Retired General Bolger Turns On War On Terror, Claiming We Lost While GOP Congress Keeps War On Terror Going

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The US is the world’s #1 warmongering nation, it spends the most on it military and it has bases in more countries than any other, by far, and it is going bankrupt rapidly.  Sinking in a sea of red ink, both government debt and trade deficit, the nation continues to act as if it can be violent forever and this is why Congress, especially the GOP side, has decided to continue this wild spending, elimination of Constitutional rights and global warmongering.  With huge encouragement from AIPAC and our ‘allies’ in Japan and Europe.  A retired general just wrote a book about our military failures, too bad he waited until he collected his paychecks for killing people.


Bolger:  A General Writes the First After-Action Report on the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: Why We Lost |

It’s a jaw-dropping phrase in a political-military world given to mealy-mouthed assessments of military progress in the two wars the U.S. has fought since 9/11. Its assertion calls into question the wars’ costs — 6,800 U.S. troops, untold enemy and civilian dead, and a $2 trillion, and rising, bill for U.S. taxpayers. Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is publishing the book Nov. 11. Its publication date is exactly two years after Bolger declared, during a Veterans Day ceremony in Afghanistan, that “our nations count on us, and we’ll deliver.”…


The nation and its military would have been far smarter to invade, topple the governments they didn’t like, and get out. “Both wars were won, and we didn’t know enough to go home” after about six months, Bolger argues…


Bolger said his views on the wars grew more sour during his three tours. “My guilt is not having earlier figured out what was going wrong, and making a more forceful case and working with my peer generals to make a better military recommendation,” he says. “What eats at me the most is the 80 dead people I had in my command over my three tours, that eats at me a hell of a lot.”

We tried desperately to stay in Iraq because this was an oil war just like, say, the Nazi attempt at invading the Crimea region during WWII.  The US was chased out of Vietnam, for example.  The communists did us a gigantic favor back then otherwise we would  be subsidizing Vietnam’s border wars just like we do for Japan or Germany.


Also, like Vietnam, we have considerable blowback at home due to soldiers returning and half becoming quite violent police which is why police violations of our right to be protected are so frequently violated now and like Vietnam, our soldiers come back and go nuts and commit crimes.  So we have headlines like this: Police: We need mine-resistant tanks because military back from Afghanistan has created an uptick in violence.


Bolger, while ‘leading’ in Iraq and Afghanistan said nothing but lies praising his own futile and destructive activities and claiming he ‘cared’ for the throw away tissue soldiers sent to their dooms.  Now, he does a 180 degree turn and claims he knew all along this was stupid, dangerous and ultimately bad for America which he supposedly was defending.


Thanks for nothing, you loser!  And by the way, you are a war criminal.  True, the US double standard says we can commit war crimes with impunity and never be punished but still, this can change.  After all, suddenly the EU is hunting down 90 year old former Nazis and punishing them!


AIPAC applauds the GOP for keeping us in eternal war with Muslims:  House Rejects Measure to End War on TerrorFinal Vote Results for Roll Call 237.  There were 27 Republicans in the House that voted to stop the War on Terror (sic).  Even if the 30 Democratic warmongers voted with their leaders, the bill still wouldn’t have passed by 9 votes.  So this stupid, several trillion dollar ‘war’ will rage onwards to infinity.


Also, Congress reaffirms indefinite detention of Americans under NDAA — RT USA  (thank you, Russia News, for covering our news for us!) along similar lines.  So suspending the Constitution in an eternal ‘crisis’ continues forever, too.  Some ‘freedom’ we enjoy here.

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The US whines about Russia and China going more militant.

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Why China’s new $132 billion military budget isn’t quite as scary as it looks is another thing entirely: China is the world’s #1 economic power, the US still is the world’s #1 purchaser of imports and still has a functional economy…barely…but it is entirely red ink in nature and thus, really isn’t #1 at all except debt.  Yes, we have the most debt and further, the most debt held by foreign powers which is the real stranglehold on our nation and this is why Russia and China let us wildly spend on military junk because they know we are going bankrupt and this dooms us in no uncertain terms.


Time is very much on their side especially since they are now in a total energy and military alliance against us. The Unprotected in the East NATO Appears Toothless in Ukraine Crisis because frankly, they are not ready for WWIII and if anyone has forgotten WWI and WWII, both left Europe in smoldering ruins.  Why have another?  That is insane.  And the EU isn’t ‘weak’ militarily, it is ECONOMICALLY weak despite Germany’s efforts.


A Military World | Views of the World

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The US is this bloated balloon about to pop.  And England is a dying economy kept afloat by Russian banking in London.  And that is being killed and thus dies that golden goose.  Note also that South Korea and Japan’s military spending equals China but China as a billion people and the world’s #1 economic engine.  Germany dearly wishes to keep its good relations with China due to German auto industrialists.  And the US/Japan axis is killing Germany’s export powers.


The Germans are increasingly restive.  Anti Euro Party Adopts Softer Tone on Gays and Women – SPIEGEL ONLINE


Last week, the Alternative for Germany (AFD) party began a campaign to feature party members who are immigrants or the children of immigrants. A photo of Fatih Sarikaya, a naturalized Hamburg policeman who was born in Turkey, was superimposed with the words “As a German citizen and immigrant, I fully support the AFD.” Wearing a blue checkered shirt and standing in front of a garden hedge, he could hardly have looked any more German. “Have the courage to believe in Germany! Have the courage to embrace your national identity,” Sarikaya encouraged members of the social network.

The message is clear: The German political party that opposes the euro can’t be considered to be right-wing populist if its members include immigrants.


I wish our right wingers weren’t so stupid!  They too could have alliances but choose to hate us for our basic civil rights.


As I predicted in the past, economic constrictions leads to fascism.  And if the various parties who wish for more control over their own nations rise, the EU falls.  Der Spiegel even complains that voters in the EU are not ‘enthusiastic’ about this looming election in the masses.  Duh.  The EU was created by the Bilderberg internationalists and royalists, after all.  It wasn’t created to make life better for the people of Europe.

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7 responses to “Retired General Bolger Turns On War On Terror, Claiming We Lost While GOP Congress Keeps War On Terror Going

  1. Jim R

    And in Merry Olde England, the right-wing UKIP won bigtime in the election this week.

    Apparently British voters are thoroughly disgusted by their legacy parties. The ones who promised things to the people, and then just continued the looting, like the D and R parties in the USA.

    I hope this works out for them, I actually do.


    ELAINE: I predicted this would happen. The main driver is foreign labor and criminals flooding in from mainly Eastern Europe, the collapse of the social services caused by this and of course, the global warming game of the liberals. Both left and right have abandoned the workers in many countries.

  2. DeVaul

    Fox News anchors don’t get tasered or shot when they attack or scream at police officers:

    Wow. Guess I know how police officers think now.

    I hope that general is hunted down later by war crimes tribunals and his own book used against him as evidence in court. What a total sociopath.

  3. DeVaul

    I had no idea how close Prince Charles and his family were to Hitler:

    What a flaming hypocrite! He should be deposed along with his entire family.

  4. Petruchio

    This general, Bolger, reminds me of Robert McNamara. McNamara had some regrets about his role in the Viet Nam war just like Bolger (supposedly) does with his three tours in Iraq. So what’s the point in regrets now? Bolger, just like McNamara, has done about as much damage to the country as one person can and only THEN does he find his conscience–or what passes for one. I should mention that, just like McNamara, Bolger is having his regrets AND THEN writing a book. A cynical person would be skeptical of this sudden “awareness”. Maybe that’s it. Maybe Bolger knows something the rest of us don’t. Maybe there are going to be some revelations about the war–and Bolger’s part in it–that has Gen. Bolger concerned. 6800 soldiers killed, record suicide rates amongst the military, 3+ trillion taxpayer dollars down the drain and only NOW does Bolger have regrets.
    The roll call vote on ending the War on Terror points out once again that there really isn’t much difference between Republicans and Democrats. It also proves the need to break the lock the two parties have on government. The “game” of politics is not going to change until the voters have more than just two choices when they vote. If there were even only 40 House Members who belong to a third Party, this vote might have been different. Both Republicans and Democrats know this, so will fight ferociously to keep their political “kingdoms”. Republicans and Democrats must have their political power base genuinely threatened before they start listnening to the voters and not the lobbyists like AIPAC and the Business Roundtable.

  5. CK

    Why do you expect people who suck at the government teat to act any other way? He was a general he sucked at that teat for years. Now he has his double or triple dip retirement and is playing a positioning game.
    The Sainted and Revered General Smedley Butler did not oppose America’s banana wars until after he was forced to retire. Then suddenly War Was A Racket, prior to that war was a payday.
    Same shit different decade.

  6. Being There

    Agreed, but at least Smedley Butler didn’t turn on FDR as he was asked to do.

  7. luc

    ‘England is a dying economy kept afloat by Russian banking in London’.

    I learn something new every day [I hope]. From Brits I hear that UK has been in a depression for years, and things look dim there.

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