Abe Boasts Openly About Duping The Americans In Trade And Warmongering

EVERY President beginning with Reagan in particular, gets Japanese money when they retire and now, even before that, when they are running for President.  Like AIPAC, Japanese money warps our government so it works for them, not us.  This is why all our trade with Japan is nearly totally one way and ditto, Israel which also runs a big trade surplus with the US while both nations demand we back every imperial move possible and provoke deliberate wars with neighbors expecting us to fight their battles.


President Obama dutifully gave the Japanese everything they wanted and in return, they gave him nothing at all except, I presume, strong suggestions that he come back when he retires and give a speech for $3 million.  Rubbing his hands with joy, Abe says he achieved ‘historic’ success with Obama ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion: this comment from one of the readers pretty much sums up what this all means for the people of Japan who are as abused as the US public, all deals being goodies for their oligarchs and the LDP:


DisillusionedAPR. 25, 2014 – 04:01PM JST
Well, I wouldn’t say nothing was achieved. At least Obama got to eat at Jiro’s.


Some14some – The success and failure of Abenomics lays heavily on the TPP. The only reason Japan is procrastinating is because they would have to give up their price fixing practices for produce and subsidising farmers. But, this is the failing of the Japanese economists’ logic.


They increased the sales tax to contribute to the public debt, but by increasing the sales tax and not ensuring the corporate tax cuts were passed on to employees as salary increases people are spending around 5-10% less.


This means the sales tax increase is a step in the wrong direction. However, if Japan gives up their price fixing on commodities and floods the market with cheaper imported goods they will increase spending and the tax hike will actually mean something other than a third arrow up the butt for consumers.


Japan is running a huge trade deficit right now and the ONLY country they have a big trade surplus with is the US.  So they will kill to maintain this relationship so it is vampiric.  They must, to survive.  The cherry on the cake was the US promise to die for Japanese imperialism.  Disgusting is a word that barely describes this despicable promise to fight for uninhabited islands right offshore of a very angry China and annoyed Korea, both north and south.


Xinhua Focus: Right-leaning Japan becomes Washington’s liability in Asia-Pacific  which is correct.


The New York Times agrees that this deal business with hostile Japanese winning everything is bad:  Obama Suffers Setbacks in Japan and the Mideast.  The ‘set back in Israel is due to Netanyahu and is also due to the fact our government is owned by dual citizen Jews who hate this country and love their home base and are actively looting this nation and making their home base stronger.


I expect them to demand what the Japanese got, that is, direct promises to fight all Jewish wars for them and die for them.  A few more million bucks in bribes should fix that.


Here is proof that the Japanese and ONLY the Japanese stopped the negotiations while Obama was in Tokyo to sign the accords:  Amari says no accord reached with U.S. on TPP ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The ambitious 12-nation deal has stalled as Tokyo and Washington lock horns over key details, including Japanese tariffs on agricultural imports and U.S. access to its ally’s major auto market.


For many years, the Japanese didn’t allow US cars in Japan.  Our trade differential in this matter is huge.  From this winter:  Ford Looks to Fiesta to Increase Sales in Japanese Market but so far, has sold virtually none in Japan in stark contrast with the rest of Asia which has bought many of these cars.  90% of the car deals between Japan and the US are one way in Japan’s favor. And they have zero incentive to change this.


Normally, long before Detroit was destroyed, the US should have stopped this flood of cars from Japan.  But we didn’t due to Reagan being owned by Tokyo.  The US hopes that our promise to fight Japan’s territorial claims isn’t stopping China, for today China says it will maintain patrols near Japan’s new island base.


China frees ship after Mitsui O.S.K. pays $28 mil for WWII debts.  The Japanese backed down on this.  Anti-Japanese sentiment is rising rapidly in China and South Korea.  Japan ignores this and the US is clueless.  And none of this makes the news in the US anyways.


 China vows to supply humanitarian aid to Syria because they are angry at the US for incursions offshore Japan.  So they figure, irritate the Real Rulers in Tel Aviv might be useful.


Malaysian Jet Search Has Cost U.S. $11.4 Million: Pentagon which presumes we can spend tons of money for nothing forever.  This flight was NOT an American plane nor was it flying to an American destination and we had nothing to do with it at all.  The Chinese were eager to do the hunt due to most of the passengers being Chinese and the destination being China.


Our military is wasting precious money patrolling the planet all the time all over the place which is insane because we are running huge trade deficits and our shipping industry has collapsed to near zero so we aren’t protecting our own ships and we do still have planes but…we should be protecting our assets, our property, not foreigners for no reason especially when they are reaming us out in trade deals!


Tiny Pacific nation sues 9 nuclear-armed powers because NATO used their islands as bombing targets with nukes and this is insane.  And when Russia fell and China tried to be friendly, the US doubled down on the nuclear bombs and warmongering and now we are flying rapidly into WWIII.  I hope their lawsuit wins.  But like Japanese whale hunting, the nuclear bomb nations will cling to these weapons no matter what.


Ukraine FM: Army ‘Ready to Fight Russia’ after Biden Offers Strong Support to Ukraine and Issues a Sharp Rebuke to Russia.  And unlike the Jews and Japanese, they didn’t have to bribe anyone.  They need the US to do all the fighting because they Sold out: Ukraine’s leadership swapped best military weapons for cash and are way, way weaker than Russia.


Russia was the Sick Man of Europe for a while but not any longer.  It is much stronger and Europe is much weaker and Japan is going bankrupt and the US really is bankrupt but doesn’t really know it yet due to trade partners propping up the dollar with their huge FOREX holdings.


But Russia is no longer falling apart.  Anyone boasting about the US not falling apart should tour our big cities especially in the Heartland where our manufacturing used to thrive.  It lies in ruins.  No need to nuke most of our cities, we nuked them already, ourselves.

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16 responses to “Abe Boasts Openly About Duping The Americans In Trade And Warmongering

  1. Jim R

    You said, “But we didn’t due to Reagan being owned by Tokyo. ”

    Reagan was not owned by Tokyo. Reagan was a wholly owned subsidiary, or perhaps merely a desk in the PR department of, GE. (remember them? they built the nuke plants at Fukushima)

    The thing that is ruining the planet is gigantice multinational corporations that pay no attention to any laws or regulations in ANY country and pay no taxes. And the TPP is engineered to make that situation WORSE.

    As for Japan, I am very sorry for the people there. It’s amazing that they have kept the place going for 3 years without the nuclear power, on which they were very dependent. They can’t keep going without energy, and they must import almost all of it.


    ELAINE: No surprise you don’t know that the very first thing Reagan did when he retired was to give a $2.5 million dollar ten minute speech in Japan and then be in a Disney World parade! That was the equivalent of $6 million plus today! And there was a faint stir of concern about this. The Chinese leadership at that time had members staying with me in New Jersey and I admitted to them, he was bribed.

    They were OVERJOYED. So, we can buy Presidents? they said. ‘We would have shot him for this!’ Well, he was considered a ‘hero’ and worshipped today and all the corrupt politicians which is nearly everyone, loves him, too.

  2. Joseppi

    “Russia was the Sick Man of Europe”

    “Standard & Poor’s cut Russia’s credit rating to just one notch above junk status”
    Russia has a 11.5% debt to GDP level and has consistently had a trade surplus. Russia has just raised interest rates as the the ruble tumbles.

    “Standard and Poor’s on Friday maintained its rating for France at “AA” with a stable outlook”
    Even though France has a trade deficit and 93% debt to GDP ratio – France celebrates and sends Mirage jets to the Baltics to irritate the Bear.

    S&P is the Ministry of Statistical Newspeak Truth and cooked books for US dollar hegemony. It’s future is in serious doubt.

  3. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Russia, the #2 sovereign wealth nation on earth with no trade deficit! And France which is about to destroy itself a la Italy. That is hilarious.

  4. larry, dfh

    Letting the Japanese cars into the US was the best thing that happened to the auto industry. US cars at the time were complete junk, and the industry was fat, lazy, and completely unconcerned for what the customer wanted. They didn’t have to be concerned, because if the customer didn’t like it, they could buy a Mercedes or VW. The quality of the Japanese cars was a real awakening for the US consumer. I drive a 1990 Toyota 2.3L pickup. I used to drive Ford Ranger, but after about 400K miles the body was too rusted. I think it had a Mazda engine, which was wonderful, the transmission was good, too,; I don’t know who made it. Right now, I’d like one of
    these, but the US won’t allow them for import. This one’s made by Tata (who owns Jaguar, the irony of ironies), but all the major companies make a similar version. Another thing the Japanese forced on us all is the cross-manufacturing that all the car companies participate in. After the Japanese showed that they could take a copy a US engine and put it in a decent vehicle, all the companies now buy components from each other, and even sell identical vehicles under different brands. It’s very exciting.

  5. emsnews

    Good US cars are NOT bought in Japan. Period. So we shouldn’t trade with them.

  6. DeVaul

    “Letting the Japanese cars into the US was the best thing that happened to the auto industry.”

    Again, I disagree. Letting a foreign power flood your country with cheap, government subsidized goods to destroy your native industries is insane. It is why we declared independence from England and committed treason against our soverign leader, King George III.

    A better plan would have been to force the American automobile makers to stop building idiot sized cars and trucks and build economical cars or be nationalized for National Security reasons, like Putin did with the Russian oligarchs after he packed Yeltsin off to a resort in southern Russia on New Year’s Eve.

    Those oligarchs that cooperated with him were pardoned. Those that did not were crushed. Whatever you think of this strategy, it saved Russia and now they are stronger than us in every way.

  7. Mike

    Reagan (and Thatcher) were all about “trickle-down theory”…and yet the Fed and all central banks behave if this theory were gospel and part of the natural order…how has trickle-down worked so far when world debt has increased from 70 trillion US$ in 2007 to 100 trillion in 2013 and world gross domestic product has stagnated adjusted for real inflation. This is where the political discussion should take place before western middle classes are extinct and the western world is confronted with a modern day ” 1790’s French Revolution”.

  8. melponeme_k


    I don’t know about you but I’ve learned to knit recently in case of a 1790’s French Revolution.

    The best moments in history are when Royal lines are cut dead.

  9. Eri Blood Axe

    the problem with US cars in Japan, is that they are Rhand drive, while the Japanese drive on the left.

  10. Christian W

    OT Ukraine:

    Funny that Israel has secret meetings with the probable next Ukranian President… Guess Poroshenko wanted to talk to the real bosses directly and not bother with the empty suits in Washington.

    Lieberman, Peres met with Ukraine presidential hopeful Poroshenko

    In secret visit to Israel, frontrunner in the Ukrainian presidential election Petro Poroshenko held meeting with president and foreign minister, who broke Israel’s silence on Ukraine, saying ‘normalization with Russia in our, world’s interest.’


  11. larry, dfh

    DeVaul, I +/- agree w/everything you’ve written. It did not happen that way. In fact, if it had happened that way, there might be real consumer input and I’d be able to buy a small cab-over diesel utility truck in this country, like consumers can buy in all of the ‘third world’.

  12. El Kabong

    Fukushima Didn’t Just Suffer 3 Meltdowns … It Also Suffered Melt-THROUGHS and Melt-OUTS – http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/04/fukushima-didnt-just-suffer-3-meltdowns-suffered-melt-throughs-melt-outs.html

  13. DeVaul

    “…a small cab-over diesel utility truck in this country…”

    I think I have seen that car. My wife may have owned one in Thailand without the roof over the bed. It seemed like a tiny pick-up truck, but the front looked more like a car — maybe like a miniaturized Camino (?) or something. We don’t have anything like it here.

    Is that what you are referring to? It looked weird, but it was handy, and it did not use much gas. We could have made those easily.

    But, as you said, it did not happen that way, and now we are paying for it.

  14. kenogami

    A financial blogger (I do not remember who it was) has given the best definition of trickle-down economic theory:

    “in trickle-down economics, the only thing that trickles down on the poors and the middle class is the piss of the wealthies.”

  15. Jim R

    Reagan’s post-presidential Japan speech did get some attention, and yes, it was in the news, and no, I did not miss that news. And I also recall the Bush clan’s embarrassing imitations of that performance.

    However, my statement still stands: Reagan was fuelled by GE money.

    You probably thought it was little old Japanese grannies passing the hat around to collect a few yen for that overpriced speaking fee. Well, that didn’t happen. While I doubt that the check was autographed by the GE CEO, whoever it was, the check came from the same MIC that Reagan so enthusiastically endorsed and subsidized and supported with our money.

    The jap.gov was happy to accept all the industry Reagan was exporting, and the MIC was happy it could find cheap workers to keep wages down everywhere.

  16. emsnews

    it was the LDP and industrial giants who paid Reagan.

    As all top politicians are today: they give a boring speech to rich people who pay them a huge fee and this is a bribe!

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