Popular Science Announces No More Reader Comments Due To Reader’s Arguments Against Global Warming Propaganda There

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Climate Change Already Having Wide-Ranging Effects On U.S., Report Finds | Popular Science is today’s story in this ridiculous publication.  I used to read it years ago but now won’t touch it with a ten foot hockey stick.  No Trend In Heavy Rain Events In The US | Real Science: the warmists focus only on rain not blizzards so as we were hammered by blizzards our media downplayed it outrageously and then the minute it slightly warmed up, renewed their global warming howls.  Now, they are ALL eliminating reader’s comments due to ‘rudeness’ especially with the articles about global warming.  This shutting down of the debate is deliberate, malicious and evil and is being blamed on those of us who dispute the propaganda using facts.


I am happy that Bezo’s operation mentions this rising censorship even though it, too, censors anyone and bans them if they dispute WP facts about ‘global warming’ themselves:  Some news sites cracking down on over-the-top comments – The Washington Post


 Faced with the unbounded id of anonymous readers who can’t resist posting nasty comments under online articles, some news sites are taking steps to rein in the verbal bile. And some, tired of the mess that occurs when free speech gets a little too free, are ending reader comments altogether…Popular Science magazine turned off its comments in September after product promoters and trolls — people who post deliberately inflammatory comments — “made constructive discussion impossible,” according to Digiday, a digital news site that reported on the magazine’s decision.


I expect the WP to stop reader’s comments eventually because the vast majority of these are against all the wars, the foreign entanglements and global warming taxes.  But right now, they do let a little daylight into their dark cave.  ‘Inflammatory comments’ is particularly rich.  Generally speaking, anyone can be as rude as they please so long as they are backing the editorial beliefs of the media owners.  Stray from that even slightly and you are labeled ‘rude’ even if you are completely polite and the pro-publisher comments are obscene and even violent and threatening.


I decided to visit good old techie publication, Popular Science to see if it has deteriorated like Nature and Scientific American and alas, it is gone right off the cliff and is now buried deep in Antarctic ice.  The top article showing the cars flooded during a major tropical/cold weather joint storm due to ocean flooding (YES, the Atlantic Ocean’s worst coastal flooding up in NY and northwards nearly always are WINTER and LATE FALL storms, not hurricanes!).  We get these gigantic floods during global cooling cycles.  Which is never mentioned by anyone in our media universe.

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Here is yet another Global Warming Is Evil article from today’s issue of Popular Science:  How To Make A More Environmentally Friendly Cow by stopping methane gases which cattle, when wild, produced in huge amounts back during the Ice Ages as giant Aurochs roamed in their millions on the tundra and cold plains of Europe, Siberia and North America.


How Global Warming Will Affect Your Beer is yet another totally stupid article from this WINTER.  Scientists: Warming Climate Puts People At Risk is yet another winner.  South Florida Adapting Infrastructure to Rising Sea Levels which is why so many people from the severe cold north are moving there.  Because it is going under water, of course.


Then there is, from THIS WINTER, this insane article:  Alarming Video Shows Arctic Ice Disappearing.  Well, it didn’t disappear at all, it covered the entire North Pole.  Antarctica’s ice sheet is growing which is why the lunatics issued a warning about it melting this week.  Not in the news today is this news:  May 5 Global Sea Ice Area Second Highest On Record.


Now, I did a search for all mentions of blizzards in Popular Science articles:

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One article showed up and it was not about blizzards but climate controls.  That’s it!  When I used the search word ‘cold climate’ this is the only thing I got:

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Why Did Global Warming Slow Down in the Nineties? is another laugh riot that doesn’t mention the sun.  Profile Of A Climate Change Denier is the smear campaign that ‘denialists’ like myself have totally debunked. For example, neither I nor my readers fit the fantasy profile.


There are 18 pages with ten articles on each page of this tripe!  Not one article disputing the concept of global warming or even issuing factual data which shows significant parts of the planet are now experiencing increasingly dangerous levels of Ice Age conditions and this includes both poles.  I suspect that angry readers who also read sites like my own were hammering these stories with facts and it isn’t the ‘name calling’ and ‘rude behavior’ that stopped the comments section.


It is the resistance to propaganda.  I have been banned at many sites in the past for this reason.  I have always been civil, coherent and apply facts when expressing an opinion.  And readers of comments would approve of me.  Greatly.  And then the publisher would kill me off due to my dissection of their propaganda.  It is that simple.


The fact that Popular Science which used to be a geeky publication which I read up until ten years ago, has become this silly thing, pisses me off for one thing about geeks: they love to delve into facts of all sorts.  The degradation of climate science infuriates all of us geeks.  I have ‘weather watched’ all my long life, this includes levels of volcanic ash and gases (ahem, we have some of that right now!) levels of solar irradiation, tilt of the planet, the temperature of the oceans which is the time-delay ballast of our climate and other things.


The entire science has been rendered stupid by the army of religious fanatics who believe in global warming even when it is ice cold.  As I showed yesterday, the sun is going ‘colder’ on us.  The heat it is generating is dropping.  Rapidly.  It is entering a one to one hundred cycle of Ice Age conditions that will be at least as nasty as the Little Ice Age which these fanatics have worked tirelessly to minimize or ‘heat up the stats’.


This is insane, it is criminal and it is all about raising taxes on the poor and working classes while denying them food, heat and transportation!

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14 responses to “Popular Science Announces No More Reader Comments Due To Reader’s Arguments Against Global Warming Propaganda There

  1. Jim R

    And what about the _other_ effects of the dramatic CO2 rise? These aren’t just nothing. Acidification for one thing. Creatures which have evolved with one level of CO2, for at least 800,000 years must now deal with a higher level.

    Of course for our oceans, there is also overfishing, the plastic sargasso sea, raw sewage everywhere, and it is now spiced with nuclear waste products.

    … about which your elites are, of course, complete hypocrites.

  2. emsnews

    Since CO2 levels have vacillated for millions and millions of years….and since the level changes radically each year due to winter/summer stuff…yes, things do cope with this.

    The big killers are huge rift volcanic events like the Siberian Traps of the Decca Trap events or mega eruptions like Yellowstone, or asteroid/comet strikes.

    Then there is our elderly sun: it ain’t always the same level of energy. It is now vacillating. Causing repeated ice ages. This is the real scary news.

  3. Luc

    propaganda. ….Indeed

    I have been banned at many sites in the past for this reason.
    Please list them, Im ‘all eyes’.

    Has Kunstler banned you from his zionist site?

  4. JimmyJ

    The motivation of these rabidly doctrinaire positions on AGW is simply a left wing atheist version of end times theology. With the Church of Climate Change, the powerful are the self appointed Priesthood and there are increasingly novel ways to offend their sensibilities, and be called to punishment before their Inquisition.

    But as their power increases these Priests will eventually call themselves Gods and we shall all worship them or be damned.

  5. Jim R

    CO2 level is now higher than it has been in the last 800,000 years. As for the level “millions” of years ago, there were not humans around more than a few million years ago to worry about it.

    The fact is that the current CO2 level is not the result of volcanism or meteor strikes, but directly because humans are now killing off the last of the trees and digging up carbon from those million-year-old repositories and burning it.


    ELAINE: Meteor strikes and such STOP CO2 as do Ice Ages. Plants during Ice Ages are starved. Why do you think the levels 800,000 years ago were so LOW???

    DUH! It was a frigging Ice Age! Imagine that! Comparing today’s levels with the dire low levels back then is insane unless you are a mastodon and wish for a return of the Ice Ages.

  6. e sutton

    This from Karl Denninger, yesterday:


    So What? (Climate Change)

    Look, climate change has now been substituted for global warming because the predicted warming has failed to materialize. Therefore, as is common with all political goals, when you fail aty predicting an outcome you change the conversation by re-defining your alleged item under discussion rather than first (1) admit you were wrong and then (2) try to explain why — and the reason why anyone should listen further to whatever you’re promoting.

    Well, Elaine, You’re certainly not the only blogger who raises the global warming/Climate Change challenge, but definitely one of the very few. Karl’s article is a good read. Each morning I log onto your blog first, then Karl’s blog. As for being banned, I mentioned to Christian W. the other day that I’ve been banned from a few, including Kunstler’s, who is indeed a Zionist. I’ve seen his blog deteriorate over the last few years. I still peek in every Monday to read his verbose screeds. Much of what he says I agree with, but I part ways with his refusal to allow open discussion/ opinion. If he doesn’t like what you have to say, he’ll ban you. He used to have some interesting commentators but if you challenge his ideology you’re history. Alas, many good commentators have “disappeared” rather mysteriously from his blog. For that reason I no longer read the comments on his blog because most of it is people kissing his ass.

    There seems to be nefarious schemata to journalism today that dissuades people from forming opinions that differ from what an article lays out for them. This is of course a complete opposite of what the purpose of investigative journalism and debate of subject matter that existed in my high school and college days. As the ancient Chinese saying (curse) goes: May you live in interesting times. Indeed!

  7. emsnews

    I love a debate! I love the fact that JT comes here to argue! May he come daily. Ditto, anyone.

    The right wing libertarians don’t go for global warming so it is ‘normal’ there to disabuse the notion. I am one of the few liberals doing this.

    Back when the sun was more active, I was worried about hurricanes and droughts but then my turning point was when my father called me and warned me that the sun was shutting down its pro-active phase and we were now going into at least a Little Ice Age if not the Big One.

  8. ziff

    sutton , i have the same habit, re KD, he gets the market [DJ] wrong all the time, he should read armstrong on capital flows. GW, is a lock, due to physics, hence all the hand wringing and BS, but cooling is possible too as elaine says. there are local [BC] problems with acidification [ scallop farms?] . no info on why it is localized

  9. Piers Corbyn, an Astrophysics from London and Weather predictor. Has just presented that we are entering indeed into a new Dalton minimum, this means a new Mini-Ice Age 🙂

  10. Christian W



    “The high court in London has ruled that women from Northern Ireland are not entitled to free abortions on the NHS in England.

    Two women sought to win the right for terminations on the NHS. More than 1,000 women from the province cross the Irish Sea every year for terminations in abortion clinics in other parts of the UK.

    Abortion is extremely restricted in Northern Ireland, available only in private clinics. Terminations are allowed in hospitals only to save a woman’s life or if there is a risk of permanent and serious damage to her mental or physical health. The region is the only part of the UK where the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply.”


  11. Jim R

    I’m not comparing 800,000 years ago to now. I’m comparing the entire range from then, until about 200 years ago, to now.

    It’s like a privet hedge with ‘now’ marked by a hackberry tree that has popped up through it and grown to twice its height.

    @e sutton, that Denninger blog entry was a good one. I too used to read Denninger, and still read Kunstler’s blog. But don’t comment on them. Karl is, as Rush claims to be (but isn’t), right about 98% of the time! Though I see Karl is against solar power … I think rooftop solar has a place. But he’s correct in that all the boondoggles that the ‘liberals’ are pushing will make CO2 emissions _worse_, not better.

  12. CK

    Popular Science is owned by the Bonnier Group. A family firm from Sweden. They also own Saveur, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life and 36 other magazines in the USA.

  13. I tested the point of this article by posting a comment on Popular Science. My comment was accepted.

  14. emsnews

    Steve, it is articles about the WEATHER they are no longer accepting.

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