China #1 Banking Power, US Diplomacy Collapses In Eastern Ukraine As Putin Gives Out Goodies And Kiev Steals Stuff

The US and EU are super-anxious to paint Russia and China as evil nations that are doing nasty things while NATO runs around the planet doing very nasty things to people including invading and murdering millions.  The exceptionalism which the Bilderberg news media owners boast about is the double standard of diplomacy which says, ‘We can loot, kill and steal whatever we wish with no diplomacy while our opponents have to obey international laws and diplomatic niceties.’  This childish system of ‘me good/you naughty’ informs all of what our rulers do today.  Meanwhile, for the last ten years, our media owners have joined forces to tell everyone, China is stupid/collapsing/evil/doomed while China gets richer and richer and the US grows poorer and poorer.


More scary news as the US and EU struggle to keep afloat after our own bankers destroyed the banking systems and set everyone on this economic depression roller coaster that is rapidly raping the former middle class:  The World’s Largest Companies: China Takes Over The Top Three Spots – Forbes


For the first time, China is home to the world’s three biggest public companies and five of the top 10. State-controlled Chinese bank ICBC holds onto its No.1 spot for a second consecutive year, while China Construction Bank takes second place and Agricultural Bank of China moves up five spots to third. They’re joined in the top 10 by the other member of the “Big Four” Chinese banks, Bank of China, at No.9.


As China gains ground, its best frenemy – the United States – account for the other half of the top 10 spots. Berkshire Hathaway and Wells Fargo both move up four spots to No.5 and No. 9, respectively. J.P. Morgan slides to fourth place as its total composite score slipped behind Agricultural Bank of China. Say goodbye to the two Europe-based companies in Top 10 last year, Royal Dutch Shell (No.11) and HSBC Holdings (No.14).


And we all remember how Wells Fargo, for example, went belly up during the housing bubble mess and was bailed out at tremendous expense by the Federal Reserve.  And J.P. Morgan, one of the bigger derivative fund holders that tipped off the cliff in 2008 is a zombie bank kept alive by ZIRP loans from the Federal Reserve.  Trillions of dollars of ZIRP loans from the EU and US governments kept the West’s banking system afloat a mere 6 years ago and their relative size to China’s bank is a fraud.


And the stupid derivatives market still flounders.  The stupidest market of them all is the ‘trade’ in CO2 futures which supposedly will make the planet much colder by freezing the northern half to Ice Age conditions like the winter we just enjoyed.  That market has been collapsing rapidly so even after being bailed out heavily by the EU government, still UBS slashes EU carbon price forecast | Business Spectator:


Swiss investment bank UBS slashed its year-end EU carbon price forecast by 23 per cent due to the weaker-than-expected market impact of the bloc’s plan to cut the supply of carbon permits…Under the EU plan, dubbed ‘backloading’, the bloc will this year withdraw 400 million carbon permits from its market in a bid to lift prices back towards double digits.


So, by artificially reducing the product they are selling by restricting it FIFTY PERCENT in size, they hope to sell this junk bondage to the public.  But even the global warming billionaires are no longer so hotly interested in it.  Nor are many governments.  Australia’s Pollution U-Turn Threatening UN Climate Talks due to an election whereby angry voters kicked out the Green team and its supporters due to the high energy taxes and restrictions on energy use imposed by radicals.  This ended up as popular as communism.  This is another reason the CO2 derivatives beast is dying and needs revival.


Incidentally, it is Australian climatologists who are in increasing judicial trouble over their fake ‘research’ Lennart Bengtsson speaks on the GWPF and furor over his bullying by his climate science peers  and the legal battle over data about ‘97% of all climatologists believe in global warming’ rages.  The climatologists who are warmists are under fire for hiding their research of all sorts which means none of it can be replicated or challenged.  John Cook and University of Queensland experience at least 97% of the ‘Streisand effect’ in the Washington Post due to the owner of the Post, a California billionaire, wants to freeze the rest of the nation so he has natural air conditioning at our expense.

So any news that supports Bezo’s desire for it to be significantly colder in the Midwest and Northeast gets loving coverage and any news like, ‘It is freezing cold, much colder than normal’ gets short shrift.  This is now going into winter in Australia and it is colder than normal just like this last fall was colder than normal here in most of the US.  And voters are angry about all of this.  It is happening to Germany, the super-green state, too.  Voters are shifting away from global warming candidates.


This is emphatically true in the US.  Fury over the rest of the nation being scared to death of super cold winters, the California billionaires are stepping up their election spending:  Climate change: Super PAC targets Republicans who deny human role in warming hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer wants to keep his billionaire castle in San Francisco cooler.  He wants to be the Energy Czar in DC and hoped that Obama would put him there so he could impose his beliefs on the rest of us, namely, increasing CO2 taxes and driving up the value of hedge fund CO2 derivative holdings.

North, South Korea exchange artillery fire as the US/NATO/Japan/South Korea military ‘in your nose’ diplomacy brings endless wars and conflicts.


And Russia continues to slowly win in Ukraine as the vicious Ukraine Forces Suffer Worst Losses of Crisis Amid Unrest, 16 occupation troops killed at checkpoint set up by Kiev as the citizens opposing the coup retaliate for the several massacres of civilians by the US/NATO allies.


Putin’s Singapore Dream Costs Crimea Banks and Burgers: the Ukrainian bank, Privatbank, simply stole everyone’s money deposited there when it closed.  Another great move by the coup to endear themselves with Russian Ukrainians.  Another move by Putin was to double the retirement payments so the savers are not complaining about Russia, they are angry with Kiev and NATO powers.  So he is wildly popular and the Kiev banker gang hated even more passionately.  The US forgot years ago about the concept of ‘winning hearts and minds’ as it supports mindless military suppression and asset seizures.


Speaking of our lovely bankers, Gabriel Magee jumped to his death from top of JP Morgan’s London HQ | Mail Onlineñ


Gabriel Magee jumped to his death from top of JP Morgan’s London HQ | Mail OnlinePoplar Coroner’s Court heard Mr Magee had a ‘dark side’ and was repeatedly captured on CCTV trying to get onto the roof of the tower block in the weeks before his death.


After the breakdown of a long-term relationship, Mr Magee had developed an obsession with a bizarre suicide pact involving two students…His ex-girlfriend Lucy Pinches said today Mr Magee had an obsession with the concept of parallel universes…


A shocking number of these guys are jumping off of buildings lately.  Maybe they know something awful.

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  1. Peter C.

    That makes a couple of dozen bankers we know of.
    The one I like the most is the suicide by nail gun,he supposed shot himself 5 times.
    What do they know that’s freaking them/their overlords out?

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