank’s ATM machines starting dispensing 50 dollar bill notes in lieu of 20’s. This surprised me, as 50’s were supposed to be rare, and also because many small stores will not accept them. They have these little signs out saying “50’s not Accepted”. It was because of counterfeiting, mainly, but now I have noticed that the signs have disappeared as well.

    Yesterday, I pushed the “Fast Cash” button, which usually gives you two 20’s and a 10, but it gave me a 50! What good is that? Now, I had to go somewhere else to get change. My wife and I cannot share a 50.

    I noticed that these 50 dollar bills are not like the clean, crisp, newly printed 20’s, but are very worn and heavily used. Where did they come from? Are they coming from overseas? I kind of worry about that.


    ELAINE: Welcome to inflation. All you need is paper and the ability to draw zeros.

    Has anyone else noticed this change with their bank’s ATM machine?

  6. El Kabong

    more fake data

    Fraud runs rampant in Census Bureau

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