90% Voters In Eastern Ukraine Want Out of NATO Dictatorship Kiev Rule

The catastrophic US diplomatic disaster roars onwards.  Playing on irrational fears of Russia who has invaded no one unlike NATO which has invaded many countries this last 25 years, our elites managed to scare feeble minded people into supporting rank, outright fascism complete with Nazi regalia in Ukraine.

The coup there is a failure.  NATO and the IMF hoped to impose their crude rule on the Eastern half of Ukraine via violent fiat.  But with the Crimea vote to leave the failed state, Russia took over without violence unlike the coup in Kiev which was quite violent and much of that armed and supported by US goons.


Well, freaking out over the vote to leave the disaster state of Ukraine, the CIA chief visited Kiev ‘secretly’ to plot wholesale violence against the voters who refused to back down after the US made many threats.  Very cleverly, Putin DID back down on supporting the voting knowing full well, the vote would happen despite US attempts at preventing any democracy votes anywhere (Egypt, anyone?).

So, egged on by NATO and Germany and outrageous media warmongering, the coup in Kiev decided to win this looming election by MURDERING people in horrible ways. Oh, how the US whines when someone attacks us!  But when we sponsor violence, we are moral and upright even when we are criminals, thieves and murderers.


The vote is in and 90% of the voters who survived being shot at, beaten and burned, naturally repelled by the monster sitting in Kiev illegally and they voted to sunder their relation with these creeps who work hand in glove with war criminals like our neocon government.  Obama finally has totally become Bush.


He is a fool.  Putin will laugh all the way to the bank because the US warmongering talk has driven up the price of oil and gas and if Germany wants any of this, they will have to pay more in the future.  And pay dearly for this in many ways.  The German miracle is going to turn into a wasteland economy thanks to Merkel backed into attacking Russia.


There is no way around this: the US went one step too far.  When attacking weak countries, it is easy as mugging the elderly in the dark.  Mugging an armed fighter who has a history of not backing down?  Ahem, the US pretends to be this ‘cowboy culture’ but most of these are rather obese and lazy these days and anyways, in the Wild West, most cowboys were Mexicans or from the mountains of northern Spain.


We just tossed $20+ billion in the fire in Ukraine because the only way this was going to be paid back was via ‘privatizing’ and stealing everything in the eastern half of the former country.  Of course, the US and the coup in Kiev and Germany and others like Britain, the toothless lion that will be hammered when Russians remove all their money from the banks there, will not accept this honest vote but will attack even more viciously claiming…TOTALLY FALSELY…that they are protecting Europe from Russian aggression.


The hope is to kill off only a couple hundred thousand civilians and then steal everything overnight.  But this won’t work because Russia will fight back.  The voters who hate the coup in Kiev are the vast  majority of the people there and they will invite Putin in and he will come.  And flowers will be strewn at his feet.


Meanwhile, the US is still trying to extract itself from the meat grinder in Afghanistan and the Afghanis are strewing bombs at our feet as we flee, tattered and torn, deep in debt.  Russia is richer.  The US pretends to be rich but we are one of the poorest nations on earth, we have seriously negative sovereign wealth, in the red to the tune of several trillion dollars.


Our government is going bankrupt because our rich rulers don’t want to pay taxes and have hammered middle class tax payers very heavily so they can’t pay  much in taxes and so that runs deep in the red, too.  And we are going to war over Ukraine in order to enslave the people there who want nothing to do with us?


Insane.  And congratulations to the people of Eastern Ukraine, daring to vote when the US wants dictatorship!  Bravo.


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8 responses to “90% Voters In Eastern Ukraine Want Out of NATO Dictatorship Kiev Rule

  1. melponeme_k


    China wants to build a super train through the Bering Strait.

    They need to have a connection to protect all the assets and people they plan to have.

    Hilarious…the Elites are so stupid and have totally lost control. They have turned the US into Lebensraum for billions of Chinese. Our country won’t protect the borders for illegals on this hypothetical train anymore than they do on the southern border.

    But hey, California will welcome them with open arms then complain about the rest of us polluting the country.

  2. emsnews

    History is clear: the winners are the ones who plan ahead correctly and AVOID stupid wars that suck them dry. Oh, and avoid massive volcanic eruptions.

  3. aashild

    The Russian Foreign minister is an outstanding diplomat! America’s ‘diplomats’ on the other hand are just mere fools, with Victoria Nuland being a prime example.

  4. Being There

    Thanks for posting Chris Hedges. Indeed we have fallen into an ism and can’t get out! The global neoliberal theology makes it impossible for the US to protect itself as a sovereign state since this works against global corporate and banking domination.

  5. vengeur

    Wow, B T, your last sentence says it all: “The global neoliberal theology [which ALL major politicians in the U.S. adhere to] makes it impossible for the US to protect itself as a sovereign state since this works against global corporate and banking domination.” Our welfare as citizens of our country is in direct opposition to the goals of our globalist rulers. They will sell us out until there is nothing left to sell.

  6. Jim R

    Ron Paul is in the news this morning asking what the heck we are doing in Ukraine, one of a tiny handful in Congress talking any sense.

    Yeah, I know, he’s all hat and no cattle. But at least it is being said, it’s there for the record, and available to the ‘MSM’ if they ever want to publish a non-lie…


  7. DeVaul

    The problem I have with the Paul Dynasty is that it is always just talk, and no action. If they were half serious about anything, they would have formed a third party and smacked the other two upside the head long ago.

    Instead, it is like they created some kind of boutique shop within one party to cater to a more “discerning” clientele, but not one that wants to risk their stocks, their bonds, their Roth accounts, and other paper junk on the possibility of ending the empire and restoring the republic.

    Can you imagine where we would be today if the first congressional assembly acted like the Pauls?

  8. DeVaul

    Maybe JT will finally go sit down and contemplate over a cup of crampbark tea or something in a calm manner what I said earlier:

    Ethnic Russians will want to join Russia. Ethnic Ukrainians (if there are any) will want to join Ukrainia, unless they have some preference for Russia.

    JT wanted elections. Well, he got them, and the people want nothing to do with the West. That’s the final verdict.

    One more thing: Finland should be glad it sits next to Russia, because if it did not, it could not remain neutral. It would be a NATO base like all other countries that are not so lucky to have a nuclear armed neighbor that opposes NATO.

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