New York Times ‘Room For Debate’ Discusses Global Warming With Zero Debate From Colder Climate Experts

secret 1974 climate report CIA cold planet

Click here to read a 1974 CIA document about global COOLING and how this endangers the US and will cause droughts, famine, wars, etc.:  First, the Agency (CIA) wonders if the future climate can be predicted accurately.  The answer is obvious: no.  The fact that this cooling was so scary, the CIA wanted more information about it and speculated we were going into another Little Ice Age is interesting, my own father gave feedback to this report, by the way.  I was living in NYC at this point and gave him frequent reports on how cold it was, ice floes appeared in NY harbor!


So, we are definitely now moving into a cold climate condition.  Across the southern hemisphere this is becoming a cold, cold wintery fall even in Australia.  None of this makes mainstream media news since they are all about pushing propaganda, not telling us factual information we need.  Instead, the CO2 cap and trade scam has to continue to the bitter end when whole populations in the northern hemispheres riot over lack of heating in the future.  Already, costs for energy are soaring higher and higher.


Room for Debate

The NYT has this goofy thing where they ‘debate’ stuff by having people with the exact same agenda and beliefs echo each other.  Today’s goofy example is the global warming debate conducted by liberals who believe we are roasting to death because they live in California or take long vacations in the Bahamas like Bloomberg.  They all agree that it is a conservative conspiracy to deny there is global warming except these same goofballs have changed it to ‘climate change’ even though they never, ever mention blizzards and cold weather.


Conservatives Mobilized Effectively to Deny Climate Change – is a stupid article but here is a funny comment, since NO ONE who disputes global warming is allowed to say a thing at the forums since their attempts to talk are censored:


Laurie Wiegler Milford, Conn. 2 hours ago


Would people throw stones at me if I said America was getting dumber? Certainly not the readers of the New York Times, or my friends back in my hometown of San Francisco; but vast swatches of this country are getting dumber. Part of it is ignorance, and for that I cannot blame them, but some of it is by choice. I actually had a cousin tell me this week to quit getting my information from “Al Gore”. I defriended him. As a freelance science writer, it pains me on a daily basis to see the lack of intellectual thought driving our national discourse. Climate change is not a choice, not something to have an opinion about, any more than breathing is.


I have issued warning after warning to liberals about this closed minded, silly behavior.  You can’t fight reality when reality is freezing cold!  Cold is very direct in nature, if you don’t shelter yourself from it, you die pretty fast and no, you can’t rest in the shade, indeed, lying down=dying in the cold.  On Mt. Everest which is closed this year due to too much snow, is a prime example.


At the top, if you stop for very long, even standing up, you die!  Of the cold, no less!  This ‘freelance science writer’ is obviously not very intellectual and I would dare say, ‘dumb’.  Even ‘dumber’ than a cucumber.  Note how this harridan disowns a relative, a member of the family because he asked her to get more information!  And then she dares talk about ‘discourse’ and how necessary it is to ‘debate’.


I suppose the NYT will hire her.


Here are the other editorials in this ‘Room for Debate’ which rooms seems to be the size of a very small closet or maybe one of the minihomes the NYT has been pushing lately:  Doom and Gloom Has Led to Apathy…which is a total lie.  People are fighting mad about the warmists!  People Find It Too Hard to Think About…which is yet another lie, those of us who dispute this are thinking a lot about this!


A black man is hauled out to whine about it being too hot which is funny since blacks evolved for working superbly in the heat due to skin melanin protecting them from the sun: Minorities Understand the Threat…and I dare say, it is #12 or lower on their collective list of things they worry about.  The U.S. Military Cares, Civilians Should Too…as we see from the above CIA study, yes, they do worry about this and about other things.  If they no longer worry about severe cold, the Russians will laugh all the way to Siberia and the Arctic circle.  After all, they ordered more and bigger ice breakers this year.


Americans Do Care…except polls show they don’t care and are more worried about heating costs.  The Tide Is Turning has this silly stuff:


Americans care more and more about climate change as its effects become immediate to them.


While researching a play, I visited Churchill, Canada, the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” on the edge of the Hudson Bay. Because climate change is accelerated the farther north you go, I didn’t meet a single person there who wasn’t aware of climate change as a present crisis. Many residents told me they were going stir crazy because they couldn’t spend much time outside until the Bay froze and the bears, who become town residents during the warmer weather, went away.


HAHAHA.  I remember this guy because I made fun of him.  He got government money to make a play in Manhattan about how polar bears were dying due to it being too warm.  I speculated he was sent to Hudson Bay to feed the animals so they wouldn’t starve.  Global Warming Fanatics, Martin And Bernice Hartley, Twitter About Freezing In Blizzard At North Pole is another group of fanatics I believed were sent there to feed the polar bears, too.


Not to mention the Google crew who went there to show us polar bears were starving.  Of course, the NYT allows the playwright to lie about the polar bear situation.  Their numbers are rising, not falling.  But this winter has hit them hard due to all the ice, not the reverse.  The entire ‘debate’ at the Times is a lie.  And they are doomed to suffer worse and worse if we are going into global cooling which seems to be the case.


May 9 2014 snow cold continues

It is still snowing heavily in the West.  More storms coming in from the Pacific Ocean.  The East is cooler than normal with frequent rain which is another cool age climate thing, not global warming.  Below shows winds in the northern Atlantic Ocean which is quite stormy, too.  May is supposed to be a quiet month, not windy, violent storms, lightning and snow!  This is global cooling sort of weather.  May is supposed to be ‘merrie May’ with flowers and dancing around Maypoles.

May 9 2014 wind map many storms off siberia


From Merrie England, this tweet:




The Maypole dancing scheduled for 2pm today has been cancelled due to the weather. Join us next Sunday for more maypole dancing!




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10 responses to “New York Times ‘Room For Debate’ Discusses Global Warming With Zero Debate From Colder Climate Experts

  1. melponeme_k

    Hmmph, the Russians have been preparing for the next minimum probably from the time your father wrote his paper. I’m sure they took it seriously because they live in the center of the ice.

    It is in their best interest, and the whole world for that matter, to lure NATO (AKA USA) troops into Russian territory this coming winter. The cold will kill the troops. Scorched earth will do its job as it has done twice before. Ultimately it will break the power of the elites since their toy soldiers (our children) will freeze to death.

  2. Jim R

    Nitpick: melamine is not the black pigment in skin. You’re thinking melanin.

    Melamine is this white stuff that is baked like low-temperature clay to make plastic fake pottery. And used by Chinese agribusiness folks to increase the “crude protein” (Nitrogen) content of cat food and baby food. It has a lot of chemically bound nitrogen in it, and the test for protein is merely a measure of the amount of nitrogen released when a sample is burned.


    ELAINE: You are correct. I had to rush out of the house this morning for a doctor’s appointment for my husband and didn’t double check things.

  3. e sutton

    Seems like Putin is playing NATO/ US like a fiddle, biding his time with one hand on the natural gas valve on the pipeline leading to Ukraine and the other hand, palm facing up, asking for lotta cash come June.

  4. DeVaul

    Freelance science writer?

    Doesn’t that say it all? Why bother reading something written by a scientist when you can just read sci-fi?

    That woman is right about one thing: she, and most other Americans, have been dumbed down to almost nothing by robbing them of original thought and opinions, which we are not allowed to have.

    In Kentucky, I cannot have a conversation with anyone without them saying something to the effect that “America is going downhill because of Obamacare”, which is shocking when you think of all that has been reported (reluctantly) in the media in the last 15 years.

    If I tell them that Obama stole that system from Mitt Romney, and that he got it handed to him fully written by the healthcare industry along with a manila envelope, they just stare at me with a blank face.

    They cannot reason beyond the latest TV or radio soundbite, despite the fact that they went to college and are specialists in some field or another.

    I really wish some open-minded psychologist or psychiatrist could be transported to an objective location and then diagnose what mental disorder is going on in America and give it a clinical name. It would make for fascinating reading, but it cannot be done from within America because that would be the same as a Nazi death camp inmate going to a psychiatrist because he is “depressed”.

  5. e sutton

    Your President on “climate deniers”:

    Tweaking opponents of his energy policies in Congress, Obama lamented that lawmakers have “not always been as visionary on these issues as we would like.” That’s why he’s seizing opportunities this year to act unilaterally to advance those goals, Obama said.

    “Unfortunately, inside of Washington, we still have some climate deniers who shout loud,” Obama said. “But they’re wasting people’s time on a settled debate.”

    So once again he’s got to “seize the opportunity” to “act unilaterally”. Good thing we have a congress, I guess. “…they’re wasting people’s time on a settled debate.” ….so he’s got your debate right there, Elaine, aswingin’ betwixt his legs. Glad he decided it’s all settled. Ain’t de-mock-racy wunerful? Nearly unswallowed my lunch after reading this horse manure.

  6. e sutton


  7. Mike Gibbs

    Elaine, this might be too much to ask, …would you share your Dad’s opinion?

  8. Mike Gibbs

    Elaine, do you have an opinion on the concept of “deep state” …actually addressed by Wikipedia!

  9. Global warning Denialists are retarded and brainwashed, or just evil.

  10. emsnews

    Tell that to me last winter while I was shovelling snow and freezing. Cybervigilante, there is no better teacher than Mother Nature. I asked all global warmists to visit me last winter and none showed up.

    True, climbing my mountain in deep snow while the wind was blowing and ti was -15 below zero is a challenge which, incidentally, I did frequently.

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