National Socialism Is Rising Rapidly As Long Depression Gets Worse Worldwide

The world is hurtling towards another world war.  If we examine the previous two world wars, we can see a definite pattern: these always fallow, by a decade, a long depression.  And they feature greater powers of central bankers and a widening gap between workers and oligarchs.  Generally speaking, there is a quest to replenish government coffers not by taxation but by imperialist exploitation and clashes over distant exploitable territories become very violent very quickly.  Meanwhile, racist/religionist national socialism rises rapidly as dominant populations seek to maintain their grip on social services via cutting off services to minorities and others.


The US is celebrating the fact that oligarchs who support neonaziism are crushing citizens who protest their coup in Ukraine: Billionaire could turn tide in Ukraine as the oligarchs, EXACTLY like Hitler’s relation with German oligarchs or Ford using military troops to put down a worker’s strike, or the suppression of mining unions, hiring mercenaries to kill and terrorize whole cities is heralded as a bright, happy future for us all!


A king among men here, his empire of steel plants, factories and coal mines spreads across Donbas — as many Ukrainians refer to their nation’s industrial heartland. Akhmetov is its largest private employer and is known as the “shadow governor” for his links to local and regional politicians. His businesses also maintain their own private, well-trained security force of more than 3,000, including former elite Ukrainian commandos.


There is all sorts of speculation that he is working with Putin and Kiev to suppress the uprising because it threatens Russian as well as Ukraine oligarchs.  The fact is, he has a PRIVATE army that is laying down the law and this isn’t ‘democracy’ at all.  The oligarchs in Egypt, for example, were so annoyed with Morsi’s big win, they deliberately smashed the economy briefly by withdrawing from it in order to turn public opinion in the direction of a coup.


This is a secondary coup in Ukraine and looks an awful lot like other depression-era coups.  Nothing to celebrate and it is also quite brutal.  Ukraine crisis: A city in shock, but who is in control of Mariupol?


We fall in with a 67-year-old woman who wields a bunch of red roses. She refuses to identify herself, but she says: “Come, I’m going to the police station.”


She is not alone. Dozens arrive, adding to a small mountain of flowers on the steps to what is left of the police station after an assault in which the Kiev government claims to have killed at “least 20 terrorists”. But, after a tour of local hospitals, Human Rights Watch researcher Anna Neistat concludes that “at least seven” were killed – only one of whom was of the security forces – and more than 40 injured, six of whom were of the security forces.


The ravages of civil war: Pro-Russian insurgents are finally forced from building they had occupied in Ukraine as anti-Kremlin militias take to the streets shows pictures of the suppression of the anti-coup building occupiers who were killed the same vicious way as the ones in Odessa.


I predicted this based on history which plays the same tune over and over again:  Slovak PM: Growing inflow of illegal Ukrainian migrants to Slovakia raises concern


“We can speak of thousands of illegal migrants from Ukraine who are motivated to cross the Schengen borders in our or other zones,” said Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico at the GLOBSEC annual conference in the country’s capital, Bratislava, reported Itar-Tass.


Meanwhile, organized criminal groups have recently been stepping up illegal transportation of migrants across the Slovak-Ukrainian border, according to Mr Fico…


“I’m very skeptical about the third level (of sanctions), because if we look at the position of some other EU members, we see strong hesitation,” Fico said.


Slovakia will also suffer from these sanctions as they would cut the country’s growth to at least 1 percent in 2015 from an expected 3.1 percent.


“It will be a major blow, not only to the European economy, but especially to the economies of the countries neighboring Ukraine,” he added.


Screen shot 2014-05-17 at 9.15.15 AM

The EU was flooded with economic refugees and outright criminals from the East after NATO expanded rapidly, despite promises to Russia that this would not happen.  So Russia lost Eastern Europe and Western Europe saw a definite decline in social order and a rise in crime and disorder.  This is mostly covered up by media which is responsible for keeping the bourgeoisie  under control but talk to anyone in the streets and there is rising fury about foreigners coming in and wrecking things.


German Cities Worried about High Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria – SPIEGEL ONLINE: the German people have to tip toe around this in public or they will be accused of being Nazis, but the fact is, this flood is causing huge problems and people are increasingly angry about this.


One in four Germans deemed anti-Semitic according the racist organization, the Anti-defamation League in the US which is run by rank, vicious Zionists.  Of course, all of this comes back to the fact that the very first national socialist racist organization was the Zionists:  History of Zionism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In 1862 Moses Hess, an associate of Karl Marx, wrote Rome and Jerusalem. The Last National Question calling for the Jews to create a socialist state in Palestine as a means of settling the Jewish question. Also in 1862, German Orthodox Rabbi Kalischer published his tractate Derishat Zion, arguing that the salvation of the Jews, promised by the Prophets, can come about only by self-help.[11]


In 1882, after the Odessa pogrom, Judah Leib Pinsker published the pamphlet Auto-Emancipation (self-emancipation), arguing that Jews could only be truly free in their own country and analyzing the persistent tendency of Europeans to regard Jews as aliens:
“Since the Jew is nowhere at home, nowhere regarded as a native, he remains an alien everywhere. That he himself and his ancestors as well are born in the country does not alter this fact in the least… to the living the Jew is a corpse, to the native a foreigner, to the homesteader a vagrant, to the proprietary a beggar, to the poor an exploiter and a millionaire, to the patriot a man without a country, for all a hated rival.”[12]


Energy sanctions against Russia would be ‘inappropriate’, EU says as the push to punish Putin flags further.  The logic is obvious.


Kiev proclaims post-referendum Donetsk, Lugansk regions ‘terrorist organizations’ as the US does this to anyone who defies the Bilderberg oligarchs.


UN Ukraine report shows double standards in attempt to whitewash Kiev’s actions – Russia complains and this will simply buttress their own ethnic identity politics.


Turkish police fire water, gas at protesters in mining disaster town: this is another ‘workers versus oligarchs’ story.  The irritated politicians have literally been kicking and hitting families angry about the many deaths in the latest mine disaster.  Contrast this with the South Korean government that had resignations due to the inept handling of the ferry that sank, killing most of the students in this one small working class town.  But then, like Japan, both Koreas have very little ethnic variations or minority populations.


Even so, the anti-Korean sentiment in Japan is strong and anti-foreigner rage is rather strong in both countries.  And we see this in Vietnam this week, too.  Meanwhile, Europe not only has to cope with a flood of aliens invading from Eastern Europe as NATO destabilizes various nations there, they also have to cope with a flood of people from Libya since NATO destroyed the national socialist economy there and now the living standards of the people there have dropped hideously.


Oh, and Renegade Libyan forces battle Benghazi militants as Tripoli protests and you can bet, Congressional Republicans do NOT want to look under this rock very hard since Benghazi’s problems are 100% caused by the illegal and illicit US/NATO invasion.


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11 responses to “National Socialism Is Rising Rapidly As Long Depression Gets Worse Worldwide

  1. Being There

    Excellent post today, Elaine. We really are in great trouble. As I said early today the winners are: Chevron, Cargill and the Chinese who want nonGMOs and drum roll please…….Ukraine’s largest private gas producer has appointed R. Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, to its board of directors. budum-bum!

  2. Christian W

    It’s the Revenge of the Robber Barons. Time to roll back to the good old days of the 14th century when the lords ruled unchallenged when no nasty liberalism, socialism or democracy had reared it’s threatening head. Godzilla has nothing on these creeps.

  3. Jim R

    So, this babyface guy has lotsa money and influence … what is his relationship with that old zionist reptile who was hiring the mercs and wreaking havoc all over?

    Sadly, the political scene only follows the reality of energy, commerce, and finance with a significant delay. So you have an ageing empire, that is doomed by its fundamentals but still quite large and powerful, attempting to continue its expansion and conquest against an increasingly recalcitrant rest-of-the-planet.

    The parallels with the last days of Rome are all obvious to anyone who cares to look. Rome did not cease to exist, but as JMG has pointed out, going from a population of 2 or 3 million and the most advanced technology up to that time, to a population of about 30,000 in one of the world’s all-time worst bad neighborhoods was a not insignificant change of status.

  4. luc

    Nice investigating.
    In some German towns, all [95% or more] of the school children are Muslim.

    German Cities Worried about High Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria – SPIEGEL ONLINE: the German people have to tip toe around this in public or they will be accused of being Nazis, but the fact is, this flood is causing huge problems and people are increasingly angry about this.

    [I think the ones that cant or wont assimilate are African and Islamic.]

  5. CK

    Might want to take a peak at the elections in India.
    The Nationalists won big time. Majority government, no low rent partners necessary.
    I say this with a Modi come of irony.

  6. CK

    Should have known you were already up on the Indian elections.

  7. emsnews

    I was expecting the results before hand.

  8. Being There

    El Kabong, I was deeply struck by the article I ran across on zerohedge. It tells you everything about this economic system. Not based on supply and demand and not meeting the demands of the marketplace. Not only is this a tragic waste of resources, but they could have lowered the prices to meet demand instead of creating scarcity.

  9. Mike Gibbs

    The rise of national socialism is my greatest fear for the next generations. The uncomfortable truth is that what happened in 1930’s Germany could happen again and not necessarily in Germany, but anywhere. Scapegoats will be demanded to appease the masses for a rapid decline in material standards of living.

  10. Being There

    Never blame the plutocrats.

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