Abe Attacks Obama About Sex Slaves The Minute Obama Left Tokyo

For the last 50 years, our foreign policy has been run by hostile organizations that have zero interest in protecting American citizens in any way, shape or form.  We go to war on spurious charges on behalf of people who don’t care if these wars bankrupt our country, we have ‘free trade’ which was started in order to stop ‘inflation’ via moving industries here to other cheaper labor venues and then bringing back the goods via importation which has caused a tremendous, ongoing, destructive trade deficit.  Today, our main negotiators are all working for foreign powers so the ‘deals’ we get stink.  Meanwhile, trade negotiators for say, Japan, fight tenaciously for Japanese imperial interests.  And Abe lectures Obama the minute Obama left Japan about how Americans have no right to talk about Japanese war crimes!  And the US response is to ignore this obvious insult.


First the trade ‘negotiations’ (sic):  Japan, U.S. tiptoe into new phase of TPP talks


“There are these parameters, and there are trade-offs among parameters. The deeper the cut in the tariff, the longer time it may take to get there,” he said.


Japan clings to tariffs stubbornly for the obvious reason: it protects domestic businesses and labor! Duh!  The problem here is, Japan is against tariffs and barrier when they wish to exploit a foreign market!  They have no problem with free trade so long as they keep their barriers up and everyone else drops their barriers.  Making Japan stop is nearly impossible.  Here are two interesting comments from the above article in Japan:


MGiganteAPR. 27, 2014 – 03:57PM JST

Seems like the Yomiuri was right; a deal was agreed upon. Probably won’t see anything more until after mid-term elections.

Japan does seem have gotten a pretty good deal. You should check out the article over at Yomiuri; basically, Japan will cut tariffs on beef and pork to 9% over 20 years, keep its tariffs on rice and sugar and keep its non-tariff barriers like safety measures and price fixing (but lower domestic prices of beef and pork to compensate).


In other words, the cuts will take forever and will never happen in reality and they keep the safety scam going whereby they get to sell stuff that is unsafe while foreign goods are examined closely for flaws and held for eons at entry ports to rot first.
itsonlyrocknrollAPR. 27, 2014 – 05:06PM JST

Please don’t bring on the fudges and exclusions, Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, the very definition and all the promises, this agreement must be a thoroughly free market pact.

If Japan and US feel this deal is not a good fit just walk away.

Participating countries must be ready and understand fully the terms of the Free Trade Agreement. The very emphasis on a very high level of free trade purity is doubted on the part of the US Congress that free trade deals ever really result in actually opening up of foreign markets.

The US South Korean Free Trade Agreement, is a example, the whole deal was sold on the premise that the deal would result in quantifiable US exports and at the same in a reduction in the US trade deficit, well it had the opposite effect, US exports are lagging despite the apparent opening abroad, and the US trade deficit has grew larger.


That is 100% correct:  all trade deals beggar the US in the end.  All of these deals are total frauds, flops, disasters for the US.  We get poorer and poorer and lose more and more jobs with each trade ‘deal’ and the US elites get richer and richer.  These deals are custom designed to funnel money to the very rich who are the negotiators and the US public is left high and dry to starve to death eventually.


No one resigns over these messes. All our Presidents since Reagan have made horrible trade deals and ran trade deficits except for one year only and that was due to Kuwait paying billions to borrow the US military in a fight with Iraq.  Meanwhile, the S.Korean PM steps down for gov’t response to ferry tragedy  due to public rage over that senseless tragedy.  The ship was being run by the lowest officer on duty while the top ones goofed off.  Then they didn’t do an evacuation and told the children to stay in their rooms where they mostly drowned in horrible, slow ways as the ship rolled over and slowly sank.


Good for him!  Resigning is the first step in healing the nation.  The other one is the punishment of the entire crew of that fateful ship who were incompetent except for a very few.


Abe will never resign even if he does incredibly dangerous and stupid things:  Japan says sex slave issue not a diplomatic topic after Obama comments ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Japan warned the issue of its wartime system of sex slavery was not a “diplomatic” subject, after U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday called it a “terrible” violation of human rights. Katsunobu Kato, deputy chief cabinet secretary, said Japan was aware of the suffering of the victims and was trying to avoid politicizing the emotional issue.


“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he is deeply pained to think of the people who experienced immeasurable pain and suffering,” Kato said in a television program. “This issue should not be made into a political or diplomatic subject,” he said…. The influential Asahi Shimbun said South Korea might heighten pressure on Tokyo to address the comfort women issue after the Obama remark. But the daily also said a piece of American advice was also directed at South Korea. “Obama is seen calling on South Korea to become more flexible because the future-oriented cooperation between Japan and South Korea has not been able to move forward as South Korea strongly remains hung up on the past history,” the Asahi said.


Japan’s elites created this issue by suddenly withdrawing the ‘apologies’ (sic) and restating that there were no war crimes and then sending officials to the US to attack memorials to these victims of Imperial Japan!  And the US State Department didn’t punish Abe and his gang for all this.  The delusional thinking of this gang is jaw dropping.


Japanese occupation documents released to public in China.  This is getting quite grim.  The US backing Japanese imperialism is one of the stupidest things our State Department has done in the last year…um…last ten minutes. All our actions abroad have been increasingly stupid since Reagan.


118 sentenced in China pyramid scam which is what should have happened after Lehman collapsed. Instead, our government rescued the vampires who caused the banking collapse and how they are even richer and nastier.


More Flights Between Korea and China  while Korea’s Economy Grows at Fastest Clip in Three Years.  Thanks to the rising alliance between South Korea and China thanks to Abe’s activities, China Halts Oil Shipments to N.Korea as a courtesy to South Korea.  China is the biggest power in Asia.  And will only get bigger and bigger.  China graduates over 7 million university students a year and the US can barely scrape up slightly over 1 million.  This is very bad news for the US.


Or anyone, for that matter. And many US graduates are foreign born.  In California, competition for slots in the state university has been won mainly by Asian American youth who study very hard.  We are losing this race and are doomed to lose this race due to culture and sheer size and siding with Japan, a declining power that needs US power to do anything at all, is to doom us doubly to destruction.

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7 responses to “Abe Attacks Obama About Sex Slaves The Minute Obama Left Tokyo

  1. e sutton

    In the U.S. studying just ain’t cool. Nome say’n? Only nerds like Asians and Jews do that. It’s more important to follow the antics of those lovable miscreants Millie Ray Cyrus and Justin Bieber. In America, grift, cheating, and lying is rewarded. Stupidity is exalted. Crudity and vulgarity is worshipped. What is valued is how much loot you have, how many football field sized houses you own, and how much you can legally steal. And if you steal illegally, we change the laws to retroactively to make it legal. There is no rule of law in the U.S. today. Without a Constitution or a rule of law, you can pretty much kiss this country goodbye. As you say, this has been going on for 50 years, picking up turbo speed after 9/11. The U.S. is a kleptocracy that will, if it’s lucky, become a Third World Country inside of 10 years. If it’s unlucky, a smoldering pile of ruin.

  2. aashild

    I am afraid you are right e sutton. America and some other western countries falls behind, while East-Asia surges forward.

    I found a very interesting document about high speed rail development in different parts of the world. China already has the largest network of high speed rail lines in the world, and they aim to double it.

    Click to access 20131101_high_speed_lines_in_the_world.pdf

  3. JimmyJ

    Cracks in NATO?

    Lyndon Larouche PAC says, “In a long interview with Il Foglio April 19, Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini said that if we don’t want a nuclear war, negotiations with Russia on Ukraine are the only solution.”

    “…we and Germany, in Ukraine, are seeking to avoid using the word ‘NATO’ in order to be frightening. It would be counterproductive.”


    Went to ‘Ill Foglio’ but couldn’t find the original.


  4. Luc

    ‘Or anyone, for that matter. And many US graduates are foreign born. In California, competition for slots in the state university has been won mainly by Asian American youth who study very hard.’….
    UCLA – U C Lotsa Asians. This is possible due to the 1965 Immigration Act, which ruined the USA.

  5. Luc

    by John Rubino on April 17, 2014 / DOLLAR COLLAPSE

    Here’s something you don’t see very often: For a day and a half this week, the Japanese government’s benchmark 10-year bonds attracted not a single successful private sector bid. At today’s artificially-depressed yields, no one wants this paper — except of course the Bank of Japan, which is buying up the bonds with newly-created yen. As the Gulf Times noted:


  6. Petruchio

    ” And Abe lectures Obama the minute Obama left Japan about how Americans have no right to talk about Japanese war crimes!…” I have to admit, Abe DOES have a point. Obama is the “Drone” President. Obama has claimed to be “good at killing people”. Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo. The Bush II and Obama Administrations have/had some of the biggest war criminals in the last 50 years. But, Elaine, your point is well taken; with Abe and Obama, you have “two kettles” calling each other black. Abe, who seems as cynical a politician as Obama, knows that the US needs Japan for the US pivot to Asia to work. Abe is merely exploiting this fact.
    ” And many US graduates are foreign born. In California, competition for slots in the state university has been won mainly by Asian American youth who study very hard….” This result was not difficult to predict; it was the desired result. It is a mystery to me why the taxpayers allow their tax dollars–a sizable dollar amount in fact–to go towards subsidizing foreign students. Meanwhile, US born graduates are graduating from college/University with poor job prospects and $50,000 in student loan debt. This, too, is the desired result. Bottom line, imho: both the trade deficit and the education system won’t change until the majority of the voters DEMAND change. The criminals running the US government and the US education system are profitting too much to even think about changing anything.

  7. CK

    I love ambiguity.
    The way the title is written.
    Obama is a beta; beta’s don’t have sex slaves, beta’s pay.
    Abe attacking Obama about sex slaves is why ambiguity is so wonderful.

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