American Elites Talk About Dropping Oil Prices By Exporting Oil When US Is Biggest Oil IMPORTER

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China – Analysis – U.S. Energy Information Administration


There is wild talk in DC and the EU about the US exporting oil to ‘save’ Europe from Russia.  But a quick peek at the above information shows this to be an insane fantasy cooked up by the US media Bilderbergers and the corrupt government in DC.  It is ridiculous.  Totally ridiculous.  The US is the world’s biggest IMPORTER of oil, not exporter and we are still preventing Iran from selling oil in world markets.


Putin Demands Ukraine Pay Ahead for Gas Supply  so this causes Oil prices to rise on Ukraine worries – Xinhua |

The uncertainties surrounding Ukraine have become a primary market move over the past weeks, as more than 70 percent of Russian crude and gas exports to Europe pass through Ukraine.


Putin has suggested to the EU and IMF that they could pay the past due bills.  The EU’s attempts at taking Russian gas delivered to other EU nations and funnel this to the coup in Kiev is a failure because Russia is going to shut off the gas going backwards.  They are caught in an energy vise of their own device.


The EU and US which rush to recognize public votes for severing connections over ethnic/religious differences when it comes to Eastern Europe and Yugoslavia are taking the opposite tack in Ukraine.  Even more amusing, they are complaining that voting is evil and coups are good.  Actually, this IS the official doctrine of the Bilderberg gang.


I read in today’s Wall Street Journal an editorial by a neocon lunatic who claims if we drive down the price of oil to $60 a barrel, Russia will be ruined.  HAHAHA.  Well…actually, it is Saudi Arabis that will be blown to smithereens.  Not Russia.  Not to mention our own oil barons in Texas who would be howling like banshees.  Bankrupt.


Here is another lunatic dreamfest:  Here Comes $75 Oil – Barron’s


 The long-term outlook for global oil prices is lower, perhaps much lower, giving a strong boost to the U.S. economy while potentially crippling the economy of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Vast new discoveries of oil and natural gas in the U.S. and around the globe could drive the oil price to as low as $75 a barrel over the next five years from a current $100.


It ain’t going down sometime soon.  Of course, much of this inflation is due to…MONEY PRINTING by the Federal Reserve.  This, in turn, is used to drive up oil prices as bankers gamble with their ZIRP loans from the gang that owns our country’s printing presses.


Donetsk self-defense forces give Kiev troops 24 hours to withdraw as the Eastern Ukrainians dig in their heels.  Backed by Putin who has talked softly and carries a nuclear armed club the size of Hercules’ club.  Bam.  Anyone dreaming of disarming Russia is crazy.  It won’t happen, ever.  Thanks to the US refusing to disarm and instead, invading many countries and killing millions of innocent civilian bystanders so far.


Amid Russian tensions, Joe Biden’s ‘private citizen’ son joins board of Ukrainian gas company | Mail Online: this story is finally creeping into the US media.  One of our fine readers here has already posted this story in the comments.  I was out of town so I didn’t get to read it until today.  Yes, that creep, Biden, is being bribed like the Bush clan who is owned by Saudi Arabia and China as family makes deals with these same.


Just like on 9/11, Saudis attack us and bin Laden’s older brother was a very close buddy of the entire Bush family and lived with them, etc.  Our lunatic rulers are all in bed with our attackers.  And Biden is warmongering so his cub can eat something like caviar and vodka.



  1. Hunter Biden will sit on the board of Burisma Holdings, the largest privately-held natural gas firm in Ukraine
  2. The company is controlled by a former natural resources minister to the ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych
  3. A Russian economics school dean compared the move to the ‘semi-colonial relationship’ between the U.S. and nations in Latin America
  4. U.S. muscle may have been brought aboard to insulate the company from Moscow, since its largest holdings are near the Russian border
  5. The White House, the vice president’s office and the State Department all deny there’s any conflict of interest, saying Biden’s son is a ‘private citizen’


And the EU wants to love Putin, not hate him:  Spain lets Russian navy use its ports in North Africa while the US says it will increase aid to Syrian rebels which is a war crime.  Paying people to attack someone, destroy a nation, paying TERRORISTS is a crime.  The US is celebrating 9/11 in NYC today and at the same time is arming and funding al Qaeda.  This is disgusting and the right wingers and the left wingers both are responsible for this horror.


Attacking each other when the rulers in both sides are all criminals is insane, too.  And we are going nuts here and no wonder, we have little ability to understand reality when our media lies to us all the time.

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9 responses to “American Elites Talk About Dropping Oil Prices By Exporting Oil When US Is Biggest Oil IMPORTER

  1. larry, dfh

    That Barron’s article is a hoot. I don’t think there are ‘vast new supp;ies’ of nat’l gas or oil in the US. The largest frackers are exiting the gas fields, because returns are dwindling. The Texas oil fracking fields aren’t new discovered, they’ve been known for a long time; the oil isn’t worth extracting much below $100/bbl. Russia just dumped 20% of its US$ holdings. When the US$ tanks, oil will be unaffordable, as will anything else.

  2. Being There

    The US is under the impression that we create reality. When we say something it makes it so, cuz we said so. This is the kabuki we’re watching now as we insist we can save the EU from the Russian bear. It’s not physically possible, but we’re going to insist upon it anyway. Maybe Nigeria will fit the bill.

    Now that we decided to trade in the modern nation state for globalism, we have to depend on Russia to get into space or even send a satellite into space. We are devolving into what Poland looked like before WWI.

    It’s pathetic and we’re all sitting ducks for the big monopolies to gouge us with no government protections. I just read a story last night how alumni from Goldman Sachs have plans to Enron-ize the north east and raise our energy prices big-time. Guess they saw that Holder is doing nothing about the banksters. Its gonna be a feeding fest and unlike the W administration, no one will go after them, so count your pennies and decide what temperature you can live in or spend $hundreds or thousands a month to keep warm

    larry,dhf has it right. More big lies are about how abundant our oil supply is, while trying to get suckers to invest.

    Yes, perhaps we’ll all be converging to get the oil out of the North pole as the ice keeps melting, but that involves lots of countries. Could that be the last straw?

  3. DeVaul

    Most oil tankers do not have the ability to ram through ice flows in the Arctic without risking a massive oil spill. I hope they do not consider this insane madness to the point of actually trying it. I hope they go bankrupt before they open a geyser under the Arctic and then run away and hide, like BP did.

  4. JimmyJ

    New research indicates that groundwater depletion by human activity influences earthquakes in San Andreas fault.

    “These results suggest that human activity may give rise to a gradual increase in the rate of earthquake occurrence, as suggested by earthquake [records] in central California.”

  5. DeVaul

    Hey Elaine,

    Did you know your favorite website, the NOAA, has jumped into the “arm-ourselves-to-the-teeth” game?

    After Social Security stocked up on ammo, the NOAA did the same thing.

    It is hard to see where this is all heading. Does the Federal government plan to retain control by arming every department with automatic weapons? Is this just behind the scenes graft and corruption in our military/industrial complex? Do the top .01% plan to use Federal employees as their personal praetorian guard when the economy collapses?

    Hollow point bullets banned by the Geneva Convention. Submachine guns with night vision. Thousands of employees not really trained in the use of these weapons. Too many secrets. Too little real information.

    And all of it very, very wrong.

  6. Jim R

    The are the new Branch Davidians.

  7. DeVaul

    Man, they sure act like it.

    Wonder if they plan to bring Geronimo’s skull out into the open and have federal employees bow down to it?

    I wonder if the Soviet Union was doing stuff like this before it collapsed?


    ELAINE: Rasputin. 🙂

  8. DeVaul

    Now here’s an eye-opening article:

    I think I am beginning to understand who the Bilderbergs are. They are mostly former and current Nazis, who represent the European aristocracy (which now includes the bankers).

  9. I got a robocall from the American Petroleum Institute yesterday asking me to have a letter sent in my name to support building export facilities for liquid natural gas, which is in the same league as what you describe. I wanted to find out what would happen if I hit 2 for no instead of 1 for yes. The recording just started over. They wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I hung up.

    As for exporting oil itself, that’s what the Keystone XL pipeline is for, exporting Canada’s tar sands oil by shipping it through the U.S. My comment about that was “It’s a dumb idea that’s going to hurt Americans, and it’s still likely to happen.”

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