Jeff Bezos Wants High CO2 Taxes On Energy While He Lives In Huge Mansions And Flies Private Jets

washington post lies about global warming as usual May 2014


The global warming propaganda is in full scream now.  The Washington Post, owned by a California dude who owns huge mansions and private jets, is howling about how we are all going to roast to death unless we ride bikes and live in ‘tiny houses’ which our billionaire media owners have been lavishing praise.  The above graphs used by the WP to describe the climate are presented with false interpretations.  So I corrected this by adding some data lines to fix the problems and lo and hehold: no global warming.


National Climate Assessment: 15 arresting images of climate change now and in the pipeline: the Washington Post story about global warming is based on ‘U.S. Global Change Research’ which is a propaganda outfit.  I decided to see if Bezos practices what he preaches:

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 9.01.31 AM

Tour the homes of Jeff Bezos, two Calif. tech moguls who’ve lost billions – Star Sightings and Fashion


3. Jeff Bezos, whose claim to fame is founding, lost his money the fastest among billionaires on this list. When Amazon’s stock dipped by 7.23%, Bezos lost $1.73 billion in one day. Don’t cry for Bezos, though; he’s still rolling in the dough (he was born that way) and isn’t likely to feel he needs to sell this $24.25 million Beverly Hills estate you see above.


Jeff Bezos biography, net worth, quotes, wiki, assets, cars, homes and more

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 9.03.26 AM

As expected, he is a fraud.  They all are.  They don’t care if energy costs double due to a tax on CO2, this is a tiny bite in their incomes.  Elderly and poor, this is a huge problem coming on top of energy doubling and tripling in cost during the Oil Wars.  Which really interests me a lot since both the GOP and DNC are big on launching oil wars, no?


Yes!  Both parties do this.  I note that other sites that are against the global warming propaganda tend to be right wing and thus, cannot see how their heroes and their favorite party is doing exactly this: causing the price of energy to shoot upwards.  In the US case, this is the oil barons wanting greater profits.


A CO2 tax hits them hard due to dropping sales as people do without.  So they don’t want that but they want higher prices which is why they are now going after the Big Bear, Russia.  We are seeing these filthy rich oil barons and others trying to start an oil and gas boycott of Russia only China will happily take up the slack and suck it all down while Germany dies on the vine.


Here is Bezos bellowing about how we peasants better stop using fossil fuels that he wants for himself:  States and cities must act now on climate change – The Washington Post


 It is not possible to attribute particular instances of extreme weather to human influence. But the trends are scary. The country has warmed, and will continue to heat up, by between 3 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century, depending in part on how much the world does to slash emissions. The country is seeing more hot weather, more torrential rain and higher sea levels. The Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions have been hit with heat waves, severe rain and coastal flooding. Areas around the District are seeing rapid sea-level rise. Other regions, such as the Southwest, are dealing with pressing water scarcity…


Not every effect is negative. Farmers in the Midwest benefit from longer growing seasons, and their crops gobble up added CO2. But those effects, the assessment warns, can be offset by weather-related crop failures,


I notice that Bezos admits that CO2 is good for crops as is more rain.  But the rain isn’t in Spain, that is, California!  He wants more of that there, and doesn’t care if we are freezing to death in the North.  He wants more cold so he has natural air conditioning in the desert where he chooses to live.  Cooling off half of the planet so his mansions can be cooler is of course, evil.


Contrary to the global warming map of the US above showing how the growing season is getting longer, it isn’t.  I have farmed in the past and track nature all the time and the trees this year are barely budding, much less in full flower.  It came within one degree of freezing last night and the pear and cherry trees right out my window are barely showing the beginning of budding.  This is way later than usual and the previous five springs were later than normal, not earlier and earlier.


Solar Page | Watts Up With That? proof that this solar cycle is cooler and this directly causes global cooling which we are presently experiencing more and more:

solar cycle 24 half as strong as 22 May 2014


I have proven over the last five years that all, yes, ALL of the NOAA climate prediction maps have been dead wrong.  They show only it getting hotter than normal and only show barest signs of cooler than normal only during the same month this is happening which is no ‘prediction’ at all.  All the other projections stubbornly show ‘much higher than normal’ temps for nearly the entire nation.


EPA Chief Vows To Go After Republicans Who Dare Question Agency’s Science… | as the warmists and other ‘we are doomed’ people absolutely refuse, even when hauled into court, to reveal raw data:


“It’s about claiming that research is secret if researchers protect confidential personal health data from those who are not qualified to analyze it — and won’t agree to protect it,” she added. “If EPA is being accused of secret science because we rely on real scientists to conduct research, and independent scientists to peer review it, and scientists who’ve spent a lifetime studying the science to reproduce it — then so be it.


Morrisey urges EPA to delay carbon dioxide regulations for exist – WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports


In a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Morrisey said the regulations for existing power plants should be postponed because they are based on flawed rules targeting new power plants. The EPA’s first attempt at creating new source performance standards — or NSPS — had to be withdrawn after the comment process revealed numerous defects. The current version also suffers from multiple, well-documented problems he said, and has been heavily criticized by job-creators and bipartisan leaders across the nation.


“Our office is deeply concerned that the EPA has already shared with the White House its proposal for regulating existing power plants when obvious legal problems leave the proposal for new plants in so much doubt,” Morrisey said. “Driven by the ideology that ‘big government knows best,’ the EPA seems intent on pushing these job-killing regulations regardless of the real concerns voiced by our citizens, job-creators, and elected leaders from both parties.”


I desperately want solar panels on my roof.  I wish I had the money.  But nothing being proposed will bring this about.  The tax cuts you can get for doing this don’t apply to my situation, I have no taxable income (too poor).  There is NOTHING in the works for poor people which is 50% of the population.

south pole very stormy compared to north pole May 2014

And besides that, we need HEATING aid the most!  Spiegel On Antaractic Sea Ice: “Never Before Has There Been So Much Ice At This Time Of Year Since Measurements Began”!


No question the planet has warmed some since 1900 as it crawls out of a little ice age and back to a new Holocene optimum. Bojanowski writes:  For a long time scientists thought the problem would simply pass. They expected it was only a fleeting oddity.”


It turns out that the high level of Antarctic sea ice hasn’t been an oddity at all and continues to set new record highs. Now red-faced scientists are desperately searching for an explanation, even a temporary one, that will at least allow them to buy some time.


And it isn’t just Antarctica that is colder:  Inner Mongolia witnesses heavy snowfall as temperature drops.  The other day I tried watching a documentary about the Mongolian tribes and what was it all about?  Global warming was going to kill everyone by roasting these people who wear fur coats with the fur turned inside to warm up and with the outside covered with silk to protect the leather!


And they were going to roast to death, of course.  Right.  Like I am this year.

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17 responses to “Jeff Bezos Wants High CO2 Taxes On Energy While He Lives In Huge Mansions And Flies Private Jets

  1. charlottemom

    Agreed! And yet Bezos et al have managed to convince a large group of Americans that what is good for them (the elite) is good for the rest of us too!
    Hook line sinker.

    Americans too readily outsource their own POV to the “experts,” because they don’t really want to figure things out for themselves..just leave it to the experts.

    It is maddening!!! But hopeless to argue with the global warming crowd. They are absolutely committed to this and won’t hear otherwise (or see or feel the colder temps).

    The old saying comes to mind:
    “You can wake up a sleeping chap, but you cannot wake up the one who is merely pretending to be asleep” People wish to remain ignorant of certain facts and there is no waking them up with the truth.

  2. danL

    In Czech this winter, we’ve had snow exactly one day (towards the end of November). Since then nothing. Never experienced anything like it. Normally we have good winters with plenty snow for at least 4-5 months (with the exception of Xmas).

    At the same time, there still is winter in Canada. So is there global warming?

  3. melponeme_k


    In this paper regarding the ice ages, glaciation in Czech Republic was more dynamic due to temperature and precipitation changes.

    Click to access gm_carr.pdf

    In this paper, scientists have found evidence that the area was not hard frozen tundra but had a lush eco system in many areas… even though surrounded by ice.

    Click to access P083Jan.pdf

    Ice age conditions bring more moisture to Czech and surrounding countries, leading to forest growth.

    So tell me, is a small pocket of lush forest growth in the middle of Niflheim ice hell considered global warming?

  4. Luc

    EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, …O pleeze, she is a PSYCHO

    [also there is a typo in yr lowest graphic…should have an ‘s’ not Eouth].

  5. Christian W

    It’s impressive how well tuned the media machine is nowadays. Not one dissident voice challenging to the official narrative is allowed on a national scale. All media march in lockstep to the orders they are given and the stories they are fed.

    Supporting Nazis, Al Qaeda, the demolition of the US Constution, human rights, workers rights, the Occupy movement and so on. Anything the elites want is justified, and the citizens are only allowed to be along for the ride as everything comes tumbling down around them as the oligarchs change everything to suit their own agenda.

    Truly, it’s rule by plutocrats and oligarchs now. The US corporate flag should be in brown and black with red stars for blood.

  6. Christian W

    Global warming is very much part of this oligarch agenda and media drive.

    Ukraine is a new Iron Curtain being slammed up. But it’s not so much to keep Russia out as Europe IN. The elites will integrate Europe and destroy what remains of our democracy and workers rights. The EU is the perfect tool for this.

  7. JimmyJ

    Elaine is the only blogger who calls the hypocritical wealthy on their bogus interest in CO2 limits. Damn right they will enforce lifetime CO2 limits (breaths taken) on anyone who has no political power or wealth to buy in to a higher limit. It starts with taxes, which can oppress a population into mortality. But it will certainly end in directly sanctioned euthanasia I believe.

    There is already defacto euthansia in jurisdictions where citizens can’t afford health care for fatal illness, often simple to treat but beyond their resources. So the community has lost it’s conscience for fellow citizens. Adding reasons to kill off more fellow citizens is easily achieved.

    Yet one first class trip across the globe in a jet is how many poor people’s lifetime limit of CO2? And not one rich bastard sees the blatant horror of what they are seeking? That’s exactly where we are going and Elaine knows it and everyone else ought to.

  8. emsnews

    Latest stats on births and health has the US dropping from top ten to bottom 30,

  9. Christian W

    So the US (and Europe) will see a repeat of the joys the Russians endured after the collapse of the Soviet Union under Yeltsin, when male life expectancy sank with almost a decade and people starved.

    For now it serves the purposes of the elites to give food coupon hand outs (that benefit the big corporations) but what if/when they stop doing that?

  10. e sutton

    @Christian W

    It will be pretty much game over for anyone collecting from any government program. Everything from Disability to EBT to Social Security to Unemployment Benefits will disappear. It gives me no pleasure to say that, because I have 3 siblings and we’re all unemployed college grads (except for one brother who is on permanent disability). Read any novel by Dickens to get a better feel for it. The police state will put down any upstarts, quite violently. Your grandchildren will envy the life you now lead.

  11. e sutton

    I think the churches will try to fill the void once the $$$ dries up, but we can already see them overwhelmed with demand for things like food pantries. Many cities in the U.S. are outlawing homeless camps and require charities to apply for permits to feed the hungry on city streets. In my quaint little hamlet, beggars must apply for a “peddler’s license” in order to pan handle, for a nominal fee (for now). So it’s only just begun.

  12. Christian W

    Here is an important link that discusses a document from JPMorgan that outlines what they are planning to do in Europe once they can kick in the doors with the ultra secret TTIP (Ukraine is part of this strategy I am sure)

    “JP Morgan wants Europe to be rid of social rights, democracy, employee rights and the right to protest”

    “What J P Morgan is making clear is that ‘socialist’ inclinations must be removed from political structures; localism must be replaced with strong, central, authority; labour rights must be removed, consensus (call it democracy if you will) must cease to be of concern and the right to protest must be curtailed. This is an agenda for hard right, corporatist, centrist government. There’s another word for that, and it’s what the bankers seem to want.”

    JT, here is your wonderful western democracy at work. The western oligarchs are simply far more sophisticated versions of their cruder eastern relatives, then agani they have had a head start in the game with about 150 years since the heydays of the robber barons.

  13. Christian W

    Do not that the text I italicized is pretty much what has happened in the US over the last few decades and what is happening in the UK right now (Labour is dying as a meaningful party).

    Here is another text that discusses the TTIP, the emergence of the Neocons and the Shadow government they have created among other things. A very informed and interesting read outlining with more detail how the neocons and “Bilderberger” operate. Note that the EU representatives for the TTIP negotiations are neoliberals and most likely (certainly) Bilderberger critters.

    This article is a highly recommended read imo:

  14. e sutton

    Thanks, Christian W. for the links. I’m still trying to get through the last one. Amazing stuff!

  15. Luc

    EMS, this is off topic but you might get a kick out of this.
    He is 15. One of 8 bastards to some New Orleans mother. Was shot in the head. That cost taxpayers $300,000. Now he is out looking for more homes to rob. If Obama had a son…….

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