Kiev Coup Attacks Eastern Ukraine Citizens Who Shoot Down Helicopters: US Rebels In Syria Crucify Christians

Russia has more proof that the coup in Kiev is backed by violent Neo-Nazis:  Neo-Nazis march in Lvov ‘in honor’ of Ukrainian Waffen SS division (PHOTOS) — RT News

Despite the organizers promising that the rally would be a silent one, there were a lot of nationalist chants heard in Lvov.

However, slogans like – “SS Galician Division!” “People of Lvov are the strongest!” “Glory to the nation – death to enemies!” and “Bandera and Shukhevich are heroes of Ukraine!” – weren’t welcomed by many of the city’s residents, the UNIAN news agency reports.


They even admit they are national socialists in the Hitler mode:  Twitter / EuromaidanPR: Social-National Assembly of … 



Social-National Assembly of the Right Sector called to come back on & restore the order | EMPR



The eastern half of Ukraine that voted for the previous President are now in full revolt.  No surprise to me.  The IMF-installed ruler is someone who never could win an election where everyone was allowed to vote.  So when the coup happened, he should have reached out to eastern Ukraine, not unleashing violent Nazis on them.  Biden came to Kiev to urge violent suppression of the disenfranchised public so the Kiev Coup sent in the military again and Helicopters shot down as Ukraine bids to regain east.


Just as the US encourages Pussy Riot to do horrible things in Moscow that would get them shot by cops here and our cops shoot a lot of people including wild women such as the drunk college girl who tried to drive away from a wild party and a cop jumped on the hood of her car and shot her dead…as the US government supports vile attacks by rebel rock bands and violent riots in Kiev, the US demands Syria not fight off foreign jihadists and al Qaeda fighters (!!!) and even gives MISSILES to these guys:  Syrian rebels who received first US missiles of war,,,while the IMF approves $17bn Ukraine bailout.


The IMF has zero chance of the coup paying back this huge loan unless they kill a lot of Ukrainian citizens in the eastern half:  Ukraine’s East Unravels as IMF Warns on Financing – Bloomberg


 Eastern Ukraine is slipping from the government’s grasp as separatists take over more official buildings, with the International Monetary Fund warning extra financing may be needed if control of the industrial heartland is lost.


Armed men stormed the Donetsk regional prosecutors’ office today, throwing stones and stun grenades. Pro-Russian rebels in nearby Slovyansk said they’d begun talks to swap international monitors abducted last week, the Interfax news service said. Acting Ukrainian President Oleksandr Turchynov signed a decree backed by lawmakers last month to reinstate a military draft, his office said on its website.


This is a naked attempt at taking control of the industries and energy systems of Ukraine.  Germany has been unmasked.  The Germans, who invaded this same area back in 1941, are the biggest loan people in the IMF due to having sovereign wealth unlike the US and UK which simply print money after making promises while cutting social services at home.  The Germans want to control the natural resources and labor of Ukraine to keep Germany strong.


The US gains NOTHING from any involvement in Ukraine.  Meanwhile, our own affairs are suffering more than Russia over this business:  Replacing Russian Rocket Engine Isn’t Easy, Pentagon Says – Bloomberg


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the Air Force to review its reliance on the rocket engine after tensions over Russia’s takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea region prompted questions from lawmakers about that long-time supply connection. United Launch Alliance LLC, a partnership of Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) and Boeing Co. (BA), uses the Russian-made RD-180 engine on Atlas V rockets.


Among the options the Air Force is outlining for Hagel are building versions in the U.S. under an existing license from the Russian maker or depending only on Delta-class rockets that use another engine, Kendall said. The U.S. also could accelerate the certification of new companies to launch satellites that don’t use the Russian engine, he said.


Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., a Hawthorne, California-based company that’s trying to break into the military launch market, said at a March 5 congressional hearing that launches may be at risk because of dependence on the Russian engine.



Our space program has collapsed ever since government funding collapsed when we decided to spend several trillion dollars fighting al Qaeda which our government now arms, and our tremendous losses in Iraq and Afghanistan both of which we no longer control at all.  These failed invasions will be followed by a confrontation with a strong Russia under a strong leader.  Obama is UNPOPULAR even with Democrats.  Many of whom don’t want more warmongering while the GOP hates him and is warmongering like crazy while simultaneously celebrating armed rebellion here at home.  How bizarre this is.


If the US can arm rebels in Syria with missiles, so can Russia in Ukraine.  End of story.  This American exceptionalism is a complete disaster.  This is ‘Do as you will’ behavior promoted by Aleister Crowley.


Speaking of violent armed fury:  Maryland dealer, under pressure from gun-rights activists, drops plan to sell smart gun.  Yesterday, a toddler got a hold of yet another gun laying around the house and shot another baby with it, killing the baby.  This sort of gun will prevent this sort of tragedy which happens literally every other day.  Over 120,000 children under the age of 18 have been shot to death since 1979. I tried to find stats on children accidentally shooting other children but our government doesn’t collect this and publish this due to NRA pressure and the GOP.


The fact that threats were made by gun owners against someone doing something sane says a lot about how deranged our country is getting.  True, gun owners who are careless are removing their own DNA from the gene pool but they also remove the DNA of other people who are not stupid about guns.  Guns are dangerous and I keep mine well secured.  No child can access these at all.  I can’t imagine someone so dumb as to leave guns with the safety off, lying around the house.


But then, our government is arming violent rebels all over the planet so long as they are far right wingers who want IMF money!  This is doubly insane when these rebels are al Qaeda.  Of course, the missiles being given to the ‘rebels’ in Syria are supposedly going to carefully vetted ‘moderates’ which is lunacy.  There are none.  Two Syrian Men Reportedly Publicly Crucified by Islamist rebels in the pay of the US and Saudi Arabia …and here is a video of these groups attacking a Christian graveyard:

Our allies at work!

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23 responses to “Kiev Coup Attacks Eastern Ukraine Citizens Who Shoot Down Helicopters: US Rebels In Syria Crucify Christians

  1. JT


    citizens against nazis?
    It is Russian Officers with troops collected from reservists under direct Moscow command shooting at helicopters.

    Elaine you really believe more in the KGB bulletins than western media nowdays?
    Quite the useful fool are you?

    How about at home do you only believe what the CIA says?
    In Russia there is no second opinion nowdays, people like you are shot, beaten or put in prison.

  2. e sutton

    Elaine is one of the last, true patriots this country has. She speaks the truth. I’d take a bullet for her in a heartbeat. Please don’t call her stupid or imply that she is some “useful fool”. If you don’t like what she has to say, keep your god damned mouth shut and stop reading her blog, IDIOT!!

  3. emsnews

    NATO is invading Ukraine and the US is handing out high tech weapons so the coup can shoot at Russian speaking Orthodox.

    And why can’t Russians join in this from Russia? Eh? Only NATO gets to do this???

    Day one, before the uprising in the east, foreign fighters poured into Kiev to overthrow the government violently. So we now have a full insurrection which is no shock to me. This is inevitable.

    BY THE WAY…during the VIETNAM WAR when I protested OUR GOVERNMENT SHOT AT ME…yes, ME.

    And dropped vomit gas from a helicopter, too! So all this crap about how lucky I am to be in the US is insane.

  4. Christian W

    There is zero doubt that the Kiev regime is stock full of neonazis and ultranationalists, it doesn’t take Russian propaganda to point out the obvious. What a tragedy. Ukraine will be thrown into civil war and I bet there are loads of neonazis in Hungary (Eastern Ukraine used to be part of Hungary during the Austrian times I believe) who will join their brothers in the fight against “communism” or simply to kill Russians.

    I wonder how Berlin and London will treat the resurgent neonazis if they suddenly pop up on the streets there?

  5. emsnews

    Feeding the Nazi belief system is highly dangerous. Israel has turned full Nazi, for example which is destroying ‘liberalism’ in the US because many ‘liberals’ support Naziism in Palestine.

    The right wing in the US supports Naziism and wants a race war and blacks in the US definitely think a race war with them stomping on elderly white people is a laugh riot fun.

    Everyone is at each other’s throats and this is based on ethnic fury which is rising as the rich get richer and the workers get poorer. And the rich don’t mind this because the thing they really fear the most is workers uniting to fight for a piece of the economic pie.

    The fight between Russian oligarchs and European/US oligarchs is a horror show like the one that started WWI.

  6. Luc

    blacks in the US definitely think a race war with them stomping on elderly white people is a laugh riot fun

    It is DNA. Africa has always been ultra violent. Media barely reports on killings of millions and theres no end in sight. And so it is with Africans in USA.

  7. Christian W

    Maidan got bored in Kiev and relocated to Odessa to kick off crap there as well…

    Video of Right Sector (neonazis) and other thugs in action

  8. DeVaul

    JT used to make sane and reasonable comments until the crisis in Ukraine erupted. This changed everything for him, since he lives in one of the Baltic states or emigrated from there. His fear of Russia is real, albeit sometimes totally irrational, leading him to make weird or asinine comments.

    When you are a small country that receives natural gas at a discount from a nearby empire, it is not reasonable to expect that the empire will not want at least something in return. Russia mainly wanted border security and a buffer zone between it and NATO, which the Baltic states and Poland and many others all violated just to spite Russia.

    If I were Russia, I would not sell discounted gas to any one of these dangerous states, as it only encourages them to view Russia as weak and unable to defend itself.

    Let them get their natural gas from the IMF.

  9. Christian W

    Thugs in Odessa put building on fire with molotov cocktails with anti-coup people trapped inside.

  10. Christian W


    There is still a lot of hatred and fear of Russia in Finland. I can understand that JT’s views are colored by his family history but to me they don’t reflect reality. Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union is a different country. They are focused on defending themselves from the US – hence Putin taking over from Yeltsin, and rebuilding after some truly traumatic years for them. Russia knows that the military way is insanity, they learnt that the hard way, which is why they pose no threat for the paranoid neighbours. Only of course now the US thinks it is a brilliant idea to stoke the paranoia by putting Ukraine on fire just next door to Russia.

    Russia historically has always waxed and waned. The place I come from in Finland is named after the last Tsarina because Finland was still a part of the Russian empire when the city was founded and the Tsar family was fond of visiting it in summer time.

    What is happening now in Ukraine is a tragedy that will have serious consequences for Europe and not because of Russia. The neocons are laughing their insane arses off I’m sure. Germany supporting nazis in Ukraine?

    European democracy, what remains of it, will not survive this.

  11. JT

    Russian bots are there for the sole reason to stop the presidential elections in eastern Ukraine so the conflict can be frozen.
    They have their special guys from Chechnya to do murders and torture in order to provoke a reaction from Kiev.

    It has been a failure so far, they have not been able to turn the public even in eastern Ukraine to support breaking up Ukraine.
    And they have not been able to provoke Kiev to shoot at civilians.
    So they might have to do it themselves.

    It will calm down after the elections fails.

  12. CK

    I saw a movie once in which a rape victim went after and killed her rapists. ( YEAH empowered feminism; down with the patriarchy)
    She was killed by the police for “taking the law into her own hands” ( translation= reducing paid overtime for cops ). ( Yeah for democracy, the rule of law, retroactively; and progressivism. )
    It was a funny movie.
    Talked to my accountant today, he informed me that I do not owe anyone in the Ukraine anything nor does anyone there owe me anything. Somehow this reminded me of a similar conversation I had with a different accountant in 1970. At that time I owed nothing to anyone in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand, and no one in any of those countries was in my debt. That was a less funny conversation; slavery ensued a few months later.
    Conscription = slavery with many owners and near term death a high probability.
    Chattel slavery = slavery with one owner and near term death a very low probability.

  13. Christian W


    Really, is that so? Here is a facebook pic the Ultra’s (neonazis) posted before the attack on Odessa. The text says Odessa = Ukraine.

    I’m sure the good people in Odessa will be very pleased with the efforts of their good countrymen the Ultras to take the trouble to travel all that way to show Odessa who is boss.

  14. DeVaul

    Let’s assume JT is correct, and Russian operatives are in eastern Ukraine.

    So what?

    With NATO operatives in Kiev, and our vice president and other national leaders making secret visits to Kiev, Putin would have to be a fool to NOT have operatives in Ukraine. It is right on his damn border!

    If China was doing the same thing in Mexico, all hell would break loose here in America, and JT would be sitting around wondering why we (Americans) were so upset (he being in Finnland).

    This is where JT’s comments become irrational.

  15. Christian W

    I’m sure Russian operatives are in Ukraine. Ukraine used to be Russia and most if not all Ukrainians speak Russian. If I was Putin I would have Ukraine so full of moles/operatives all of Ukraine was a mole hill. But that is how it goes, Kiev is the birth place of Russia. Nobody can be surprised that Ukraine is firmly in the interest sphere of Russia.

    Here is a pic of cute girls making molotov cocktails for their Ultra boyfriends, probably one of those cocktails just got 50 people killed in the fire.

  16. emsnews

    Extreme violence is happening NOW and it is worse than anything the previous president of Ukraine did…EVER.

    And it is sponsored by the US and NATO and Germany and this is disgusting. Killing civilians is a crime and the US made that clear even though the biggest war criminals today is the US itself.

  17. Christian W

    It’s the same story we saw in Egypt. The US sponsored coup general can do whatever he pleases. Same goes in Ukraine. And Yulia gets to kill her “Russians” no problem.

    Germany supporting Nazis openly now has to mean the end of democracy in Europe. We will become/already became slaves to the oligarchs. Merkel is fixated on money, I thought there was more to her but I was just kidding myself.

  18. DeVaul

    Merkel has become Obama’s lap dog in one day, which means she is part of Bibi’s kennel. What a sorry existence.

    From RT:

    “The idea that you’re going to turn off the tap on all Russian oil or natural gas exports, I think, is unrealistic,” Obama added, but not before acknowledging that the US and EU are ready to announce other sectoral sanctions if this month’s elections are disrupted.

    Uhh… Obama thinks he can wage war in the Ukraine while Russian gas and oil flow through unimpeded?

    The Soviet Union needed hard cash. Russia can get that from a different source now. Wonder how the German people will react to this open declaration of hostilities by their leader?

  19. emsnews

    Germany will COLLAPSE. Period. Easily strangled as is all of eastern Europe. Why this suicidal behavior?

    Lord knows! Ukraine is a divided country like Yugoslavia and that is that. The US encourages ethnic warfare and we got that in spades and it has to play to the bitter end due to the US sponsoring it.

    Russia, unlike other, much weaker nations, can play real hardball. Does Europe think economic destruction worth half of Ukraine? If so, WOW. Talk about paying a very high price for nearly nothing useful.

    The IMF wants to SELL OFF everything not nailed down in eastern Ukraine which is why the people there are revolting. JT can’t understand that due to fears that Russia may destroy Finland.

    Wellllll….starting WWIII will guarantee this outcome, no?

  20. Diversity + Close Proximity=War! per another blog.

  21. El Kabong

    Shocking incompetence in the foreign affairs departments of both western and Russian governments. Putin can see the west is bankrupt and weak and is pressing his advantage. Moronic imbeciles all that have started us on a world war treadmill over the past decade.

  22. emsnews

    The US is making the identical mistakes the British empire made in 1914 which is now nearly exactly (in August this year) 100 years ago.

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