All Over EU, Nationalist Right Parties Win Big

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Barely 40% of the voters turned out for the EU elections and of these, many if not most voted for right wing national socialist parties that want to limit immigration and have own currency. The EU is a Bilderberg creation from day one.  It is protected by NATO which means US taxpayers who have to die for everyone’s political machinations.  This latest election featured many voters, despite the apathy, voting against the concept of the EU.  Meanwhile, in Ukraine, the rigged election (because Eastern Ukraine is under military violent suppression during this ‘election’) an oligarch won which made NATO happy but the real vote happened earlier when half of Ukraine voted to exit the state entirely.  Which is exactly what we saw in many of the EU elections yesterday.


First, the banking/trade news: Euro Falls to Three-Month Low as Draghi Signals Action – Bloomberg


The yen dropped to the lowest in a week versus the greenback as Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Kikuo Iwata said excessive gains in the currency are bad for the nation’s exports.


Most Americans are probably totally unaware of years of trade negotiations that hinged on stopping nations from deliberately weakening their currencies vis a vis the dollar in order to export to the US.  The Chinese were constantly accused of manipulating the currency via parking trade profits in their FOREX holdings.  Japan pioneered this activity and the US fought this, too, in the past, until recent years when this collapsed as the US elites, fat off of trade profits earned from foreign holdings, stopped the measures that prevented currency manipulation.

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So, as our employment for workers relentlessly falls, this caused by robots as well as letting in a flood of foreign goods, it is reaching the vanishing point.  Humans will no longer be used here in the US to make stuff in factories.  Thus ends our society.


The Bilderberg owners of much of the news systems in the US and EU are freaking out due to voters in Europe not supporting globalization.  What Conchita Wurst (the bearded lady singer at the EU competition on TV) Tells Us About EU Identity – SPIEGEL ONLINE


An economy, for example, that adheres to rules. A society oriented toward fairness and justice. Human rights that apply to everyone. “After the experiences of the years from 1914 to 1945,” writes historian Tony Judt in his history of Europe, people yearned for a “functioning state.”


But what else? What was Europe supposed to be? This question was postponed, partly because of the sense of guilt over half of the continent being excluded from this debate, because it was separated from the West by the Iron Curtain.


As Judt writes, the European institutions were founded out of fear and uncertainty. They were never a symbol of strength or optimism. Instead, they represent a power whose decisions are largely exempt from the influence of the people. In Europe, politics is execution and promulgation, without process or discussion. In fact, the EU is a machine designed to eliminate politics.


The entire NATO operation is a Bilderberg game designed to drive people out of politics.  The last thing they want is enthusiasm.  They want people to be cynical, bored, in despair, they want us to give up.  So, when people do vote in someone who wants change, these individuals are immediately either destroyed by the Bilderberg media (like they are hilariously trying to do to Putin this year!) or they are  bribed to betray.


The Bilderberg gang does support fascism, after all, in Israel.  This is their model they don’t want anyone else to copy.  The rest of us are supposed to hate nationalism, hate having strong border protections much less, walls,  We are supposed to have no religious basis for nationalism.  We are supposed to disarm and cut back on energy use and pay international taxes and of course, pay Israel to protect itself from the natives.


Flemish separatists are big winners in Belgian election: the party that wants to split Belgium in two just like the Eastern Ukrainians want out of Kiev’s coup.  I pointed out previously that Ireland, Scotland, Basque Spaniards, Venice, Northern Italy, all over the place, people want to break away, have strong borders and eliminate foreigners.  Exactly like Israel, our ‘shining star’.  This is true in spades in the US, too.


In China, due to ethnic warfare there, 23 terror, religious extremism groups busted in Xinjiang.   Japan’s “dangerous” interference with drills violates int’l law according to the Chinese as they battle Japan over strategic islands in the east.  Meanwhile, Sony sets up PlayStation plant in China.  China has several hundred million game players and Japan needs this market very badly so while Abe picks fights, the Japanese rich seek more factories in China which has a very high factory employment rate.


Just two weeks ago, the BBC and Guardian had stories talking about how UKIP would come in third or worse while Labour would triumph:  BBC News – Farage hails ‘extraordinary’ UKIP win in European election

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Local candidates still won in Britain but the votes for the EU positions were historic, high and a total slap at the ruling elites.  Of course, the Labor and Tory gangs will unite to keep Britain in the EU but the downside is now so big, all this will do is lead in 10 years to the demise of these two parties.  The status quo stinks and it has to change but so far, the Tories back the same stuff in the EU as the Labour guys.


David Cameron: Nigel Farage is a politician; not a ‘normal bloke’ has to be the funniest story out of this election.  Comments at the news site shows the voters are amused by this charge due to it being entirely childish.  Where is the sophistication?  The ability to persuade due to having a position?  This is schoolyard level childishness.


For a lifetime politician who has been a raging failure to charge a newcomer with being a politician just because the new guy won an election is silly.  I see this more and more, it is as if we took pills that make us regress to infancy.  Next, Cameron will be wailing for nanny.


Romanians top UK crime list…before they’ve even arrived:  FEARS grew of a crimewave last night as hordes of Romanians and Bulgarians bought every seat on planes and buses to the UK.  As criminals swamp EU capitals and all the smaller cities and even towns, none of the Bilderberg politicians have a solution.  Or rather, their solution is to make this much worse.


In the British elections, the Tories and the Labour leaders both attacked UKIP leaders for being nasty about Romanians and demands were made to stop talking about crime.


Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis is demanding urgent talks with Home Secretary Theresa May.  It comes after the Metropolitan Police revealed Romanians are the second most arrested foreigners in London.


Philippa Roe, leader of Westminster City Council, said Roma gypsies from eastern Europe were already blighting the streets with anti-social behaviour.  She said gangs camped beside Marble Arch were responsible for pick-pocketing and defecating on people’s doorsteps.


The Home Secretary tried to avoid having a meeting with the police chief!  Isn’t that typical?  We see this here where we were told just last year, there are no ‘illegal aliens’ these are all ‘undocumented workers’.  And just like here where the media will alert us to a manhunt for killers but will provide no description of what they look like or if they are Americans, we are left to fend for ourselves while under attack.


One country very hard hit by foreigners committing crimes is Fance:  Front National wins European parliament elections in France 


European politics were jolted as seldom before on Sunday when France’s extreme nationalists triumphed in the European parliament elections, which across the continent returned an unprecedented number of MEPs hostile or sceptical about the European Union in a huge vote of no confidence in Europe’s political elite.


France’s Front National won the election there with a projected 25% of the vote, while the governing socialists of President François Hollande collapsed to 14%, according to exit polls…Exit polls suggest the nationalist anti-immigrant Danish People’s party won by a similar margin in Denmark.


None of this surprises me.  Of course, people are quite angry especially when all of Eastern Europe was allowed to openly invade the entire West.  But it isn’t just Europe:  Quebec Liberal government to ravage public services – World Socialist Web Site


During the campaign for the April 7 election in which they unseated Pauline Marois’s eighteen-month-old minority Parti Québécois (PQ) government, Couillard and his Liberals said little about socioeconomic issues and even feigned opposition to some of the PQ’s austerity measures, such as a 20 percent increase in public day care fees. The Liberals instead focused their campaign on appealing to popular opposition to the PQ’s chauvinist Charter of Values and stoking fears about the negative economic impact of a referendum on Quebec independence.
However, no sooner were the elections over, than the Liberals announced that Quebec faced a “fiscal crisis,” necessitating a fundamental restructuring—i.e. downsizing—of public and social services.


In Quebec, the voters decided to not vote for separatists.  They thought they would get social services if they joined hands with leftists who didn’t want nationalism.  Then…the Bilderberg IMF gang and the bankers pulled social services anyways!  This will create a huge backlash.  Unless the bankers make voters give up.  But then Ukraine shows that you can and must fight, physically, for these things.


Thailand coup gets King Adulyadej approval as junta dissolves senate while the Daily Mail go a hold of a dog birthday party thrown by Princess Srirasmi G-string video reveals Thai royal couple’s decadent lifestyle which caused the junta to ban access to Mail Online.


Then there is the entirely corrupt Egypt presidential election: Disillusionment as important as policies or image with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expected to win vote with ease since the winners of the last election was killed, put in prison or disbanded.


And here in the US where we are told over and over again, there is no money even for our own soldiers to get healthcare because our government is broke, House Approves Another $600 Million in Israel Military Aid.  Thanks to Jewish control of our media, this is not mentioned at all, AIPAC flies under the radar and the continuous raids on our Treasury goes unremarked.  But the backlash to this is building and will be utterly awful when it hits.

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9 responses to “All Over EU, Nationalist Right Parties Win Big

  1. vengeur

    Excellent commentary. Thank you for the work you do to assemble and bring some coherence to the news.

  2. yep I have covered this to in the Bastard. But totally agree. Globalisation = selling our children’s future for a handful of trader beads.

  3. Jim R

    It’s because all the one-big-happy-family new-world-order and by the way we-sent-your-industry-to-china politicians have screwed the pooch.

    Not that the right wing will be any better. If history is a guide, they will be much much worse. You’ll have (more) militarized police and highway checkpoints where your papers must be in order. Moreso than today. Of course, the right wing won’t do anything about the big corrupt banks and industrial giants.

  4. El Kabong

    One item you have not picked up in is all the refugees from the wars across the Arab world who have fled to Europe. I visited London last year during the long hot Summer and driving through parts of it were like being on an Arab street at dusk with men sitting out with tables and hookahs, chatting and playing games. Of course you also get the wealthy scions of the ruling and well connected dynasties driving around in flash cars during the Summer in London. However across Northern Europe such as Denmark and Sweden, Netherlands and Germany the Arab influx is causing issues is countries have a very homogeneous population and setting up a clash between this Nordic Lutherans and the mainly Muslim Arab populations customs, though as a consequence of the US interventions in the region most Christian Arabs have fled the region.

  5. The Der Spiegel Magazine you present shows Guten Morgen Europa. FirstOrLast posted in comment on a similar March 2000 Der Spiegel Magazine cover, “We have a woman riding the “Bull.” Her name is “Europa” and she had the continent of Europe named after her. The coin has her riding over many waters while the stamp pictures her over seven hills. According to ancient mythology, the pagan god Zeus (Baal) seduced this beautiful young maiden “Europa”, by transforming himself into a tame “bull” to gain her trust. When she sat on him he carried her on his back to Crete where he raped her, thereby fathered several half-god, half-human children with her. Europa became known as the Cretan “moon goddess” referring back to her “Babylonian roots.” Numerous artwork depicting “Europa riding the bull” can be viewed.”

    You write “Barely 40% of the voters turned out for the EU elections and of these, many if not most voted for right wing national socialist parties that want to limit immigration and have own currency.”

    There are three chances of each having their own currency. Slim, none, and no way, as God, that is the Sovereign Lord God, foretold in bible prophecy of Daniel 2:25-45, that the two global hegemonic empires of the British Empire and the US, would collapse, and out of their ruin, a Ten Toed Kingdom of regional fascist government, with toes of iron diktat and clay totalitarian collectivism, would rise as a global empire to subdue mankind.

    The ten stars presented on the Der Spiegel Magazine cover, with one highlighted, seen in your article, is symbolic of the rise of one region of the world’s ten regions, that being Europe, becoming the shining example of regional governance, as a model throughout the entire world. And the seven hills on the Euro coin, seen on the Internet, are symbolic of totalitarian collectivism, occupying in all of mankind’s seven institutions. This being a fulfillment of Revelation 13:1-4, which foretells that out of waves of Club Med sovereign, banking and corporate insolvency, the Beast Regime of regional governance will rise to rule in policies of diktat in all of the world’s ten regions, and occupy in totalitarian collectivism in all of mankind’s seven institutions.

    FirstOrLast continues: “The Harlot sits on and rides /dominates the Beast, yet is united with the beast moving along her merry way, because she as the rider controls it. The Beast gains its power by ruthless control, while the Harlot does so by her licentious ways and enticement, as the rider uses the Beast for transportation.” … ”Having gained in size and strength from the very hand it deceived and is fed by, the beast now awaits for the right time to attack. How foolish to ride a ferocious beast, but the harlot keeps riding the Beast for the sake of a ride, her lifestyle and power. Having sold her virtue for money, power and riches, unwilling to take a stand for her faith once held dear, she will soon discover that the bull is ferocious and will buck her off to rape her. What a picture of the European Union and the USA, an extension of Europe, the very WESTERN world, today’s western superpowers.”

  6. hans

    O/T, The Pope just concluded his visit to the Zionist Entity, he had a closed door meeting with the officials of the said state. What did he sign, gave which is not his to give, why the secrecy? We all remember the secret land deals in East Jerusalem by the former Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem who had the backing of the high echelons of the church.

  7. emsnews

    The Pope wants the Apocalypse to happen.

    Isn’t that fun?

  8. It’s important that you avoid having herpes during pregnancy.

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