US Military Week Long Nuclear War Games

As the US government totally ignores Fukushima, we have a revival of the Cold War which means the US has to exercise its nuclear arsenal which is has used in the past in Japan.  The above video is some help (NOT) for dealing with nuclear war and here is another we should look at since our government is planning WWIII over stupid things like preventing Ukrainian citizens from voting about their own country.

This movie like the previous one minimized the terror of these stupid bombs.  I recall the US and EU howling about Iran possibly having the nuclear arsenal that Israel enjoys holding.  Lest we forget, both Russia and China have huge nuclear arsenals and both have space programs.


Europe has these, too.  And like the US, demands everyone else disarm while increasing the nuclear arsenals at home.  We are always in the shadow of nuclear war.

nuclear dragon will save humanity

Typically of our insane government today, we have nuclear wargames going on all week and no mention here about it and no civil defense stuff about hiding under our desks or eating contaminated food:  US starts countrywide nuclear drill after similar war games in Russia — RT USA


 The US Strategic Command, the agency responsible for country’s nuclear arsenal, will hold large-scale war games this week that will include 10 B-52 Stratofortresses and up to six B-2 Spirit bombers, along with other military and government agencies…


The exercise will be conducted from May 12-16 and is set “to deter and detect strategic attacks against the US and its allies,” the Strategic Command said in a statement…The timing of the exercise was declared as “unrelated to real-world events…”


Contrary to the openness of the Russian war games, the US Strategic Command released very few details about the upcoming exercise.

The US is  desperate to corral everyone into the Not-OK Corral gun fight:  Czech Republic does not envisage NATO troops on its soil but other small states want this thinking that this would prevent WWIII which it won’t.  Infuriating Russia and China will not prevent WWIII.  It will cause it.  And making aggressive territorial moves right in the laps of Russia and China will guarantee WWIII will happen.

nuclear dragon of destruction will save us from global warming

Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the U.S. Mostly Hushed Up by our media and the political prostitutes in DC.  Israel is pushing hard for WWIII as are our born again Christians who live lives of despair praying for Jesus to come (as I illustrate above, in the form of a dragon) and kill everyone here on earth.


The US push to isolate Russia is already  hammering the economies of various EU nations which is why France refuses to block Mistral warship deal with Russia.  Time to assassinate or have a coup in Paris!


Donetsk People’s Republic asks Moscow to consider its accession into Russia which should surprise no one.  The Ukrainian Catholics made it crystal clear, they hate the vast bulk of fellow citizens and intend to kill, maim, destroy and steal everything they can.  Who would want to partner with someone so abusive?  Invite outright NAZIs who are real Nazis into the coup’s government means the only option for the people who are Orthodox is to lock out these lunatics.


Let them infiltrate Germany and France and revive WWII.  The way the Ukraine coup talks is very much ‘war, war and more war…fought by Americans, Germans, Brits and French while we sit it out’.


The US is increasing aggression in Asia while encouraging and assisting rising fascism in Japan as Japan-based US drones to spy on China, N. Korea and of course, Russia.  Since the US spies on allies and then feeds this to Israel, it is no shock to see the US spying in China.


VICE: Japan mother may be jailed for “tweet critical of nuclear lobbyist” — Fukushima police travel 1,000 miles to interrogate her, examine computer — Officer: We only go outside prefecture for “potentially dangerous criminal” — “May be held without bail… without right to see lawyer” due to the fascist secrecy laws passed by the LDP.  And they are serious about burying all Fukushima news as they force people to move back into the polluted towns and plan to force athletes to perform there in the next Olympics.

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22 responses to “US Military Week Long Nuclear War Games

  1. Peter C.

    Putin has just banned rocket motor sales to the US that the US military uses to launch their spy sats,and have shut down American GPS (6) ground sites in Russia.I think Putin is playing not just chess but Go.(only board game computers are no where near beating humans).The Americans are playing Risk I think.(brute force and chance)

  2. emsnews

    And since NASA insists on not communicating, he just ended the Space Station program, too.

  3. Question: If the U.S officially declares WWIII, does this mean that Obama can run for a third presidential election?

  4. JimmyJ

    US Admin contemplating revoking 40 year old oil export ban in order to market to the EU and disrupt Russia. Congessional Democrats aren’t so sure since this will mean we will see markedly higher fuel prices.

    Wall St Journal article (turn off scripts to get access to entire article):

  5. e sutton


    Not to sound cold hearted, but let the idiots go ahead and do it. Despite the hurt it will cause, this economy has been on the verge of imploding for a while now. Let then go ahead and put the finishing touches on it. The only thing that will break the back of the Military Industrial Complex is to see the U.S. go bankrupt. Can’t happen soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Petruchio

    “The US push to isolate Russia is already hammering the economies of various EU nations…” Really, the US has no choice but to continue bullying other nations. US elites have been threatening their “allies” for so long and have accrued so much animosity from the rest of the world that playing nice guy won’t be believed.
    About the wargames. Not exactly a peace plan, is it? Wargames are a bad idea anyway. If the first Cold War is any measure, the Russians know what the US would/could do militarily almost as soon as US rulers do. That’s because the Russians have so many spies in place, US elites can’t sneeze without the Russian knowing about it. Remember, Putin is former KGB; he knows the value of human intelligence. It’s better than satellite intel in many cases. And don’t worry about the Russians cutting off the Pentagon’s rocket motors. With brilliant job creators in the US like Mitt Romney, this motor sales shutoff will not be a problem. This will be a golden opportunity for the free market to strut its stuff. Not! Irrational exuberance here we come.

  7. Jim R

    Ending the oil export “ban”?

    Doesn’t that presuppose that the US has some oil to export? It has been a net importer since the ’70s. It imports more than half its oil now.

  8. Christian W

    “Exporting oil to the EU” is an euphemism for “frack the hell out of the US”.

    It remindes me of Herman Göring’s promise to have the Luftwaffe supply the German Army caught in Stalingrad. That didn’t end well, because there was no way in hell it could work to start with. Pure madness.

  9. e sutton

    Never, ever confuse the U.S. power elite with an intelligent ruling class.

  10. Christian W

    Hunter Biden (VP “Attaboy” Biden’s son) and Kerry’s stepson, Devon Archer, have joined the largest Ukranian gas company’s board… One of the largest owners of the company is supposedly the oligarch Kolomoyskyi, an Ukranian-Israeli “businessman” deeply involved with the new Kiev regime.

  11. Roland petit

    The so-called highly credentialed and educated “brainiacs” who are “running the show” setting international policy are virtually all mentally unstable and psychopathic. There’s a difference between being cognitively smart and just being clever. The latter assures us demise.

  12. DeVaul

    I knew there was an Israeli connection. I could just feel it.

    So, while Ukraine burns, Israel stoops even lower:

    Notice in the photo that the gunmen taking away the children have silencers on their military rifles. Why do soldiers need silencers?

    Look at the terror on the face of the young boy as he is led away in some kind of straight jacket. I am surprised the photographer was allowed to live.

  13. DeVaul

    Dept. of Agriculture needs submachine guns:

    I’m pretty sure this is a round-about way of of supporting Israel’s defense manufacturing. Have every branch of our government purchase from them on flimsy excuses or none at all. Most of this stuff just sits in warehouses.

  14. larry, dfh

    Well, well.. Look what just came out!

  15. emsnews

    Yes, billionaires are funding Nazi fascist attacks in Ukraine. How…NORMAL. Um, who funded Hitler?

    Thanks for all the links, everyone, by the way!

    Machine guns for department of agriculture: they have to fight here at home just like abroad. We are the enemy.

  16. Christian W

    Kolomoyskyi, the oligarch on the recorded tape in larry,dfh’s tape, is the guy who send the nazis attack dogs to Odessa. He’s the same guy who owns Biden and Kerry.

  17. DeVaul

    I’m baffled as to how Biden and Kerry ever became entangled with this Ukrainian warlord. Is there a Ukranian mafia connection here in America? Biden and Kerry don’t live in the Ukraine, so what is the connection?

  18. Christian W

    Ukraine is incredibly corrupt. There is a lot of money to be made from the commodity wealth of Ukraine. There is an ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine doing time in a US prison for money laundering.

    Kolomoyskyi, who owns Burisma the company Hunter Biden joined, is a dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizen. A lot of the oligarchs are Jewish so I guess the connection is through the Jewish community and also through the Global Domination Game. Ukraine has long been recognized as a key strategic nation, much like Afghanistan, to US strategic planners.

    Oligarchs like Yulia Tymoshenko, one of the leaders of the US sponsored “Orange revolution” in Ukraine, are sure to have many “friends” in the west, something she hinted to on the same tape where she said it was “time to kill Russians”.

    The oligarchs themselves can probably be seen as controlled by the various intelligence services, the ‘loyal’ Russian oligarchs like Abramovich are FSB controlled, Kolomoyskyi is propbably Mossad, Tymoshenko CIA, Khodorkovsky of Lukoil was probably too close to the CIA so Putin threw him in jail and so on.

  19. Jim R

    Jewish Nazis … very strange.

    Kolomoyskyi must really hate himself, deep down.

  20. Christian W

    Jewish Nazis = Zionists. Just substitute the race on top for the appropriate one. Nazism is a mindset rather than a set ideology imo.

  21. DeVaul

    @Christian W

    Ok, wow. Thanks for that explanation of why so many disparate people would be intimately involved with each other.

    What a strange culture.

  22. emsnews

    Hitler even said he based his ideology on the Zionists who predated him by nearly 50 years.

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