Russia Now Owns Half Of Black Sea, NATO Enraged, Becomes More Violent


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One of the more interesting forces at work today is the confluence of the Hubbert Energy Peak which is very real and is causing energy prices to rise relentlessly while searching for new sources of CO2 producing energy runs very high while at the same time, the very same people launching energy coups and wars are yelling about how we are in a CO2 crisis and the peasants have to stop consuming energy or else the entire planet will burn up!



The fact that Russia now controls half of the Black Sea has enraged NATO.  Russia wants answers on NATO troop movement in Eastern Europe as the US tries to sneak in troops there while whining about Russian troops inside Russia’s borders.  Note that the US is several thousand miles away while Russia is inside their own territory.


The one flaw in this insidious plan to tax energy used by peasants very high while fighting ferociously to take over world energy markets via hook or crook, is that the planet refuses to heat up.  It is so cold here yesterday, I had a fire going yet again and it is cool today and tomorrow and the Hudson Bay is totally locked in ice still and summer is around the corner.

Environment Canada – Weather and Meteorology – Current Ice Conditions and Forecasts

Memorial day 2014 hudson bay frozen

At least the polar bears are happy, no?  NOte that the Arctic in general is still frozen.  Sea Ice News Volume 5 #2 – NOAA forecasts above normal Arctic ice extent for summer 2014 which again shows us that global warming isn’t happening so much anymore.  This complicates the elites’ ability to shove the US peasants off the energy cliff.


Putin has limited powers to control world events especially this gigantic conspiracy of the very rich to simultaneously scream about CO2 killing us while killing everyone fighting over control of energy profits:  Crimea: an EU-US-Exxon Screwup » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


And it has profound implications. Dr. Ryan also speculates the deep regions gained by Russia may be “the best” of the Black Sea’s deep oil reserves, although it must be remembered these reserves are not fully explored. In fact, as of 2012, less than 100 exploratory wells have been drilled in the Black Sea’s deep water, and only one well has struck pay dirt.


The battle over the Ukraine’s eastern half rages onwards.  Ukraine crisis: 500 rebels attack troops, 20 killed and Russian journalists being banned entry to Ukraine to cover presidential election while Ukraine’s Yatsenyuk screams that ‘Bandits’ Will Not Disrupt Election.


As a reminder of the violent coup that took over Kiev, there is this video:

Video made by Vice showing the fascists in Kiev and their Catholic actions.  Note how no one is shooting them and they are allowed to set fire to tires and buildings and wear masks.


And in the US, we are at war with each other as our nation goes insane: At least seven killed in California drive-by shooting.  More senseless violence. At least the people in Ukraine know they are fighting for something.   Here, it is just craziness born of hopelessness, rage and nihilism.


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6 responses to “Russia Now Owns Half Of Black Sea, NATO Enraged, Becomes More Violent

  1. luc

    Off topic…
    I forget the name of the other Hollywood biggie who had a ‘killer for a son’ ….that was hushed up….now

  2. Jim R

    The thing is, Crimea was always Russian. They have a big naval base there. And they speak Russian there.

    Demanding that Russia abandon Crimea is sillier than demanding that the USA give Puerto Rico back to Spain, or abandon Hawaii to the native Hawaiians.

  3. Jim R

    Oh, and about those people who are ‘worried’ about CO2 and want to raise taxes?

    I’ll just make this prediction right now. In about five more years, when the Hubbert peak is plainly visible in the rearview mirror, those same people will be beating their chests and proclaiming that they have saved the planet with their tax scheme. Because, just look at these charts, the amount of oil we burn is going down!

  4. luc

    Amount of oil we burn is going down!…OH? With population increasing
    by a billion every 12 years?

  5. Jim R

    It will be due to the heroic efforts of the financial engineers who thought up the idea of ‘carbon credits’

    And the crashing economy or Hubbert’s peak will not be mentioned in the press release.

  6. emsnews

    Correct, Jim. And yes, Luc, the populations will go down as the earth enters a cool cycle, if the sun is any indication.

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