Imperialist Wars Are Good According To Stanford Professor And Bezos Washington Post Owner

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(Story from The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion)


As NATO and the pivot to Asia hurtles the US towards WWIII, every excuse for warmongering has every  major US media foaming at the mouth.  The biggest pusher for wars is the Huffington Post, vying with the Washington Post for ‘most foam at the mouth rabid warmongering.  Meanwhile, at his press conference, President Obama sighs: ‘Why Is It That Everybody Is So Eager To Use Military Force?’  Indeed, we just had a bunch of tornadoes tear up the deep south and Congress will give them aid money because our corrupt Congress is OK with that if it is a southern state but if the northern states get disasters like last winter, there is no money because we are going bankrupt.  Thanks mainly to our wild warmongering and free trade.



Here is a classic 1984 line which is the main thesis of a’War leads to peace’ editorial by Bezos Amazon friend, Ian Morris, professor of classics at Stanford University: In the long run, wars make us safer and richer – The Washington Post


Norman Angell, the Paris editor of Britain’s Daily Mail, was a man who expected to be listened to. Yet even he was astonished by the success of his book “The Great Illusion,” in which he announced that war had put itself out of business. “The day for progress by force has passed,” he explained. From now on, “it will be progress by ideas or not at all.”


He wrote these words in 1910. One politician after another lined up to praise the book. Four years later, the same men started World War I. By 1918, they had killed 15 million people; by 1945, the death toll from two world wars had passed 100 million and a nuclear arms race had begun. In 1983, U.S. war games suggested that an all-out battle with the Soviet Union would kill a billion people — at the time, one human in five — in the first few weeks. And today, a century after the beginning of the Great War, civil war is raging in Syria, tanks are massing on Ukraine’s borders and a fight against terrorism seems to have no end…


The Syrian war rages because the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel fund and arm al Qaeda.  And in turn, these fighters are trying to ethnically cleanse a Muslim minority, the Alawites who are only 12% of the population.  In the Ukraine situation, the NATO-funded coup in Kiev has ignited a religious/ethnic war between Orthodox and Catholics.  The recent mayor who was shot in the back and who switched sides between both groups over the last 4 years is Jewish.


Note how the NATO leaders think arming and protecting religious warriors is OK in Syria, nay, required, while it is not OK for Russians to do the exact same thing.  That is, overthrow a government based on ethnic identity.  Then there is Israel which is all about ethnic cleansing, invading people and religious warfare. Which the US leaders (sic) think is quite splendid.


So yes, war is hell — but have you considered the alternatives? When looking upon the long run of history, it becomes clear that through 10,000 years of conflict, humanity has created larger, more organized societies that have greatly reduced the risk that their members will die violently. These better organized societies also have created the conditions for higher living standards and economic growth. War has not only made us safer, but richer, too….


This is what happens when Pax Romana is embraced.  The Empire is good.  It brings peace!  And it does.  But it also brings bad things like insane Emperors, wild spending on wars, slavery, bankruptcy and eventually degrades into stupid, stubborn conservative intellectual collapse and a rich elite/poor peasant society.  All empires rot the same way.  And have two ends: either overrun by barbarians or dismembered by rival empires.


This happened because about 10,000 years ago, the winners of wars began incorporating the losers into larger societies. The victors found that the only way to make these larger societies work was by developing stronger governments; and one of the first things these governments had to do, if they wanted to stay in power, was suppress violence among their subjects….


This ‘historian’ is insane.  The winners usually ENSLAVE the losers and exploit them ruthlessly.  The British empire was supposed to be a ‘benign’ empire.  Which is why the rulers of that thing would sit idle while taxing and abusing peasants it owned and if Irish Potato Famine kills or drives out over a million people, so what?


Right when that happened in 1847, the peasants were revolting!  And the famine killed them off and drove out one third of the entire population of Ireland making rule easier!  A win-win for imperialists in London.  Then there was the many Famines in India under British Rule (from “Racism: A History”, BBC) – YouTube

Like its predecessor, the United States oversaw a huge expansion of trade, intimidated other countries into not making wars that would disturb the world order, and drove rates of violent death even lower. But again like Britain, America made its money by helping trading partners become richer, above all China, which, since 2000, has looked increasingly like a potential rival. The cycle that Britain experienced may be in store for the United States as well, unless Washington embraces its role as the only possible globocop in an increasingly unstable world — a world with far deadlier weapons than Britain could have imagined a century ago.


The US brought peace by killing millions of people, mostly peasants, in Southeast Asia!  Wow.  I must have been delusional when I protested this for years and got beaten up by cops for this.  WWIII was averted by the COMMUNISTS not the capitalists.  They didn’t go all the way when the capitalists directly bombed the communists.


The US bombed Vietnam but Russia didn’t bomb the US even though Russia was North Vietnam’s ally.  Now, free trade did make nearly everyone richer as the US leadership moved its profit center out of the heart of the empire to AVOID PAYING TAXES and to exploit cheap foreign labor and kill unions in the US.  As the US goes into bankruptcy, these leaders demand we pay for patrolling the planet for them and their rich buddies.


Yes, this process has made China richer and more powerful and the reason is, the US was fooled by China into thinking they controlled the Chinese political system and would be allowed to exploit cheap Chinese labor forever.   But from day one of the Chinese embrace of capitalism, they most definitely planned to ream out the US empire by luring US rich capitalists into China and then seizing everything and bankrupting the US.


Now, many delusional American rich leaders imagine they can declare bankruptcy and destroy China.  This is delusional since the Chinese plan, hatched way back in 1984, is for this exact thing to happen!  All their deepest efforts have been aimed at this end.


Proof that our empire is dying is easy to see.  We run nonstop trade deficits, the biggest on earth.  We have nonstop government deficits, too.  Our sovereign wealth is deep in the negative.  Meanwhile, foreign nations run our government into the ground.  Here is the worst example, our Real Ruler, Netanyahu and his gang at work, eviscerating our economy:  Israel Imposes Sanctions Against Palestinians while Kerry Regrets Word Choice on Israel, Not Message on Peace – Businessweek


Secretary of State John Kerry defended himself against critics angered by reports that the top U.S. diplomat had warned in a private setting that Israel risked becoming an “apartheid” state.


“If I could rewind the tape, I would have chosen a different word to describe my firm belief that the only way in the long term to have a Jewish state and two nations and two peoples living side by side in peace and security is through a two-state solution,” Kerry said in a statement last night.


Oops.  Kerry told the truth.  Not allowed!  So now he backs down as AIPAC and Israeli Jews attack him ferociously for daring to say the truth.


The drumbeat of criticism about his remarks grew steadily yesterday, fed by social media. In Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike chastised him, and Senator Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, called for his resignation.


Americans are allowed to vote for AIPAC tool ‘Democrat’ or AIPAC tool ‘Republican’.  Each attack the other with great ferocity but both always unite to follow any orders no matter how insane, from Netanyahu.  He is our leader.  And we can’t stop him since rich Jews insure that all our top politicians, and in this case, ALL politicians, obey Netanyahu and not the US voters who do NOT want more wars.


Kerry has “proven himself unsuitable for his position,” Cruz said in remarks from the Senate floor, “before any further harm is done to our alliance with Israel, he should offer President Obama his resignation.”


We have no alliance with Israel.  Israel has no defined borders so we can’t write a treaty to defend them.  And they don’t want a treaty, they simply want total control of our own government and thus, simply use it as their tool in their battles for more Holy Land ground.


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, called Kerry’s statement “deeply troubling.” The Anti-Defamation League called the comment “disappointing.”…


And here is poor Kerry again:


“I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes,” he said.


“I do not believe, nor have I ever stated, publicly or privately, that Israel is an apartheid state or that it intends to become one,” he said. “Anyone who knows anything about me knows that without a shred of doubt.”


Kerry said his goal is a “two-state solution that results in a secure Jewish state and a prosperous Palestinian state, and I’ve actually worked for it.”


The entire world watched with amusement and horror as the top Imperial praetor of Obama crawls on his belly.  Not only has he been forced to eat his own words, he has to state an obvious, screaming lie.  Black is white!  War is peace!  Ethnic cleansing isn’t Naziism!  The entire premise of Zionism is…ethnic cleansing of Palestine.  From day one.  Hitler’s work was based on Zionism which was born when he was a baby.


And he knows there is no ‘two state solution’ because Israel doesn’t want ANY states on its borders except for Saudi Arabia which is working hand in glove with Israel yet teeters on the edge of collapse due to corruption, suppression of people, cruel punishments, and lots of oil sales to keep the rulers rich.


In Japan, our nutty LDP elites are at it again:  Photo of man dressed as Tojo at LDP conference causes stir online but not in the US.  Warmongering by the sons of war criminals who now run Japan is kept out of the news in the US which has propaganda about how Japan is wonderful and like Israel, our ‘ally’ even though the Japanese elites exploit the US and use our military as their own imperial toy.  We will die for Japanese elites, like we die for Israeli elites.


Story: As the Antigraft Campaign Widens, Chinese Officials Commit Suicide: the Chinese political machine is cleaning up.  Something our own machine won’t do.  Screw up in China and you die.  Screw up the US and you get protection from our media.  If you are fighting the machine here, the media will turn over every possible rock to find some way of getting the troublesome person to commit suicide or to be wiped out as a person.


They wiped out President Jimmy Carter because he dared to write a book, ‘Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid’.  Here is a Jewish newspaper whining about the book in 2009:  Jimmy Carter and the Politics of Apology – by Jacob Laksin | FrontPage Magazine.  Yes, he had to apologize like Kerry and STILL is exiled from the news media, never talked about anymore, the other ‘President’s’ (sic) all shun him and never talk to him, and the Real President, Netanyahu, foams at the mouth about him if he is ever mentioned.


“I never intended or wanted to stigmatize the nation of Israel, even though I have disagreed with the settlement policy all the way back to the White House,” Carter reportedly said. He also urged that “[w]e must recognize Israel’s achievements under difficult circumstances,” and that “we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel.”


In completely unrelated news, Carter’s grandson, 34-year old Atlanta attorney Jason Carter, is running for a state senate seat in a suburban Georgia community that just happens to be home to a proportionally small but politically significant Jewish population.


Crawling on his belly didn’t work.  He was not ‘forgiven’ at all because what the Zionists wanted was for him to have his books burned.  And then say, ‘There is no AIPAC and Jews don’t own Hollywood or Congress or much of our media.’  Note how the Jews writing this article continue blandly to say, ‘in..UNRELATED news…’ Carter’s grandson wanted to run in a district that has rich Jews who would use their money to destroy him.


The fact is, Jews don’t even have to live in a district to do this!  They get rid of anyone who ever says anything against Zionism.  No matter which district!  Jason Carter is running for governor of Georgia this year.  His granddad’s belly crawl saved him.

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  1. Luc

    Bezos votes democrat? Educated at an Ivy. Worked on Wall Street. All for ‘gay marriage’ etc. Runs a 21st century sweat shop.

  2. Christian W

    Bezos got $600 million from the CIA recently for one of his businesses, I forgot if it was for Amazon or the Washington Post but it hardly matters. The point is it shows he is a major player within “the system”.

  3. tfoth

    An Amazon distribution center opened around here a while back. Though work had begun several weeks before, the official groundbreaking was held on March 22nd.

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