Violent Attacks On Demonstrators In Eastern Ukraine Rise Higher Thanks To Obama, Russia Ponders Counterattack

Screen shot 2014-05-03 at 9.47.28 PM

Odessa erupts into violence again as pro-Russian protesters vent anger against riot police outside burned-out building after 42 killed in riots between rival groups as the coup collapses into chaos.  There is no fixing this mess.  Unlike the US/NATO coups in Yugoslavia, this is all right in Russia’s front yard.  The US imagines Russia isn’t strong militarily.

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Supposedly the Russian troops are no stronger than the Ukrainian troops.  Only, Russia simply has to join the people revolting against the fascists and voila: they will be welcomed with flowers while any Ukrainian troops will be attacked by all and sundry.  The US doesn’t understand this metric, either.  Russia is POPULAR in the areas revolting!  The US is very much UNPOPULAR.


So, invading will involve going into the teeth of strong opposition from the population just like we see in many a Muslim country where we are viewed as demons.

‘Fascists! Off to Kiev!’: Outraged Kramatorsk locals chase off Ukrainian military (VIDEO)


The US will lose in a direct confrontation with Russia.  Goofy plans to destroy Russia’s economy will blow up in Europe’s face as the entire EU collapses due to extreme hikes in energy costs…AND the US will see this too!  Anyone ready for $6 a gallon gasoline here?  It will come.


Meanwhile, our coup in Cairo isn’t faring all that well, either:  Deaths and arrests in Egypt clashes as Egypt presidential candidates launch campaign featuring only IMF approved bankers or army generals. Egypt outlaws anti-Mubarak April 6 movement one year later. I warned the foolish left there that they were next.  And they will be sentenced to death, too.  Just like Chile or Spain or Greece when the US sponsored military coups in these places.


Tomorrow I am off to rebuilt part of my car which needs it badly after being driven through ice, snow and a million potholes.  Stay safe!  Take care!  Don’t get stuck in a hospital!!!!

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14 responses to “Violent Attacks On Demonstrators In Eastern Ukraine Rise Higher Thanks To Obama, Russia Ponders Counterattack

  1. JimmyJ

    That’s a nice chart showing conventional forces in the Ukraine theatre, but I believe it’s an obsolete scenario. I really doubt Russia will allow itself to get drawn into a Ukraine land war using tanks and infantry since they know NATO is drooling to get involved.

    Once NATO is involved they will simply avoid a land war entirely and commit missile, stealth air sea and electronics warfare capabilities to a comprehensive command and control assault that will overwhelm the Russians early on in the conflict (like Iraq when they invaded Kuwait except without the long song and dance land force buildup). While Russia is tactically competent for land war with air support they aren’t a match for the west’s 21st century technological war. The Russians would essentially be ‘fighting the last war’. Of course they know this is their weakness, which is why I doubt they will fall for any such trap.

  2. Christian W

    Russia usually wins it’s wars by tenacity and sucking the enemy in deeper and deeper until they are bled dry. I think JimmyJ is correct that Russia cannot stand against the modern US/NATO military. Ukraine will be a Syria type war. Russia is already under economic attack waged by the US and the banking cartels. Which is why Germany may be forced to comply if they are forced by the bankers too. Russia’s hope is it’s tenacity and determination to get through lean times and to find opportunites to kick the stool from under the feet of the banking cartels in the West. No banks no NATO.

    Winning the battle for hearts and minds in the West is vital too. Russia needs to bang home the message that NATO is now supporting Nazis in Ukraine. This war is not popular in the West but Russia cannot make mistakes that turn the tide. On the other hand the Russian people are very determined now. They see clearly they are under attack again.

    China is a key player, which side will they chose? If they go with Russia and the BIS nations join up they have a chance. If China continues it’s ‘silent’ strategy of business deals everywhere and simply going it’s own path Russia will eventually succumb to the attack.

    The banks in the West chose to attack now because they know there is no recovery on the horizon unless they can loot Russia and/or Iran again. If they get Russia they will eventually force China to kneel as well. It’s time for China to put it’s foot down if it wants to have it’s own voice in the future. How good is the current Chinese leadership? Do they see the danger or are they making the mistake of trusting the US one time too many? Join decisively with Russia and kick the stool out from under the feet of the Western banks and Russia and China win. Unless the US goes insane in a nuclear way, who knows. Otherwise China will be picked off too once Russia is gone.

  3. Vlad

    The American people have no comprehension of war. War is something that happen somewhere else. But the neo-cons that control U.S foreign policy are itching for war. Russia is a formidable nuclear power who can bring the war home to America. The Russian know the horror of war. They lost 20 million people in WWII. If attacked, they will fight to the death as they did against the Nazis. It would mean nuclear war, Let hope saner minds get control of things before Americans finally learn the horror of war on a personal level.

  4. w3g

    If the USA fights Russia directly, all carriers will be sunk, all satellites will be destroyed, all allies of USA will find hundreds of missiles raining down on them, and modern way of life will end. That is even before nukes are used. How does the USA ‘win’ in this exactly?

  5. kenogami

    The USA people lose, but the banksters and the bilderbergers think they win. They want a war with Russia because the West financial systems and economies are on the verge of collapse; and they want to blame Russia for the collapse to deflect the anger of peoples in the West. Thus the incredible vile, dishonest, hypocritical malicious propaganda in all the western mainstream media against Putin and Russia; it cannot be a coincidence that they all became completely hysterical suddenly: they received their orders. We can expect RussiaToday and Russia’s english language news to be banned soon as “propaganda”.

  6. e sutton

    “How does the USA ‘win’ in this exactly?”

    They can’t. You’d think the US would have learned a few things in places like Vietnam, Iraq, etc. but they won’t. I think those of us who are watching things unfold assume that America and the EU are run by sane people, which of course they are most certainly not. That’s what makes this thing so completely crazy. The Chinese would be deranged to allow Russia to get mowed over by NATO, as clearly the elites have China on their radar as well. I think Elaine has a point. Both Russia and China are quite ruthless as they’ve proven historically over the past few centuries. The US has plenty of hubris and nukes but anyone who thinks Russia will simply roll over and play dead following an American led NATO attack hasn’t paid proper attention in history class. Which is quite possible, since the idiots running American foreign policy have proven themselves time and time again to be quite stupid. Hopefully saner heads will prevail, but I’m not betting on it.

  7. JimmyJ

    An ATC in Kiev twitted of radar jamming all over Ukraine 7 hrs ago, one event of 22 minutes duration.

    In Spanish (sorry, hard to include a translated link):

    NATO or Russia sourced? Warning or hiding an air operation?

  8. larry, dfh

    I think ‘they’ have learned alot since Viet Nam:
    – for the last 40 years everything about the ‘left’ (who were absolutely correct about Viet Nam, and ‘Love not War’, and alot of other shit) has been subtly and overtly downplayed by every commercial, and most non-commercial media outlet. Often the sarcasm is identical across the media spectrum
    – poverty and a hopeless future are great for military recruitment
    – don’t pull a phony ops like the Gulf of Tonkin. I think that’s what the 600 service personnel in the vicinity are all about: their sacrifice will be used as a rallying cry. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a good percentage of woman in the mix.
    – the militarization of the police to scare protesters
    What ‘they’ don’t understand is that fewer and fewer people are buying ‘their’ bullshit. The military is aware that within, there is no enthusiasm for another conflict. And who in Europe is gung ho to get the Ruskies? I just talked w/ a friend who lived in Poland, and he says the youth would rather leave Poland than fight the Russians.
    The Russians are below no one in avionics. And they have the weaponry to sink large floating ducks, and to render satellite communication inoperable. They are second to none in being able to pack solid phase booster rockets, that’s why NASA has relied on them. I think China is ruled by very cool professionals, as opposed to the gadflies in Europe and the US (Francois Hollande? Seriously!) They have the economic turd ready to drop in the punch-bowl, and will be doing so ;under the least provocation. They fully understand who they are up against. As does Putin. To me, it is obvious who has a thorough martial arts background, and who is just a bully.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, Larry, yes. Wow.

  10. Christian W

    Neoconservatism + Neoliberalism (they go hand in hand) is just another variation of Nationalsocialism (nazism).

    Netanyahu over in Israel just declared that he wants a law that Israel is only for Jews (Nur für Juden).

  11. emsnews

    Thanks for the heads up, Christian. I just looked at the news and yes, the Jews in Israel have decided it is time to double down on being Nazis. After all, if Nazis in Kiev can parade around or in Tokyo, why not at home for Jews?

  12. Jim R

    Wow, what a lot of good comments.
    Was reminded of another anniversary that passed over the weekend:

  13. Petruchio

    “And they have the weaponry to sink large floating ducks,…” Yes, indeed. Aircraft carriers, whether they be in the Black Sea or anywhere else near Ukraine are, pardon my language here, like a big, giant p#ssy ready to be f#cked–HARD. A body of water as small as The Black Sea gives the US Navy Carriers, and their support craft, almost nowhere to hide. If open war breaks out, kiss those aircraft carriers goodbye.Viet Nam? The Russkies built THE most formidable air defenses over North Viet Nam the world has ever known at the time. I doubt if the Russians have stood still in that area AND that Russian air defenses are quite sophisticated. It likely is one of the reasons even US warmongers are reluctant to challenge Russia militarily in Ukraine. The Chinese? They are NOT warmongers, they don’t take joy in war a la the US MIC. China will not, however, imho, hesitate to confront the USA militarily if need be In 1950, China proved more than willing to battle the US militarily in Korea even with the USA’s nuclear advantage. China is much more powerful today than in 1950. Viet Nam and China? Same thing. It is likely that , through backchannels, the US was warned that if they attacked North Viet Nam in force this would bring China into the VN war openly. And who is to say that China or Russia would respond to US aggression in Ukraine only in Ukraine? In a war, anyplace is fair game and the Russians OR Chineses could attack anywhere, even on US soil. Something to think about. One final thing to note. The US military is heavily privatized, meaning mercenaries. You can’t tell me that the first time open hostilities break out the US mercenaries will quit war–en masse. That’s the thing about mercs. If they can’t live to spend their blood money, they tend to shy away from war. The mercs in the uS military will either quit or hold US warmongers hostage for more money. The US is a dying Empire run by sleazy, corrupt chickenhawks who don’t mind spilling blood as long as it isn’t their blood. Hopefully their day is coming.

  14. El Kabong

    The Ukraine army suffered an embarrassing upset near the eastern town of Mariupol when soldiers at a checkpoint accepted food offered to them by a group presenting themselves as public-spirited citizens. Such donations have been common in recent weeks, as Ukraine’s forces suffer a serious lack of resources.

    The food had been laced with a sleeping potion. Once incapacitated, the soldiers were then bundled off along with their weapons, prompting long talks to free them. The five soldiers, taken prisoner on Saturday, were released on Sunday.

    Putin can run his tanks all over Ukraine, the army there has nothing and is relying on direct donations from the population.

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