Elliot Rodger: Another White Mentally Ill Young Male Mass Murderer Allowed By Law To Avoid Hospital

Like so many things, the US claims the NSA has to spy on every American all the time which is highly unconstitutional but the reason for this is to protect us from ‘terrorism’.  So…Son of Hunger Games assistant director stabbed three roommates to death before shooting dead three random students after posting embittered murder manifesto because he was ‘still a virgin’ in Santa Barbara, California yesterday.  ‘We are in inconceivable pain’: Hunger Games assistant director speaks of horror at his son’s gun massacre as grandmother says he was ‘very disturbed’ as it turns out his own family warned everyone and requested he be hospitalized before he went on his rampage.


The fact is, despite this deranged young man posting this: ▶ Elliot Rodger’s Retribution (Alleged Killers Video Threat) – YouTube for all the world to see, his own family did see this video and did react, he wasn’t arrested and put under psychiatric observation, he was visited by the cops who then left him alone.  Like so many other (often white males) mass killers like the obviously deranged Sandy Hook murderer or the Aurora movie mass killer, observers saw that he was insane and yet no one could do a thing about this.


This is a liberal/conservative problem.  Liberals made it nearly impossible to force someone into mental health care unless they commit terrible crimes then they are locked up in prisons where yes, they can get medicines for mental health problems but generally are simply locked up in medieval torture style isolation chambers where they go increasingly suicidal and insane.


Rikers Prisoner Died After 7 Days In Solitary Confinement is a typical example of a mentally ill convict going totally insane and dying.  Lawsuit Alleges Cruel and Unusual Conditions for Mentally Ill in Montana Prison but this is true of all our prisons.  Colorado Prisons Continue to Warehouse Mentally Ill in Solitary Confinement | American Civil Liberties UnionOut of Sight, Out of Mind studied this situation.


Schizophrenia is particularly dangerous.  I have had family members suffer from this terrible condition and getting one of them into the hospital is incredibly difficult, nearly impossible, usually requires police intervention.  Schizophrenic style illnesses come along with the rise in adult hormones.  It appears during the teen/early adult years.  Most mad mass killers are between 18-28 years of age.


Most of the first symptoms are social withdrawal and increasing paranoia.  Our ‘entertainment’ system makes this much worse since our need for blood, gore, madness, cruelty, explosions, people flying through the air all the time, god-like powers, etc. are in themselves, insane in the first place.


I can remember vividly how I was impacted by watching stuff when I was a child.  I decided to watch no movies or TV for well over a decade just because I didn’t like how it made me feel.  Gross entertainment does affect us all which is why we resemble the Roman Empire more and more.


The conservatives add to this noxious mix created by liberals by refusing to have even the most elementary gun controls.  Insane paranoid lunatics have a laughably easy time getting ahold of guns.  The kid who committed suicide in California had over 400 rounds of ammo for his planned rampage, for example.  The NRA doesn’t want any tools to exist to stop mentally deranged people from accessing guns, for example.


He was rich and connected and the cops never stopped him because he, like all the other white male mass killers, didn’t fit the police ‘criminal’ profile.  So he flew under the radar.  The other irony here is, the killer’s father was a movie director who worked on the ‘Hunger Games’ which is all about teens and young adults hunting and killing each other.  And like a number of the mass killers, his father had little to do with him and his mother was unable to cope with him.


Social collapse makes things worse for the mentally ill and even if you are a loving family, the inability to hospitalize someone who is insane makes it a police matter which is why our prisons are bursting at the seams with mentally ill people who are simply tormented to death there.


If released, they are even worse off than before and usually can’t cope with reality.  This is an insane way to deal with the insane.  My husband is brain damaged and I had to use every persuasion and skill to talk him into the hospital and each time he wants to resist this and once I had to use the police to force him to go in for care.  I hated doing this but it was my only tool aside from simply begging.


I am glad he understands that when he is out of touch with reality, he must go into the hospital!  But this is due to him being at least partially sane, there is a connection with reality.  Elliot Rodger had no connection with reality anymore than his fellow mass killers.  And his family’s hands were tied, they could not put him away unless he was so violent, the police could arrest him.  But then, he would be viciously abused in jail and prison!  What a terrible solution for victims of physical changes in the body or genetics!  We must reform the laws so psychiatrists can hospitalize people.

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12 responses to “Elliot Rodger: Another White Mentally Ill Young Male Mass Murderer Allowed By Law To Avoid Hospital

  1. Being There

    Their reasons for watching everything we do acting as an American Stasi has nothing to do with our protection. They are interested in our buying habits for the monopoly corporations who own the government. It will get scary when they give up on pretending to be a democracy

  2. in the UK it was Ma Thatcher’s Conservatives that closed and sold off the mental hospitals under the snappy title (Don’t) Care in the Community. They sold the buildings and land off to their friends in the building industry.

    Since they returned to power in 2010 they have cut the finance available to treat mental health back mercilessly. Now the only way to get sectioned under the mental health act is walk down the street naked waving an axe. If they are unlucky they get shot dead.

    In a bizarre parody of the US system, 70% of the UK prison population is suffering from mental health issues. That is are suffering from two or mental health issues.

    It would have been cheaper to keep the old mental hospitals open.

  3. e sutton

    Having a loved one involuntarily committed was the single most difficult thing I’ve had to do in my adult life. Knowing that it is what is best for the other person is part of it. Being able to save your own sanity is the other. That being said, our society and culture will be judged harshly by our inhumane treatment of the mentally ill or substance abusers. We have a throwaway culture that disposes of any member who is an inconvenience. The prevalence of old age nursing homes is a result of this, with our elderly removed from family and friends too often for the sake of convenience. The “me, me, me culture” that this boy grew up in is certainly part of the problem from my perspective. Being mentally ill is of course a huge part of it. During his rant he states that his years in college included no party time, no getting laid. And here I thought the purpose of college was to learn how to think critically and become schooled in whatever discipline in life you choose to pursue. Silly me.

  4. luc

    One weekend in Chicago = 40? shootings and how many deaths? But they dont make national news.

  5. If only someone would have committed the Bush administration in January of 2001 before W told Rummy and Cheney “Find me a way to do this.” (See 60 Minutes interview with former Treas. Sec. Paul O’Neil.

  6. luc

    sorry Elaine…he was 1/2 Asian and his dad is Jewish [what director is not Jewish?, eh Roman Polanski!].
    From LA Times:
    He wrote that he was born in England — his father British, his mother Chinese — and went to an upscale private school. He moved to Woodland Hills when he was 5, and his parents divorced when he was 7, which he called a “life-changing event.” He remained close to his mother but had a falling out with his father that lasted several years. After the divorce, he said, he realized he was uncool and timid with “a dorky hairstyle” and became self-conscious about his………

    LA Times wont mention his jewishness.

  7. Synopsis of the Isla Vista and Brussels Shootings

    Twilight Language
    May 24, 2014 Saturday


  8. Petruchio

    So….some overindulged (note the BMW this college kid was driving), spoiled rotten rich kid can’t hook up with females so he kills 6 people when he goes on a rampage. As an aside, I’m slightly surprised the kid couldn’t get laid. Just on his looks, he seemd to be ok looking. And he had money, that always helps. On top of that, daddy was in the movie business; there must have been plenty of willing females through Daddy’s movie job. Plenty of unemployed actresses out there willing to cozy up to movie producers and the like. This Rodgers kid must have given off a REALLY evil vibe right off the bat, as in within the first five minutes of talking to him one got the impression this kid is 5 cans short of a six pack.

  9. kir

    The kid needs some pussy, not drugs.

  10. militant spotter

    White huh? Yes I hear the writer, white white white. Get over it and quit going from website to website posting the same message and changing small things to fit your audience at black websites and white websites etc… Here you have been less militant. Anyone and a relative can already have you sent to the luny farm. You can not pick and choose who is unstable without giving up your own rights and others so that you can be picked up at the drop of a hat. Rights are constantly chipped away at and it is better to fight not to give up what rights we might still have without some rusky like you sneaking around to all the websites. Now writer go put on your party hat and use your obama mental health benefit. That is if I can pick and choose!

  11. Taylor

    His mother is Asian. He was as white as Obama.

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