Apocalypse, Ja: Neo Nazi Israel Jews Want Jews-Only State And Eviction Of Everyone Else


Israeli Settlers Chop Down Roman-Era Olive Trees in Israel and Palestine …As Putin increasingly wins in Ukraine and as Europe slides into a full blown depression due to wanting to please AIPAC and the US, Netanyahu has decided this is the time to do the Judenrein Nazi work in Palestine: the final solution to the problem of sharing anything with other humans.  The Jews, who learned all the wrong lessons from WWII, are working as hard as possible to start WWIII along with the grave assistance of the newly powerful Japanese fascists.  Rand Paul, last week, proposed a bill in Congress supporting Judenrein Israel which would be for Jews only and cutting all funds to any Palestinians or Muslims in general.  And suddenly he is getting the nod from AIPAC.


Word to the Paul lovers: your man is a whore.  Poor Justin Raimondo at Antiwar.com,  Showdown at the Foreign Policy Corral is a long, hysterical screed excusing Rand Paul’s betrayal.  After banning everyone and anyone who disputes the dictates of Justin, he lives in this peculiar echo chamber where nothing that besmirches his hero is allowed.  So he thought the sell out to AIPAC was a clever move to support Palestinian human rights!  Which is totally insane.


Netanyahu pushes to define Israel as nation state of Jewish people only | World news | theguardian.com


Binyamin Netanyahu will push ahead with a rare change to Israel’s basic laws – which amount to the country’s constitution – to insist Israel is “the nation state of one people only – the Jewish people – and of no other people”.


At Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said the civil rights of minorities, including Arabs, would be guaranteed, and the move was vital at a time when aspects of Israel’s legitimacy were “under a constant and increasing assault from abroad and at home”.


That is pure crap. What ‘civil rights’ will the real citizens, the Palestinians, have? The right to vote? The right to come and go? The right to be equal to the Jews? Of course not. They will have zero rights and zero citizenship!  Despite the intention that the new law should guarantee full equal rights, critics say it strays into contentious territory in its explicit definition which, regardless of passport and citizenship, would codify a differential notion of nationhood.


The ‘dangerous territory’ is Naziism. The ‘differential notion of nationhood’ is Naziism. The Guardian can’t call this stinking mess ‘Naziism’ just like no media is calling the Nazi coup that openly displayed Nazi symbols in Kiev, a Nazi coup.  Abbas, the Palestinian leader put in power by the US to oppress the Palestinians, has gone forth the admit the Holocaust happened, which is very true, and that it was very bad which is also very true.


He was applauded by the Jewish media for telling us this information and then I waited for the Jews to admit that Nabka was happened, it was very bad, too.  But no, they smugly sat back and sneered, ‘We have the right to be Nazis!’  The horror of all this eludes them, their lust for the Rheingold, the Ring of Power, overwhelms their need to be humane, careful and share things.


There is NO MENTION of this news in any US media outlet.  It is all over the Jewish media in Israel, of course, and the major media owners here all have a lot of staff in Israel.  And nothing leaks out of the box to the US public.  Nothing.  The lid put on the  news coming from Israel is enormous and blocks out nearly everything which is why our diplomacy is so one-sided. The Nazis operate openly in Israel while concealing their actions from the US public which is why Israel increases illegal land seizures inside and outside of Israel itself while pretending they are victims of uncooperative Palestinians.


The US supports violent overthrow of governments all over the planet.  While telling Palestinians, they have no right to be violent in retaliation for Jewish Nazi attacks on their livelihood, homes and families.


Calling one ethnic/religious group ‘citizens’ and all other people who were once citizens ‘outsiders’ is Naziism. Pure and simple. Anyone can be a Nazi. It has nothing to do with Germany, it has to do with giving civil rights, privileges, power and economic assistance only to one ethnic group while disowning and suppressing and ejecting all others is Naziism.


When the US fought WWII, it was a Nazi nation fighting Nazis in Europe and Japan. All during the war, black intellectuals pointed this out. After we won that war of empire powers, the US boasted about being the good guys when we were not the good guys at all and cries from abused minorities in the US rose higher and higher and the embarrassment of the US about this matter rose so high, the US actually gave civil rights to oppressed minorities and women suddenly in 1964.


Which the US right wing hates to this day and wants to reverse. here is Jewish ‘liberal left’ definition of Naziism:


Among those who have expressed concern over the proposal is the justice minister, Tzipi Livni. Although in favour of defining Israel more clearly in law as “the national home of the Jewish people and a democratic state”, she has expressed opposition to “any law that gives superiority” to the Jewish nature of state over the country’s democratic values.


She said she could only support legislation where “Jewish and democratic would have the same weight, not more Jewish than democratic, nor more democratic than Jewish”.


Weasel words used to hide her obvious embrace of Naziism. She wants to be a good Nazi which will allow former citizens of a country she and her ilk invaded but they will have zero power, zero votes, zero privileges. She and her buddies will have everything and the natives, nothing at all but will be tolerated like human cockroaches which will be abused and killed if they protest this arrangement. Whereas the right wing Nazis in Israel want to exterminate all non-Jews.


Her remarks echoed those of the Labour party leader, Isaac Herzog, last week when the idea was first floated. “With all its being, the Labour party supports Israel as a Jewish and democratic state,” he said. “Labour built the state and its leaders formulated the declaration of independence, the foundational document that anchors Israel as a Jewish state.


“Unfortunately, the diplomatic destruction Netanyahu is causing will lead Israel to lose its Jewish majority and become a binational state. This unfortunate fact is something no law can hide.”


Which means, this Nazi labor leader fears his ‘people’ will be swamped by ‘foreigners’ who are the real natives. And he admits that from day one, Israel was founded as a socialist nationalist state which is the real name of Naziism: National Socialist.  Rand Paul, a far right winger in the US, has joined hands with fellow Nazis in Israel.


Even as anyone talking dirt about blacks in the US is persecuted or abused by our mainly-Jewish owned or controlled media, the path to Naziism here is being paved by these same AIPAC supporters.  They imagine they can control Naziism here while indulging in it in Israel little knowing or understanding that the logic of this political ideology is, the extermination of Jews in the US and Europe and the confining of the Jews inside Israel and then having the Apocalypse come and kill them all.


This is in the Bible, after all and many right wingers profess to prefer the Bible over all other things and a desire to see it fulfilled.  And this is insane.  And dangerous and is why we are heading towards WWIII.  About chopping down olive groves in Israel: this is a people, the Jews, who constantly claim they are planting trees  and fixing the environment.  Which is another Jewish lie.  Easily debunked but never debunked in the US media.  This week, more olive groves were condemned by the Jews who chopped them ruthlessly down so they can be ‘protected’ from angry Palestinian farmers.


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13 responses to “Apocalypse, Ja: Neo Nazi Israel Jews Want Jews-Only State And Eviction Of Everyone Else

  1. Christian W

    If the Zionists are not careful the world might get the idea that it is actually a VERY GOOD IDEA to put all Jews in one place, namely Israel.

    I bet that day a LOT of Jews would start to say, hey wait a minute I’m not so sure this is such a good idea after all. I don’t want to live in Israel with other Jews only. I want to be free and come and go as I please and live where ever I want to live.

    If all Jews lived in Israel it wouldn’t be the paradise they envision, it would be hell on earth for them.

  2. Peter C.

    They’re building a new ghetto that’s for sure.
    I was reading Israel has bizarre laws that let people basically put liens on other people that prevent them from leaving Israel.Unless they pay a big fine..sounds like typical money grubbing .

  3. Peter C.

    Pink Floyd . Not only one of the greatest rock albums .Dark Side of the Moon.
    But socially aware too.

  4. Joseppi

    Has the US Supreme Court ever failed us……



    ELAINE: I predicted this outcome. The Catholics who outnumber everyone else in this stupid court couldn’t resist the urging of their Pope to destroy our democracy.

    And the rest of the court is all Jews. NOT ONE PROTESTANT. Not anyone else, for that matter.

  5. DeVaul

    You know, I told people here a long time ago that Rand Paul signed a letter (voluntarily or involuntarily) along with all other Kentucky politicians pledging allegiance to Israel so that he could sit next to Mitch McConnell and get into the Senate, but libertarians are so quick to forget the betrayals of their official mouthpieces, which is why this bogus philosophy cannot save us.

    They refuse to openly confront the military-industrial complex, which is currently killing Russians right on the border of Russia. WW III now stares us in the face, and the libertarians still bicker about “economic systems”.

  6. JimmyJ

    Business Insider notices that The UK Guardian figures Pro-Russian commenters are paid Kremlin shills. OMG the BI comments are full of shills too, they’re everywhere!

    BI: Russian Propaganda Is Taking Over Online Comment Boards

    Guardian: Guardian moderators, who deal with 40,000 comments a day, believe there is an orchestrated pro-Kremlin campaign

    The Atlantic: Russia’s Online-Comment Propaganda Army

  7. emsnews

    The Guardian and Atlantic Mouthpiece both are insane liars as are much of our media. I don’t censor people unless they are terminally rude to other posters here and sometimes even now, people do cross the line in personal unhappiness.

    But nearly ALL media censor heavily. Antiwar.com, for example, is dead when it comes to ‘comments’ due to banning nearly anyone with a brain.

    So of course, they believe they are being ‘attacked’ when anyone disputes their propaganda.

  8. JimmyJ

    I suppose it’s rather clever of the Guardian to declare dissenting comments as “villainous” propaganda since the general public will be afraid to participate now for fear of being branded a terrorist and possibly arrested.

    I’m just wondering when ISPs will resort to blocking websites that don’t tow the line. The first casualties will likely be from the RU domain, I expect. Already it looks like some information sites in RU domain are being blocked by Google for “malware”. These aren’t hacker sites but news sites. So perhaps it begins.

    As far as west based domains, some folks think that dissenting sites are good honeypots for later targeting by authorities so maybe they won’t be censored but rather surveilled for the time being. Does it pay to be too paranoid these days?

  9. DeVaul

    Uh oh!

    Our “special relationship” with Israel just hit a snag:


    Israelis will not be allowed to just walk into America without a visa.

    Spying on the hand that feeds you has consequences, as Israel just learned. They are not the only ones who want to rule the world.

  10. John

    Christian W
    If all Jews lived in Israel it wouldn’t be the paradise they envision, it would be hell on earth for them.

    Correct. I believe the Zionist moneychangers want all the Jews to run to Israel, so they can become cannon fodder for Zionist imperial ambitions.

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