Blizzards In Rocky Mountains: History Of El Ninos Shows Increasing Cooling Since Medieval Warm Period

may 12 2014 snow storms unusual cold hammer western US

Snow, severe storms barge into West, central USA as winter continues to hold an iron grip on huge parts of the North America continent.  Here, where I live, it finally warmed up some and all the trees that normally leaf out one after the other are doing it very swiftly, simultaneously due to the very delayed spring. And the cold fronts push warm air and concentrate this right next to the front so we see high winds and  the Texas panhandle wildfire 75% contained due to dry grass left over from last fall.  It is snowing in the Rockies, big time.


79% Of The US Is Below Normal Temperature Since Oct 1, 2013 while Last Seven Months Were The Third Coldest On Record In The US which is very much true and this coldness is now moving to the Southern Hemisphere which is cooler than normal and it is causing big winter storms offshore of Antarctica.  Cold cycles cause big storms. This terrible fact is ignored by global warming fanatics.  And even though they now call their religion, ‘climate change’ it is still all about how we are roasting to death once the blizzards let up:


This is from the far leftwing publication that prides itself on being ‘honest’ and ‘understanding things’:  7 Scary Facts About How Global Warming Is Scorching the United States | Mother Jones


1. America is much hotter than it was before. According to the assessment, the 2000s were the hottest decade on record for the United States, and 2012 was quite simply the hottest year ever (for the contiguous US).

2. That translates into extreme heat where you live

7. America is ablaze. More drought, and more heat, means more wildfires.


How disconnected from reality can one be with out being institutionalized?  The ‘extreme heat’ is missing in the vast majority of places.  The West Coast, in towards around 100 miles, is warmer than usual for a while (but not this month!) this last winter but this is an artifact of the Ice Age weather pattern: it never was cold compared to the rest of North America at any time.  Far from being the coldest part of the continent, it is the warmest part most of the time outside of say, Florida which is also not an Ice Age icon.

may 11 2014 blizzard


When tracking Ice Age conditions, one ignores the West Coast and Florida.  Neither show much sign of cooling in general.  You watch Wisconsin or any of the other plains states.  Ditto with the Northeast such as New York.  These states are also glacier/Ice Age states and if it is very cold here, this is a sign that there is cooling going on, not heating up.


Temperatures from elsewhere are meaningless when it comes to determining if we are going into another Ice Age.  I would suggest that North America cooled before Europe during the previous Ice Ages and we know that this glaciation happened very suddenly, not slowly.  So the danger of this is extremely high due to its sudden nature.


UK Guardian: ‘Climate Change’ to Blame for Boko Haram and Nigerian Girls’ Kidnapping is how desperate liberal publications are to tie in absolutely everything with global warming.  The problem with Africa is overpopulation.  End of story.  Generally speaking, when the climate is good you get overpopulation, not the reverse.  The girls were kidnapped due to this being a war tactic by tribes that is so ancient, it began around a million years ago.


El Nino odds growing, but impact is murky in Maryland worries another publication.  California better pray for a strong el Nino because this brings rain.  Cold la Ninas bring droughts.  Yes, we have had some solar activity with some sun spots at the last minute of this solar maximum so this will cause some sort of el Nino but I feel it will be relatively small.



Even as the el Nino events weaken, the warmists are lusting for one last hurrah with the anticipated one:  El Niño Is Coming Back | Science/AAAS | News


The little boy could soon be back. El Niño, a periodic warming in the waters of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, will probably emerge in the coming months, according to a forecast issued yesterday by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). If strong, the El Niño event could not only wreak havoc on weather around the world, but could also trigger a resumption of global warming that has been seemingly stalled for the last 15 years.


The prediction center found that there is a 58% chance that El Niño will emerge within the next 3 months. By the early fall, that probability rises to 78%. “We’re more confident than we ever have been,” says Michelle L’Heureux, a climate scientist at the prediction center, located in College Park, Maryland…
For nearly the past 20 years—probably since 1997 to 1998—the PDO has been in a cool phase, and La Niña conditions have typically prevailed. There is tenuous evidence that a strong El Niño event could push the PDO back into a warm phase—one in which El Niño events would be more common. That could allow heat from the ocean to be released into the atmosphere—causing a jump in atmospheric global warming, Trenberth says: “This could be a very important year.”


So, Trenberth finally admits his hockey stick programs are a failure?  HAHAHA.  But he hopes there will be warming so he can crow about it.  Great.  He does admit el Ninos bring benefits!  Duh!  Warmer usually is better to a point, of course.  Cold is definitely much worse.  I like the howls from these guys that it is too hot and then they admit today that warming ‘seemingly’ (!!!) stalled…eh?  Talk about insane.  It definitely stalled!


Below is a study again, warning us we are going to roast to death only the data published by the same scientists show otherwise.  So I took the liberty of redefining their data to show when things were nasty or nice:

history el nino and agriculture global warming is long over

A.A. Tsonis et al.: Climate change and the demise of Minoan civilization

The top panel shows that the two proxies are in good agreement and the bottom panel that the El Nino events in the ENSO proxy starting at about 1450 BC are much stronger than those in the recent three hundred years (by a factor be- tween two and three). This will indicate that the El Nino signal may have been much stronger at the time of the Minoans. Thus, it is highly probable that the area of Crete experienced drier conditions from 1450 to 1200 BC and even later.


And this means warm=good times.  The Minoans were so warm unlike the people of Crete today, they ran around topless, male and female.  Ditto in Palestine, in Egypt: they all ran around topless with either towels around the waist or beautiful puffy skirts in the case of Crete.  Obviously, fun times for everyone and cats who love warm sunshine on a windowsill were gods.


For communities that strongly depended on water and agriculture in order to survive, the cumulative effect of these drier conditions could have been devastating and may have led to a slow decline bringing the population below a critical threshold that will allow it to exist and thrive. The above results and observations are also supported by an O18 analysis (Magill et al., 2005; Rosenmeier et al., 2006) of a core obtained from the Limnes depression, a small sinkhole located within the Akrotiri Peninsula, Crete (close to the palace of Knossos and other important outlets of the Minoans).


The Minoans were not farmers, they did have orchards and their main crop was olives and grapes, they probably invented wine sales using ships to transport these.  Mainly, they fished, traded with others and produced some of the greatest ancient civilization palaces and arts.  Lots of free time.  This ended when things got colder and drier. Yes, lock up more moisture in ice and it gets drier everywhere.


This analysis indicates that wetter conditions during the middle Holocene were followed by drier conditions and that around 1450 BC a long stretch of drier conditions commenced ending around 1200 BC. The same record shows that at the onset of strong and frequent El Nino events around 1000 AD(∼1000 yr BP) the area again enters drier conditions which peak at about 1500 AD (∼500 yr BP) when the dominance of El Nino ends. This is consistent with our hypothesis.


Note how this is ass-backwards.  They are PRESUMING there were el Nino conditions.  But this is insane.  Always, throughout history, agriculture and civilizations became stronger when it was warmer and collapsed when it got colder.  This happens today.  Many cope with becoming violently aggressive like Britain during the Little Ice Age or France during the same period.  Set out to conquer the world as crops failed at home.  Only Napoleon was stupid enough to invade Russia for food right when the el Ninos STOPPED, not intensified.


Additional sediment support for drier conditions after 1450 BC is provided by a pollen core obtained from Lake Kournas in Crete. In that core Tilia (a temperate European tree) pollen, while present before 1400, has but disappeared in the period 1400–1000 BC. This suggests that annual drought levels reached levels beyond which the tree could not survive (Moody, 2005). Indeed, the tree does not anymore grow naturally in Crete.


When Thera volcano blew up, it sent out tsunamis across all of the Mediterranean Sea and this hammered all the Minoan islands and pretty much wiped out their economy and ruined them.  And it made it hard for the trees to grow and then goats were brought in by the invaders who finished off the Minoans and these ate all the saplings and younger trees so when the older ones finally died, there were no replacements. Assuming tree losses were due to dry conditions is childish.


We see the once fertile valleys in Pakistan and Iraq utterly stripped bare of trees by goats and other grazing animals.  This isn’t ‘climate’ this is humans abusing grazing conditions to overgraze which we see in the US too.


The battle between the bozo in Nevada and the government is all about grazing until everything is destroyed.  The Feds are supposed to prevent this and ranchers are addicted to doing this.  This is why there are few trees in Mongolia.  Not climate.

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9 responses to “Blizzards In Rocky Mountains: History Of El Ninos Shows Increasing Cooling Since Medieval Warm Period

  1. luc

    As of year 1500, how far did civilization get in Africa? Did they have agriculture, the wheel, domesticated animals? I get the sense it was very primitive. The overpopulation you mention is due to Christians and other Whites, bringing in medicine and sanitation as well as charity that
    CAUSES MORE PROBLEMS. Right now in LA the charity is ‘walk for africa’..send more meds, money, food etc that equal more people and more problems.

  2. luc

    And Obama is shutting down our power plants while sending 7 BILLION to open power plants in Africa.

  3. luc

    I went over to Drudge after closing this page and VOILA!

    3 feet of snow

  4. emsnews

    Wow. Three feet. Ouch.

    I am finally mowing my fields to rid it of the weeds that I couldn’t mow last October due to the early winter snows here!

  5. Joseppi

    The Nude Greek climate epoch…Etymologically brilliant

  6. JimmyJ

    Breitbart kind of blows the Boko Haram AGW distinction up a little. This is what the Guardian actually said, in conclusion, “If this analysis is correct, then the hundreds of innocent girls kidnapped in Nigeria are not just victims of Islamist fanaticism; they are also victims of failed foreign, economic and security policies tied to our infernal addiction to black gold.” Not that I want to defend the Guardian as their reporting lately is wholly lame but that conclusion is pretty uncontroversial, if not comprehensive.

    For some trivia, it’s worth pointing out that chimpanzees and human ancestors split about 4.5 million years ago. Chimps have been documented abducting females from neighboring troops so even our common ancestors prior to the split possibly did this many more millions of years before that. We have a long history of being aggressive then rationalizing the reason afterward.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, this is all very, very old behavior.

  8. Please keep us informed on El Nino

    Lisa Pham of Bloomberg reports “Crop plantations, food manufacturers, metals mining are among industries that may be affected if El Nino weather pattern returns this year, according to analysts. If severe El Nino weather event happened, agricultural commodity prices may be pushed up quite significantly, leading to inflation, Jeremy Lawson, chief economist at Standard Life Investments, said, El Nino has at least 70% chance of developing in 2014, with most climate models suggesting it will become established by August: Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.”

  9. emsnews

    LEADING to inflation???

    HAHAHA. Food inflation has been roaring along with the central banks printing ZIRP loans!

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