Bundy Gun Nut Adult Toddlers Illegally Invade National Park On ATVs

I grew up in Arizona living in the foothills of Mt. Lemmon.  The #1 thing I absolutely hated were the ATV riders who tore at a high, engine screaming speed all over the place, destroying everything.  Scaring my horses, running over my animals, drinking, carousing, vandalizing everything.  Throwing rocks at saguaro cacti, you name it.  Naturally, the people surrounding Bundy are illegally doing exactly this in Utah as a ‘protest’.  No wonder so many of them are obese.


Yet another example of irresponsible, childish,irresponsible gun totting right wing nuts:  Bundy son leads 300 activists in armed protest for right to ATV in Utah’s sacred ‘Recapture Canyon’


The dispute is the latest squabble between conservative states’ rights advocates in Utah and across the West, who want to take back millions of acres of public land over which federal agencies have authority. More than 60 percent of Utah’s land is under federal control.

ATV trails in Recapture Canyon Utah

The canyon in the Four Corners region of Utah is home to the ruins of ancient dwellings and other cultural resources of Ancestral Puebloans. The Bureau of Land Management closed the area in 2007 after an illegally constructed trail was found and some artifact sites were damaged.


Anyone can ride a horse or walk into this wilderness.  The entire West has been heavily damaged by ATVs.  The riders want to roar through the landscape at high speeds and trust me, this is dangerous.  I have had more than one rider try to run me over when I used to practice long distance running in the desert when I was a teenager.


I did carry a weapon and they didn’t know how close they were to death.  The fact they had a fast ATV gave them a sense of domination and power.  It got so bad, we had to have ATV riding sheriffs to stop these invaders who would drive on our ranch property illegally.


If you put up fences, they would tear holes in them, for example.  I own a large mountain property here in New York and no one is allowed to ATV on it nor do any of my neighbors allow this and we all have guns. So far, no one is actively defying this.


From earlier this year is the story about how these illegal ATV users were stopped:  Recapture Canyon and an illegal ATV trail — High Country News


Seven years ago, I first saw the archaeological damage that had been done to Utah’s Recapture Canyon. The extent of the destruction was stunning.


Somebody, or more likely several people, had created an illegal all-terrain vehicle trail on Bureau of Land Management land. Sections of the trail ran right through 1,000-year-old Ancestral Puebloan archaeological sites, bisecting one prehistoric village the size of a football field – all this in a place that archaeologists have described as a “mini-Mesa Verde.” The scar through Recapture Canyon, just east of Blanding, Utah, is seven miles long and four feet wide.


Now comes the real shocker. San Juan County is now requesting a right of way for that same trail. And the BLM, instead of responding with outrage, is seeking public comment on what could be a precedent-setting mistake across the American West.


The canyon’s rare cliff dwellings and archaeological sites have been caught in a classic confrontation: A federal agency vs. local residents so keen to boost ATV tourism on public land that they secretly flout federal laws meant to protect our national heritage.


The controversy isn’t new. For almost a decade, San Juan County residents, BLM officials, environmentalists, archaeologists and ATV riders who belong to a group called San Juan Public Entry & Access Rights, (SPEAR), have squabbled over the fate of this canyon. The scenario has unfolded with scenes of BLM bungling that are almost painful to watch, combined with both the county and the federal agency’s surprising indifference to federal statutes that protect cultural and natural resources.


It seems this ‘road’ has been used for many years.  And therefore, people imagine they can continue doing this.  I remember when people drove jeeps all over the Indian reservations in Arizona with impunity.


Then the tribe who gave the right to use Kitt Peak to my father got mad about all this and blocked the roads into their reservation, using guns.  You see, this WAS their own property!  Unlike with Bundy who wasn’t even born in Utah or Nevada, he was born in Arizona.


The Utah canyon actually belongs to the Indians if there is any dispute about who ‘owns’ this.  Bundy and his gang never had any land use rights to this canyon.  Ever.  At any point in time.  All these land disputes are actually a fraud from day one since much of this land was taken under false pretenses in the first place.  Taken from the natives who dwelt here for thousands of years.


The entire Bundy garbage is just that: garbage.  He doesn’t pay any taxes on any land like I do.  He doesn’t preserve anything. When I had cows, I had to preserve the fields and not overgraze.  He has no incentive to not overgraze so he strips the land of everything trying to profit as much as possible on freebie land.


Now that he got away with threatening to kill our government if it stops him from vandalizing (grazing cows is vandalism) public lands, he has upped the ante.  Watching these fake cowboys who are so fat they would spavin a horse in a week, yahooing as they tear around in their infant seat machines is pathetic.


And our government, which kills and terrorizes anyone on the left for lifting a finger…remember the Wounded Knee Massacres, both of them?  Wounded Knee incident is when some armed Native American Indians led by Dennis Banks demanded treaties be honored in full.


So the fed surrounded the town and then crushed it.  Totally.  Guardians of the Oglala Nation was established by the corrupt tribal leader who was fighting off the insurgents and this group systematically killed opposition members and terrorized everyone while the US government sat on its hands.


Dennis Banks was one of the leaders of this uprising.  He went to prison but was protected by Marlon Brando and others for several years.  At one point, he lived near where I live here in upstate NY and I know him personally.  He is a very sweet, quiet man, quite patient and sometimes very sad due to the continuing problems of the natives who have solved their economic problems by hosting gambling which is rapidly destroying them as a people.


Indeed, Bundy himself, lives in Nevada which funds itself the same wretched way.  The spread of gambling, the childish behavior of everyone as we see in say, our cities where much of the population thinks vandalism is fun, left and right both think that wrecking everything is a civil right…this sort of chaos and destructive ruination is…ruining our nation.


Making it noisy, dangerous and deadly and causing social and physical erosion and filth.  Just what hikers on foot want in national monuments: loud, obnoxious, dirty fat riders on ATVs.

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12 responses to “Bundy Gun Nut Adult Toddlers Illegally Invade National Park On ATVs

  1. Peter C.

    Never understood how you could go out in nature and enjoy it with a gas engine.And the truth is they have no interest in nature.
    That goes for power boats,atvs,motorcycles,whatever.
    Go in by foot or paddle,that should be the options in wilderness.

  2. Peter C.

    Or hooves,forgot those.

  3. emsnews

    By the way, I got an ATV guy arrested when he nearly ran me over in the desert when I was on foot, the jerk. I found his truck he used to come to my ranch and got the ID and handed it over to Sheriff Burr.

  4. JimmyJ

    ATVs and motorbikes cause the same problems all over BC too. I hate the damage and noise they cause. A nice quiet walk gets tiresome quickly when they are about, since many folks simply remove their noise suppression to get more horsepower. While much of BC is forested and lacks the obvious scarring of desert lands, there is still a huge impact as riders tear up rural trails, cut fencing and commit theft and vandalism of private property. But powered vehicles bring in lots of tourist and business dollars here in rural BC so they are here to stay.

    But it’s not just powered vehicles either that cause habitat destruction and ruin the wild experience for users. So do mountain bike cyclists. They cut new trails everywhere with no permission or regulation and then run ruts into them all causing erosion and narrow slots in the trails. Also they build log jumps across the trail all over the place, creating slippery obstacles to walking.

    In many BC communities middle class cyclists have huge political clout since cycling is a healthy and “green” pursuit and seen as completely benign to the environment. In my town, cyclists have so much clout over walkers that all gravel trails were paved years ago for cyclists, despite making walking much more painful and tiresome.

    Now planners are incorporating the erosive mountain cyclist trails into part of the local rural trail network. It makes no difference that walking on a cyclist trail is very annoying, wheels and feet having obviously different geometries. Most afternoon walkers don’t use trails that are affected by bikes so don’t see the impact. The few rare hikers that go farther out and feel the impact have no voice politically or just go somewhere else to hike. Unless the trails are in sensitive habitat such as alpine, the environmental affects tend to stay below the radar of bureaucrats, even though they are obvious to walkers.

    The obvious solution is to simply ban all wheeled traffic in rural public lands, but well you know, good luck.

  5. luc

    Jet skis kill Coral reefs.

  6. luc

    Elaine, this is off topic but I thought it might have some information you dont know.
    John (Keating 5) McCain……do a search under VIETNAM VETERANS AGAINST JOHN McCAIN.

    He lost 4 jet planes before going to Nam. The American Free Press has done extensive stories about him and his mob connections, which may be archived on their web sight.

    When he ran for Congress he was the LIMPING WAR HERO.

    He started the USS Forrestal fire by “wet starting” his plane.

    The flame shot out so far that it set off a heat seeking missile on the plane behind him. The missiles hit McCain’s plane and blew off his “drop tank” which filled the deck with burning jet fuel. The inferno poured into the the floors below the flight deck and killed even more men. It was one of the worst accidents in Navy history.
    A couple days later he was transferred to the USS Hornet. His ship mates were about to lynch him. I also read that the crew on the Forrestal cheered when they heard his plane was shot down over Nam..
    [his dad and grand dad even were BIG in military so that may be why he has been so powerful].

  7. larry, dfh

    I lived a couple of years in N Central PA. Snowmobiling was IT. Snowmobiling from bar to bar. Alot of the pickup trucks were flat-bed, to carry the snowmobiles. Sometimes logging roads were closed with a cable. Every year some one would lose their head. Snowmobiles create large air quality issues in Yellowstone Park.
    Horses can beat up trails, too. This last winter I did alot of cross-country skiing, often in soybean fields. No hills! Very quiet and beautiful, and don’t tear up anything.

  8. Petruchio

    “Adult toddlers…” LOL. Good one Elaine. Reminds me of the saying we have here in MN: “take an otherwise normal, rational person and put them on a snowmobile, and you get….instant a##hole”. It’s true. Just like with the ATV guys you refer to, it’s the same type of situation in the snow. I have to admit though, snowmobiles are a great deal of fun to drive. Just be a responsible driver. And alot of snowmobilers are.

  9. Petruchio

    What especially bothers me about guys like Bundy and the ATV guys is this. These guys are the biggest government welfare “kings/queens” around, but they spend all their time ripping the government. “Git the ‘guvmint’ off my back” they like to say. OK, Clive I’ll get the guvmint off yer back. I’ll take your free grazing rights away from you to start. How’s that for gettin’ the guvmint off yer back, you hypocrite Freeloader, Bundy? Bundy’s lucky I’m not in charge, I’ll tell you that.

  10. DeVaul

    I agree with Peter C. I cannot understand these idiots at all. They really are just adult children, carrying guns while speeding across the desert for no particular reason other than that they can. They are blind to their own self-righteous hypocrisy. Their world view is just downright scary.

    If these are the so-called “freedom fighters”, we are in for a world of hurt.

  11. luc

    The world is their oyster. They devour it and destroy it.

  12. Lou

    2.5 years later, saw this;

    The Bundy’s and all co defendants were found not guilty today in Portland, Oregon.. A great day for our patriots and a dark day for our government.. Long live LaVoy Finicum murdered by our government…I have a feeling some heads are gonna roll….
    There will be a separate trial in Nevada for the supposed obstruction of Federal authorities on the Bundy Ranch in 2014.

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